Make Plan

Make plans

Define goals, share ideas and develop strategies to get the best out of your team.

Organize work

Organize work

Keep all documents, designs and conversations in one central location, to respond quickly to changes.

Deliver Projects

Deliver on time

Get faster access to individual performance and project progress for timely delivery of work.

All-in-one project management software

The right tools in one place to get things done faster, better and easier.


A reporting tool that plots clear picture of your projects’ status with burn-up charts, timesheet reports, roadmap, etc. to know projects’ progress.

Custom Roles

Simplify management and improve project security by creating user roles with fine grained set of access privileges.

Gantt Charts

A project tracking tool to manage schedules, set priorities and monitor team’s progress for high quality, timely and within budget delivery of projects.


Make a list of deliverables, split work into smaller individual tasks and assign responsibilities for proper and timely execution of all projects.


A collaboration tool to share ideas, ask questions, develop a concept, or post announcements, by attaching files on to an ongoing discussion thread.


Discuss requirements, develop an idea or gain further insight into an ongoing event by asking collaborators to add comments on a real-time basis.

Calendar & Milestones

Add due date of individual tasks, receive reminders for approaching deadlines and view all upcoming milestones so that nothing is ever missed.

Time Tracking

An inbuilt time tracking tool that lets you keep track of employees' effectiveness by reviewing the time spent by them daily on all active projects.

Group Chat

Faster than email, less intrusive than a phone call, and a great online collaboration tool to ask quick questions and discuss in real time.

Files & Proofing

Upload and share files, review designs, and collaborate to provide fast, accurate feedback directly on a file with the help of an online proofing software.

Google & Dropbox

Import files, documents or graphics from your Google Drive or Dropbox account and share them with clients and teammates, anytime and anywhere.


Schedule single-day, multi-day, recurring and time-based events on ProofHub calendar and share with required people so that crucial dates are never missed.


Transform ProofHub to match your brand. With easy personalization tools, you can tailor the look-and-feel in minutes.

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ProofHub is a leading web-based project management software trusted by hundreds of thousands of freelancers, brands, small and medium businesses, non-profits and entrepreneurs around the globe.

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ProofHub is a leading online project management software and web-based collaboration tool to manage tasks, files, discussions, notes, timesheets, events, milestones, etc.