Best Android Apps for Productivity (2024 List)

best android apps for productivity

When you’re juggling multiple deadlines, you can’t simply rely on memory or manual labor to keep things in order. It would be burdensome on your (and your team’s) schedule and mental sanity to manage everything without any technological assistance.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be that way. There are manyproductivity appsto help you with your everyday work-related troubles. 

A quick search on Google brings you all kinds of tools and apps – and not-so-surprisingly, half of the list seems to be an exact match for your business. This is where all the confusion begins. And with all due respect, this is where most of us make the wrong choice. 

However, with this article, you may easily be able to spot and pick the platform that is the best fit for your needs.

What is a productivity app?

A productivity app, in simple words, is software that is designed to make your work life more efficient. It is the category of software applications that play a prominent role in helping you reach your deadlines and goals faster and with greater efficiency. 

From a simple browser plugin to a feature-richproject management app, there are different kinds of productivity apps depending on the kind of work (professional and personal) you do. Find the right productivity app for the right job and you will be able to maintain a perfect work-life balance.

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What are the best apps for productivity?

Since you’re looking for ways to boost your productivity at work—Here are 22 of the best productivity apps for Android you should get your hands on in 2024.

Let’s get rolling!

All-in-one apps

1. ProofHub

ProofHub - all in one android app
ProofHub – Productivity Tool

Being overwhelmed and disorganized at work is one of the key factors that contribute to not being productive.

ProofHubis an app that lets you manage your projects, teams, and communication—no matter whether you’re sitting on your office desk or a cruise ship. This intuitive app is designed to take the pain out of everyday work processes.

From collaborating with your team/clients, assigning each team member a specific role in the project to tracking the amount of time an individual spends on a specific task—ProofHub’s mobile app is all you need to make more room for productivity in your organization.

Here’s how it works:

  • It provides a quick overview of all your projects, people, tasks, events, notes, and announcements in one place. 
  • It lets you break projects into manageable stages, tasks and subtasks. 
  • It lets you create project templates and save them to create similar projects—no more starting from scratch. 
  • It lets managers define custom roles so that team members can access what they actually need to access.
  • It makes chats and discussions over projects/tasks easier and faster.
  • It lets you save all your important dates, events, and milestones on a single calendar. 
  • It provides a clear picture of everything across a project (time, resources, as well as potential bottlenecks).
  • It lets you review, proof, and share feedback on documents and files in one place, no additional software needed.
  • It integrates with your favorite apps (Google Calendar, iCal, Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive).
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ProofHub made task management easier and smarter.

2. Chanty


Chanty is a team collaboration tool that promises to increase your productivity by 55%. With its neatly organized chats and an efficient task management system, you can convert any message to an assignment, set due dates, and assign it to the concerned person. You can also optimize your workflow by switching to the Kanban board and taking advantage of an easy way to manage all your tasks in one place. You can also go beyond just communicating by integrating multiple apps to Chanty and easing the hassle of switching between multiple apps. Audio and video calls are available in Chanty for one-to-one or group calls. So, get more work done, together.

Task manager apps 

3. TickTick

TickTick - task manager app

TickTick is a to-do list and task manager app that comes with a neat interface. With TickTick, you can add tasks, and subtasks, set deadlines and reminders, and even share them with other members of the team. The application is designed to make the management of tasks clutter-free and organized. It supports various parameters (like lists, tasks and subtasks, priority level, and tags) to help you organize your tasks in a better way, keeps your priorities clear, and achieve better results, no matter what. 

4. Trello

Trello - Task manager app

Trello is a fun, flexible, and free way to organize projects, tasks, and more. From a simple shopping list to a multi-person group project, Trello offers a range of scalable project management and task management features that let you organize just about anything. On top of that, the Trello app looks super cool and has a list of powerful features that are entirely free—for now. 

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To-do list apps

5. Todoist

Todoist as To-do list app

If you are one of those professionals who seek the help of a dedicated to-do list app, then Todoist is worth checking out. Todoist, as the name suggests, is a to-do app with which individuals and teams can set up new tasks, assign priority to the task, as well as add it to a group of similar tasks. When you complete a task using Todoist, you have to check it off the task list—and there is a certain unique satisfaction to it. We won’t consider Todoist as the perfect to-do app, but it certainly has all the features that you would want to pay for in a to-do app. 

6. Wunderlist

Wunderlist as to do list app

Wunderlist is an excellent choice for those who find Todoist a bit complicated. Wunderlist and Todoist have many things in common—however, on the one hand, where Todoist saves many of its features for the premium user, Wunderlist offers more generous feature list for its free users. In fact,  Wunderlist has no such thing as a premium option, all of the features available in Wunderlist are available for free. Plus, it works for your iPad, Mac, Windows, Kindle Fire, as well as Web. 

7. Google tasks

Google Tasks - online to do list

Google tasks is Google’s own task manager. It is a great to-do list app for those who are looking for simple, minimal design and straightforward functionality. It seems like a basic to-do list management app, but its integration with Gmail and Google Calendar makes up for a compelling tool. With Google Tasks, you can create tasks within the email and then link them to your calendar. Moreover, you can track deadlines by adding due dates and reminders.

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Collaboration apps

8. Ryver

Ryver as Collaboration apps

Ryver is similar to Slack. It’s a collaboration app that aims to give organizations a better, faster way to talk over tasks and meet every deadline. What makes Ryver stand out in the market is the option to create as many teams as you want within the app. The platform can be used to set up chats with groups and individuals. Furthermore, you get the option to control who sees the things you say and post in the app and the teams that seem most relevant to you. 

