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Top 17 Task Management Tools for Teams to Manage Work


Are you finding it difficult to manage your tasks effectively? Do you often miss deadlines because it’s difficult to keep track of the due dates and progress of your tasks?

If yes, then you must be looking to switch yourself to a robust task management tool that can put you in a better position.

Well, I know that there are hundreds of task management tools out there in the market, and it’s challenging to choose one that aligns with the requirements of your business.

To help you out, I have done thorough research to come up with the 10 best of the best apps that you can use to manage your project tasks in the best possible way.

I know that you are eager to know more about these top apps, but before that, let’s have a quick look at what makes a tool suitable for task management.

What is a Task Management Tool?

What is task management tool

As its name suggests, a task management tool allows you to plan, organize, and prioritize tasks to finish them efficiently and within the defined time limit.

Task management tools are specifically designed to address the requirements of project managers and rules out the possibility of missing deadlines and overshooting budgets. 

The best thing about the leading tool management tools is that you can use them quite easily no matter whether you have used any such app in the past or not.

So, if you have landed up a role where managing tasks for yourself and others is your prime responsibility, then a task management app is the perfect match for you.

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Why Do You Need a Task Management Tool?

Do you end up wasting a lot of valuable time in organizing sticky notes, searching your emails, and figuring out which tasks to do first and which ones can be done later? Does your team consistently fail to perform tasks on time? If yes, then you need to use a smart task management software to create and assign tasks (and subtasks) in one place. 

Using good task management tool, you can easily prioritize tasks, set deadlines, and track time spent on them to stay on track, always. You can visualize tasks and move through different stages to monitor your team’s performance and make sure projects get done on time. 

Now, it’s time to look at the best task management tools that you can start using today.

Before you start exploring, you have to keep in mind that some tools have edge over the others because of the abilities and features that are unique to them. I am pretty sure that you will find the perfect task management tool for yourself among these handpicked options:   

Best Task management tools for teams

1. ProofHub

best task management tools

ProofHub is one of the top-rated and trusted task management tools by more than 85,000 organizations across the globe. As it is a dedicated project management and team collaboration tool, you will get all the leading features that you need to manage your tasks and projects efficiently.

Ranked among the best, ProofHub is well-capable of meeting the requirements of teams of any size, any industry, any department, and any type (in-house, remote, and cross-functional). For managing project tasks, it is important to have full control over team members to delegate tasks and get progress details in real-time, and ProofHub allows you to exercise this authority too.

From setting the start and due dates of tasks to visualizing tasks moving through different stages of project workflow in Kanban Boards, ProofHub is well-capable of simplifying all your task management responsibilities.   

Who Can Use ProofHub?

Any team from any industry can use ProofHub. It’s also meant for cross-functional, remote and in-house teams. ProofHub is developed keeping in mind the everyday work challenges faced by project managers and their teams. The best part about this software is that anyone who wants to manage tasks and projects can make its optimum use without going through any hassles. It has an intuitive interface with visually appealing yet simplified elements that you can interact with effortlessly.


  • Create and assign tasks

Leading a project means overseeing several tasks all at the same time and creating a workflow that assures smooth execution of all the project activities. With ProofHub, you can create task lists and even divide a task into smaller and manageable subtasks.

Whether you want to assign a single task or the complete task list to one or more team members, you are just a few clicks away from delegating tasks with ease. Additionally, you can add custom labels to each task to prioritize and differentiate them. 

  • Define task dependencies and schedule tasks using Gantt charts

Tasks may get delayed when you can’t view how they are dependent on one another. ProofHub kicks out this issue by offering Gantt charts that you can use to set dependencies among tasks and visualize them all in a timeline view.

With the power of the Gantt chart in your hand, you can even modify the schedules of tasks according to the shift of deadlines, highlight critical paths, and track progress without causing any adverse effect on the project.

  • Avoid missing deadlines with built-in calendar

By using a calendar, it becomes easy to keep a track of the deadlines and schedule tasks along with all the important events like group meetings, brainstorming sessions, etc. ProofHub integrates a project calendar so that you can always stay ahead of your schedules and avoid delays.

Also, you don’t want to waste your time creating tasks that recur periodically, and this is where ProofHub’s calendar comes in handy. You can set recurring tasks and events in the Calendar and save yourself from manually creating them again and again.

