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19 Powerful Asana Alternatives for Project Management in 2023


Asana has been around for a while and has evolved as a simple and reliable tool for managers to plan, schedule, and monitor projects. In a pool full of intuitive software platforms, Asana certainly makes a remarkable splash.

Having said that, the market offers bigger, better tools that might suit teams more than Asana does. Project management tools are pretty adaptive, but they don’t quite fit every team like a glove. What some teams might deem unuseful, the other teams might find invaluable.

Why Should You Look for Asana Alternatives? 

Though it has a lot of features and was quite popular years back, yet people are looking for the best Asana alternative. It was the old-time when it was known for its sleek and simple design, the users found it an all-in-one solution for a project management system coupled with good team communication and collaboration capabilities. Now, users are looking for an Asana substitute that actually fits the needs of their teams through seamless integrations and collaborative functions.

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If you are reading this article, you are looking for more robust software that can offer you more features than Asana does. Through this curated list, you will find all the Asana alternatives that can be the best fit for your team’s organizational as well as collaboration needs. So, without further ado, let’s start with:

List of Asana Alternatives:

1. ProofHub

ProofHub is one of the best alternatives to Asana

ProofHub is one of the best alternatives to Asana as it offers more functionality and flexibility to project teams. While picking a work assistant that is going to simplify your work for you, you should know that it’s important to invest in a project management software platform that is not only loaded with features but is also easy and simple to use. With ProofHub, you get the best of both worlds.

ProofHub is trusted by Netflix, Disney, and NASA, would you like to see why? Here’s an opportunity for you to sign up for FREE.

How ProofHub Is Better Than Apps Like Asana?

ProofHub and Asana, both have enjoyed quite a success. However, they solve different challenges. Yes, ProofHub ranks first among the top Asana alternatives as the tool allows you to tackle unique project management and team collaboration challenges.

> Asana vs ProofHub – Pricing:

When people are searching for the top Asana alternatives, pricing is one important factor that they have on their mind. Another strong suite of ProofHub is its flat-rate pricing plans that allow unlimited number of users. This is in complete contrast to Asana’s per-user pricing plans, which can be expensive for most teams.  

Flat pricing plans is yet another reason why ProofHub leads other Asana competitors

Another good news If you’re a part of a nonprofit organization is that you will get a discount of 20% on ProofHub’s Premium plan.

ProofHub offers two flat pricing plans to users. 

1. The Essential Plan is priced at $45 per month, when billed annually. Unlimited number of users are allowed. The plan is packed with all CORE features, including but not limited to: 

  • 40 projects
  • 15GB storage
  • Unlimited users
  • Time tracking 
  • Gantt charts
  • Boards
  • Custom fields
  • Multilingual interface
  • Calendar 
  • Forms 

2. The Ultimate Control is priced at $89 per month when billed annually. An unlimited number of users are allowed. The plan offers all CORE plus PREMIUM features including, but not limited to: 

  • Unlimited projects
  • Unlimited users
  • 100GB storage
  • Custom roles
  • White labeling
  • IP restrictions
  • Priority support

Now, let’s take a look at Asana’s per-user pricing plans, which can prove costly for large-sized teams as they will have to incur extra cost every time a new team member joins. 

  • Asana’s Premium Plan is priced at $10.99 per user, per month when billed annually. It means you end up paying $109.9 for 10 users. 
  • Asana’s Business Plan is priced at $24.99 per user, per month when billed annually. It means you end up paying $249.9 for 10 users.   


ProofHub @$99 per month,

 flat pricing, 

with unlimited users – 

Total Cost for a 10-member team=$99 per month

  • Real-time chat
  • File storage
  • Gantt charts
  • Task management
  • Time tracking
  • Notes
Other tools pricing combined will cost your team @$104.93 per user, per month 

Total Cost for a 10-member team=$1049.3 per month

  • Slack– Real-time chat tool @$12.50 per user, per month 
  • Evernote – Note making tool @$14.99 per user, per month 
  • TeamGantt: Gantt chart maker @$24.45 per month, per user
  • Dropbox: File storage @$24 per user, per month
  • Toggl Track: Time tracking tool @$18 per user, per month
  • Asana premium: Task management @$10.99 per user, per month

It’s clear how ProofHub is better than Asana for teams and businesses in terms of pricing. This cost-effectiveness makes it one of the most popular Asana alternatives available in the market today. 

