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Best 63 Project Management Software Products in 2023


The year is 2022 and your schedule is probably packed. With that, you need to keep your emotions in check, but also remain calm and on point with your work. You can do it if you are a project manager because there are so many options out there that help you manage projects efficiently and effectively. 

You have a list of tasks related to your service that need to be completed. The list is long, but making sure it gets done is important. Where do you begin?

Best project management software of 2023

🏆 Best All-In-One Solution: ProofHub 

🗒️ Best for Task Management: Evernote 

💬 Best for Team Communication: Slack 

⏱️ Best for Time Tracking: Timely 

💨 Best for Agile: Wrike 

📑 Best for Kanban: Trello

What is Project Management Software?

Project management software is used to help project managers and their teams manage projects from start to finish. It provides a way for everyone involved in the project – from executives down to individual contributors—to view important information, work collaboratively and communicate effectively with one another.

There is an incredibly wide range of project management software, from personal to-do lists to comprehensive “all-in-one” applications (like ProofHub—a user-friendly tool that facilitates the production work for businesses of any size and shape)

What are the benefits of using a Project Management Software?

Most users find that these software programs help them gauge a project’s timeline more accurately (60%). The second most common benefit is the ability to use project resources more effectively (55 percent of respondents). This means project management tools are helping businesses better schedule and assign work.

Benefits of Project Management SoftwareInfographic Source: https://www.capterra.com/

Key feature of a project management software

Project management can be a complex and multifaceted endeavor, requiring careful coordination of deadlines, budgeting, and resource allocation. This is true when choosing any project management tool or software. Here are the top 5 key features of a good PM tool to guide you in your decision-making process:

  • Tasklists: Making sure that the entire team is kept up-to-date about the status of each individual project is essential.
  • Schedules: Many project-management tools offer calendars, Gantt charts or milestone tools that help you understand where a task fits into the project as a whole and how much time there is to complete it. 
  • File Sharing: Sharing and organizing key project documents helps eliminate wasted time spent searching for files.
  • Communication: This is critical in project management as a smooth flow of communication means quick and easy problem solving.
  • Reporting: For all team members, staying up to date on the project is crucial. This is especially true for project managers who want to ensure that tasks are being carried out in a timely manner.  

Here are some of the best project management software for 2022.

1. ProofHub

ProofHub is an all-in-one project management tool for managing projects in real time, no matter where they are. It makes collaboration easy and efficient, so you can manage all your projects in one place! 

It offers various features that allow you to organize and delegate task with ease. It’s easy to use, offering an intuitive dashboard that anyone can navigate easily. 

The tool also has great security features to keep your data safe. It can help you increase your productivity while reducing project timelines and costs. You can use this tool for everything from software development and event management. Besides that, it also has apps for iOS and android devices so you can use on-the-go and  sync project with other devices. You can also collaborate and share files with your coworkers.

The tool offers unlimited file sharing as well as integration with other popular apps like Google Drive and Dropbox.  

Best Features Include:

  • Organize everything at one place and keep track of all the tasks assigned to you.
  • Upload, share and proof documents, images, and other files securely within your projects.
  • Work with your co-workers in real-time with instant message chats and share photos/videos using your respective device. 
  • Create daily, weekly, monthly and yearly recurring tasks to automate the due dates and reminders.
  • Access all your information on any device. Compatible with Windows, iOS, Android, Mac, Linux, and more. 
  • Track time spent on individual tasks and projects so you always know where you stand.  
  • Stay top of your budgets, resources, deadlines and much more with real time reporting. 
  • Never miss an update email or in -app notifications of tasks assigned to you and progress updates made on those projects. 
  • Create custom teams and tasklists to keep projects organized. 
  • Create project requests forms to capture all the necessary information from your clients.
  • Custom fields that allow you to define variables specific to your projects so you can track them effortlessly. 
  • Prioritize which tasks should be completed first by setting up due dates and priority levels for each task. 

Pricing: The Ultimate Control plan, with all basic and premium features, is priced at $89 month/flat when billed annually.

Review:  “ ProofHub has been a one-stop-shop for all of our efficiency goals; honestly, there are no limits to what you and your team can accomplish with the ProofHub toolset once your team is accustomed to the level of control and diligence that ProofHub provides. I love how there is a format for everything you might need to do; I use it for tracking client projects, managing tasks, sharing files, proofing designs, taking notes, tracking time, checking progress reports, and much more. Also, ProofHub’s flat pricing is a cherry on top. “-  G2

2. Asana

Asana - Team Task Management Tool

Asana is a work planning and task management software that enables remote teams to collaborate on projects. Team members can create task lists for organizing their daily To-dos and work functions.

Features Include:

  • Create team goals and track if the project is headed in the right direction.
  • View your tasks in timeline, board, list and calendar views.
  • Check how much workload is assigned to individual team members to optimize project execution.
  • Collect custom responses from team members and clients for data processing.

Pricing: Asana charges  $10.99 per user per month for the Premium and $24.99 for the Business plan.

3 . Mavenlink 

Mavenlink - Professional project management software

Mavenlink is used by professional service providers such as agencies, studios, and client servicing teams for managing everything from billing to team collaboration. The software makes it easy to track the performance of individual team members vis-à-vis the projects they work on. It also brings the team together with collaboration features.

