An online proofing tool that makes the review and approval process quick, and easy

By bringing teams, stakeholders and clients together under one roof, ProofHub’s online proofing software helps teams save a lot of time during the review and feedback sharing process.

Online proofing software to share feedback on files and approve them in real-time

Online proofing system in ProofHub allows managers, clients and decision makers to share feedback in a concise and hassle-free manner with the help of markup tools, and threaded comments on the files that need to be reviewed.

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    Real time collaboration and feedback sharing on files

    Online proofing system in ProofHub works as the central place for reviewing all your files (JPEG, PNG, and PDF files) and get feedback on them in real-time to save all the time that was wasted in juggling emails during the review process.

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    Markup tools to reduce the number of revision cycles

    Our online proofing system comes equipped with various markup tools, using which the decision makers can easily highlight sections and mark annotations on the files to make sure there are fewer revision cycles.

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    Threaded comments for accurate and concise feedback

    With the threaded commenting option in our proofing software, the decision makers can describe the changes highlighted on files during the review process and bring clarity in the feedback sharing process.

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    Review file versions with proofing software to avoid confusion

    Review and provide feedback on different versions of files simultaneously on a single screen, using the online software in ProofHub; eliminating the confusion of regarding which files have been proofed, and which ones are good to go out of the door.

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    Review those files which cannot be proofed

    You can use our online proofing software to review and share feedback on files that cannot be proofed using markup tools like PDF and doc files, by highlighting changes using the commenting option in the tool.

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    One click approval to save you a lot of time

    With our proofing system you can get collaborators, stakeholders and decision makers to come on the same page, review the files and approve them with just a single click; saving everyone a lot of time which otherwise is wasted on emails.

Our online proofing software helps teams focus more on work, rather than getting stuck in the feedback process.

ProofHub’s proofing software helps our customers to remain assured of their designs and let’s us reap customer happiness from around the globe. Keep up the great work ProofHub!
— Robert Clark, Artisan Ink