  • Chats and discussions to stay connected

It goes without saying that communication is an important aspect of task management and ProofHub excels at this too. It comes with a chat interface, which allows you and your team to communicate with each other via one-on-one or group chats.

You can even create discussion topics to bring together your team and even your clients to talk about different matters and even share ideas. With chats and discussions, every person on your team can share their thoughts and concerns with you at any time of the day in an interactive manner.  

  • Share and proof files for better collaboration

To complete tasks, you and your team may need to share files and collaborate on them. ProofHub has its own cloud storage, which you can use to upload, share, and organize files of different types. You can upload and attach files to different tasks from your computer or a third-party cloud storage service like Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.

Additionally, ProofHub allows you to proof files, documents, and designs in real-time. The online proofing and markup tools available within ProofHub lets you review and collaborate on files from a single place without the need to switch to other apps.

Pros and Cons:

ProofHub ConsProofHub Cons
  • All task management and project management tools put under one roof  
  • Visualize tasks in multiple views – List view, Gantt chart view, Kanban board view, and Calendar view 
  • Create custom project reports for a detailed analysis of  task progress 
  • Time tracking for individual tasks and timesheets to record time data
  • Real-time notifications for every task activity


  • Limited app integrations as they are under development

Why ProofHub is the Best Task Management Tool?

ProofHub is a favorable choice for you as you can exploit its numerous features to have ultimate control over not only your tasks but also teams and projects. It combines various leading technologies that’ll help you to be at your best as a project manager. Furthermore, the software has proven itself as the first-choice of teams working in various spheres of the business world. Thus, you can always lean on ProofHub and forget all the hassles that you are facing due to the use of outdated and ineffective task and project management tools.

How Affordable is ProofHub?

Ultimate Control plan costs only $89 per month (limited-time offer)

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2. TeamWork

project task management tool

Next on this list is TeamWork, a project task management tool. It comes with a wide range of features that are helpful when it comes to task management. If you want to hit deadlines and improve the performance of your team, then TeamWork is a good choice for you.

This tool comes with project templates that are meant to minimize the manual efforts required to streamline your project tasks. Its board view allows you to see the progress of all the tasks and activities of a project. Each task in the board view is represented as a card and you can add columns for each individual process through which the task cards will move.

Key Features:

  • Get an instant overview of team capacity using Workload
  • Keep every project and its tasks in clear sight with Portfolio
  • Gantt chart allows planning of project timeline
  • Meet deadlines by prioritizing tasks

Pros and Cons:

ProofHub ConsProofHub Cons
  • Easy to add team members and assign tasks
  • Manage workflows to keep projects on track
  • In-built timer for time tracking
  • The overall design is a little dull
  • Reporting feature  is not good

How Affordable is TeamWork?

Premium Plan costs $15/user per month

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3. nTask


nTask is an intuitive and simple task management software used by smart teams. It can be used to manage a single or multiple projects, for both personal and professional use. While using nTask, you enjoy the ability to create as many teams and workspaces for different work purposes, projects or even for different departments at your organization.

You can get more productive and get more done in less time with nTask application. Share files, comments, assign tasks and track task time in just a few clicks. Users can view the tasks in different views, such as, list view, grid view, calendar view and Gantt view.

Key Features:

– Time tracking for tasks

– Set tasks on repeat on daily, weekly and montthly basis

– Link tasks to projects, issues, meetings and risks

– Task prioritization, dependencies and set task status

Pros and Cons:

ProofHub ConsProofHub Cons
  • Easy to use
  • Manage progress with Gantt charts
  • Paid plans are cost-effective
  • Reporting feature not available
  • No Kanban board feature

How affordable is nTask?

With forever free plan, the premium features starts at $2.99/user per month.

4. Basecamp

team task management tool

Basecamp is yet another popular task management tool that you can use to manage tasks of multiple projects simultaneously. The tool is well-known for its ability to make teams more productive and better organized.

With Basecamp, whether it’s the people, tasks, files, and documents, or deadlines, you can manage everything with relative ease. Moreover, the software allows you and your team to stay in touch with each other using group chats and direct messages. 

Key Features:

  • Activity view allows managers to see everything related to project tasks 
  • Create to-do lists and choose assignees and set due dates for tasks
  • Add events with their respective dates and times

Pros and Cons:

ProofHub ConsProofHub Cons
  • Easy to set up projects and add team members
  • Comment directly on tasks and lists 
  • Drag and drop files to upload them
  • Bookmark to-do lists, messages, etc. to gain quick access
  • Misses out advanced features like Gantt charts and timesheets.
  • Cannot assign priority levels to tasks

How Affordable is Basecamp?

