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32 Productivity Tools That Will Make Your Life Much Easier

February 27, 2018
18 min read
32 Productivity Tools That Will Make Your Life Much Easier

Productivity is never an accident. It is always the result of a commitment to excellence, intelligent planning, and consistent effort. These are the words of Paul J Meyer – a renowned personal and professional development expert.

I would like to add another element that is helping individuals to be more productive is – productivity apps. As the times have become a little too much competitive, it makes sense to take help from a myriad of productivity tools available in the market.


Here’s our list of 32 best productivity tools that you can start using right now.

Project management

1) ProofHub

ProofHub is an all-in-one project management software that solves all the problems that a growing team might face. It’s one place for your projects, teams, and work-related information. NASA, Disney, Netflix, Taco Bell and many more love how ProofHub has made managing work simpler than ever.

Top features:
Brings down the project delivery time
Better control over projects and time collaboration
Achieve better work satisfaction

Communication & collaboration

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2) Slack

It is the perfect team collaboration software that unifies your entire team communications. It integrates with the apps you use every day such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and Box to name a few.

Top features:
Chat and team communication
Set up reminders
Highlight words to be notified as they appear in a conversation

3) Fleep

Fleep acts a flexible messenger that integrates with email and lets you share and store files easily. Give it a try, if you are tired of those endless email conversations.

Top features:
Truly flexible communication
Everything is in one place and easy to keep track of
Contact anyone, anywhere, and on any device

4) Google Docs

google docs

With Google docs, you can create write, access, edit, and collaborate wherever you go – from your phone, tablet, or computer – even when there’s no connection. It is a widely used document storage and work management software that allows individuals to collaborate.

Top features:
Smart editing and styling tools
Choose from a variety of resume, reports, and pre-made documents
Create a document through browser or mobile app

5) Skype

One of the most popular software in the world, Skype has made communication over video calling collaborative than ever. The Skype you know has recently had a fresh design and a ton of new features to help you stay connected.

Top features:
Take your conversation to a new level with rich video features
Share messages, photos, emoticons in real time
Call mobile and landline numbers at affordable rates

6) Zoom

Zoom provides remote conferencing services using cloud computing. It is a real powerhouse tool that can accommodate up to 500 participants to collaborate seamlessly.

Top features:
HD video and high-quality audio
Screen sharing and full suite of collaboration features
Easy to start and join

Time tracking

7) Toggl

It is an ultimate time-saver app and is insanely simple to use. Toggl’s time tracker is built for speed and drives a stake in the heart of timesheets. This time tracking software can integrate tens of other tools to increase its functionality.

Top features:
Instant overview of your billable time and team progress
Offline time tracking and mobile functionalities
Reports directly delivered to managers

8) Harvest

Known as one of the best time-tracking software, Harvest lets your business ticking. Whether it’s from the web, your smartphone, or another application, time tracking was never so easy.

Top features:
Simple and intuitive interface
Get the insights of the project with powerful reporting
Create and send invoices online

9) Paymo

If you are looking for an app that takes away the pain of planning, scheduling, task management, time tracking and invoicing, then Paymo is your answer. Bringing all the important elements under one roof, it makes easier to get an overview of your team’s performance.

Top features:
Accurate tracking of the time spent on tasks and projects
Detailed project reports
Categorize all time entries and automate

10) Freshbook

Freshbook is known as a business software that makes billing easy, fast, and secure. The tool is beautiful and well-designed that has made the entire process of invoicing, accepting online payments, and keeping track of expenses painless.

Top features:
Ridiculously easy to use
Powerful invoice features
Secured in the cloud

11) Hubstaff

Hubstaff is a time-tracking software trusted by more than 8,000 remote teams. Its time tracker runs as a software on your desktop or as a mobile app making it easy to track time. Once the time is tracked, you can invoice clients, pay employees, see in-depth reporting, and much more.

Top features:
Randomized screenshots enable you to keep a track who is working on what
Tracks the number of mouse movements and keyboard strokes by employees
30 plus integrations

12) Time Doctor

Time Doctor

When you want to know where is your team spending their time while working even when they are hundreds of miles away from you, Time Doctor can help. Time Doctor is a complete time tracking and productivity tool designed specifically for remote teams.

Top features:
Screenshots recording
Web and app usage monitoring
Alerts to avoid distractions



13) Evernote

Evernote acts like your second brain that enables you to remember everything. It’s a reliable note-making app to stay organized and get more done. With Evernote, you can capture, organize, and share notes from anywhere so that your best ideas are always with you and in sync.

Top features:
Collect everything at one place and make it more accessible
Add attachments, links, and audio recordings
Scan and search information from business cards

14) Microsoft OneNote

It is a digital note-taking app that works on any device or platform be it laptops or smartphones. It has got you covered to type, write, or draw with the free-form feel of pen to paper. It comes handy while taking impromptu notes. You just have to pick a notebook, a section and create a new page and you’re good to go!

Top features:
Real-time collaboration
audio/video recording
Optical character recognition from images

15) Simplenote

It offers the simplest way to keep notes – light, clean, and free. It eliminates the need for wasting time while locating files, just type what you are looking for and your list updates instantly. The best part – your notes are backed up. Just drag the version slider to go back in time.

Top features:
Your notes stay updated on all your devices
Find notes quickly with instant searching and tags
Backup, syncing, and sharing – it’s all free

16) Box notes

Whether it’s brainstorming with coworkers or the meeting notes you share with others, it all about real-time collaboration. And, Box Notes is an online note-taking app that makes it easier for team members to work together. Just create notes and never worry about the security.

