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Task management made simple yet powerful.

An online task management software that lets you run your day, your tasks and your projects, efficiently.

Simplify work by creating task lists and adding tasks under them. Break down tasks into subtasks; assign them to your team members to organize and distribute work effectively with our task management software.

  • 1

    Task management simplified

    Simplify task management by creating task lists and adding tasks to the lists. This way it becomes easier for you to assign tasks to people and keep a track of what needs to be done thereby helping you to become more productive.

  • 2

    Set important labels

    Provide intuitive labels to identify important tasks and organize work smartly. Labeling makes it easier to filter tasks that requires your attention the most thereby saving your precious time.

  • 3

    Provide time estimates

    Add time estimates in which you want work to be completed. This helps you to compare the actual time spent on tasks against the estimated one.

  • 4

    Break tasks to subtasks

    Add tasks within tasks i.e. subtasks to break work into smaller parts. This helps you to simplify complex tasks by focusing on smaller targets to achieve bigger results and increase productivity.

  • 5

    Assign tasks to multiple people

    Improve collaboration by assigning similar task to multiple people. This way tasks that are lengthy or difficult to perform will become easy and simple thereby saving time and effort.

  • 6

    Quick file sharing

    Easily share important files with your team members to collaborate effectively on tasks.

  • 7

    Private workspaces

    Work privately by creating private task lists visible only to selective people or clients. This works best when you work on important tasks that you want to keep confidential.

  • 8

    Seamless collaborations

    Collaborate in real-time by posting comments on tasks. This helps you to discuss issues on various tasks and get clarity on exactly what needs to be done to execute tasks effectively.

  • 9

    Manage work with email-in

    Easily manage your work by adding tasks while you are on the go. This way there is no need to log into your account to add tasks.

  • 10

    Track time spent on tasks

    Track time with a timer or enter it manually. Now it is easier to know how much time your team members take to perform the tasks assigned to them.

  • 11

    Indicate task progress

    Mark progress on the tasks that you are performing. This way you can provide an up to date picture of task progression to clients and stakeholders.

  • 12

    Download task lists

    Easily download your task lists to use them at other places of interest like for reporting or to store hard copies and for performance evaluation.

  • 13

    Clear and insightful reporting

    Built in reports for efficient tracking of work. Reports help you find interruptions that result in delays to eliminate wastage of time and achieve greater efficiency in work.

  • 14

    A single unified view for tasks

    View tasks across all the projects at one single place i.e. all tasks. This helps you see what others are doing and keep track of work easily.

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