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Online Gantt charts to stay on top of project plans

Gantt charts in ProofHub make project planning, and tracking easy by bringing together everything you need to plan ahead and meet project deadlines.

ProofHub’s Gantt chart software has got everything you need to plan projects like a pro!

Get a visual picture of your projects using Gantt chart software in ProofHub. Create project schedules, track progress made in tasks, set task dependencies, and plan & iterate projects effortlessly.

  • 1

    Visual timeline for better project planning

    Gantt charts in ProofHub provide you a visual timeline of the project so that you can schedule your tasks, and plan & iterate your projects quickly and more efficiently.

  • 2

    Track task progress to meet project deadlines

    Gantt chart tool in ProofHub gives you a clear idea of the progress made in tasks by team members so that you can manage resources and plan their schedules better.

  • 3

    Set task dependencies to share accountability

    Set dependencies between different tasks to reflect how change in their scheduling is going to impact the overall project progress and make teams more accountable.

  • 4

    Use critical chain to highlight important tasks

    By highlighting critical path in our Gantt chart software you can identify the tasks, which are putting a direct impact on the overall project progress, and iterate them to get them delivered on time.

  • 5

    Easy drag and drop for efficient scheduling

    From scheduling start and end dates of tasks to re-scheduling them, and setting dependencies between them, everything works with simple drag and drop.

  • 6

    Export Gantt charts to use as and when needed

    Keep your project information handy during meetings by exporting Gantt charts as PDF or directly taking a print of them from within ProofHub.

  • 7

    A single view of all Gantt charts

    With All Gantt feature you get a unified view of Gantt charts for all the projects at one central place, making it easy for you to handle team planning and scheduling.

And, this is how Gantt chart tool in ProofHub helps teams to stay on track and get projects completed on time!

ProofHub has become one of our day-to-day co-working partners.
— Jason Chong, Accord