Business Plan costs $99 per month

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5. Asana

software for task management

If organizing tasks and meeting deadlines is your top priority, then Asana can make a good choice for you. You can stay focused on your project tasks and prioritize them to let your team know the tasks that they need to complete first.

The tool also allows you to see your tasks in different views, including List view, Boards view, and Timeline view. Asana is among the project management tools that are in the market for quite some time.

Key Features:

  • Prioritize tasks and set deadlines
  • View project status in real-time
  • Assess the workload on each member of the team

Pros and Cons:

ProofHub ConsProofHub Cons
  • User-friendly interface
  • Create realistic project plans with Gantt charts
  • Supports third-party app integrations
  • Communication features are not up to the mark
  • Notifications can be frustrating at times because of the excessive emails sent to users

How Affordable is Asana?

Business Plan costs $24.99/user per month

6. Trello


Trello makes it possible for you to get even the minute details of your project tasks with its boards, lists, and cards. The tool is exceptional in the way that you can organize and prioritize projects in a flexible and rewarding way.

The minimalist design of Trello allows you to exploit features right away with little to prior experience of using a task management application. It’s quite easy to create custom workflows for each project and segregate the whole project into various tasks.

Key Features:

  • Set due dates for tasks and add comments to a task card
  • Alerts and notifications for task activities
  • Supports file upload and attachments

Pros and Cons:

ProofHub ConsProofHub Cons
  • Great overview of tasks and projects
  • Plenty of dashboard customization options
  • Integration with several third-party apps
  • Fewer in-built features
  • Not suitable for large teams

How Affordable is Trello?

Enterprise Plan costs $20.83/user per month

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7. Airtable


Airtable is a collaboration platform that comes with several task management features. Its layout is quite simple and you can readily use it to manage your tasks in a convenient manner.

The tool is flexible enough to handle most of your projects and tasks, and you can arrange all your work in the way you like. 

Key Features:

  • Grid interface allows grouping of projects based on different criteria such as status and project owner
  • View and move tasks to different stages as cards using Kanban boards
  • Gallery view makes it easy to find photos, documents, etc. 

Pros and Cons:

ProofHub ConsProofHub Cons
  • Drag and drop tools make it easy to manage tasks
  • Milestones and due dates visible in calendar view
  • App integrations 
  • Limited features compared to other top-tier task management tools
  • Reporting tools are not available

How Affordable is Airtable?

Pro plan costs $20/user per month

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8. Wrike


From tasks to team members, Wrike allows you to organize everything so that you complete your projects in a timely manner. The tool is ideal for streamlining workflow and enables collaboration to get things done faster.

Wrike is one of the high-rated tools for task management all thanks to its extensive list of features.

Key Features:

  • Customizable dashboard
  • Visualize tasks and dependencies with Gantt charts
  • Set and adjust task dates and deadlines

Pros and Cons:

ProofHub ConsProofHub Cons
  • Suitable for managing multiple projects
  • Real-time project reports
  • Prioritize tasks  
  • Managing work in calendar view is tricky
  • User interface is certainly not the best

How Affordable is Wrike?

Business plan costs $24.80/user per month

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9. Quire

web based task management tools

Quire lets you arrange, prioritize, and focus on tasks that matter the most for a project. The tool allows you to visualize your workflow and track all tasks in an interactive manner.

With this tool, it becomes easier to collaborate with your team and keep everyone on the same page. You can get your attention to even the smallest activities of a project without losing the bigger picture.

Key Features:

  • Set start and due dates for each task
  • Integrated Kanban boards
  • Detailed project summary and project stats

Pros and Cons:

ProofHub ConsProofHub Cons
  • Break tasks into subtasks
  • Add descriptions and comments to tasks
  • Simple and elegant user interface
  • Most features are pretty basic
  • No time tracking option

How Affordable is Quire?

Pricing can be requested on their website

10. Taskworld


Taskworld is a project management and project planning software that allows you to manage your projects easily with its built-in timeline view. The tool allows you to set up your projects and add tasks to them almost instantaneously.

By using Taskworld, you can seamlessly handle all your projects, track tasks, and collaborate with your team. 