Features Include:

  • Check how individual service providers in your team are faring with their assigned projects and tasks.
  • Plan the total project budget and view how much work is being billed across your teams per hour and per project.
  • View task timelines across various tasks assigned to team members in a Gantt Chart view

Pricing: Mavenlink plans start at $39 per user per month billed annually. This includes Project Management with Financials. More plans are priced on a quote basis. 

4. Confluence

Confluence as project management software

Confluence is a project management software based on the Knowledge management methodology. The software is collaboration-friendly, bringing multi-department teams together on one source of knowledge across projects.

Features Include

  • Create project documents, information sheets using rich markup tools such as tables, lists, and more.
  • Track project progress and stakeholder insights with the help of integration with Jira.
  • Multiple team members can work on the same document in real-time with nifty collaboration features offered in the software.

Pricing: Confluence is offered at $5 per user per month for a minimum of 10 users for the Standard plan.

5. Clubhouse.io

Clubhouse.io (now Shortcut) - Project Management Software

Clubhouse.io (awaiting a rebrand to Shortcut) is a project management software designed for software teams working on software products. It offers project tools such as the creation of Stories and Epics for development teams to track tasks using the Agile Development methodology.

Features Include

  • The software accommodates sprint planning, iterations, and Kanban boards.
  • Create project Wikis, developer documentation, and other knowledge documents for the whole team to quickly refer to.
  • Plan software projects by grouping tasks for feature development, milestones, etc, and tracking progress.
  • Managers can access cycle and lead time charts, burndown charts, and other reports for measuring project parameters.

Pricing: Clubhouse.io is offered at $10 per user per month billed monthly for the Teams plan and $16 per user per month billed monthly for the Business plan.

6. Quire

Quire - Project Management Software

Quire is a project management tool that offers a wide array of team collaboration and task tracking features. It helps teams manage their tasks diligently, with a detailed task management system built for enhancing productivity.

Feature Include:

  • Create task lists with nested tasks, subtasks, and detailed context mapping. 
  • View tasks in Kanban Boards, tables, and more. 
  • Let team members chat with each other for better project collaboration. 

Pricing: A professional plan is $8.95 per month billed annually, a premium plan is $14.95 per month billed annually, and an enterprise plan is $19.95 per month billed annually).

7. Jira

Jira as project management software

Jira is an Agile project management software that is built upon the Agile methodology. It powers agile software development teams or any team that uses an Agile process. 

Features Include

  • Project managers can easily distribute tasks to the team with user stories, due dates and plan sprints accurately.
  • Track sprint progress and code releases easily with a unified platform for discussing all kinds of code issues.
  • Check every release with version control, release progress, and deployment details for ease of tracking.

Pricing: Jira is priced at $7 per user per month for a minimum of 10 users in your team for the standard plan. The premium plan is offered at $14 per user per month. Both the plans are billed monthly.

8. Backlog

Backlog as online project management software

Backlog is a project management software for IT teams that need to streamline and track the flow of software development. It features several useful features such as Kanban Boards, Gantt Charts, and Wikis.

Features Include: 

  • Track project tasks under the project timeline and manage them according to the task status in Kanban board view.
  • Report, discuss and track bugs across the software for easy resolution.
  • Mark changes, leave comments, and iterate better with a deep involvement with other team members.
  • Create project wikis for propagating project knowledge across the team, and maintain clean documentation for all project updates.

Pricing: Backlog has plans starting from $35 per month including 35 users and 5 projects that go all the way to $175 per month with unlimited users.

9. MeisterTask

MeisterTask as best project management software

MeisterTask is part of the Meister Suite that offers productivity tools for team projects. MeisterTask is a task management software that offers extensive features for tracking, dashboarding, planning, and reporting tasks.

Features Include: 

  • Create and track tasks with contextual data such as deadlines, attachments, and subscribers.
  • Plan the execution of your project with Gantt Charts, and organize tasks into Agile Kanban boards.
  • Automate robotic tasks in your workflows with basic automation features such as recurring tasks.

Pricing: MeisterTask is priced at $4.19 per user per month when billed annually for the Pro version. This offers limited features. The Business plan has more advanced features such as Custom Fields and permission controls, priced at $10.39 per user per month.

 10. Smartsheet

Smartsheet as web based project management software

Smartsheet is a highly customizable project management tool with a focus on workflow optimization. Users can build their own workflows, connect existing work apps with Smartsheet and achieve a harmonious flow of business data.

Features Include: 

  • Visually create workflow logic by combining tasks and triggers for automated handling.
  • The WorkApps feature allows you to create your own conditional-logic-based apps for executing repetitive workflow actions using an interface.
  • Bring your entire business process to Smartsheet and track it conveniently as tasks progress through it.

Pricing: Smartsheet’s Individual plan is offered at a flat fee of $14 per month including 10 licenses. The Business plan is charged at $25 per user per month billed annually and contains all the advanced features.

 11. Monitask

Project management software monitask

Monitask is an employee monitoring software that focuses on tracking employee activities for productivity insights. The tool records time sends back screenshots of employee screens and generates timesheets.

