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Top 6 features of a quintessential workflow management system

workflow management system

Technology has taken the world by a storm. Be it business, education or project management, there is no domain left that is untouched by its impact. Fortunately, the world of project management has also undergone a positive transformation. We have said goodbye to the obsolete systems which were rather costly, confusing and cumbersome to deal with.

Project management applications and systems have come a long way in providing customization and ease to the users. Businesses and organizations prefer to use these systems to scale up their productivity. They have also changed the dynamics of workflow management. Managing work has undergone a revolution with these workflow management systems.

What is a workflow management system (WMS)?


It is a cloud-based software that allows the businesses to manage and control their daily tasks in an organized and hassle-free manner.


What does a workflow management system do?


A quintessential workflow management system allows you to


  • Streamline the tasks and processes you do daily
  • Have an internal knowledge base
  • Seamlessly collaborate with team members
  • Keep your workflow simple and make adjustments
  • Include goal-setting in your team’s workflow


With so many workflow management software making their presence felt in the market, it can be difficult for you to zero in a software that perfectly fits the bill.


Let’s discuss the key features of a workflow management software.


  • Easy and user-friendly representation


The first step to streamline a process is to break and present it the form of stages. Often referred as kanban boards, this workflow visualization makes handling of tasks very easy. It should capture the entire activity chain and represent the flow of the project visually to the users. With this drag and drop methodology, one can easily keep everybody updated about the flow and the updates in a project. It enables everyone in a team to be on the same page. This eventually would help you to complete your tasks and projects on time.


  • Role based access control


A good WMS is always designed in a way that allows role level access without disturbing the order of the things. It should help team members involved in a project to understand their job responsibilities and key performance indicators (KPIs). People in various roles of a project should be able to update their own status without having an access to the entire workflow. Moreover, it should allow the project manager to reassign the roles, if required, with an absolute ease.


  • Flexibility of workflow patterns


Different projects have different workflows. Some are simple, while some complex, whereas, others can be in the form of inter-dependent tiers as well. A kanban project management system should always offer enough flexibility in creating various workflow patterns. It should always allow you to account parallel processes so as to not limit the functionality on any level. Ideally, a workflow management system should allow you to define and organize workflows, but not put constraints on them.


  • Defined responsibilities and time constraints


A good workflow tool should allow you to assign roles and amend them as per the requirements. Defining roles in a project allow the team members to gain clarity of their responsibilities and deliverables expected out of them. You can also add or reassign the task to other team members. As in every project, some team members leave and some are added to it from time to time. Thus, an agile workflow system should allow you to amend roles as per the need of the hour. Moreover, you can also put time constraints or deadlines so as to indicate the priority of a task or a project.


  • Have an internal knowledge base


The main purpose of employing a kanban management software is to provide everybody involved in a project – a centralized database of resources. This allows every team member an easy access to information and projects. Thus, kanban boards are a great way to collaborate and share communication regarding the progress and status of a project to the related people such as stakeholders, clients etc. Moreover, it also allows them to comment, edit or share the information. They can also start discussions to take the project forward and solve problems at the task level.


  • The convenience of cloud hosting and mobility


In today’s fast changing business environment, cloud based systems are revolutionizing the traditional workplace every day. They are highly cost-effective, secure, easy to scale up and down and offers flexibility to the employees to work from anywhere at anytime. Using this cloud enabled technology exempts you to rely on the age-old on-site software without installing any additional hardware.


These days where teams are geographically dispersed at various locations, it has made collaboration much easier than before despite time and space constraints. Thus, it stands tall in fostering world class collaboration and improved productivity at workplace.


ProofHub allows you to create easy and effective workflows with role based access controls in order to streamline your routine tasks and projects. It provides seamless collaboration within team members alongside a centralized knowledge base. Moreover, it’s easy to use status representations and powerful reporting in a cloud solution takes away the worry of on-site server and software maintenance.


As you investigate your options, keep these things in mind. Don’t settle for anything less than amazing when it comes to making your workflows quick and seamless.

 Vartika Kashyap
Vartika Kashyap

Vartika Kashyap is the Marketing Manager at ProofHub and has been one of the LinkedIn Top Voices in 2018. Her articles are inspired by office situations and work-related events. She likes to write about productivity, team building, work culture, leadership, entrepreneurship among others and contributing to a better workplace is what makes her click.

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