Key Features:

  • Track time spent on tasks and time logs for each project
  • Set due dates and tag tasks with descriptions
  • Get status of all project tasks with performance reports 

Pros and Cons:

ProofHub ConsProofHub Cons
  • Attach files with tasks
  • Instant team messaging
  • Activity logs
  • Slow loading time
  • Calendar not available 

How Affordable is Taskworld?

Professional plan costs $10.99/user per month

11. Ayoa (DropTask)


Ayoa combines many handy features that’ll help you and your team to manage tasks and get work done on time. The tool is easy to use and allows your team to share ideas, and collaborate with one another to complete tasks easily.

You can use Ayoa to break tasks into smaller details, select assignees for each task, add comments, and even add files with a task.   

Key Features:

  • Set due dates for each task and add milestones
  • Gantt charts allow better time management
  • Mark progress percentage for tasks

Pros and Cons:

Task management tools prosTask management tools Cons
  • Attractive UI design
  • Direct messaging and group chats
  • Supports app integrations 
  • A bit overwhelming for new users
  • Difficult to manage complex projects

How Affordable is Ayoa?

Advanced plan costs $10/user per month

12. Monday.com 


Monday.com is one of the most intuitive project management tools, which resembles a highly customizable spreadsheet, but it includes a ton of additional features that make it a highly interactive application. 

Monday.com ranks among the best task management tool available in the market because it focuses on simple, visually intuitive layouts that assist in clarifying the sequence of work. This tool for task management allows users to collaborate on tasks by uploading and attaching files, tagging members on tasks, and fixing deadlines. 

Key Features: 

  • Many template designs to choose from when users create their first boards
  • An intuitive user interface that houses a very comprehensive set of helpful features
  • It lets you easily manage workload
  • Numerous display options, like Maps and Calendar views
  • It makes collaboration efficient through swift and easy communication 
  • Seamless integration with other apps 

Pros & Cons: 

Task management tools prosTask management tools Cons
  • Attractive interface
  • Encourages transparency and accountability
  • Handy project visualization tools 
  • It comes with reporting and analytics 
  • Expensive to manage large-sized teams
  • Lacks advanced time-tracking functionality 

How Affordable is monday.com?

Pro plan costs $79 per month, billed annually 

13. Smartsheet 


Smartsheet is a web-based collaboration tool that allows organizations of all sizes with project management, task management, crowdsourcing, reporting, and much more. It looks more like a spreadsheet-type task management tool that offers basic functions like scheduling tasks, subtasks, activities, and much more. 

Smartsheet smartly combines the use of a spreadsheet with visual timeline management, automated workflow capabilities, and collaborative file sharing and discussions. It can manage different types of work such as projects, programs, and core business operations. 

Key Features: 

  • Pre-built templates to jump-start your projects
  • Team task list by priority
  • Integrates with apps you already use
  • Alerts and Automated actions 
  • Custom reports across projects
  • Resource Management & Scheduling 

Pros & Cons: 

Task management tools prosTask management tools Cons
  • Leverage team collaboration 
  • Drive work at scale 
  • Secure platform deployment
  • Drives performance by optimizing campaign execution
  • Automates relevant business processes
  • Limited calendar view
  • Lack of time tracking feature 

How Affordable Is smartsheet.com?

Individual plan costs at $14 per user/month, Business plan costs at $25 per user/month, and Enterprise plan is available on quote. 

14. Casual 

tools for task management

Casual is a visual task and project management tool that allows you to arrange your task blocks as you see fit. Considered ideal for small and growing project teams, this task management tool uses visual charts to plan the processes related to projects. 

Casual can be used to create project milestones, define the workflow and serial in which these tasks are to be completed, and assign their due dates. It can track project paths and allocate tasks in different directions without acknowledging dependencies. 

Key Features:

  • Task Management 
  • Automatic Backup
  • Charting
  • Deadline Management
  • Milestone Tracking 
  • Project Management
  • Prioritizing
  • Summary Reports

Pros & Cons: 

Task management tools prosTask management tools Cons
  • Easy to navigate
  • Drag-and-drop interface
  • Ability to generate flow diagram PDF and URLs on the fly
  • Users can easily set task dependencies
  • Users can see from the screenshot 
  • Great for complex projects 
  • No integration options
  • Removing dependencies in chrome does not work very well

How Affordable Is Casual.com?

Casual starts at $7/month for up to 2 users and has a free 14-day trial. 

