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8 Best Calendar Apps in 2021 That Go Beyond Tracking Dates


  • The best calendar apps in 2021 can help you achieve your best productivity levels. 
  • From project timeline planning to personal productivity, there is an app for each of your individualistic needs. 
  • Check out 8 calendar apps, each with a unique, undeniable benefit for you!

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Living life by a calendar makes you work less, achieve more. I’ve hand-picked the best calendar apps for this very purpose. And if you feel that following a calendar is too mechanical, you’re not alone!  

Marlyn Munroe once said, 

I’ve been on a calendar, but I’ve never been on time. 

 If you can’t help but relate with Marlyn, you might want to try out a smart calendar app that helps you get time-efficient.   

In 2021, as routines shift back to normal and work moves out of the home, the need to fix upended workdays is deeply felt. 

Luckily, the best calendar apps in 2021 don’t just track dates but help you streamline your entire lifestyle. They help you proactively manage the loose ends in your schedule, replacing them with productive habits. 

A respite for everyone who wants 2021 to look more organized. 

I understand that not everyone uses their calendar for the same thing. Not everyone is marking their friends’ birthdays or crossing-off days leading to a sacrosanct MBA exam.  

You could be using your calendar for any of the following activities. 

  • For managing project (software, marketing, etc) timelines at your company or startup 🚀
  • Keeping track of your events and activities 🏃
  • Simplifying meetings with automated scheduling 😎
  • Boosting personal productivity 💪
  • Organizing professional work 🤓
  • Collaborating with your friends or co-workers 👤👥
  • One of the Best Calendar Apps for Android Users 👀
  • One of the Best Calendar Apps for iOS Users 🍎

So, let’s find the most suitable calendar app for you, one that solves your timing, productivity, or forgetfulness issues comprehensively. Here’s a list of some useful calendar apps that cater to your specific needs appropriately.

Just to be on the same page, let’s first discover what makes a calendar app truly great.  

What makes a great calendar app?

A great calendar app is most definitely the one that suits you the best. 

But while you’re checking out options, look for the following features that are hard to do without.

  • Solves Your Purpose – If you’re just looking to plan your week and be smart with your time, the calendar should do that first. Most calendar apps come loaded with tons of features but you don’t need all of them. Pick the one that solves your purpose in the best way possible. 
  • Cross-Platform – It’ll be a great advantage if the calendar app is accessible on your home PC, workstation, and other phones. Due to our dependence on multiple devices, having the same calendar app run on all of them is something to wish for.  
  • Integration-friendly – Calendar integrations such as Zoom meetings syncing with your iPhone or office holidays propping up on your personal calendar, are always welcome. Hence, look for a calendar that does offer integrations.
  • Clean Interface – Usability is the biggest concern for any calendar app. If you can read all your schedules in one shot and effortlessly glide your thumb over the calendar tiles – you’ve found the correct app. A clean interface reduces calendar stress.    
  • Affordable – While the price shouldn’t be a measure of quality, make sure your calendar app can justify what you’re paying. Some free apps are capable of wonders, but sometimes going for a paid option is actually the smarter thing to do.   

8 Best Calendar Apps in 2021 That Go Beyond Tracking Dates

1. ProofHub

For managing project (software, marketing, etc) timelines at your company or startup 🚀

ProofHub ranks among the best calendar apps for productivity, especially in a team environment. It makes the manager’s task a lot easier as they get a single-window view of important things such as tasks for the week, upcoming milestones, and who is working on what.

Using this tidy calendar view, managers can make clear plans and always stay on top of work allocation in their projects. An approaching deadline doesn’t come as a shock in the 11th hour and the workday is neatly laid out for all the team members. 

Quite honestly, the calendar is one of the many apps that ProofHub offers. It’s like a cockpit for managers with several beaming buttons for absolute control over the project. Calendar being the flight plan mechanism.  

Top 3 Features of ProofHub 

  • Project Timeline Planning – The calendar easily accommodates your entire project timeline. Managers can add milestones for important deadlines, view the timelines of individual tasks being done by the team, and have a bird’s eye view of project progress.

This not only lends a structure to the project plan but makes it easier to comprehend bite-sized details. You’re less likely to misplace tasks or lose track of deadlines.

  • Calendar Automation – You can automate repetitive tasks. No need to create a new one every day, asking team members to share reports or schedule the same meeting manually, each Thursday. 

The automated reminders feature prompts you whenever a deadline is fast approaching. For managers and project leads, it reduces last-minute anxiety.

  • Integrated Management Tools – To make the manager’s life easier, ProofHub offers several project management tools intertwined with the calendar. 

In essence, the task deadlines, the weekly sprints, and 3-month marketing plans – all require a clean calendar view. While you make elaborate plans for the project, you can side-by-side manage project communication and information sharing. 