Features Include: 

  • Monitask is natively installed on a user’s computer to capture screenshots of activities being performed during work hours. 
  • Tracks the total time spent on various tasks and breaks down the recordings into timesheets for reporting purposes.
  • Employee’s work schedule habits can be formulated into attendance sheets for work allocation and resource scheduling.

Pricing: Monitask is offered at $5.99 per user per month when billed monthly for the Pro plan. Further, more functionalities such as website tracking and APIs are offered in Business an

12. Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects as project management software

Zoho Projects is a project management system offering a wide array of project features for teams across industries. It’s a balanced blend of project tracking features such as Gantt Charts and Tasks, alongside resource management features such as timesheets and expense tracking.

Features Include

  • Managers can plan tasks, communicate to team members, and create automation for definitive workflows.
  • Gantt Chart views enable project planners to view the progress of smaller tasks and keep the project on track with set deadlines.
  • Tasks and project views can be fully customized using project customization features such as custom sections and fields.

Pricing: Zoho Projects is priced at $5 per user per month billed monthly with a limit of 50 users, for the Premium plan. 

13. Metatask

Metatask as online project management software tool

Metatask offers a framework for managing and automating tasks in an organization for better process handling. It comes with highly configurable process workflows with loads of automation features.

Features Include

  • Create custom workflows by defining a step-by-step template for executing the process.
  • Automate robotic tasks with conditional logic. 
  • Dashboard view for viewing, managing, and executing tasks.

Pricing: Metatask is priced at $6 per user per month with a minimum of 5 users for the paid plan. All premium features are available in the paid plan.

14. GanttPro

GanttPro as project management software

GanttPro is a project management software built on the Gantt Chart methodology for visualizing project timelines and task dependencies. The software tool lays out the entire project in multiple project views such as Gantt Charts, Boards, Lists, and Workloads.

Features Include

  • Projects can be laid out into timelines with cross-connecting dependencies and dynamic due dates.
  • Managers can plan tasks days or weeks in advance and always stay informed of the task progress across the board.
  • Define project budgets and costs, to understand how the project is fairing as per planned budgets.

Pricing: GanttPro is offered at $15 per user per month for the Individual plan, and $8.90 per user per month billed annually for the Team plan.

15. Hubstaff Tasks

Hubstaff as a Project Management software

Hubstaff Tasks is a project management software for Agile teams, who need to constantly collaborate and plan tasks in advance. It features several Agile-specific elements such as Sprint planning, automated Stand-up reporting, and Kanban workflows.

Feature Include

  • Team members can work collaboratively following Agile workflows that are designed to reduce project friction.
  • Time logging allows members to record time spent on each task for better time accountability.
  • Project supervisors can create project roadmaps to ensure if the project is headed in the right direction.

Pricing: Hubstaff Tasks is priced at $5 per user per month for the premium plan with a minimum of 5 users. There are no feature limits while each user gets 5GB of cloud storage. 

16. Trello

best project management software trello

Trello is a team collaboration tool that employs Kanban-style boards for displaying and managing team activities. Each board consists of several columns of cards that carry task information. 

Features Include: 

  • Kanban Boards allow team members to track updates visually, and create a well-knit workflow for work activities. 
  • Automate workflows by allowing built-in automation options for scheduling tasks, reminders, and more. 
  • Integrate with a universe of project tools while you manage activities on Trello.

Pricing: Trello offers Standard and Premium plans at $5 and $10 per user per month billed annually. 

17. Basecamp

Basecamp as project management and collaboration software

Basecamp centralizes project activities such as Tasks, communication, project files, and calendars in a neat interface. Managers can set up a Basecamp board for diverse projects in the organization and easily track the updates across several cross-connecting team.

Features Include: 

  • Manage To-do’s with file attachments, comments, deadline tracking, and email notifications.
  • Make schedules for the entire week, month, or just the day and share with the team to stay in sync with others.
  • Collect all the project files and documents in a neat and organized place for quick reference.

Pricing: Basecamp is priced at a flat fee of $99 per month which includes full software features and unlimited users.

18. Monday.com

monday.com as top project management software

Monday.com offers several avenues for managing work in a team environment. The key features that distinguish Monday.com are automation and customizable workflows. You can convert emails into tasks, and decide what happens when a task is done.

Feature Include: 

  • Automate static workflows into self-acting steps with the help of in-built triggers and functions. 
  • Dynamic, collaborative document editor that integrates with other parts of the software.
  • Schedule, organize and plan work items using several dashboard orientations, making it easier to visualize workload.

Pricing: Monday.com is priced at $12 per seat per month billed monthly for the Standard plan and $20 per seat per month billed monthly for the Pro plan. Both the plans differ by quotas and features on offer.

19. ClickUp

ClickUp - All-in-one Project Management software

ClickUp is software for project managers that centralizes most of the work and team management needs in a unified interface. From emails to managing workload across team members, ClickUp lets you manage most things from its dashboard.

Features Include: 

  • Create tasks, track timelines, visualize workloads, and keep the project aligned with the goals. 
  • Plan their objective targets and strategy points clearly using pre-built planning templates.
  • Wide integration ecosystem connects with everything from marketing tools to DevOps workflows. 

Pricing: ClickUp offers the Unlimited plan charged at $9 per user per month billed monthly, and the Business plan charged the same way for $19.

