ProofHub is the best alternative
to Asana

When it comes to solving team collaboration issues, there’s nothing quite like ProofHub,
making it the most powerful alternatives to Asana in market.

Proofhub vs asana - best alternative
ProofHub as best alternative to Asana

As an Asana alternative, ProofHub has got everything you need!

ProofHub is a powerful tool that helps teams do great things together. From project planning to team communication and collaboration, everything becomes super easy with ProofHub. Unlimited users, no-per user fee, and lots of amazing productivity features make ProofHub the best Asana alternative in the market.

Here’s a list of everything that makes ProofHub the best Asana alternative -
best alternative to Asana for proofing

Speed up the files and document review process, bring clarity in feedback sharing and even keep track of changes made in them.

  • Real time collaboration & feedback on files
  • Advanced Markup tools to reduce no of revision cycles
  • Review files which can't be proofed
  • Review multiple versions of file simultaneously
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Task management

Keep work organized so that people don't have to wonder what they have to work on next and what's pending.

  • Tasks & Subtasks for easy work allocation
  • Tasks assigned to multiple people/Group of people
  • Multiple task list in a project
  • Add time estimates to make your team accountable
  • Import Tasks from CSV
  • Task history to get in depth info of the task
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asana kanban alternative
Workflows & kanban boards

Simplify the way you manage your tasks by defining their flow and assigning basic or Kanban workflow to them as per your requirement.

  • Custom Workflows to add flexibility
  • Attach files, add time & labels
  • Integrate workflows with task list
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Gantt charts

Get a visual timeline for tasks to better plan the projects, manage resources efficiently and stay on track.

  • Task Dependencies
  • Drag & Drop for efficient scheduling
  • Export Gantt Charts
  • Highlight important tasks with critical chain
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ProofHub as asana reports alternative

Get clear insight of how projects are running and resource utilization, to analyze plans and iterate accordingly.

  • Slipping Projects Report to bring back projects on track
  • Burn Up charts to track the speed of project
  • Tasks Reports to keep a clear view on how tasks are progressing
  • Resource Reports to manage your resources more efficiently
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Manage all your scheduled events, meetings, appointments, milestones, project deadlines, and don't let important dates slip from your mind.

  • Schedule events & milestones
  • Recurring Events to save time
  • Automatic reminders for important events
  • Integrate & download your calendar
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ProofHub as asana Time tracking alternative
Time tracking

Keep track of time spent on tasks by either making manual time entries or by using timer to bill the clients accurately.

  • Set time estimates
  • Private Timesheets for confidential data
  • Timer to track time automatically
  • Export Timesheets for invoicing
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Custom roles

Gain ultimate control on your projects by setting Custom roles and defining different access levels for your team members based on their responsibilities.

  • Create & assign roles and stay in control
  • Grant different access levels to teams & clients
  • View, Add & Manage people just the way you want to
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ProofHub vs Asana - White labeling

Set up branded sign-in page, add a colour, set a theme, and add your logo to make the account appear just like your company's look and feel.

  • Set Custom Domain
  • Add colors, logo & theme to your account

Share opinions and updates, post announcements and assign them to teams and clients, to get rid of those email threads.

  • Real time collaboration on discussion topics
  • Email-in to participate in discussions on the go
  • Mark topics as private
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ProofHub as asana notes alternative

Keep all your important project information, quick reminders, random thoughts and big ideas organised and safe at a central location.

  • Notebooks for better organization
  • Private Notes for confidential information
  • Save Notes to files
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The interface is available in half a dozen languages including English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Polish and German.

  • Set language preferences
  • Email notification in your language
ProofHub vs Asana - Multilingual project management
Asana vs ProofHub - Project overview and project templates
Project overview & project templates

In ProofHub you can get a complete project overview to get overall idea about the project progress.

  • Create multiple projects with templates
  • Adjust parameters of date

Ask quick questions, feedbacks or even have casual conversations with emojis adding fun to your office communication.

  • Group Chat for better collaboration
  • Emojis to add fun in conversation
  • Intuitive Emojis
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ProofHub vs Asana - mobile app
Apps for ios & android

Access your projects, complete tasks with the swipe of a finger, catch up on discussions, track time, reply comments and what not with ProofHub mobile.

  • Eliminate the need of those confusing email threads
  • Centralize all your files and documents
  • Plan and schedule all your work on the go
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Apart from all the reasons mentioned above, in ProofHub you also get powerful features like People, Me-view, Advanced Search, In App notifications, Integrations, Activity logs, Account transfer tool, Quickies, Advanced privacy, API, Trash can, just to name a few. And, this is the reason that ProofHub leaves all the other asana alternatives way behind in competition.

Compare ProofHub to

  • Asana
  • Basecamp
  • Wrike
  • Trello
  • Teamwork
ProofHub has unified all our communications, brought our internal teams together and made everyone accountable for their time in order to work smarter.
— Matt Cooper, InsideOnline