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> Asana vs ProofHub – Time Tracking

One of the main reasons why project teams are looking for top Asana alternatives is that it doesn’t offer an inbuilt time tracking, which is crucial to analyze how your team is putting in on what tasks. 

Even after spending $24.99 per user, per month, you can’t track time in Asana. Now, that’s not fair to project teams in any way!  What’s fair, though, is ProofHub’s inbuilt time tracking tool. 

ProofHub’s inbuilt time tracking tool allows you to have a detailed and accurate view of billable hours of projects, track time spent on completing each task (manually or using timers), set time estimates, and add multiple timesheets to record time data. 

It helps users to have a clear understanding of deadlines and whether they are able to complete assigned tasks in set timeframe or not.  

> Asana vs ProofHub – Task Assignment

Are you supposed to complete every task by yourself? No, I believe. However, Asana seems to think otherwise as it only allows one person per task. 

What to do if you want to assign a task to multiple people? 

Use ProofHub’s task management feature because you can assign multiple users to a single task, create subtasks, and create unlimited task lists, which brings clarity to who needs to work on what, and with whom. 

If you use Asana and have to assign a task to a group of people then they’ll have to collaborate manually, which can lead to utter confusion and misunderstanding. So, ProofHub, with its flexibility, is a better choice than the Asana app. 

> Asana vs ProofHub – User Interface

As compared to easy-to-use ProofHub, navigating Asana is not easy, especially for new users. Its interface is divided into 5 areas and has many graphics, which can make things complicated for beginners. 

ProofHub’s ease of usage and intuitive interface sets it apart from other Asana alternatives.  Its interface is neat, simple, and uncluttered, with two sidebars on left and right, four widgets and a search bar in the center, and top bar. 

> Asana vs ProofHub – Instant Chat   

Direct Messaging Made Quick and Easy With Group Chat

Asana does not have chat feature and uses a separate chat application i.e. Slack. This is a big let down, especially for remote workers who need to share quick information with other team members frequently.   

ProofHub, with its inbuilt group chat, wins this battle hands down! 

Group Chat allows you to send direct messages and get quick replies within seconds. You can also attach files, documents, images, emojis, and GIFs to make your one-on-one and group conversations more expressive and clear. 

Group chat enhances team collaboration in the following ways: 

  • One-on-one chat to bring clarity to office conversations.
  • Group chats to work together, collaborate, and get things done.
  • Create discussions to brainstorm, and discuss topics with remote members.
  • @mention team members to loop in whenever, wherever you want.

> Asana vs ProofHub – Gantt Charts

Asana does allow users to map out their project plan but ProofHub’s Gantt chart offers you more flexibility in the form of additional features, like Baseline. 

This feature helps project managers to track the progress of tasks and assess whether the project is on the track and how far the project has deviated from the initial baseline set. 

Plan Projects on Gantt Charts as Work Changes and Deadlines Shift. Planning is imperative for a project to succeed. With Gantt charts in ProofHub, you can plan projects, set dependencies between tasks, and visualize tasks in a timeline view. The best part is that you can smartly adjust your plans as work changes and deadlines shift. 

> Asana vs ProofHub – Online Proofing

Both Asana and ProofHub offer an online proofing tool. What’s the big deal, you may ask. Hold and it’s not as straightforward as it seems with Asana! If you want to access this particular tool in Asana, you should be a Business ($24.99 per user, per month) customer. It can get expensive for medium-sized and large-sized teams. 

