Slack vs Microsoft Teams vs ProofHub – A Quest to Find the Best

Slack vs Microsoft Teams vs ProofHub-a Quest to Find the Best

Ever since digitalization has taken the world by storm, the use of software applications has become a new norm. Whether it’s the team communication or managing several projects, professionals today prefer using advanced technologies to bring efficiency in every business activity.

Talking particularly about team communication and collaboration,  Slack and Microsoft Teams have become the top choices for many businesses around the world.

However, for the past couple of years, businesses have been constantly looking for an answer to – Which one is better among Slack and Microsoft teams? Some businesses also wonder if other team collaboration tools can dare to challenge Slack as well as Microsoft Teams.

Well, ProofHub has emerged as a worthy competitor of Slack and Microsoft Teams. ProofHub has been successful in gaining the attention of several global businesses all thanks to its compelling list of team collaboration features. While ProofHub is not entirely a communication tool, it has everything that you need to keep your teams connected and on the same page.

Let’s scrutinize all the three tools to see how they differentiate themselves from each other and which one’s the best to meet your expectations.

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Comparison of Slack VS Microsoft Teams VS ProofHub

What is Slack?


Slack is a messaging platform intended to bring people together by connecting them over channels. Working in a team or group means that you need to stay in touch with your team members to work effectively on the projects, and Slack helps you do that easily. The platform also provides you the flexibility to share files with others, thus eliminating the need to switch to a file-sharing app. Apart from simple text messaging, you can always take your team conversations a step further by making voice calls or video calls.

What is Microsoft Teams?

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is pretty much like Slack and offers a secure and reliable way of staying connected with your team. It is among the fastest-growing team communication platforms in the world and brings together industry-leading features. Just like Slack, Microsoft Teams lets you and your team communicate over instant messages, voice calls, and video calls. 

What is ProofHub?


ProofHub is a project management and team collaboration software with features that teams can use to stay connected and at the same time, manage projects and tasks effectively. For communication, the software supports instant messaging and also allows you to create dedicated spaces for discussing topics and issues with your team. The best thing about ProofHub is that you will not have to worry about investing in multiple tools to improve your team’s productivity.

Ideally, a tool that you want to use for team communication should be responsive and able to connect users in real-time. However, as all three tools are very close in terms of performance, I will be proceeding with the comparison using different parameters.

Let’s get started.

1. Slack vs Microsoft Teams vs ProofHub: Interface


Slack’s interface perfectly balances itself between too fancy and too dull. The overall design is good, elements are fairly visible, and navigating through different sections of the app interface is not an issue at all. The dashboard comes with an intuitive sidebar and allows you to switch across all your channels and DMs (direct messages). You can also customize the appearance of your dashboard by selecting different themes & color combinations for the side.

Microsoft Teams

The user interface design of Microsoft Teams is inspirational and there’s no reason to get surprised, after all, it is a Microsoft product. From the usability perspective, the software is easy to operate and you can manage your team conversations from a single dashboard. Additionally, Microsoft Teams lets you choose among its three theme options:  light, dark, and high contrast. However, unlike Slack, no color customizations are available. In all, you can expect a great user experience while using Microsoft Teams for communication. 


Despite having functionality more than just a regular communication tool, the user interface of ProofHub is simple and easy-to-understand. You can access all your chats, projects, tasks, notes, and much more directly from ProofHub’s dashboard. For quick chatting with your team members, the software provides you a chat box that you can access by simply clicking on the chat icon at the bottom right corner of the interface. The software also allows you to customize the dashboard by choosing a background picture from over 2 dozens options.

2. Slack vs Microsoft Teams vs ProofHub: Team Communication and Collaboration Features


Strengthening communication among teams is the forte of Slack and the software comes with a wide variety of features to bring teams together. As a user, you can use Slack to exchange information with your teammates using text messages. You can create separate channels to organize your conversations based on projects, teams, and topics.

Sometimes text messages are simply not enough to convey messages in the right way as they surely miss that human touch. To overcome this situation, Slack lets you connect with your team using voice and video calls. These come extremely handy when you are working in a remote or a distributed team and arranging face-to-face meetings on short notice is not possible. The app also supports screen sharing and virtual presentations.

Slack also allows you and your team to collaborate on files and documents. You can simply drag and drop files from your system and share them with your teammates in conversation. With Slack, you can also share files stored in a cloud storage service like Google Drive, We Transfer, Dropbox, etc. 

