17 Best task management apps – Keep your business on track

Best Task Management Apps

Task management apps are transforming the way we work. Remember the days of scrambling with notebooks and sticky notes to manage your tasks? Today’s fast-paced work environment demands more powerful tools.

That’s where cloud-based task management apps come in! They offer more than just to-do lists, with features like project plan, assign, organize and collaboration.

Having a dedicated task management app will help to plan better and stay organized throughout the day.

This article explores 17 of the best task management apps to help you find the right one for your team and improve your workflow.

What is a task management app?

Task management app is a platform that allows everyday users and businesses to manage their to-do lists most efficiently.

It provides you with the tools to create, assign, collaborate, track, and deliver tasks within the desired time frame and quality standards.

17 best tas management apps fr 2024

1. ProofHub

ProofHub as best task management app

ProofHub is an advanced task management software that gives you full control over your tasks and helps you manage your projects effectively. Whether you’re a team manager or a member, it acts as one place for all your projects, teams, and communications.

Why use ProofHub?

  • You can ensure effective task management
  • You can keep your work organized
  • You can make the review and approval process faster and more collaborative
  • You can get clear insights with dynamic reports
  • You can use Gantt charts to provide a visual timeline for tasks


ProofHub offers a 14-day free trial. Two flat-pricing plans to choose from

  • Essential – $45/month for unlimited users (billed annually)
  • Ultimate Control – $89/month for unlimited users and all features (billed annually)

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2. Workfront

workfront as employee task management app

In this digital age, Workfront is a great tool to manage tasks and keep things organized. Workfront combines project management, intelligent work automation, and in-context collaboration so your team can do the right work, and deliver that work faster.

Why use Workfront?

  • You can manage digital content in a single location
  • You can centralize projects to increase transparency and encourage collaboration
  • You can customize your platform for the way you work

Is it affordable?

Pricing details are available by quote.

3. Ticktick

Ticktick - as best app to track tasks

Ticktick is a popular to-do list, checklist, and task manager application. Millions of people are already using this app for task management to capture ideas, organize to-dos, and make the most of life.

It comes with a clean interface that enables users to manage tasks easier, faster, and better. It supports real-time syncing across multiple platforms. It can be easily integrated with third-party calendars and works well with Siri too.

Why use Ticktick?

  • You can create tasks, lists, and reminders
  • You can drag and drop a task to set a due date in Calendar
  • You can share lists, assign tasks to collaborate
  • You can use fascinating themes

Is it affordable?


Ticktick Premium – Annual plan for $27.99 (less than $2.4/month)

4. Podio

Podio task management app

Podio is a customizable work management solution that leaders trust and employees love working on. With content, conversations, and processes structured and together on one tool, Podio creates the focus and clarity your people need to get their best work done.

Why use Podio?

  • You can use granular admin capabilities to control access to your Podio workspace
  • You can use advanced workflows to create specific automation
  • You can streamline and sync projects and workflows
  • You can work under rigorous security standards

Is it affordable?


Basic – $9 or $ 7.20 (annual)

Plus – $14 or $11.20 (annual)

Premium – $24 or $19.20 (annual)

Enterprise – Details available by quote

5. ProProfs Project

ProProfs: best task management app
ProProfs Project

ProProfs Project is a feature-packed platform for planning and managing tasks without a hitch. It lets you set up project dashboards, assign tasks to team members, and visualize progress effectively.

Its interactive Gantt charts and Kanban boards allow you to track how work is progressing in real time.

The best part is that you can extract critical insights into team performance and work progress with detailed project reports. These reports are presentation-ready and can be shared instantly using a secure URL.

Why use ProProfs Project?

  • You can use tags to prioritize tasks
  • You can set dependencies between tasks
  • You can automate recurring tasks
  • You can discuss tasks via task comments
  • You can share files on the go

Is it affordable?


ProProfs Project – $39.97 (Billed annually)

6. Samepage

Samepage best app to track tasks

Samepage is one of those tools that make task management easier and faster. Share and edit the content on living pages with other team members in real-time.

Whether it’s video conferencing, team chats, or direct messaging – whatever your communication preferences are, Samepage has got you covered.

Why use Samepage?

  • You can set priorities, deadlines, recurrence, and reminders
  • You can drag and drop files on a page and edit them online
  • You can visualize task progress in real-time

Is it affordable?


Pro – $8/member/month ($7 when billed annually)

7. Flow

Flow as employee task management app

Flow is a beautiful, flexible project and employee task management app. It can be easily customized to any workflow or project type. It lets teams plan, set priorities, and track projects from start to finish.

Visually map out tasks and deadlines, share your plan with your team and easily update it as work progresses and things change.

Why use Flow?

