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12 Best Time Management Apps to Work Smarter, Not Harder


Everyone can have great ideas and big plans but the one who has got great time management strategies separate themselves from the pack.

Time is a precious resource. You’ve got 24 hours in a day and so many distractions laid on the table. What do you do and what could you do in these hours make the difference. You can’t have more of it, you can stop it. What you need to have is a way out to estimate and manage time. Time is behind every aspect of running a business, completing a project and you can’t afford to be successful if you manage it poorly.

Whether it’s procrastination, personal distractions, repetitive corrections, or projects that take more time than they should, there will be innumerable things that will waste your time, including rushed deadlines, stressful life, and work-life imbalance. What are the time management techniques you follow in that case? Do you have the time management tools for ultimate time management?

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Here are the 12 best time management apps to help you free up your schedule, find time for your personal life, and focus on getting your work done. Let’s delve straight into it.

12 Must-have time management apps to organize work: 

  1. ProofHub


ProofHub - Time Management app

ProofHub’s task management feature strives to help you manage your tasks and organize the chaos because of multiple tasks assigned to multiple people. It helps you manage all your tasks and move them through various stages from beginning to end. Whether you’re a team manager or member, the tool becomes one place for all your projects, teams, and communications giving you full control over your tasks.

Why use ProofHub?

  • A transparent way to assign tasks
  • Create daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly recurring tasks
  • Add time estimates, labels, and start and end date in tasks
  • Break down tasks into subtasks
  • Attach files to the tasks
  • Keep the tasks private and limit access to certain people
  • Email-in to manage tasks anytime from your email
  • Track time using a timer

Is it affordable?


Essential – $50/month or $45/month (billed annually)

Ultimate Control – $99/month or $89/month (billed annually)

  1. Timely

Timely- time management app

Timely by the timely app is an automatic time tracking application that not only keeps tabs on how long projects take but also helps you organize your workweek more efficiently. Lay out your workweek in advance to estimate how much time you need to set aside to tackle your daily tasks. Timely is available for iOS and Android, Mac and Windows, and as a browser application.

Why Timely?

  • Records everything you work on using its magical Memory Tracker
  • A more realistic idea of how much time projects eat up
  • Timely holds you accountable to the amount of time you set apart from work
  • Makes time entries for you recorded work
  • Create reports for easy communication your time data

Price: Solo plans for individual users start at $7/month

What users like?

Tracks time automatically without the need for a stop/start button. Even if you’ve forgotten to track your hours, Timely hasn’t. – Alex

  1. TSheets

Tsheets - Time management app

TSheets by QuickBooks is a comprehensive mobile timesheets app to track time on any device for teams of all sizes. Using TSheets, employees can clock in and out quickly and easily from a computer, time clock kiosk, or mobile app.

Why TSheets?

  • Build employee schedules by jobs or shifts
  • Connect to your favorite accounting or payroll software
  • Real-time, interactive reports
  • Overtime alerts to stay aware of weekly overtime limits
  • Delightfully fast payroll
  • GPS location tracking to see where your employees are working

Price: TSheets is free for solo users. It has a Small Business plan that is priced at $4/month per active user (2-99 users) with a $16 base fee per month, and an Enterprise plan at the same rate (100+ users) with $80 base fee.

What users like?

“I have much faster insight into our projects and my team loves to use TSheets for its ease of use!” – Jim Brown, Coil Group

  1. Forest App

forest app - time management app

Want to put down your phone and focus? It is no child’s play to focus on work rather than your smartphone. Forest is an app to reclaim the time and stay in the present, reclaiming your concentration. It is specifically meant to keep you productive. You plant a seed in the forest, you watch it grow into a tree. But if you start using your phone or leave the app, then the plan immediately dies. You get one chance (warning) to save your tree.

Why Forest app?

  • Clean, simple, and cute interface
  • Graphs to track your progress throughout the week
  • Collaborative feature to invite friends and family to join
  • Setup is simple

Price: Free. Forest is supported by popular mobile OSs, iOS, and Android, and most common web browsers, like Safari and Chrome.

What users like?

“It’s great because it works like a phone game, but it’s a phone game that gives you time rather than taking it away.” – Forest app review

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  1. Harvest

Harvest - Time management app

Harvest is a time and expense tracking app that harnesses the power of time tracking to answer essential questions like where is my time going? The app has robust time-tracking features. It is installed with a very smart interface, that is fast and easy to operate.

Why Harvest?

  • Track billable time and allow you to instantly create invoices to send to clients for that time
  • Update time data on weekly timesheet easily
  • Make sure teams have enough time to complete all of your planned projects
  • See if projects are on a budget with a glance

Price:  Harvest costs $12/user/month (unlimited projects).

What users like?

“In her infinite wisdom, Oprah once said: “You can have it all, just not all at once!’ Harvest forces us to think about time as a finite resource. We’ve become time management superheroes.” – Jan-Sijmen Zwarts, Web Developer, Brighton.

  1. Wunderlist

Wunderlist - time management app

Wunderlist is a wonderfully simple and effective app to manage your online to-do list. This time management software lets users tick off all personal and professional to-dos. Users can track, complete and share their own goals as well as assign tasks for their teams striking a great balance between features and functionality.

Why Wunderlist?