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams also offers several features that teams can use to communicate and collaborate effectively. Apart from being a messenger app, Microsoft Teams comes equipped with all the essential technologies that make it a good pick for web-conferencing.

Audio and video conferencing along with screen sharing are what you need when you want to take your virtual team meetings to the next level. You can also take advantage of its file-sharing feature to share, access, and collaborate on files securely. The software also gives you the power to decide who can access, view, and edit files. If you are using OneDrive for file management, then you can move files from OneDrive to your Microsoft teams quite easily.

Being the direct competitor of Slack, Microsoft Teams offers almost similar communication and collaboration features.


ProofHub comes with a built-in chat interface, which you can use to have either one-on-one or group chat with your teammates. You can also send files in a chat and use emojis to express more in less. Moreover, you can lean on the discussion feature of ProofHub to create dedicated spaces where you can talk about specific matters with some or all the members of your team

Not just this, the online proofing feature in ProofHub streamlines the overall file review and approval process. You can collaborate on design files and documents with your teammates in real-time and get feedback from multiple people at a single place. You can use markup tools to point your feedback at a particular region of the design file and approve files with a single click. You can also add multiple versions of a single file, which makes it easy to compare the changes.

 Modern teams require an advanced tool like ProofHub to manage all the work and strengthen team collaboration. Start using it today!

3. Slack vs Microsoft Teams vs ProofHub: Who can use it?


Slack is suitable for all kinds of teams and is a reliable tool for internal as well as external communication. However, Slack’s capabilities are limited only to team communication, and file sharing. While several third-party app integrations can enhance its functioning, you need to pay extra for using extra features through app integrations.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is more of a communication tool designed specifically for medium and large companies.  Microsoft Teams comes bundled with Microsoft 365 that also include subscriptions to many other productivity apps such as web versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and file storage with OneDrive, etc. For teams that are already using Microsoft apps, it is a good idea to use Microsoft Teams for effective team communication.


Teams of any size, any industry, any department can use ProofHub to communicate and boost team collaboration. Along with team communication and collaboration, the software comes integrated with several other features that make it suitable for project and task management. For teams to stay connected and at the same time, looking to manage all their work using a single app, ProofHub is a perfect choice.

4. Slack vs Microsoft Teams vs ProofHub: Pricing


Slack comes with a freemium plan that lets you use the app for free. However, the features available in the free version are limited and if you want to make the most of its features, you need to go for a paid plan. Following are the three pricing plans of Slack:

Standard – $6.67 per user per month

Plus – $12.50 per user per month

Enterprise Grid – For pricing details, you need to contact their sales team.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams also comes with a free plan (with limited features). It’s a good idea to go with the free plan if you just want to see how the app works. However, opting for a paid subscription is great if you really want to see your team taking advantage of the features offered by Microsoft Teams. Here are the pricing plans available for Microsoft Teams:

Microsoft 365 Business Basic – $5.00 per user per month

Microsoft 365 Business Standard – $12.50 per user per month

Office 365 E3 – $20.00 per user per month


Despite being a full-fledged project management and team collaboration tool, ProofHub’s pricing plans are highly competitive. For information on our pricing plans, kindly visit our pricing page.

5. Slack vs Microsoft Teams vs ProofHub: App Integrations


While the functionality of Slack is pretty much limited to team communication and file sharing, its app integrations support can fill the gap. The number of third-party apps that can be integrated with Slack is in the hundreds. However, the free version of Slack only supports 10 app integrations.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams also supports app integrations and the number of integrations is unlimited for all plans, including the free version. However, compared to Slack the total number of apps available for integration is quite limited.


ProofHub also supports integration with a limited number of apps, including Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, FreshBooks, QuickBooks, Google Calendar. The reason behind the limited app integrations in ProofHub is that the app already comes integrated with a great number of tools that allow teams to do more than communication and file sharing. However, ProofHub adds new apps in their integrations list every now and then to provide more value to its users.

