The Importance of Project Management Software to Improve Team Productivity

The Importance of Project Management Software to Improve Team Productivity

The success of a project is all about finding a great idea to team productivity and project management. The best ideas come from giving a little direction to tackle a new project. The cycle of frustration is always high when the teams are working quite hard to reach the deadlines of the project.

It is a job in itself to stay up to date on a project. As a project manager, you have to see the big picture of every project and you may have come across the struggle to manage tasks to fulfill a project’s need. Most of the project managers struggle to keep track of everything they have on their plate and end up going out of control.

To eliminate all the unnecessary chaos associated with project management, online project management software should always be on the go.

What is project management?

Since ancient times, project management has been around involving planning and coordination. Be it a small business, a decentralized team, or a global brand, there should be a channel for managing the projects.

When starting a project, every ambitious entrepreneur develops high hopes and rewarding results. It is a real struggle to see the project grow from start to finished product. The need for successful project management is becoming a necessity and not just a status symbol. It is becoming the essential pillar of support and strength to get the job done. When taking into picture project management software, people think of it as a method of managing the tasks required to fulfill a project, within the timeframes set, to achieve the desired outcome.

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Project management software caters to the following primary functions

1. Cloud-based solutions

Cloud-based solutions have been the new favorite of the business world for quite some time now. The most visible benefit of Project Management Software is its cloud-based services. As the project teams are becoming remote and bigger, better collaboration is needed and cloud-based technology facilitates this seamless collaboration around the globe with a click. Not only this, cloud-based solutions are pretty economical compared to buying a license for the software. They are easier to implement and facilitate flexibility and scalability.

2. Combine workflow tools in one place

Often you may find yourself using various tools for various functionalities. One tool for communication, another for task management, another for file sharing, and so on. Using project management software gives you a better way of managing things. Under one system you can combine more of your tools to save yourself flipping through a bunch of tools. You will have more time to spend on your projects, instead of managing the multiple tools.

  • Project planning: Map your tasks and describe task iterations to clearly lay out the plan for your project.
  • Task management: Create and assign tasks, deadlines, and status reports.
  • Tracking time: Track time spent on tasks and export timesheets in a project management tool.  

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3. Collaboration for teams

When managing a large project, it emphasizes the need for constant communication to make sure everyone is on the same page. A project management solution helps in cross-functional collaboration to simplify how teams work.

One can communicate with the right people in the right project, optimize sharing of documents, and important information to keep a check on how much work is done and how much is left.

Sample features:

  • File sharing: Quickly share files, documents, and more with every team member.
  • Team communication: Communicate with members easily with timely responses to urgent inquiries.
  • Customer data sharing:  Organize the contact information you wish to add and link projects and invoices.
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4. Keep teams accountable

Team productivity depends big time on who is responsible for what. If the team members are working together on an online project management software, they will be updated about their tasks without any extra effort to keep track of who is doing what.

They will know their deadlines, what’s expected of them, and their progress towards goals. The managers can assign them tasks and set a deadline to hold them accountable for getting things done. Nothing can keep them away from being productive.

5. Easy documentation

There is no doubt that documentation is an important part of project management. The management of project documents is an essential part of every project. As the documents range from reports to project plans and files related to specific tasks.

You can connect your files to Dropbox, and Google Drive for additional document storage and collaboration features. Using project management software guarantees easy-to-read, well-arranged documentation and accurate documentation.

6. Making meetings more meaningful

Most meetings are boring because the teams are not clear about the objectives of the meeting. With project management software, you can both schedule your team meeting and organize it well in advance.

As the teams are working on a project, they want to have a clear view of the objectives of the meeting and it is important to make sure the meetings don’t turn boring.

If you embrace project management as your new gig, it can help you make the meeting more productive and enjoyable for those attending. Here’s what you can do:

  • Create projects dedicated to meetings
  • Send out meeting agenda in advance
  • Set time for starting and ending the meeting
  • Create tasks for meetings
  • Create notes for different projects to be discussed
  • Discuss minutes of meetings
  • Schedule check-in meetings
  • Schedule  one-on-one meetings

7. Keep track of budgets

When the managers, team leaders, freelancers, business owners and others have to deal with projects, they have to proactively manage the costs and stay on budget. One project is often connected to the other project and it has the potential to affect the whole campaign.

With project management software, managing budgets is becoming much easy. You can track your expenses and quickly set up your budget. By comparing your estimate expenses with actual spending you can stay on track on your projects.

8. Track progress and avoid bottlenecks

When working on projects, preventing bottlenecks is like playing chess ― you will win if you think two or three steps ahead. One another important part of the project is anticipating what might go wrong and have a clear track of what everyone in the team is working on.

For different teams, tracking and productivity look different. It becomes the responsibility of the management to make sure that the bottlenecks are filtered so it doesn’t jeopardize the objectives of the project. So, on a project management tool, you can centralize your tasks to see how productive your team is in real. This way, you can easily track progress for each team member and have an overview of project timelines.

Productivity is so important for keeping teams organized and focused. So, how are your team using project management tools to improve productivity?

It’s time to change the ways you are taking actions to improve team’s productivity. If the teams are happy from within, the team productivity will automatically shoot up. There are tools like ProofHub which will help you make decisions for better productivity and help you analyze better.

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