20. Wrike

Wrike as a versatile and robust project management software

Wrike is purpose-built for offices and organizations that need to manage their professional workflows. It caters to the collaborative needs of cross-functional teams with its specific features such as Visual Proofing and Digital Asset Management.

Features Include: 

  • Custom views for dashboards, tasks, timesheets, etc, for easier work planning and distribution. 
  • Share files, collaborate on tasks, work on design assets that suit the needs of agile teams.
  • Generate reports on several important team performance KPIs and other project metrics, efficiently.

Pricing: Wrike is offered at $24.80 per user per month for up to 200 users. It has other customizable plans also that are differentiated based on use-case and account quotas.

21. Microsoft To DoMicrosoft To Do as project management software

Microsoft To Do is an elementary project management tool that focuses solely on task management. It lets users create personal to-do lists that can be shared with multiple members of the team. The tasks come with segmentation into various categories.

Features Include: 

  • Users can arrange their daily to-dos in checklists that are convenient to track and manage.
  • Set reminders for important tasks or create recurring tasks with automation.
  • Tasklist can be shared with other stakeholders, making it possible to work collaboratively.

Pricing: Microsoft To Do is freely available without any costs to all users on all platforms.

22. Todoist

Todoist as project management software

Todoist is a task management app that helps individuals and teams to manage the project’s tasks at scale. The team can actively track open tasks, create task lists, and ensure that all the tasks are handled on time.

Features Include: 

  • Team can collaboratively achieve tasks by setting priorities, commenting, and tracking progress level
  • Create team tasks that multiple members can track for themselves.
  • Minimal interface is easy to navigate and always focuses on the most important things at hand. 

Pricing: Todoist is priced at $3 per user per month billed annually for individual users for the Pro plan.

23. Microsoft Project

Microsoft Project - Project Management Software

Microsoft Project is a project management tool that enables managers to track and optimize their projects. It strictly focuses on team projects and offers a host of features for the managers to better manage a critical project.

Feature Include:

  • View project tasks in board view, Gantt Charts, and task boards for easier scheduling and better process clarity.
  • It readily integrates with MS Teams for facilitating real-time and asynchronous communication.
  • Create project resources and schedule tasks based on resource availability, performance, and portfolio.

Pricing: MS Project pricing starts with Project Plan 1 which is for $10 per user per month and goes all the way up to Project Plan 5 which costs $55 per user per month.

24. Airtable

Airtable - Workflow project Management Software

Airtable is a workflow management software that is built on the lines of Excel spreadsheets. It offers a tabular interface consisting of several rows and columns that is completely customizable as per user requirements. 

Features Include: 

  • Tabular interface makes visualizing and managing project data easier.
  • Create tasks for the team, schedule them as per the project timeline, and toggle across views for task management
  • One view can be synchronized with other tables for building complex project views.

Pricing: Airtable is offered at $10 and $20 per user per month billed annually for its Plus and Pro plans. Both the plans differ from each other on the basis of quotas and features.

25. Samepage

Samepage as online project management software

Samepage is a centralized application that brings team communication and project management under one roof. It allows team members to track and collaborate on the work tasks while also providing real-time video conferencing.

Features Include

  • Samepage offers real-time video conferencing, asynchronous team chat, and commenting, for enabling team communication.
  • Teams can share documents in real-time with concurrent editing to collaborate on important files.
  • Create tasks with project scheduling features. Arrange schedules in multiple views for easier management.

Pricing: Samepage is offered at $7.50 and $9 per user per month billed monthly for its Standard and Pro plans. Both the plans differ from each other on the basis of quotas and features.

26. Teamwork

Teamwork - Project Management Software 

Teamwork is an all-around project management software built to streamline the flow of activities in a team environment. It facilitates better teamwork with the help of collaboration, communication, and project management features.

Features Include

  • Centralize team handling & tasks with the help of dedicated tools such as Kanban Boards and workload management.
  • Collaborate amongst each other, using communication tools such as chat, documents, and commenting.
  • Track time being spent on various activities to derive efficiency in the time spending habits of the team

Pricing: Teamwork is offered at a price of $12.5 per user per month billed monthly for the Deliver plan. Similarly, the Grow plan is offered at $22.5. 

27. LiquidPlanner

top project management software liquidplanner

LiquidPlanner helps build processes backed with business intelligence for better clarity and efficiency. It features all kinds of project management features, right from task management to timesheets.

Features Include

  • View the project in multiple views for keeping smaller details comprehensible.
  • Task boards enable managers to visualize task scheduling and plan the project days in advance.
  • Detailed planning intelligence with predictions and forecasts of project parameters.

Pricing: LiquidPlanner is offered at 3 pricing plans – Essentials, Professional and Ultimate that are priced at $15, $25, $35 per license, per month.

28. Freedcamp

Freedcamp - Free Project Management software

Freedcamp is an intuitive project and works management software that offers a host of features for free. It has a functional interface, effective tools, and multi-stakeholder collaboration for managing all kinds of project. 

Features Include

  • Create task lists, segregate work tasks and keep the assignees informed of the upcoming task schedules.
  • Task comments and discussions allow collaborators to share thoughts on the tasks, for a quick resolution.
  • Share files with your team, sort them in folders, and ensure safe access with permissions. The desktop file even allows you to edit files.

