Top 8 benefits of project management software for managers

Benefits of a Project Management Software For Managers


Switching to modern project management software can boost productivity by up to 50% and save a cool 20% on project costs. 


Whether you are looking to enhance communication, track progress, or manage resources more effectively, understanding the benefits of project management software is essential nowadays.

The primary agenda of project management is to make sure that every phase of the project is being executed as smoothly as possible.

So in this article, we will help you to understand how project management software is essential for effective project management and why using dedicated project management software can be beneficial for both managers and organizations.

However, before discussing the benefits of using project management software, let us understand what this software is all about:

What is a project management software? 

Project management software is a combination of multiple tools put together in one centralized place to deliver projects successfully.

The software helps to create harmony among teams and allows managers to achieve project goals more effectively.

In other words, project management software simplifies the job responsibilities of a manager and helps organizations to become more efficient.

You can always rely on a project management software like our very own ProofHub, to divide projects into easily manageable tasks and subtasks, and assign them to individual team members.

What are the benefits of using project management software?

The benefits of project management tools are numerous when it comes to managing projects and teams.

It not only helps in organizing work and achieving project goals but also lets managers work from the comfort of their desks and get all the necessary information such as the progress of a particular task, idle resources, delays, etc handy. Consequently, by staying updated with all the activities of a project and getting real-time updates, managers can make informed decisions to avoid waste of resources.

A project management and project planning tool puts all the necessary tools for planning, collaborating, organizing, and delivering projects in a single place.

This eliminates the need to shuffle between individual tools and thus managers can save a lot of time and effort, which they can invest in other work.

Furthermore, the superior command over resource planning, resource management, and resource utilization makes it possible to boost the productivity of teams.

project management software benefits infographic

1. Better task management

Task management is a tedious task, which starts right from planning a task and ends after confirming the successful completion of the task. In between, there are various activities such as setting deadlines, prioritizing tasks, and assigning work to team members. And this is the primary benefits that project management software offers.

Managers have to give their best to ensure that everything goes according to the plan. Generally, project management software has almost everything that a manager needs for organizing and scheduling tasks within a project.

A manager can assign tasks to teams and even assign subtasks to individual team members. By having full control over the tasks, the chances of the successful completion and timely delivery of a project increase many times.

2. Risk identification and reduction

Another project management software benefit that helps managers is to identify risk and reduce its impacts.

There is always some sort of risk associated with projects that managers need to identify and take action accordingly to reduce them.

Neglecting a potential risk can lead to serious consequences, and in severe cases, may fail a project.

Thus, it’s quite important to identify and analyze the potential risks that may arise at any stage of the project.

As a project management software, ProofHub helps managers in risk assessment and risk management. It allows managers to get accurate information and identify risks with the help of tools such as the Gantt chart and Kanban board.

By monitoring the deviations in real-time, appropriate actions can be taken at the right time.

As a result, the team considerably decreases the possibility of a project getting derailed by failing to detect risks.

3. Teamwork at its best

The success of a project manager is dependent on the performance of their team, which in turn depends on the coordination, implementation, and harmony among the team members.

The most important factors for realizing great teamwork are communication and the sense of belongingness.

By motivating team members to participate in group discussions using a fast and reliable communication medium, it is possible to level up the teamwork.

ProofHub is apt for making team communication successful as you and your team can communicate with each other using its built-in chat tool.

So when we talk about communication and collaboration ProofHub not only works as project management software but also works as a collaboration tool.

Moreover, you can create discussion topics, select team members to join a discussion, add comments, share ideas, and mention people to get their attention.

According to Capterra, 63% of companies use project management software for collaboration.

4. Effective communication with clients

Communication channels like email are quite ineffective when used for interacting with clients.

By using a sluggish channel for communicating with clients, there are greater chances of a project getting delayed.

Moreover, a communication medium that is not specifically intended for collaborating with clients may lead to disengagement and frustration on both sides.