  • Share your lists and work collaboratively on a project
  • Add notes to make sure all your ideas are stored
  • Set due dates and reminders
  • Collaborate with colleagues and team members
  • Add anything from the web to Wunderlist

Price: Wunderlist Pro – $4.99 a month (unlimited assigning, unlimited files, unlimited subtasks)

What users like?

“There are separate folders for each category. I can even email the lists or print them. You are also notified when other collaborators edit the shared lists.”— Wunderlist review by Mark F.

  1. Toggl

Toggl - time management app

Toggl is an app giving hassle-free time tracking to improve productivity. This time tracking software helps users to track time spent on tasks, as well as manually add entries. Keep your entries organized by team, client, project, or tag. If you’re a manager, you can keep everyone’s time in one place.

Why Toggl?

  • See who’s spending time doing what
  • Delete unwanted entries
  • Review your past time to see what’s been dragging you down for extended periods of time.
  • Bulk edit your time entries at any time
  • With Tags, you can add comments to any time entry

Price: There is a free version, or you can upgrade to a Starter ($9/user/month), Premium ($18/user/month), or an Enterprise account (custom pricing).

What users like?

“The style, the functionality, the absolute ease of use in making sure that every minute of my freelance and contractor work gets tracked and reported so that I can get paid!”— Toggl review by Thomas W.

  1. TimeCamp 

Comprehensive timesheet app that helps you fill your weekly schedule template automatically. Its unique project structure creates a complex and transparent management system appreciated by teams no matter of size. What is more, TimeCamp offers features such as budgeting, reporting, and invoicing – all to help the teams perform better and deliver work results on time and within the budget. 
Why TimeCamp?

  • Choose between two types of timesheet templates – daily and weekly, 
  • Fill your timesheets smarter and in no time with computer activity tracking, 
  • Approve or reject timesheets,
  • Analyze time spent on projects with a wide range of reports, 
  • Manage time spent on projects smarter with a project tree structure with tags, 
  • Invite guests to your projects,
  • Set different billing rates,
  • Manage your employees’ attendance,
  • Assign custom user roles.

Price: TimeCamp is free for single users. It also offers two affordable pricing options: Basic – 5.25$ per user per month and Pro – 7.50$ per user per month (both billed annually). For a custom plan, contact their support. 

What users like? 

“It’s super easy to use, very intuitive and flexible. I started tracking my hours in just a minute of opening the app for the first time. The report feature is great.” – TimeCamp user review

  1. Remember the Milk

Remember Milk - Time management app

Ever run to the grocery store for milk and get everything but the milk? Remember The Milk – time management app will help you stay on top of the milk and much more.

Why Remember The Milk?

  • Organize multiple task lists
  • Enter their tasks on the go with subtasks
  • Stay connected even when you’re not online
  • Create an unlimited number of lists
  • Create to-do lists with colorful tagging options
  • Reminders via email, text, IM, Twitter or mobile

Price: There’s a free version available, and paid access starts at $40/year.

What users like?

“I like that I can access my to-do list on any device, every task can have a due date, and I can sort and search through tasks on the list. It’s free.” — Remember the Milk review by Lindsay S

  1. RescueTime

Rescue time - time management app

As the name suggests, RescueTime saves some of your time to put it to better use.  RescueTime gives an accurate picture of how you spend time to become productive every day.

Why RescueTime?

  • Spot inefficiencies in your day to better manage time
  • Set an alarm to remind when you spend more time on a task
  • Set goals per day to stay focused
  • Stay informed with weekly email report

Price: RescueTime offers both a free tier and a premium plan which starts at $9/month.

What users like?

“It is an excellent tool to monitor the time we spend on the computer using a program, an application or a web page. It is easy to use because it is only installed on the computer and when the program is subscribed, monitoring begins immediately. According to how it is configured, monitoring reports will be received.”— RescueTime review by Yulimar U.

  1. Time Doctor

Time Doctor - Time Management app

Time Doctor helps you accurately track where your remote teams are spending their time and make sure they are working efficiently. This app tracks the total time your team members work as well as give a breakdown of how much time they spend on certain projects, tasks, and clients.

Why Time Doctor?

  • Daily and weekly reports with hours, websites and application usage, task and client breakdowns
  • Track time spent away from the computer
  • Pop up alerts if you sit idle for long
  • Automatically calculate payroll, based on either fixed salaries or on hours tracked with Time Doctor

Price: $9.99 / user per month. Free for 14 days.

What users like?

“By using Time Doctor, we were able to increase our profitability by 30%” – Nik Kree

Hopefully, I’ve helped you narrow down the list of the top time management apps. Now, it’s your turn to try out the apps you think will work for you.

  1. Paymo

Paymo app- Time management app

Paymo is a work management solution with time tracking that helps both creative teams and freelancers deliver projects over their entire life cycle – whether working from the office or remotely.

Why Paymo?

  • Lets you add time manually or use the web-timer
  • Offers an automatic time tracking option
  • Makes billing clients easy and efficient
  • Works offline too and syncs with the web app once the Internet is back
  • Brings planning, resource scheduling, task management, and team collaboration in one app

Price: Free plan: Paymo is free for solo users. It also has a Small Office plan starting from $9.56/user/month and a Business Plan starting from $15.16/user/month.

What users like?

“We’re constantly challenged to find ways to fit all the work in without sacrificing on quality. Paymo helps us keep our finger on the pulse of project performance.” – Paymo review

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 Vartika Kashyap
Vartika Kashyap

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