Pricing: Freedcamp charges for additional features with plans starting from $1.49 per user per month billed annually.

29. Replicon

Replicon - Time Management Software 

Replicon caters to the time management needs of organizational projects that need accurate time accountability and tracking.

Features Include

  • Track and report billable hours for client projects.
  • Software enables managers to track the attendance of the employees.
  • Employee time data can be used to generate payroll details for employees. 

Pricing: Replicon has segmented pricing for each of its modules. The pricing starts from $5 per user per month and goes up to $60 per month. 

30. Paymo

Paymo as project management software

Paymo offers remote teams and small businesses a smart way to manage their work and projects. It enables users to actively track their project work tasks for better productivity and generate billing invoices to get paid on time.

Features Include

  • Assign tasks to your team, track progress levels, schedule activities and organize tasks in Kanban views
  • Track time across team activities and create timesheets for accurate reporting.
  • Schedule employee slots, approve time-off requests, and build a functional team calendar automatically.

Pricing: Paymo is priced at $11.95 and $18.95 per user per month billed monthly for its Small Office and Business plans, respectively.

31. Favro

Favro as project management software

Favro is a project collaboration software designed for SaaS companies that have cross-functional teams and active collaboration needs. The software enables teams to track work tasks, schedule deliverables, and create product roadmaps for their SaaS offerings.

Features Include

  • Create task workflows, and visualize work in the form of lists, Kanban boards, Gantt Charts, etc, with task tracking.
  • Build product roadmaps and schedule milestones for upcoming product updates or releases.
  • Teams can create documents, sheets, and databases collaboratively for smoother work operation.

Pricing: Favro is available in 3 plans – Lite, Standard, and Enterprise, which are priced at $6, $8, and $15 per user per month billed monthly.

32. HoneyBook

HoneyBook is a client management software that caters to the project management needs of client-servicing teams. It enables project managers to maintain effective communication with the clients on their project updates, invoices, and billing.

Features Include

  • Create proposals for client projects, and sign contracts with in-built CRM.
  • Generate invoices based on completed projects or milestones, alongside collecting payments for delivered work
  • Enables clients to seamlessly communicate with the team to receive updates and provide feedback.

Pricing: Hank is offered under two plans – Unlimited Monthly and Starter Plan that cost $9 and $39 per month with unlimited projects and team members.

33. Aha!

Aha! - Product Management Software 

Aha! is a product management software that offers several tools for the development of marketable products. Users can create product roadmaps for planning out how the team will execute product tasks. 

Features Include

  • Build product marketing, development or release strategy collaboratively with your team.
  • Bring all good ideas to a centralized platform for brainstorming and cherry-picking.
  • Prioritize feature development, manage release cycles and stay ahead of the curve using one tool.

Pricing: The pricing model of Aha! Includes 3 plans – Premium, Enterprise, and Enterprise+ costing $59, $99 and $149 per user per month billed annually.

34. ActiveCollab

ActiveCollab - Project Management Software

ActiveCollab is a collaborative project management software that meets the multifarious work and team management needs of an organization. It offers a wide range of project features such as Task Management, Time tracking, and Budget Reporting.

Features Include

  • Create tasks, manage assignments and track progress with custom data options.
  • Track time on tasks, jobs, and timesheets for easy reporting and efficiency tracking.
  • Define and manage project budgets with a budget tracker and automated alerts for managers.

Pricing: ActiveCollab charges a flat price of $7.50 for 3 members and then $6.25 per user per month from thereon. Features and quotas are proportional to the plan pricing.

35. Notion

Notion - Project Knowledge Management Software

Notion is primarily a knowledge management software that extends several functionalities for team projects. It allows teams to build a centralized knowledge hub that can contain notes, Wikis, documents, etc.

Features Include

  • Create a collaborative documents for Wiki, guidelines, or anything that your team needs.
  • View tasks in the form of small notes organized in a clean, intuitive interface for project tracking.
  • Teams can create documentation, manage access, and share notes within Notion.

Pricing: Notion is offered at a $4 per month plan for individual users and $8 per user per month for team projects.

36. Time Doctor

Time Doctor - Project Time Management Software

TimeDoctor is a time management software that helps companies monitor how their employees utilize project time. It comes with a native time tracking application that records activities carried out by employees, creates time reports, and helps manage to bill for projects.

Features Include

  • The native time tracker app records all the activities done by an employee including websites and apps used in coherence with time recording.
  • Access detailed reports on time consumption and ensure time adherence for the entire team.
  • Projects that are billed by the hour can be easily managed using TimeDoctor with an integrated billing mechanism.

Pricing: TimeDoctor is offered in Basic, Standard, and Premium plans costing $6, $9 and $17 per user per month billed annually.

37. ProjectManager.com

ProjectManager.com offers a generic project management suite that nearly covers all the bases when it comes to project needs such as tasks, reports, and visualizations. It has a solid set of project features that includes everything from Gantt Charts to Time Tracking and even Project Portfolios.

Feature Include

  • Create, assign and track tasks across your team for easier work management.
  • Visualize tasks by their progress levels or build your custom workflows.
  • Get detailed drill down on important project parameters to make timely decisions for sustaining project health.