Now, compare it with ProofHub, which offers the online proofing feature in both its plans – Essential plan ($45 per month) and Ultimate control plan ($89 per month). However, if you are managing a team of 5 people or more, using the Asana app can prove costly.       

> Asana vs ProofHub – Signing up: 

In Asana, as you sign up, you’ll not have any product tour. If you have any questions, you have to use the Asana guide by clicking the (?) icon. But ProofHub gives a free quick walkthrough to help you understand the tool better after you sign up. You can even set your workflows, add projects and start working easily in ProofHub.

Capterra/G2 Ratings:

  • Capterra – 4.5/5 
  • G2 – 4.5/5

What Users Say: 

“One of the many benefits of ProofHub is that it has little to no learning curve. The tool is so simple and straightforward that even lay users can use it to manage their day-to-day work without any hassle. In addition to that, it’s amazing how the software syncs so many tools and features together for higher productivity and to save time. Tasks, Kanban boards, Gantt charts, Calendar, Files, Notes, Custom roles, Chat, Discussions, @Mentions, Announcements, Request forms, Proofing, Timesheets, Timers, Reports-ProofHub is an amazing platform for freelancers, remote teams, and businesses who need just place and one tool to plan, schedule, organize, track, proof, and deliver work.” – Capterra Review 

A Feature for Every Problem

One thing that makes ProofHub stand out from other Asana alternatives is that it packs all the essential features for teams to overcome every project management challenge in one central place. Whether you are looking to seamlessly manage projects or communicate and collaborate with teams and clients – ProofHub has a feature for everything you need.

  • Visualize Task Stages on Kanban Boards

There’s often a lot of confusion when a team is working on project tasks: “Who’ll be working on this next?” but it doesn’t have to be so. To tackle this, ProofHub gives you the ability to have a clear view of work in progress using its custom workflows and Kanban boards. See work moving through multiple stages with an overview, with Gantt charts, or with Kanban boards, all in the same platform.

  • Get Ultimate Control With Custom Roles

One of the problems that managers face is assigning the roles and responsibilities of each team member to make sure that project work proceeds smoothly. ProofHub, a strong Asana competitor in this particular functionality, allows managers to define custom roles to stay in ultimate control of who gets to access what according to the workflow.

Create and assign roles, grant access levels, revoke access, and also assign default roles such as normal user or admin to the team members. In a matter of seconds, you can assign roles to all your team members.

  • Collaborate on Discussions

Many times, collaborating on tasks with teams and clients can be difficult. As a result, teams have more doubts and revisions to go through than expected. With ProofHub’s real-time collaboration feature, you can keep a track of what your team members are up to, and have discussions with your teams and clients in one place. @Mention people to grab their attention and loop them in discussion topics.

  • Calendar to Manage Schedules at One Place 

Nobody wants to miss deadlines and or have to tap onto multiple calendars to view the schedule for a particular project. You no longer have to refer to multiple calendars and get every detail in a single project scheduling calendar of ProofHub. Organize your events, tasks, and milestones all in one place, stay on top of your schedule with automatic reminders, add recurring tasks and select from multiple views to schedule work suitably.

  • Bring All Your Digital Files to One Central Place

No more frustration looking for scattered and missing files. With ProofHub, you can keep all your files organized in one place. Keep multiple versions of the same file and use any of them as and when you want. Collaborate and share feedback on files in real-time, without switching between multiple tabs. You can even share file links with guests to ask for review and feedback without them having to log in to ProofHub.

  • Make Announcements With ProofHub 

ProofHub has got a quick and easy way to motivate teams, recognize good work, or share any information that may not be project-specific in the form of announcements. You can add announcements to recognize the team’s achievements, post birthday wishes, share office event details, or any other important information. Subscribe people to announcements, attach files, and set the time duration for which the announcement remains visible.

  • Create Reports the Way You Want

Turn project reporting smarter with ProofHub – a reporting tool to help you analyze project progress. In a single click, get detailed resource and project reports. Create custom reports to visualize overall project progress and manage projects more efficiently.

