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Task management software to get things done better, faster!

Our online task management software empowers teams to work together, get tasks delivered on time and become insanely productive.

Task management software that makes teams more accountable and productive

ProofHub takes care of all the time-consuming stuff that makes task management for teams stressful, and allows teams to focus on getting things done!

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    A simple and transparent way to assign tasks

    Our online task management tool brings clarity in work allocation. Create task lists with just one click, add tasks, assign them to team members and stay away from the hassle of writing and acknowledging emails.

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    Create recurring tasks to save time

    ProofHub allows a task to repeat periodically based upon its completion date rather than having to create it time and again. You can create daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly recurring tasks so that they automatically get recreated after a designated period of time.

  • 3

    Add labels to keep important tasks under radar

    Segregate tasks, set their priority and organize your tasks using custom labels. You can also use labels to highlight tasks that require your attention, so that the most important ones are always under your radar.

  • 4

    Set start and end date to define task deadlines

    With our project management tool, you can set a start and end date for each task to make sure deadlines are met. Every team member knows when the task needs to be delivered, and can set priorities accordingly.

  • 5

    Add time estimates to make teams accountable

    ProofHub’s task management software comes with the option to add time estimates in tasks so that everyone has an idea about how much time they need to spend on each task in order to deliver it on time.

  • 6

    Break tasks into subtasks for more targeted efforts

    Break down tasks into subtasks, add separate time estimate, and an independent start and end date for each subtask to make teams productive; and get their focus to complete work quickly and more efficiently.

  • 7

    Assign tasks to multiple people and complete complex tasks easily

    You can assign a task to more than one person or to an entire group at once using our task management software. This allows team members to work together, easily accomplish complex tasks and boosts team collaboration.

  • 8

    Add files to tasks for bringing clarity in task management

    Upload files in tasks either from your computer, or from third party applications like Google Drive, DropBox, Box and OneDrive or from within ProofHub itself, to make task management more transparent and precise.

  • 9

    Keep your tasks confidential with private task lists

    Keep your tasks confidential by limiting their visibility to only those people who are working in collaboration with you on these tasks. Private task lists give you the luxury of having a completely private workspace.

  • 10

    Post comments on tasks to simplify task execution

    In our task management tool, you get the option to post comments on tasks. This makes it easy to add additional information or specific client requirement; bringing clarity to the task execution process.

  • 11

    Email-in to manage tasks when you can’t access the tool

    Email-in feature in our task management tool lets you add tasks via email when you don’t have access to your ProofHub account. With Email-in you can also reply to the comments on the tasks and stay on top of things.

  • 12

    Track time spent on tasks to stay ahead of deadlines

    Our task management tool gives the option to track time using timer, which gets saved in timesheets. You can also track time manually, and use the time data to prepare invoices and bill the clients efficiently.

  • 13

    Indicate progress percentage to keep an eye on task status

    With each task in the task list you get an option to indicate its progress percentage, which provides a clear picture of how much work has been done, and how much is left to be done in the task.

  • 14

    Download task lists for performance evaluation

    To keep a documented record of how team members are performing, our task management software gives the option to download task lists in CSV, which you can further use for performance evaluation as well.

  • 15

    All tasks across all your projects brought together

    Take a quick look at all your tasks, across all the projects from All tasks section. No need to jump from one project to another for keeping an eye on work responsibilities and task dependencies.

  • 16

    Import tasks from CSV to give your team a head start

    In our task management software, you get the option to import tasks from CSV files. This saves a lot of time for managers and team leaders, which they have to spend on work distribution and management.

  • 17

    Create a copy of task lists/tasks to make allocation quick

    Copy task lists option in our task management tool speeds up task distribution and allocation process for projects with similar tasks. You can also create the same task across multiple projects and in different task lists.

  • 18

    Add task lists to quickies to access frequently used tasks

    Easily access task lists, which you frequently use, by adding them to quickies. You don’t have to jump into different task lists every time you have to access urgent tasks, or the ones that you work on frequently.

  • 19

    Task history to get an in-depth info of the task

    Who created the task? When was it updated? When was a change made in the progress percentage? Everything you need to know about the task, right from the time it was created until now, you can get to know about it in task history.

And, these are just a few of the features that make ProofHub a great task management tool for teams of all sizes!

With this task management software you can organize all your thoughts, projects, task, people, files, etc... in a simple clean manner. I have 3+ different companies with multiple projects going on in each, each company has several people using proofhub, ProofHub allows me to keep a bird's eye on EVERYTHING. And then there is the Awesome Gantt Chart. The Team at Flyhtlab.com loves ProofHub!
— Omari W, Flyht Lab, LLC