6. Slack vs Microsoft teams vs ProofHub: Pros and Cons



  • Interactive and easy to use
  • Notifications for received messages
  • Allows you to pin important messages
  • Search team conversations to find messages shared in the past
  • Data encryption ensures the security of all your information on Slack


  • Average app performance
  • No integrated voice messaging option
  • Limited customization options for notifications
  • Becomes very expensive for large teams


“It has been a great experience using Slack. It is a valuable tool and I really like how we are able to collaborate as a team and make it seem as if we are still working together in the office.” Capterra

“I don’t like that you have to set up a channel for conversations with more than 2 people. Other than that, it’s a pretty terrific tool..” G2

Microsoft Teams 


  • Customize background during video meetings
  • Integrates very well with other Microsoft products such as OneDrive, Office, etc.
  • Start an audio/video call directly from the chat window
  • Every conversation channel comes with a dedicated file storage space


  • Limited customization options 
  • By default, everyone within the organization can create teams
  • Teams with identical names can cause confusion


My favorite part about Microsoft Teams is being able to have all my groups, chats, calendar, etc. in one spot. I prefer the layout of the calendar on Teams much better than in Outlook. – G2

Microsoft Teams is being used by our administration staff to collaborate on projects and chat on a daily basis. It helps us quickly communicate, similar to how we had been using Skype Business. The interface is more thorough and allows for more functionality when sharing files from either individual users or teams. – TrustRadius



  • Manage chats, teams, and projects under a single roof
  • Powerful file management
  • Real-time text messaging
  • Comes with integrated Kanban boards and Gantt charts for effective task management
  • Easy to learn and use


  • Limited app integrations


The proofing tool works like magic. It has solved our collaboration challenges to a great extent. We no longer need to switch between different tools for sharing files and reviewing them. Task management has been simplified. We can now set a start and end date to every task. This makes sure that tasks don’t get dragged. Kanban boards have helped us in becoming more productive, as we can visualize the entire workflow. Communication has become quick and easy thanks to the chat tool in the app. – Capterra

This is an awesome software for all industrial usage and well organized the data, hence used in press agency. Graphic skills and email unification are prominent features of this diligence. No one can deny its powerful impact on applied science. Its free version makes you remember once about this. Files can be uploaded from anywhere in a secure manner and comprehend with great comfort and flexibility. Powerful tool for data storage and communication. Its impact in the medical field is unforgettable. – G2

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Microsoft Teams vs Slack vs ProofHub (Which One is the Best)

Both Microsoft Teams and Slack offer almost similar features that will make team communication a breeze. It solely depends on your requirements whether you need Slack or Microsoft Teams. As for ProofHub, it is an all-in-one software that your team can use for effective communication, collaboration as well as project management.

It is quite obvious that you want your team not only to communicate in the right way but also to manage their work efficiently so that projects can be completed on time. Also, the simple pricing of ProofHub makes it utterly cost-effective for any team that has more than 10 members.

Now, as you have all the important information about all the three tools, it would be better if you decide which tool is the best.

Why You Should Pick ProofHub for Effective Team Collaboration?

ProofHub is a leading project management and team collaboration software used by businesses all over the globe. Unlike a dedicated communication app, like Slack or Microsoft Teams, ProofHub lets you manage everything ranging from teams to all the project files all from a single interface.

What Can You Do Using ProofHub?

ProofHub combines all the essential tools that you and your team need to plan, collaborate, organize, and deliver projects effectively. Its chat feature allows you to coordinate and stay in touch with your team so that it’s easy to achieve your shared goals. You can trust ProofHub for accomplishing your projects successfully and driving your business towards success.

Key Features (Other Than Communication and Collaboration)

  • Kanban BoardsDefine stages of the project workflow and manage all the project tasks in the form of cards.
  • Gantt Charts Visualize all the tasks of a project in a timeline view and see how each task can affect the overall schedule of the project. Track project progress set task dependencies, and highlight the critical path to complete projects on time.
  • Custom ReportsCreate detailed project reports with a single click and keep track of completed, overdue, and pending tasks. Select parameters of your choice to customize reports and highlight a particular set of data.
  • NotesJot down every important piece of information quickly in a ProofHub note and access it anytime later. Share it with your teammates and give them access to edit it. Save multiple notes in a single notebook and organize them in a better way.

Wrapping Up

While searching for a communication tool for your team, you need to be clear in your mind about your expectations and requirements. While Slack and Microsoft Teams are great communication tools with limited collaboration, ProofHub is more of a tool that promotes team collaboration. It is completely up to you whether you want to go for a dedicated communication tool like Slack and Microsoft Teams or a tool that allows your team to do much more than just communication.

Good luck with your choice!

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