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Top 18 Online To-do List Apps To Stay Ahead in 2019

to do list apps

It all started with notepads and has now evolved to advanced to-do lists applications.

You’re absolutely correct. We are talking about the process of creating and managing to-do lists. Something that was earlier as simple as picking up a notebook and making a list is now a head-spinning choice of selecting the best task management software from hundreds of tools out there.

Going by the numbers, there are more than 17 million software applications in the market to help you with creating and managing to-do lists. The real question is if all of them are useful or not?

To help you choose the best to-do list app for your needs, here is a list of 18 online to-do list apps for better task management. Let’s check them out.

18 Best to-do list apps to keep your life on track


1. ProofHub

to do list app


ProofHub is an efficient task management system to gather your thoughts and ideas in one place. You can create tasks, make to-do lists, and make notes to capture important information so that you don’t have to remember everything.

Key features:

  • Create tasks, sub-tasks, and add comments
  • Make to-do lists and notes
  • Add reminders and events in Calendar
  • Set start and end-date to define task deadlines
  • Add time estimates to make teams accountable

Cost: Essential plan starts at $45/month (billed annually)

Available on Web | Android | iOS

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2. Wunderlist



In a nutshell, Wunderlist is a great productivity tool that makes planning a holiday and managing multiple work projects as easy as 1-2-3. It has been named as the best to-do list app by The Verge and many other credible sources. As an online to-do list app, it helps you tick off all your personal and professional to-dos and get stuff done easier and faster.

Key features:

  • Organize and share your to-dos easily
  • Set Due Dates and Reminders and Assign to-dos
  • Share your lists and work collaboratively on projects with your colleagues, friends, and family

Cost: Wunderlist Pro ($4.99 per month or $49.99 per year) plans

Available on  iOS| Android | Chrome | Kindle Fire


3. Todoist



With so much going around, Todoist lets you keep track of everything in one place, so you can get it all done and enjoy more peace of mind along the way. The online to-do list app has grown in popularity over the years and is helping over 10 million people to be in control of their lives.

Key features:

  • Create, organize, and prioritize tasks
  • Label tasks, add due dates, and color-code
  • Email notifications and SMS reminders

Cost: Free for Basic and Premium ($29 per year) plans.

Available on Android | iOS | Chrome

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4. Google Tasks

Google tasks


Google Tasks is the latest product by the tech giant Google that comes fully integrated with other services by Google such as Gmail, Google Calendar and others.

Key features:

  • Create and organize to-dos
  • Organize tasks into lists.
  • Drag-and-drop tasks to organize
  • Drag Gmail emails into Google Tasks to schedule them

Cost: Free

Available on Android | iOS | Chrome


5. TickTick



Millions of people are using TickTick to capture ideas, organize to-dos, and accomplish more. In a nutshell, it is a to-do list, checklist, and task manager app which helps you make schedules, manage time, remind about deadlines and organize life at the click of a button.

Key features:

  • Set an instant reminder for all the schedules
  • Share lists, assign tasks to collaborate with colleagues.
  • Constant data backups
  • Receive location-based alerts when on-the-go

Cost: Annual plan for $27.99 (less than $2.4/month)

Available on Web | Android | iOS


6. Trello



Trello is one of those rare project management tools that make collaboration easier than ever. You can use this visual list tool to organize grocery lists, personal to-dos, plan your next vacation, and practically anything with Trello.

Key features:

  • Create cards containing checklists, images, attachments, and more
  • Drag and drop cards onto other lists
  • Syncs your cards to your external calendar

Cost: Business class plan for $9.99 per user per month

Available on Web | Android | iOS | Windows

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7. Evernote



If you are unable to keep your notes at one place, Evernote is the right tool for you. It helps you capture and prioritize ideas, projects, and to-do lists, so nothing falls through the cracks. Whether it’s personal moments or big projects, manage them easily with Evernote.

Key features:

  • Plan, keep records and manage projects from any device–even offline
  • Use notebooks, tags, or its powerful search to find everything you need quickly
  • Automatically syncs across your computers and devices

Cost: Try Business plan for $14.99/user/month

Available on Android | iOS


8. Remember The Milk

Remember The Milk


Remember The Milk is a popular online to-do list and task management app that’s everywhere you are: from your phone, to the web, to your Google apps, and more.

Key features:

  • Enter your task’s properties in one line, including due date, priority, repeat, tags, and more
  • Attach existing files from your Dropbox or Google Drive account to your tasks
  • Get reminded by email, text, IM, Twitter, and mobile apps

Cost: Pro version for $39.99 per year

Available on Web | Android | iOS | Apple Watch


9. Google Keep

Google Keep


It is a note-taking app that quickly captures what’s on your mind and gives you a reminder later at the right place or time. It can also speak a voice memo on the go and have it automatically transcribed. Keep offers a variety of tools for taking notes, including text, lists, images, and audio.