Having it all in one, neat place only makes management less tiring. 


ProofHub is priced at an $89 monthly plan which offers unlimited users and projects. 

Making plans is easy, sticking to them is hard. Switch to ProofHub to stay always on track! Tell Me More >  

2. Google Calendar

For keeping track of your events and activities 🏃

Google Calendar is a market leader for personal and professional planning with cross-platform availability. The app works seamlessly on the web and mobile platforms, letting you migrate your events data anywhere you’d like.  

If you’re signing up for a LinkedIn webinar or scheduling a client meet, Google Calendar is the first thing that comes to mind. It has a wide library of integrations and the super useful functionality of creating multiple color-coded calendars in a single place.  

Top 3 Features of Google Calendar 

  • Easy Integration – Sync your events with hundreds of popular productivity apps such as ProofHub, Trello, and Zapier. Even if your desired integration is not available, all the calendars can be easily exported in the form of iCal files. 
  • Shared Calendars – Calendars can be shared with other users or made public for sharing events easily, which makes collaborative planning a breeze. 
  • Calendar API – Google Calendar comes with a robust API for building custom solutions and apps that can freely port data from your Google account. It’s great if you need to extend the capabilities of the calendar.   

Google Calendar Pricing

Google Calendar is free to use. If you’re using Google Workspace, an upgraded version of Google Calendar is available as a part of the paid plan. 

3. Calendly

Simplifying meetings with automated scheduling 😎

Calendly as calendar tool

Calendly is a solution for taking the uncertainty and complexity out of meeting schedules. Especially when the meeting time hasn’t been mutually decided. It helps your invitees to pick a time that is comfy with you and block the calendar without your manual intervention. 

If you’re in a business where tons of meetings are scheduled each day, Calendly can help you streamline and allocate time automatically. Everyone from Sales to HR can use it to reduce scheduling friction. It works as a SaaS app, available on the web and as a chrome extension.  

Top 3 Features of Calendly

  • Multiple Scheduling Configurations – You can distribute all the meetings for the day in a Round Robin fashion or let the invitees pick an available time slot.
  •  Customized Invitation Pages – You can customize the invitation page with your branding assets to build a uniform and impressionable experience for your invitees.  
  • Timezones – The tool automatically manages the time zone differences when meetings are scheduled between international parties.  

Calendly Pricing 

Calendly costs $12 per user per month (billed annually) for 6 calendars per user. There is a free plan also available.   

4. Any.do

For boosting personal productivity 💪

If you want to mend your procrastination habits or battle forgetfulness, Any.do provides Task list, Calendar and Grocery list features that will help you plan your “doables” conveniently. The app doesn’t only look great, it has been designed intelligently with Natural Language Processing capabilities to help make user experience top-notch. 

If you’re a fan of the Apple Calendar, this app offers a definite upgrade with similar but refined features. The calendar, in specific, is capable of incorporating location, notes, photos, and users that let you conjure detailed plans. You also get the option of keeping an aesthetic widget right on the home screen of your mobile device. 

Top 3 Features of Any.do

  • Fluid Interface – The app’s interface focuses on usability and agility. You can quickly create new events or cross off tasks without moving your fingers much. The color scheme and UI elements culminate into a beautiful interface for the user. 
  • Intelligent Design – The app is loaded with NLP capabilities that pick up programming clues from plain English sentences. Typing “Make a reminder for 2 pm next Tuesday” will automatically create a reminder for the said date and time.  
  • Rich Data Collection – Each task, calendar entry, and grocery list offers a wide range of data input options. You can create tags, groups, lists, timers, alarm bells, and so much more, to keep your plans super comprehensive.

Any.do Pricing 

Any.do is free to use for the basic version. The premium version costs $2.99 per month when billed annually. 

5. Woven

For organizing professional work 🤓

Woven is one of the best calendar apps when it comes to decluttering your meetings, downtime, and productivity hours. It helps you figure out what is the best time to hold a meeting, invite participants automatically and keep a track of your overall time spending habits throughout the day.

The most interesting feature of Woven is Time Analytics, which reports on the various activities you’ve spent your time on. You may end up realizing that you’re giving too much time to meetings and too little to your core work. Which is one thing every busy professional need to figure out at the earliest.  

Top 3 Features of Woven 

  • Scheduling Templates – Make pre-configured templates that contain information about the ways (time, location, participants, etc) by which you want the meeting to be scheduled. 
  • Meeting Availability Determination – Woven helps you figure the best meeting time availability by analyzing the schedules of your meeting participants. You can also poll them individually to reach a common time window when everyone is available for the meet. 
  • Time Analysis – You can gain insights into how much time you’re giving to meetings, core work, and other tasks. At the end of the week, this data can help you optimize your scheduling habits, leading to better productivity.