  • Take Work Requests Through Forms

ProofHub forms enable you to accumulate requests from internal users and people who are not registered account users. Forms assist you in setting up a definite channel of communication between teams, external clients, and stakeholders. Submitted requests are automatically added as tasks in the selected tasklist of a project. Users can have their custom fields enabled in the forms and they are usually used to gather additional information about the product or service. 

  • Keep Track of Every Little piece of Information With Custom fields

For project teams looking for powerful Asana alternatives, it can be difficult to manage every little detail that is unique to your business and workflow. This is where ProofHub helps its users with a thoughtful feature – custom fields. Using custom fields, you can store relevant project information, modify details according to your workflow, and better understand project requirements. Users can create the following custom fields other than predefined ones: 

  1. Date 
  2. Currency 
  3. Percentage
  4. Tags
  5. Dropdown
  6. Text
  7. Text area
  8. Numbers 
  9. Priority
  • Bring Organization To Your Project-Related Data With Table View

Having a simple, uncluttered, and straightforward view of all your tasks in one place eliminates all the chaos and confusion. Not many Asana alternatives offer this to users, but ProofHub surely does with its Table view. This feature allows users to visualize tasks according to their preferences. You get a single view of all tasks that are assigned to you and you have a clear idea of what needs to be done first, according to tasks’ priority and set deadlines. You can sort and group your tasks to organize the work the way you like. 

  • Eliminate Communication Barrier With Multilingual Interface

If your team has members from different countries then there are high chance of some people facing problems while using the app with an English-only interface. ProofHub is available in German, Spanish, Chinese (Taiwan), Dutch, French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, and Polish languages, besides English. Users can set the language of their choice, and communicate with teams and clients in the language of their choice as they manage their work.  

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2. LiquidPlanner


LiquidPlanner has counted as one of the most efficient Asana alternatives today. If your team’s schedules are often changing, LiquidPlanner will help your teamwork rightly. Whenever the priority of a task changes, the changes can be made in the timeline automatically. It makes work management secure for teams to access their work anywhere, anytime. Companies like Cisco, Daimler, and Thermo Fisher Scientific use this tool to plan and execute their work. LiquidPlanner is definitely a great contender in this list of Asana project management alternatives.

  • Standout feature: Scheduling and Collaboration
  • Notable integration: Google Drive, DropBox, Box, Salesforce, Zapier, API, and Email integration
  • Pricing structure: The Ultimate plan is priced at $35 per user, per month with annual billing 
  • Mobile apps: iOS | Android

3. ClickUp

ClickUp is the all-in-one work management solution

ClickUp is the all-in-one work management solution for teams of any size to work together, boost productivity, and monitor project updates on a single screen. No matter your industry or use case, ClickUp’s completely customizable and rich set of features provides a much more flexible alternative to Asana—even on its Free Forever Plan.

Multiple Views in ClickUp including Gantt, Mind Maps, List, and Kanban-like Board view give you the power to visualize current tasks in the most optimal way, while Custom Statuses let everyone know which stage your project is in. Plus, ClickUp seamlessly connects to any tech stack with over 1,000 integrations to streamline your processes even further.

Its functionality, intuitive UI, scalability, and collaboration features make ClickUp the ideal Asana alternative for teams that want to work smarter, not harder.

  • Standout feature: Consolidating information from any other tool into one collaborative and centralized work hub
  • Notable integrations: Over 1,000 integrations with work tools including Zapier, Slack, GitHub, OneDrive, Google Suite, Jira, Asana, Zoom, Miro, and more
  • Pricing structure: ClickUp offers a Free Forever Plan and paid plans starting at $5 per user, per month
  • Mobile apps: iOS | Android | Mac | Windows

4. Mavenlink

Mavenlink as asana alternative

Mavenlink is one of those powerful Asana alternatives that are ideal for teams of any size. Form collaborative features of Mavenlink help to organize and manage all of the projects in a reasonable time. The features that help you easily manage multiple tasks, advanced analytics, and powerful business intelligence (BI) engine make it a perfect competitor for Asana document management features.