Key features:

  • Supports photo notes, voice notes, and checklists
  • The web app is fast, minimal, and functional
  • Everything you store will be available in Drive within seconds

Cost: Free

Available on Web | Android | iOS | Chrome


10. ToodleDo



Toodledo is an incredibly powerful tool to increase your productivity and organize your life. It acts as a centralized place for online to-do lists, task management, note-taking and more. Already being used by over 1.8 million people, ToodleDo is known for its intuitiveness and rich features.

Key features:

  • Make custom to-do lists
  • Create structured outlines
  • Collaborate seamlessly with friends, family, and coworkers
  • Synced across all your devices

Cost: Gold plan for $7.49 per month billed annually

Available on Web | Android | iOS


11. OmniFocus



OmniFocus is one of the best to-do list tools for Mac, iPad, and iPhone that organizes all your tasks in the most efficient way.

Key features:

  • Add actions so that you never forget anything
  • Add tags for things like location, people, energy level, and priority
  • Review your projects and actions from time to time so you can stay on track
  • Your data is the same on all your devices

Cost: Standard plan for $39.99

Available on MacOS | iOS


12. Habitica



Habitica is a habit-building app that motivates you to achieve your goals. Whether it’s about completing a particular task or reminding yourself to go to a gym, the app treats your real-life like a game and helps you become healthy, productive, and smart.

Key features:

  • Track and manage habits, daily goals, and to-do lists
  • Easy to keep track of your progress as you tackle your toughest tasks
  • Customize Habitica to fit your personal goals

Cost: Free
Available on Android | iOS



Any do is an award-winning app used by millions of people to stay organized and get more done. The to-do list app is simple and flexible to use. You can set reminders to make sure important things don’t slip away. With powerful one-time, recurring and location-based reminders, you can be sure critical things don’t get forgotten.

Key features:

  • Create and organize tasks, lists, and reminders in one app
  • Syncs seamlessly across all of your devices
  • Add smart reminders

Cost: Get Premium plan for $2.99/month (billed annually)

Available on Android| MacOS | iOS | Web | Apple Watch


14. 2Do



2Do is a powerful task manager that is designed to meet your need for speed. It can be a simple to-do list helping you in staying on top of your daily chores or a full-featured tool for heavy taskers. It houses an incredibly powerful engine and can be as fierce as your workflow.

Key features:

  • Full-fledged task-editor
  • Group related tasks together and apply sorting, search filters, and focus filters
  • Multi-platform synchronization
  • Lock-out individual lists with a single click

    Cost: 2Do iOS costs $14.99
    Available on Android| MacOS | iOS


15. MiniNote



MiniNote is a beautiful note-taking app that features real-time syncing between its iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Windows 8 apps. It is often touted as Evernote’s biggest competitor that makes note-taking easier and smarter.

Key features:

  • Friendly and usable interface
  • Easy to setup
  • Quick note-sharing with others
  • Can be exported as TXT or RTF files
  • Keyboard shortcuts are available for Mac power-users.

    Cost: Can be quoted on website
    Available on MacOS | iOS


16. Simplenote



It is one of the best task management software and to-do list apps for task management. As the name suggests, it is one of the simplest and easiest note-taking app designed for users. It is light, clean, and free.

Key features:

  • Your notes stay updated across all your devices
  • Find notes quickly with instant searching and simple tags
  • Share a list, post some instructions, or publish your notes online
  • Write, preview, and publish your notes in Markdown format

Cost: Basic version free

Available on MacOS | iOS | Android | Windows | Linux


17. DropTask



DropTask is a visual task management software that helps you manage projects, tasks, and to-dos individually or as part of a team. Organize your tasks and bring your projects to life using a range of unique and powerful views. DropTask’s flexible workspaces help you get more out of your day, whatever your style

Key features:

  • Prioritize your to-dos by scheduling tasks for Now, Next or Soon
  • You can add details and create sub-tasks
  • Edit a task’s Status or mark its Importance with a universal red flag
  • Set Due dates for each task will keep you on track so you can manage your time effectively
  • Automatically sync your DropTask projects with your Google Calendar account

Cost: DropTask Business for $10/month

Available on MacOS | iOS | Android | Web

18. Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft OneNote

OneNote is a digital note-taking app that has made notebook organizer tools even better and stronger. It’s biggest strengths is the ease in navigation it offers to its users – you’ll always find your notes right where you left them. As an effective to-do list app, OneNote lets you gather your thoughts, organize, share and collaborate over them.

Key features:

  • You can divide into sections and pages in Notebooks
  • Revise your notes with type, highlighting, or ink annotations
  • Highlight can’t-miss notes with Important and To-Do tags
  • Record audio notes, insert online videos, and add files
  • Share notebooks with coworkers, friends, and family.

Cost: Can be requested on the website

Available on MacOS | iOS | Android | Web

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These are the best picks for the best to-do list apps and task management software. Give them a spin with their free trials and select the best to-do list app to stay organized in 2019.

 Vartika Kashyap
Vartika Kashyap

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