Pricing: Projectmanager.com is offered at $14 and $25 per user per month billed annually for its Team and Business plans.

38. Podio

Podio - Work Management Software

Podio offers a rich interface for managing work activities in an organization with a focus on process streamlining. It features a handful of project features such as task management, team portal, and file-sharing options, that make it a great candidate for cross-functional teams who need a single source of truth for all their work functions.

Features Include

  • Manage tasks, check progress and track timelines across multiple projects.
  • Bring all your employees to the same platform for collaborative project handling with file sharing and centralized portals.
  • Podio has specific apps or meeting custom requirements such as Client Management, List Building, File Tracking, etc.

Pricing: Podio is offered in three plans – Basic, Plus, and Premium, priced at $7.20, $11.20, and $19.20 per employee per month.

39. Workamajig

Workamajig - Agency Project Management Software

Workamajig is a project and works management software suited for agencies and in-house teams. It offers a centralized dashboard for tracking the various activities going on in the workplace such as tasks, client projects, billing, etc.

Features Include

  • Finance management which lets C-level execs gain insights into agency earnings and KPIs.
  • Manage qualifying leads, talk to existing clients, and onboard new clients using a single CRM
  • Teams can manage tasks, distribute responsibilities and ensure that nothing gets overdue for a long time. 

Pricing: Workamajig is offered at a price of $34 per user per month for an agency size of 50-99.

40. ProWorkflow

ProWorkflow: Best Online Project Management Software

ProWorkflow is a work management software that allows managers to distribute tasks among the team while managing project dynamics. It has several useful project management features that help teams build a culture of productivity.

Features Include: 

  • Access critical project features such as tasks, time tracking, and workflows or making project management a breeze. 
  • Distribute workloads across teams to better manage the execution of work and get productivity reports.
  • Integrate additional functionalities for fulfilling specific requirements such as productivity tracker and Agile Boards.

Pricing: ProWorkflow offers professional and advanced plans that are priced at $20 and $30 per user per month billed monthly. Both the plans differ on the basis of quotas available.

41. Taskworld

Taskworld - Team Project Management Software 

Taskworld is a project management app with a focus on task handling and team collaboration. It offers most of the project productivity features you’d expect from project tracking apps such as Kanban Boards, time tracking, and file management.

Feature Include

  • Use project tools such as Gantt Charts, a task tracker, and time recorder for better work management.
  • Let your team members interact with each other using team chat and task comments.
  • Managers can make well-informed decisions using extensive project reporting.

Pricing: Taskworld is offered in two plans – Professional and Business priced at $10 and $22, per month per user, billed annually.

42. Kanbanchi

Kanbanchi -  Project Management software

Kanbanchi is a project management app available for Google Workspace users. It creates a neat project interface inside the Google Business account, making it easier for teams to meet their project needs. Kanbanchi offers Kanban-style task manager, Gantt Chart view, time tracking, and project reporting. 

Feature Include

  • Track tasks in using Kanban Boards across your team.
  • View project timelines and shift tasks based on due dates.
  • Get a detailed overview of project performance in a graphical format.

Pricing: Kanbanchi is offered in two plans – Starter ($9.95 per user per month billed monthly) and Professional ($24.5 per user per month billed monthly).

43. AyoaAyoa - Project Visualization Software

Ayoa is a project visualization tool that offers several customizable project views with creative freedom for managers. You can plan the project on a Whiteboard, Task Board, or Mind Map, with no restrictions.

Features Inlcude

  • Visualize projects and discuss ideas in various types of views such as Mindmap and Radial view.
  • Let your team members collaboratively work on projects, and chip in wherever necessary.
  • Manage project tasks and track deadlines to keep your project always productive.

Pricing: Ayoa is offered in two plans – Pro ($10 per user per month billed annually) and Ultimate ($13 per user per month billed annually)

44. Function Point

Function Point - Agency Management Software

Function Point clubs several management needs of an agency such as projects, clients, estimates, etc, in an all-in-one solution. It offers everything from project management to team collaboration for agencies in a neat interface, making complex workflows easier to execute.

Features Include

  • Create tasks, share files and work collaboratively with other team members.
  • Check resource scheduling, active projects for optimizing resource utilization.
  • Check total billable hours, manage expenses, etc, to make your agency financially competitive.

Pricing: they offer Function Point at $38 per user per month billed annually for an agency size of 30-49 users.

45. TeamGantt

TeamGantt - Project Planning and management Software 

TeamGantt is a project planning software with an inherent focus on Gantt Charts. The team can lay out project tasks in the Gantt Chart view for easy planning and dynamic updates. Each task contains options for team collaboration such as comments, file attachments, and @mentions.

Features Include

  • Lay out the project in the Gantt timeline view for comprehensive planning.
  • Manage tasks across projects and teams with scheduling, and tracking options.
  • Range of project tools for meeting the day-to-day needs of professional organizations.

Pricing: TeamGantt is offered in two plans – Standard ($24.95 per user per month billed monthly) and Advanced ($29.95 per user per month billed monthly).