9. Podio

Podio as Collaboration apps

Podio is a flexible and customizable application for work and communication among teams. In simple words, Podio makes it easier for organizations to keep large stacks of work organized and to delegate work between teams. Just like many collaboration apps, Podio provides tools to share files, view project status and get instant feedback.

But in addition to these functionalities, it has an easy-to-use interface, plenty of integrations (Dropbox, Google Drive, Evernote, and Zendesk) and a quality mobile app for when you’re out and need to use your smartphone or tablet. 

Time tracking apps

10. RescueTime

Rescue time as Time tracking apps

RescueTime is atime management appfor tracking computer activities, active windows, websites visited, and programs used so that you can evaluate how you spend your time at work and take necessary actions.

In addition to its basic time monitoring function, RescueTime offers advanced features like measuring breaks, phone calls, and meetings. It even has on-screen reminders and a website blocking feature to help you stay focused and on top of your tasks. 

11. Forest

Forest as Time tracking apps

Forest is an app that helps you put down your phone and focus. The app brings a little gamification to your time tracking efforts. With Forest app, it’s fun keeping yourself focused. It encourages you to stop getting distracted and keep your head in the task at hand. You plant a seed (set a timer within the app) and the tree will keep growing unless you exit the app to check something on your phone. And when you exit the app, the tree dies. Your goal is to build an entire forest and keep yourself focused.

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Focusing apps

12. FocusList

Focus list as Focusing apps

FocusList is a daily planner and focus app. The app is basically based on the Pomodoro technique. The idea behind this app is to help you better plan your day, stay focused and keep track of your time. It is certainly one of the best ways for a professional to keep track of his/her plans for the day. With FocusList, you keep all our tasks in one place, split bigger tasks into smaller ones, mark your best estimate for each task, and do everything else that makes you successful. 

13. Freedom

Freedom as a focusing app

There are lists of websites (Social media, shopping, videos, games, etc) that you consider to be the most distracting—yet you can’t resist yourself from visiting them again and again. Freedom is the kind of that allows you to keep such distractions away as long as you want. It allows you to block certain websites on a daily basis throughout varying times of the day, keeping you productive and focused at work. 

File storage apps

14. Internxt


Air-tight privacy and safety by default, Internxt is an open-source cloud storage and sharing service. All files and photos uploaded to the service are end-to-end encrypted, plus users can even limit the number of times a file is shared. Internxt integrates with other popular services like Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox, and Apple iCloud, making moving files a breeze. Enjoy unmatched security wherever the wind takes you.

15. Dropbox 

Dropbox as File storage apps

Dropbox is a cloud-based productivity tool that minimizes distractions and lets you focus on things that drive productivity. Dropbox is so far one of the world’s leading file sharing and storage systems. Powered with cloud technology, Dropbox makes accessing, storing and retrieving files easier and faster. It also allows you to manage from anywhere and share them with anyone in any corner of the world.

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16. Google Drive

Google Drive as file storage app

Google Drive is a reliable office suite for business collaboration and information sharing. That means with a single Google account, you can manage all your contacts, files, and other aspects of your business using a variety of handy tools—Google Calendar, Hangouts and more. All you need is a strong internet connection. Nothing else.  

Note-taking apps

17. Evernote

Evernote as Note-taking android apps

Evernote is a note-taking application equipped with tools that help you capture ideas, create to-do lists, and even prioritize tasks. The application works for both individuals and businesses. If you need a way to keep your thoughts organized and execute them efficiently, Evernote can be a great help. It helps you keep everything in sync. Whether it’s notes, files, web clips, or images, no matter what you’re working with—Evernote can make things easier and faster for you.

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18. Google Keep

Google Keep as android productivity app

Google Keep is an online note-taking and to-do list app that allows you to categorize/label/color-code notes, search them by keywords when needed, and even set reminders for notes at a particular time. Google Keep also makes it easier for you to share ideas with friends and colleagues. Moreover, you can also record a voice memo and the app will transcribe it so that it is retrieved later.

Social media productivity apps

19. Google Analytics

Google Analytics best android app

Google Analytics is a popular freemium web analytics service. This software is used worldwide by thousands of companies. It works with a number of funnel visualization techniques and summarizes data on high-level dashboards. From budget allocation to marketing optimization, Google Analytics data includes almost every aspect of your business’s workflow. The insights Google Analytics provides play an important role to ensure the commercial success of any business.

20. HootSuite

Social media productivity android apps hootsuite

Hootsuite is a social relationship software application designed to empower teams and businesses to strengthen their social media strategies and activities. With Hootsuite, you can post updates, connect with your customers, and even review their responses across popular social networks like Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Facebook, etc.

Other productivity apps

21. Grammarly

Grammarly as best productivity android app

Grammarly is one of the world’s best online grammar checker software. The software goes beyond any traditional grammar checker you’ve ever used—it not only fixes spelling errors but also highlights mistakes that are often overlooked. It even identifies words, albeit spelled correctly, in the wrong context to make sure that your content is clear and easy-to-read.

This AI-powered tool is a handy add-on. It is easily embedded in your Chrome or Firefox browser. It even supports Google Docs so you can write and deliver error-free content.

22. Pocket

Pocket as best android productivity app

Pocket is one of the best read-it-later apps. The application allows you to save articles, videos, or shareable material from other apps so that you can view them later. The application focuses on utilizing the concept of sharing content socially. However, it provides much more competitive support for embedded multimedia. It’s a great app for casual as well as professional readers. If you need a way to store and read content anywhere/anytime, Pocket is for you.

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