15. Tasklog 


Tasklog is a cloud-based to-do list app that also tracks time and expenses. Both freelancers and organizations can use this tool. Tasklog’s main features include, but not limited to, a task manager, a time tracker, timesheets, team boards, and a Pomodoro timer. 

The Pomodoro technique is one of the most valuable features of Tasklog; it breaks work into timed intervals. Users can monitor employee productivity, prioritize tasks, and assign projects to team members. Tasklog dashboard allows users to track their progress and review reports. 

Key Features:

  • Billable and Non-billable Hours 
  • Mobile time tracking
  • Billing & Invoicing 
  • Online time tracking
  • Multiple billing rates
  • Time per project reporting 

Pros & Cons:

Task management tools prosTask management tools Cons
  • Interactive dashboard
  • Timers with straightforward controls
  • Adjustable time limits
  • Effectively combines Pomodoro with time tracking
  • Excellent customer service 
  • Access to history 
  • Lack of third-party integrations
  • May not work well with large-sized teams

How Affordable Is Tasklog?

Premium plan is priced at $0.17 per day and Lifetime plan is priced at $99 for life. 

16. Proggio


Whether you are looking to manage your project portfolio or want to keep track of all the project tasks, Proggio is a great tool to have on your side. Its innovative features assist you in planning projects and deliver them on time.

Proggio’s powerful task management features make it possible for you to have complete command over all the tasks of your projects. You no longer need to ask your team members for updates as the software makes it possible to track all the task activity from one single place.  

Key Features:

  • Manage tasks effectively in Kanban board view
  • Customizable templates
  • Create visual task roadmaps with built-in Gantt charts

Pros and Cons:


  • Intuitive user interface
  • File attachments with tasks
  • Suitable for teams across a wide range of industries


  • Limited team collaboration capability

How Affordable is Proggio?

The Starter plan is available for free and the Business plan is priced at $19 per user per month

17. Todoist


Todoist is a leading to-do list app having a simple interface and you can use it to manage tasks of all your projects. The main agenda of this app is to set you free from all the hassle of tracking task progress manually.

The app allows you to quickly add tasks and assign them to your team members. Moreover, the task view allows you to get all the important information about a task, including task title, due date, subtasks, etc. 

Key Features:

  • Create recurring tasks
  • Set priority levels for tasks
  • Add comment to tasks and collaborate with your teammates

Pros and Cons:


  • Keeps a record of all the completed tasks
  • Productivity graph makes it easy to track your productivity
  • Real-time notifications keep you updated about all the task activities


  • Not suitable for managing tasks of complex projects
  • Lacks advanced features like Gantt charts, online file proofing, etc.

How Affordable is Todoist?

Todoist Premium is available for $3 per user per month

18. Hive


Hive is a productivity platform that allows you to manage your projects effectively with automated task management. All your team members can use Hive to organize and collaborate on tasks.

Hive combines a variety of individual tools to streamline the process of planning, executing, and completing tasks. Create task cards and select assignees from your team. Moreover, you can add communication with your teammates directly on task cards by adding comments.

Key Features:

  • Kanban boards let you manage tasks in stages
  • Real-time analytics for measuring project progress
  • Upload, organize and attach files with tasks

Pros and Cons:


  • Multiple task views give the flexibility to manage tasks in the way you like 
  • Send direct messages to communicate with team members
  • Built-in templates for getting started with task management quickly


  • It will take some time to learn the software’s functionality
  • Dashboard becomes messy when managing several projects simultaneously

How Affordable is Hive?

The Base package costs $12 per user per month

What are the Prime Benefits of Using a Task Management Tool?

The primary role of a task management tool is to make it easier for managers to handle the tasks associated with different projects and the teams who are working on those tasks. However, individuals can also use task management tools to get more work done in less time.

Following are some of the key benefits that you can enjoy by using project management tools:

  • Manage all tasks from a single place
  • Team collaboration becomes effective
  • Better utilization of resources
  • Improved quality of work
  • Timely completion of projects
  • Promotes remote working

Want to keep a track of all the tasks associated with a project and stay on your schedule? Switch to ProofHub today!


Managing project tasks as efficiently as possible is a must for businesses to thrive in today’s competitive markets. As a manager, you are responsible to make sure that your team accomplishes every task on time and you will need a task management tool for that. The task management tools featured in this article are the best ones available right now and you just need to choose one that suits your managerial requirements and your organization’s budget.

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