  • Standout feature: Task scheduling and business intelligence
  • Notable integration: Google Apps, Intuit Quickbooks, PayPal, JIRA, Infusionsoft, Salesforce Sales Cloud and Zendesk
  • Pricing structure: Fill in the required information on Mavenlink’s pricing page to get details on pricing plans 
  • Mobile apps: iOS | Android

5. Samepage

Samepage as asana competitor

Only few Asana alternatives offer a broad range of work management tools and Samepage is one of them. The tool offers you a complete set of collaboration tools that compiles files, images, videos, conversations, and maps on one page. Samepage allows team collaboration through functionalities such as scheduling, discussion topics, files, instant messages, conversations, and task lists. If you are out looking for apps similar to Asana, you must start looking into Samepage.

  • Standout feature: Collaboration management and group scheduling.
  • Notable integration: Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, OneDrive, Google Maps, Zapier, Salesforce, Marketo, Hubspot, and many more.
  • Pricing structure: Pro plan at $7.50 per member per month when billed annually
  • Mobile apps: iOS | Android

6. ProProfs Project

Proprofs project management tool

ProProfs Project is one of the most cost-effective and efficient project management software. You get every functionality you need for task creation, delegation, time-tracking, monitoring team performance, creating reports, project billing, and more.

With this software, anyone can see what needs to be done, by whom, and by when. Increased transparency motivates team members to finish the tasks on time and with superior quality. Needless to say, it packs a big punch and is one of the most worthy competitors to Asana.

  • Standout feature: Kanban board, Gantt charts, and status updates. 
  • Notable integration: None
  • Pricing structure: The Premium plan is priced at $4 per user per month when billed annually
  • Mobile apps: Android

7. Getflow

Getflow as asana replacement

The easiest way to manage any project or workflow. You can plan ahead, balance workloads, set priorities, and track projects from start to finish. Unlike some other Asana alternatives, Getflow helps teams stay focused by keeping messages actionable. In the list of products like Asana, Getflow makes a significant contribution, that’s for sure.

  • Standout feature: Agile methodologies and milestone tracking
  • Notable integration: Dropbox, Slack, Campaign monitor, Autotask, Bitium, and Harvest
  • Pricing structure: The Pro plan starts at $10 per user per month
  • Mobile apps: iOS | Android | Mac | Windows

8. Hitask

Hitask as asana competitor

Hitask enables you to synchronize your tasks between your desktop browser and mobile app. It helps to focus on team collaboration, get tasks done and manage an entire project.

  • Standout feature: File sharing, time management and robust reporting.
  • Notable integration: Hitask offers public API to users. Create a Hitask client app or integrate Hitask with your apps.
  • Pricing structure: The Enterprise plan is priced at $20 per user, per month
  • Mobile apps: iOS | Android

9. TaskQue

TaskQue as asana substitute

TaskQue is a robust task management software for teams that automatically assigns tasks on the basis of resource workload. Thus, optimizing team productivity by effectively utilizing resources. It offers flexibility for your needs for better transparency within any organization hence, making it one of the most remarkably useful Asana alternatives.

  • Standout feature: Real-time team communication, automatic task assignment, and task management
  • Notable integration: Slack, Facebook, LinkedIn, Dropbox, and Google Drive
  • Pricing structure: The Business plan is priced at $5 per user, per month
  • Mobile apps: iOS | Android

10. eXo platform

eXo platform as asana alternatives

An award-winning online collaboration software, eXo Platform builds bridges between employees, tools, and information. An intuitive interface that is very “social” in design provides knowledge, document, and content management.