Top features:
Easy to create meeting notes, share ideas, and track status updates
Live editing enables real-time collaboration
Every note you create or share is secured by enterprise-growth security

17) Dropbox paper

dropbox PAPER
It’s an online word processor where teams can bring ideas to life in a single place. Taking a little casual approach to work, Paper lets people be themselves with stickers and emojis to make the conversation more connected and alive. It provides an interface that is ultralight.

Top features:
Anyone can see and update Dropbox files in a Paper doc
Changes are automatically saved
Seamless presentations

Email management

18) Sanebox

If you need an app that cleans up your inbox then Sanebox is the app for you. It automatically sorts your emails and declutters your mailbox. It sorts your emails into different folders depending upon each email’s importance so that you can focus on what matters.

Top features:
Prioritizes your email with smart filtering
Saves your attachments into the cloud
Snooze email until a time set by you

19) Unroll.me

unroll me screenshots
The best thing about Unroll.me is that it is as simple as it can get. It cleans up your inbox by categorizing your subscriptions in the form of a virtual roll-up. You can access it whenever you have some free time.

Top features:
The roll-up allows you to read emails at the time chosen by you.
Makes your mailbox clutter-free
Secure and easy to access

20) Boomerang

Boomerang is a dedicated email management application for Gmail that schedules and set email reminders. The coolest thing about it is that it allows you to ‘boomerang’ a message back to your inbox to remind you about it at the set time.

Top features:
Get the ultimate control when to send and receive email message
Remove interruptions so you can finish important tasks
Block off times for deep focus work

21) Inbox

google inbox
Inbox by Gmail is the inbox that works for you. It saves a lot of time by preventing any need for you to dig through emails by showing you the highlights directly.

Top features:
Add reminders to the top of your inbox
Snooze emails and reminders
Use bundles to group messages and get clutter out of your way

22) Airmail

It was designed from the ground up to provide you a consistent experience whether you have single or multiple accounts. It is a lightning fast mail client for Mac and iPhone.

Top features:
Modern and easy-to-use interface
Get to your emails without any interruption
Powerful and customizable email app

Distractions and focus

23) Freedom

freedom productivity app
It is a popular app reduces digital distractions across all of your devices. Currently, freedom is being used by 500,000 people to improve focus and productivity.

Top features:
Block whatever and whenever to be more productive
Sync blocks across Mac, Windows, iPhone, or iPad
Plan out sessions that recur daily or weekly

24) Self-control

It is a free and open-source app for macOS with which you can block your own access to distracting websites, mail servers, or anything else on the web. Just set a period of time to block the website and click ‘Start’. You won’t be able to access it – even if you switch off or delete the app.

Top features:
Limits your social media addiction
Enables focus
Better work-life balance

25) Focus booster

Focus booster
Based on Pomodoro technique, Focus booster empowers you to maintain focus and keep distractions at bay. Sessions are automatically recorded in your timesheets so that you don’t have to recall where your time was spent.

Top features:
Instant focus
Encourages better work habits
You can use it on any computer, on the web, or on your mobile

26) Forest

It’s a great tool that allows you to put your phone down and focus on what’s important. Here, the idea is to build a forest of trees where every tree symbolizes your task. Whenever you want to focus, plant a tree and it will be killed if you leave the app

Top features:
Stay focused in any scenario
It partners with a real-tree planting organization

27) Brain.fm

Brain fm
Brain.fm is a popular productivity app that uses music as brain stimulation. It unlocks music potential to influence cognitive states. The team proactively works with leading auditory neuroscientists to validate their findings.

Top features:
Beneficial to boost focus, meditate, and sleep
Designed for noticeable results in less than 15 minutes
Better work-life balance


28) MyFitnessPal

It’s essential to be at your optimum health levels to do your best work. MyFitnessPal is a popular and easy-to-use calorie counter app. Along with this, you get a free access to the world’s largest nutrition and calorie database.

Top features:
Helps you to lose weight the healthy way
Promotes better eating habits
The web and mobile apps sync automatically

29) StrongLifts 5×5

Stronglifts 5x5
It is known as one of the most popular strength and muscle building program due to its simplicity and effectiveness. Thousands of users have used it to change their bodies and go brawny from skinny. It focuses on five exercises – Squat, Bench Press, Deadlift, Overhead Press, and Barbell Row that works on your entire body.

Top features:
On StrongLifts 5×5, you workout three times a week
Progressive increase in weight triggers your body to build muscle
Most effective for beginners new to lifting weights

30) Yoga Studio

Yoga Studio
This one lets take your studio wherever you go. It includes 65 ready-made classes. Choose your level (beginner, intermediate or advanced), duration (15, 30 or 60 minutes) and focus (strength, flexibility, relaxation, balance or combination) to find the perfect class for you.

Top features:
Yoga classes by Rodney Yee – a renowned yoga instructor with 30+ years of experience
25 hours of ready-made HD video classes
Perfect for beginners, awesome for experts

31) Map My Fitness

It’s a fitness tracking app that enables you to own every workout backed by world’s digital health and fitness community. You can create challenges for yourself and your friends, or even join a community challenge.

Top features:
Track your fitness with any device
Adaptive training plans
Create challenges and train smarter

32) Moves

It acts as your fitness companion that automatically records any walking, running, or cycling you do. Moves show everything – from your distance to duration, steps to calories in one app. The app is always on, so there’s no need to start and stop it.

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Top features:
Reliable method for tracking your steps
Calculates calorie burn for your activities
Promotes healthy habits and losing weight naturally