46. Clarizen

Clarizen - Project Management Software

Clarizen is a project management tool that offers a host of project features such as team collaboration, project portfolio management, and performance reporting. One of the best things about Clarizen is its highly customizable workflow process.

Feature Include

  • Manage tasks, files, and resources across your organization with one central suite.
  • Customize how tasks are handled in your project as per your needs.
  • Create dashboards and reports for detailed project insights.

Pricing: Clarizen’s pricing is available only on a quote basis.

47. Scoro

Scoro - Professional Project Management Software

Scoro is a full project management suite that offers several modules for managing projects and related aspects at your organization. It has modules for Project Management, Sales & CRM, Time Management, etc.

Feature Include

  • Manage project tasks, track progress and provide a common platform for teams to work on.
  • Manage incoming leads, send out proposals and effectively manage clients with a centralized CRM.
  • Stay on top of your expenses, income, and project billing with an integrated finance dashboard.

Pricing: Scoro offers three monthly plans for users – Essential ($28), Work Hub ($42), and Sales Hub ($42).

48. Nutcache

Nutcache - Project Management Software 

Nutcache is a simple project management software that caters to the core needs of a team project. It lets you handle tasks using Kanban Boards, track the progress of projects and optimize project budgets with detailed charting tools.

Feature Include:

  • Manage tasks across your team members with Agile Kanban boards for maximum visibility.
  • Prepare project budgets with a detailed reporting dashboard.
  • Track work hours across various tasks being executed in the project.

Pricing: Nutcache is available in three plans, Pro ($6 billed monthly), Enterprise ($12 billed monthly), and Freelancer ($8 billed monthly).

49. Hive

Hive - Project Management App software

Hive is a flexible project management app that offers some of the most impactful features for managing project work. It’s built around the ideology of wholesome project management, which has inspired the developers to take the features to new lengths.

Features Include:

  • Manage project tasks and schedules with one app
  • Create detailed timesheets for each task being executed at work.
  • Project Automation – Automate recurring tasks and build automated workflows. 

Pricing: A basic plan costs $7.20, a plus plan costs $11.20, and a premium plan costs $19.20 per year per employee.

50. FunctionFox

FunctionFox - Creative Project Management Software

FunctionFox is a project management tool designed for creative teams that actively deal with client projects. It helps the team managers organize running projects, taking care of the budgeting and task management aspects.

Feature Include:

  • Manage tasks, timelines, and assign activities in your team.
  • Create timesheets for various tasks going on in the project for billing and invoicing.
  • Quickly raise estimates for client projects and send invoices for easy payments.

Pricing: FunctionFox has three plans: Classic ($5 per month per user billed annually), Premier ($10 per month per user billed annually), and In-House ($20 per month per user billed annually).

51. IDoneThis

IDoneThis - Agile Task Management Tool 

IDoneThis is a task management software built on the lines of Agile management. It offers a neat interface for managing various activities going on in your team without the feature overload.

  • IDoneThis makes it easy to assign, track and route tasks as per availability in an agile way. 
  • Team members can mark status updates as done, blocked, or goal
  • Managers can check if the project is sailing correctly with a central reporting system

Pricing: IDoneThis is offered in three plans – Standard ($9 per user per month billed annually), Plus ($22 per user per month billed annually), and Enterprise ($35 per user per month billed annually).

52. Hygger

Hygger - Software Project Management Tool  

Hygger is a project management and prioritization platform for software development tools that have several tasks with varying priorities. It brings various scattered development tasks, project plans, and product roadmaps onto a single platform. 

Feature Include:

  • Task lists enable developers and managers to actively track what activities need to be done immediately, later and or deleted.
  • Visualize projects in a Kanban board view, Timeline, or Calendar view for understanding project flow.
  • Prioritize what features to build with scoring, RICE index, and many other matrices for better product decisions.

Pricing: Hygger is offered in two plans – Standard ($7 per user per month billed annually) and Enterprise ($14 per user per month billed annually).

53. Nifty

Nifty - Agile Project Management Software 

Nifty brings several project collaboration needs in an Agile environment onto a single, manageable platform. It offers task planning, goal setting, and knowledge management features in one tool, reducing dependencies on several work tools.

Feature Include:

  • Set goals, milestones, and daily work plans for the entire team to drive the project in the right direction.
  • Manage tasks by distributing assignments to your team and track progress in Kanban views.
  • Create knowledge hubs, Wikis, guidelines, and more using a single place for all the KM needs.

Prices: IDoneThis offers four plans – Starter ($39 per month billed annually), Pro ($79 per month billed annually), Business ($124 per month billed annually), and Enterprise ($399 per month billed annually).

54. Pivotal Tracker

Pivotal Tracker - Agile Software Project Management Tool 

Pivotal Tracker is a specialized tool for managing agile software projects that focus on project tracking. It offers several tools for coding teams to manage their project progress and task distribution with the help of user stories that are highly configurable. 

Feature Include:

  • Distribute workload into stories and efficiently track every work item in the storyboards.
  • Track tasks in accordance with project progress.
  • Analyze projects with the help of detailed insights into the project.

 Pricing:  Pivotal Tracker has two plans – Startup ($10 billed annually) and Standard ($6.5 billed annually).