Woven Pricing 

Woven has a basic plan (limited features) that begins after 21 days of free full-feature trial. The Premium plan costs $7 per month. 

6. Time Tree

For collaborating with your friends or co-workers 👤👥

If you’re a group planner and find it hard to get everyone to stick to plans, Time Tree can help you do so. The app features a shared calendar that accommodates your contacts as collaborators. All the events you create auto-populate in your collaborators’ calendars. They receive notifications about all the updates added to the event.


To enhance multi-user collaboration, it also features internal chat, event Notes, and Memos. Users can go back and forth in the chatbox to finalize event details and keep track as the plan evolves. Additional features such as location, timeline, and live event updates, make this app a must-try for group events. 

Top 3 Features of Time Tree

  • Shared Calendar – Users can share their calendars with their friends or co-workers and create group events that help keep the collaborators on the same page.  
  • Shareable Memos and Lists – Share event Memos or create To-do lists with the event collaborators. This helps add more context to the events while ensuring that everyone is well-informed about the event plan.
  • Live Event Updates – All the users are instantly alerted when a collaborator joins the event, makes a Memo, or leaves a group message. Live event updates prove useful in keeping the plan on track as new updates come in. 

Time Tree Pricing 

Surprisingly, the Time Tree app is totally free to use on mobile and web platforms. 

5 members or 50, ProofHub’s calendar keeps the entire team on track! Bring your team to ProofHub  

7. Digical

One of the Best Calendar Apps for Android Users 👀

Digical is a personal organizer touted as one of the best calendar apps for Android users. The app offers several calendar views, you can choose from a concise calendar or a spread-out calendar containing all the details. It also features several stylized home screen widgets for Android devices. You can keep an eye on your calendar by swiping on your main screen.

In addition to being an aesthetic calendar app, Digical also provides calendar subscriptions. You can subscribe to Sports, Cinema, or Holiday calendars that auto-populate in the app. You can also subscribe to weather forecast updates, which come in handy when you’re making an outdoor event plan.

Top 3 Features of Digical

  • Customizable Calendars – You can fully fine-tune the appearance of the calendar by changing colors, orientation, template, etc. Even the widgets are fully customizable, which helps you keep the calendar easy for your eyes. 
  • Calendar Subscriptions – You can subscribe to public calendars such as Sporting events, Company Announcements, Holidays, Religious Days, and TV Show timelines. This enables you to be reminded of the events you don’t want to miss out on, throughout the year. 
  • Language Support – The app is available in 27 languages. 

Digical Pricing 

The basic calendar features are free to use but you can go for Digical+ which offers paid features via in-app features. 

8. 24me

One of the Best Calendar Apps for iOS Users 🍎

24me is not just a calendar but a full-fledged personal productivity app that helps you manage a wide variety of routine tasks conveniently. It’s one of the most loaded apps available to iOS users that packs your entire day in it. And if that’s not enough, it lets you pick gifts for your contacts as well.

24me features the general Calendar, To-dos, and Notes for managing daily activities. It also doubles as a conference call app for holding meetings directly from inside the app. Smart alerts keep you reminded of upcoming fixtures and most of the functionalities can be controlled via voice assistant. 

Top 3 Features of 24me

  • Rich Calendar Options – 24me offers a neat calendar interface, integration with Outlook and To-do lists, all in one place. You can rely on one app for your scheduling and meeting needs. 
  • Siri Integration – Saying “Add a new task to 24me to buy milk” to Siri triggers the app without actually opening it. This useful integration comes in handy when you’re on the go and want to quickly add a note. 
  • In-built Maps – If you’ve entered the meeting destination, the app will help you get there with navigation features. It integrates meeting time and date with meeting location, so that you get there on time, each time.

The Right Calendar App for You

You might like the To-do’s feature of one app and the UI style of the other. How to choose the one that checks all the boxes? 

The answer lies in understanding your core needs and not fall for peripheral features. Each app has a USP that it is famous for. For instance, Calendly accurately streamlines the meeting schedules whereas Woven does the same thing but also offers work-time analytics. But do you really need the extra analytics part?

If yes, Woven is the app for you. If not, you can do very well with Calendly. Similarly, knowing what your core requirements are and choosing an app that solves them first is the key to narrowing down on the right app for you! 

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Planning and time management are the hallmarks of personal and professional success. With our increasingly digital lifestyles, our calendars now pack everything from meetings to shopping plans, and daily To-do’s, that all help you plan better.

If you too are a slave to your calendar, these 8 best calendar apps will enable you to do more than just organize your weekdays. You can streamline your tasks, keep your team productive, and save time for your favorite hobbies, at the end of a busy day.

Start cutting out clutter from the million things you have to achieve this week by picking a calendar app that appeals to you the most!

 Nandini Sharma
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