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Time tracking tool for teams that like to make the most of their time

ProofHub’s online time tracking tool allows teams to set time estimates, track time spent on tasks and maintain a record of every minute they spend working on tasks.

Manage your time efficiently and bill the clients accurately with our time management software

Online time management system in our tool lets you know how teams are using their time, by keeping record of every minute being spent at work so that they can manage time efficiently and you can bill the clients accurately using the time data.

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    Set time estimates for better time management in your projects

    With ProofHub’s time tracking tool, teams get the option to set time estimate for each task and subtask, so that everyone can have an idea of how much time they need to spend on that task and manage their time efficiently.

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    Track time spent on tasks using timer to measure team productivity

    You can track time spent on each task and subtask accurately by using the timer in our time tracking tool to keep track of the productive time of each individual at work. You can also make manual time entries.

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    Use timesheets to record time data and performance evaluation

    All your time data gets recorded in neat and beautiful timesheets that can be downloaded in our time management tool, and you can use the time data to manage them efficiently as well as during their performance evaluation.

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    Mark timesheets as private to keep your data confidential

    With ProofHub’s time tracking software, you also get the option to mark your timesheets as private. This allows you to maintain confidentiality and keep the time records of your team secure within the tool.

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    Export timesheets for easy and hassle-free invoicing

    Export the timesheets generated in our time tracking tool directly to third party invoicing applications like Freshbooks, and save a lot of time during the invoicing process and also be sure to have an accurate and hassle-free billing process.

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    Get by-minute details of your resources using time reports

    Time reports in our web based time tracking software lets you compare the time spent on tasks against estimated time set during the planning phase so that you can plan better and give more accurate time estimates to clients for the future.

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    All your time data brought together at one central place

    With the All time feature in ProofHub’s time tracking tool you get a central place to keep an eye on your entire team’s time data in a clear and presentable manner, so you don’t have to waste time in gathering the data for individual team members.

That’s how ProofHub’s time tracking software helps teams keep track of every minute they are spending at work.

ProofHub’s time tracking tool has solved our problem of supporting projects remotely.
Alison Dalziel
— Alison Dalziel, Localise