  • Standout feature: Document management and social collaboration
  • Notable integration: Box, JasperSoft, Google Drive, BonitaSoft, DropBox, Alfresco, LinkedIn, and many more.
  • Pricing structure: The Enterprise S plan is priced at $5 per user, per month
  • Mobile apps: iOS | Android

11. OpenProject

OpenProject as asana alternatives

OpenProject and Asana both offer classical task management features, OpenProject also allows release management through product roadmaps. Additionally, OpenProject makes communication easy: You can organize meetings directly within OpenProject and manage forums.

  • Standout feature: Gantt chart and time and cost tracking
  • Notable integration: MS PowerPoint and API available for further or custom integration
  • Pricing structure: The Premium plan is priced at €15 per user per month when billed annually
  • Mobile apps: iOS | Android

12. GanttProGanttPro as asana alternative

GanttPRO Gantt chart software helps single users and teams track everything in their projects in a very appealing visual way. It concerns tasks, deadlines, assignees, workload, time, files, descriptions, statuses, and many more.

With GanttPRO, you can be 100% sure – your project is under your full control.

  • Standout feature: Scheduling and task management
  • Notable integration: JIRA Cloud, Google Drive
  • Pricing structure: The Business plan is priced at $19.99 per user per month when billed annually
  • Mobile apps: No

13. Wrike

Wrike as best competitor to Asana

Wrike is another popular online project management software and is best known for its ability to simplify how you plan and execute a project strategy. Incorporating several handy features, the software will make it easy to streamline workflows and gain full control over the communication and collaboration among team members, clients, and stakeholders.

  • Standout features: Interactive Gantt charts, in-built proofing tool
  • Notable integrations: Google Drive, Gmail, Github, Salesforce
  • Pricing structure: The Business plan is priced at $24.80 per user per month
  • Mobile apps: iOS | Android

14. nTask

Alternative to Asana - Ntask

Whether you are a freelancer, a regular employee, or a project manager, you can use nTask to manage your work without any trouble. This project management tool has a simple user interface so that you can easily operate it to manage multiple projects at the same time. Tools like Asana are in a big tug of war with tools that come as jam-packed with features as nTask does.

  • Standout features: Timesheet management, powerful search, and filter tools 
  • Notable integrations: Slack, Dropbox, Google Calendar, Office 365
  • Pricing structure: The Business plan is priced at $8 per month when billed annually for team of any size
  • Mobile apps: iOS | Android

15. Accelo

Accelo - Asana alternative

Accelo lets you run your entire business on the cloud. A powerful project management tool to gain visibility into the performance of each project, lets users manage projects against budgets and schedules.

  • Standout feature: Campaign Management and Collaboration
  • Notable integration: Office 365, Google for Work, Salesforce, MailChimp, QuickBooks, and many more
  • Pricing structure: The Premium pricing plan is priced at $39 per product, per user, per team 
  • Mobile apps: iOS | Android

Looking to plan a project, execute what’s on your agenda, and track progress on the same platform? Sign yourself up for ProofHub!

16. Monday.com

Monday.com asana alternative

If you need a software platform to help your team be on the same page all the time, Monday.com might be the right fit. It is a task management tool that can especially help development teams create collaborative files, and work on the same things in real-time.

  • Standout feature: Seamless communication and collaboration.
  • Notable integration: Dropbox, Outlook, Zoom, Google Calendar, and Microsoft Excel, among many others.
  • Pricing structure: The Pro plan is priced at $16 per seat per month when billed annually 
  • Mobile apps: iOS | Android

17. Teamwork

Teamwork as competitor to asana

Teamwork is great software for teams that love to have everything organized. It will help your team manage tasks while keeping everything sorted. It is a project management tool that will help you track employee activity and actively keep tabs on the progress of the ongoing tasks. 