55. GanttProject

GanttProject - Open Source Project Tracking Software 

GanttProject is a free Gantt chart software offered as an open-source project management tool. It is built upon the Gantt Charts methodology for managing project timelines. The software is available on Windows, OSX, and Linux. Teams can lay out their project timelines using the software and ensure that each project stage is completed within the deadline. 

Feature Include:

  • GanttProject offers a clean and simple interface that is easy to get started. 
  • The project is openly available for download, usage, and modification
  • The software allows data exports in multiple formats such as CSV, PNG, or WebDAV servers

Pricing:  GanttProject is free to use as it’s open-source software.

56. Redmine

Redmine - Open Source Project Management Software 

Redmine is another open-source project management app built using the RoR framework and is available for open usage. The app has a long list of features for managing multiple project aspects. Users can customize how they want to run using custom fields, workflows, email notifications, etc

Feature Include:

  • Track project issues with a custom interface and tags that help organizations get better control over project issues.
  • View the project progress in multiple views such as Gantt charts and calendars.
  • LDAP auth support allows organizations to connect Redmine with their own user auth system. 

Pricing: Redmine is offered for free under the GNU General Public License v2.

57. Brightpod

Brightpod - Marketing Project Management Software

Brightpod is an all-in-one project management software for marketing teams. It centralizes many aspects of a marketing project such as project planning, file sharing, and time tracking.

Feature Include:

  • Managers can assign and track tasks using Kanban boards for project visibility.
  • Custom Workflows such as Twitter Routine and Facebook Advertising help marketing teams stay sane about their task completion.
  • Build calendars for various campaigns running your organization for better time management.

Pricing: Brightpod offers four plans: Professional ($29 per user per month billed annually), Studio ($59 per user per month billed annually), Agency ($99 per user per month billed annually), and Agency Plus ($129 per user per month billed annually).

58. eXo Platform

eXo Platform - Workplace Management Software

eXo Platform is a digitized workplace management solution that enables organizations to manage several aspects of work in one go. The platform lets employees communicate, collaborate, and share knowledge in the team while managers create employee recognition programs.

Feature Include:

  • A platform for managing company-wide news and updates.
  • Access project management, video conferencing, and Agenda building features in one suite.
  • Manage project Wikis, News, and Tutorials with your team with versioning and analytics options. 

Pricing:  eXo Platform is available in two plans – Professional ($5 per user per month billed annually), and Enterprise ($6 per user per month billed annually).

59. Celoxis

Celoxis - Project & Resource Management Software

Celoxis a project and resource management software clubbed into one. It helps companies manage their work tasks as well as take care of project expenses, and employee schedules.

Features Include

  • Plan your projects using Gantt charts and create employee schedules as per business requirements.
  • Track performance and tasks across projects, build inter-project dependencies, and ensure the workflow runs smoothly.
  • View customizable project portfolios to meet your reporting and business analysis needs.

Pricing: Celoxis is offered at $25 per user per month billed monthly with 2 GB of space per user and free technical support from the company. The on-premise plan is offered at $450 per year including updates.

60. Toggl PlanToggl Plan - Team and Project Management Tool 

Toggl Plan is a multifarious project management tool that caters to project tracking, team planning, and task management. It features a number of useful elements such as task lists, timeline calendars, and task collaboration that make projects much more streamlined.

Feature Include

  • Build project timelines, view progress levels and keep critical parameters always under check.
  • Build team availability calendars to better manage your workforce.
  • Track tasks across projects and team members with multiple task views such as Kanban, etc. 

Pricing: Toggl Plan is offered in two plans – Team ($8 per user per month billed annually) and Business ($13.35 per user per month billed annually).

61. RationalPlan

RationalPlan - Project Management Software 

RationalPlan is a project management suite offering a wide range of capabilities for team projects. It caters to everything from task management to resource allocation, making it a comprehensive all-in-one product. 

Feature Include

  • Plan your workweek by creating tasks, assigning duties, and checking progress.
  • Allocate resources as per plan with efficiency in mind. 
  • Raise invoices, check estimates, and make sure the project doesn’t go overboard. 

Pricing: RationalPlan offers three plans: Beginner ($4 per user per month billed annually), Master ($12 per user per month billed annually), and Production ($19 per user per month billed annually).

62. Orangescrum

Orangescrum - IT Company Project Management Software 

Orangescrum facilitates IT companies with the right software development and project tools for streamlined processes. It has everything from custom fields to analytics, offering an all-around Agile project experience.

Feature Include:

  • Team members can collaboratively work in the same project and share information seamlessly. 
  • Manage IT tasks across the organization with control over progress levels. 
  • Customize elements to make the tool easy to work with your own parameters. 

Pricing: Orangescrum is offered in two plans – Startup ($8 per user per month billed annually) and Professional ($40 per user per month billed annually)

63. 5pm

5pm - Project Management Software 

5pm is a project management tool offering a wide range of features for all kinds of projects. It caters to everything from task management to task automation, making it a comprehensive management product. 

Feature Include:

  • Team members can collaboratively work in the same project and share information seamlessly.
  • Manage tasks across the organization with control over progress levels.
  • Customize the reports and interface elements to make the tool easy to work with your own parameters. 

Pricing: 5pm is offered at a price of $96 for 40 users per month.

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