Project management software brings an effective way for both the clients and teams to stay connected and have productive discussions on the project and software development process through instant messaging.

In software like ProofHub, managers can add clients to discussion topics along with team members.

Additionally, clients can inspect the progress of their project, view assignment boards, interact with team members, and proof designs & documents through a single platform.

This will not only nourish the client’s satisfaction but also save project managers from the repercussions that usually arise due to ineffective communication with clients.

5. Time management

Setting the timeline of tasks within a project is an activity that managers need to handle with utmost care.

The progress of a business highly depends on how well the team completes a project within its predetermined time.

For managers, it is important to have quantitative data that indicates the working hours spent on different activities by each team member. This data helps managers to prioritize and set deadlines for tasks.

By using the multiple timers that one can also pause and restart in ProofHub, team members can track their working time for tasks.

Additionally, managers can keep a time record of both working and billable hours. Consequently, decisions can be made easily to ensure timely completion of the project and that too within the fixed budget.

6. Central place for all the files

Another advantage of project management software is that teams share files through different mediums. And without using a project management tool managers and teams often struggle to retrieve a file that was shared a significant time ago.

It also becomes frustrating when a manager is unable to get old files of a project that are necessary to prepare certain reports.

ProofHub centralizes file sharing with its file management tool put under one roof. Teams can upload, organize, preview, and proof files and documents in a single place.

Besides, users can store multiple versions of the same file and restore previous versions if required.

7. Access projects anytime anywhere

This is one of the great benefits of using project management software, managers can access project information anytime anywhere without depending on others.

Managers can need to access files or get some important details of a project beyond the usual working hours.

This is not a problem until a manager can readily access their workstation. But what if it’s not possible to access the system right away?

A late response in such cases may result in severe consequences such as delays in project work. Almost all popular project management software providers offer cloud-based solutions and have mobile apps available. 

Being a cloud-based software, you can access ProofHub literally from anywhere using the internet and a web browser.

You can sign in and access all the project details from ProofHub from different devices such as computers and smartphones. Apart from being available as a web app, ProofHub also has an Android and iOS app.

8. Standardization of processes

Generally, the people working in an organization have different ways of getting things done.

However, this diversity can be troublesome for managers who need to make sure that every team member is on the same page.

The standardization of processes is the key to achieving excellent coordination among the team members.

The ability to have standardized and customizable workflows is among the top project management software benefits.

Managers can set a standard workflow for every task and even standardize project documents and reports using ProofHub. It also makes the change management process easier for managers at any point in time.

Standardization not only brings professionalism to the workplace but also makes every process more efficient.

So these above-mentioned benefits will help you to understand why project management software is important nowadays.

ProofHub- Best project management software to consider in 2024

At present, there are thousands of project management software available on the web. However, all of them vouch for the same number of features and benefits of project management software.

For managers, who want to stay ahead of the game and bring the best out of their teams, ProofHub is the ideal choice to manage projects.

Below are the most notable things about ProofHub that make it the best project management software:

  • It helps managers ensure on-time project delivery along with on-point team accountability
  • The pricing plans offered by ProofHub are straightforward and can easily fit the budget of teams of any size.
  • Unlike most other project management software like Asana, ProofHub doesn’t charge per user.
  • ProofHub easily leaves behind other tools in terms of usability. Its easy-to-use feature makes this tool the best in the project management category.
  • ProofHub also has an intuitive UI and UX, which makes it easier for users to learn and operate the software in no time.
  • It is available in more than half a dozen languages and you can also use ProofHub for managing remote teams.


Project management is a task that requires dedication, hard work, and the ability to work on different things at the same time.

Moreover, the increasing competition among businesses has raised the bar for managers and they need to handle projects as efficiently as possible.

And ProofHub does this very well. It integrates all the necessary tools that will help managers accomplish their everyday tasks more efficiently and effectively.

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