  • Standout feature: Ease of use and an uncluttered user interface.
  • Notable integration: Slack, Xero, Google Drive, Hubspot, Zapier, Dropbox, and QuickBooks among many others.
  • Pricing structure: The Grow plan is priced at $18 per user per month when billed annually with minimum of 5 users
  • Mobile apps: iOS | Android

18. ONLYOFFICE Workspace

OnlyOffice as Asana Alternative

ONLYOFFICE Workspace is an open-source groupware solution that comes with a built-in online office suite for text documents, spreadsheets and presentations, and a set of productivity tools. This software provides all the required project management features (tasks and subtasks with milestones, Gantt charts, time management, project tags, reports, etc.). Moreover, it allows you to store and manage all your files in one place, develop customer relations via the integrated CRM, keep track of events in calendars, collect and process emails, exchange messages in real-time and create a corporate social network for better communication.

  • Stand out feature: Private Rooms for encrypted document editing and real-time co-authoring
  • Notable integration: DocuSign, Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, OneDrive, Twilio, Telegram, etc.
  • Pricing structure: ONLYOFFICE Docs Enterprise Edition is priced at $1800 for a minimum of 50 connections. ONLYOFFICE Docs Developer Edition is priced at $9000 for a minimum of 250 connections  
  • Mobile apps: iOS | Android

19. Project insight

Project Insight as asana replacement

When looking for top Asana alternatives, Project insight is one such tool that not many have heard of. However, this tool is a good alternative to Asana and fits any team and project size. It comes with a simple and user-friendly interface, offering real-time reporting and a secure way to share data.

  • Standout feature: Real-time reports and the fact that it allows the user to manage projects from a centralized location.
  • Notable integration: Box, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Outlook, and Quickbooks
  • Pricing structure: The Enterprise plan starts at $45 per user per month 
  • Mobile apps: iOS | Android | Windows

What Features To Look Out For in Asana Alternatives

  • Time tracking: Asana offers time tracking of projects by integration with the TimeTracking app—a time tracking platform that allows you to track time spent on projects and tasks. When you have to track time spent on your Asana projects it will be added along with its project to your TrackingTime account. Your project management tool should have an in-built time tracking tool to track time and add time entries in timesheets. And this means more insight and of course – lower costs.
  • Simplicity: If you are using a tool for project management it is supposed to be easy to use. Remember it should simplify the process, not complicate it. When you’re looking for Asana alternatives, make sure that it’s user-friendly and easy to use. And you do not have to spend a lot of time understanding your tool instead of actually doing things. 
  • Faster response time and performance: Asana users experience slow loading and time lag when dragging and dropping items in a long list. Be sure that your project management tool has fast speed and a reduced number of clicks, and a fast loading speed.

Pssst.. I heard you aren’t happy with Asana, maybe because it is missing these features.


There are plenty of other project management tools out there that are better than Asana in providing a wider range of features and an interface that is easier to navigate. Like we discussed before, there are a lot of tools in the market that are similar to Asana, but it takes time to find the best fit, and you can do that by signing up for free trials of all the tools stated above. This is the wise way to make a decision for your team that they can later appreciate. 

Asana gives total clarity and accountability across your projects. It lets you know who is doing what and when, and teams can spend more time actually getting things done.


Why do people choose Asana?

Asana gives total clarity and accountability across your projects. It lets you know who is doing what and when, and teams can spend more time actually getting things done.

What Is Asana Not Good For ?

Asana lacks crucial features for project teams, like Gantt charts, time tracking, and instant chat. It is a complicated tool with a steep learning curve.

Why Is ProofHub The Best Asana Alternative?

ProofHub is a great alternative to Asana as unlike Asana, the ProofHub pricing plan doesn’t cost per user. It is available for unlimited users and unlimited projects.

What are the best Asana alternatives or competitors for managers?

The top competitors of Asana in 2023 are ProofHub, Wrike, Basecamp, Clarizen, Timesheets, Teamwork, Click up, & more.

 Vartika Kashyap
Vartika Kashyap

Vartika Kashyap is the Chief Marketing Officer at ProofHub and has been one of the LinkedIn Top Voices in 2018. Her articles are inspired by office situations and work-related events. She likes to write about productivity, team building, work culture, leadership, entrepreneurship among others and contributing to a better workplace is what makes her click.

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