  • You can visually map out tasks and deadlines
  • You can track the progress with the Projects Dashboard
  • You can use advanced search and filters to focus on anything

Is it affordable?


Basic – $4.79/member/month

Pro – $7.99/member/month

One app to manage all your task, team and projects.
(No credit card required, cancel any time)

8. Workboard

Workboard - best team task management app

Workboard is a task management solution that provides you with a way to be aligned, fully engaged, and easily working towards the results at a high speed.

Why use Workboard?

  • You can iterate, cascade, and measure strategic priorities easily
  • You can get continuous visibility on plan vs. actual
  • You can access built-in collaboration boards and connectors
  • You can eliminate tedious management reporting

Is it affordable?


Team Velocity – Free

Goals & Metrics – $50 per month (group discounts offered)

9. HiTask

Hitask - best team task management app

Hitask is a unique project and task manager for teams. It helps to focus on team collaboration, getting tasks done, and managing an entire project. It removes the complexity from the project management and puts you in control. With Hitask, you and your project team can quickly set up new projects, assign and share tasks, and synchronize everything across all devices.

Why use Hitask?

  • You can use single screen dashboard to remove chaos
  • You can use the drag-and-drop interface to assign or modify tasks
  • You can use it with any Web Browser, iPhone, iPad, Android, Outlook, iCalendar, Google Calendar

Is it affordable?


Team Business – $4.98/user/month

Enterprise – $12.98/user/month

10. Meister Task

MeisterTask as a task management app for teams

MeisterTask is the most intuitive collaboration and best app for task management on the web.

MeisterTask’s customizable dashboard is your gorgeous starting point for a productive day. See what’s been done in your projects while you were away, get a quick overview of your open tasks, and decide what to focus on that day.

Why use Meister Task?

  • You can create projects visually
  • You can configure automatic actions within your projects
  • You can upload files, set due dates, and add checklist items.
  • You can integrate it with your favorite tools such as Slack, GitHub, Zendesk, and Bitbucket.

Is it affordable?


Basic Plan – Free

Pro Plan – $8.25/user/month

Business Plan – $20.75/user/month

Enterprise Plan – Details available by quote

11. Clarizen

Clarizen - best team task management app

It is an intuitive solution that enables better work management, automated processes, and improved collaboration across organizations. It is a great app for task management to move your business forward and achieve success.

Clarizen is used by some famous brands such as Western Union, Dell, Boston Scientific, NetApp, and many others.

Why use Clarizen?

  • You can access customizable workflows that fit your needs
  • You can ensure centralized and shared resources with aligned communication
  • You can implement an accurate data-based process
  • You can create dynamic reports and dashboards

Is it affordable?

Pricing details are available by quote.

12. Projectplace

Projectplace as best business task management app

If you are part of a remote team, Projectplace is an amazing all-in-one work collaboration tool that brings virtual teams to one place to plan and execute work.

Advanced task management comes with features that take you beyond the traditional to get work done. Plan and organize work within teams and outside organizations to keep everyone on the same page.

Why use Projectplace?

  • You can use Gantt charts to plan and track tasks
  • You can use Kanban boards to visualize progress
  • You can create to-do lists to meet commitments
  • You can practice real-time collaboration with @mentions

Is it affordable?


Projectplace – $29.00/user per month

13. Ayoa

Ayoa: business task management app

As a visual task management app, Ayoa is a simple and fluid way to get things done effectively. What’s best about Ayoa is that it offers simplified task management with a clear view of status, progress, and who’s working on what.

You can assign responsibilities, streamline discussions, and work in a flexible way to get things done.

Why use Ayoa?

  • You can use Kanban-style Boards to map out the project cycle
  • You can use a planner to schedule tasks for Now, Next, and Soon
  • You can assign tasks, upload files, set reminders in one place
  • You can ensure seamless data syncing

Is it affordable?


Ayoa Business – $10/month (Billed annually)

14. Wrike

Wrike: best business task management app

Wrike is a leading cloud-based task management and collaboration tool. The work management software can be used to simplify planning, streamline workflow, and improve team communication.

Turn strategies and marketing campaigns into achievable action plans. It is already trusted by more than 17,000 teams and companies like Google, Jaguar, and Mars among others.

Why use Wrike?

  • You can customize dashboards so you only see what you want to see
  • You can use Gantt charts for resource allocation and templates
  • You can add, and tag images and videos to provide specific feedback
  • You can share interactive reports and schedule notifications regularly

Is it affordable?


Professional – $9.80/user/month with packages of 5, 10, or 15 users (billed annually)

Business – $24.80/user/month (billed annually)

Marketers – $34.60/user/month (billed annually)

Enterprise – Details available by quote

15. Centrallo

Centrallo - task manager application

Centrallo is an elegantly simple organizational tool to organize the little details of life. For all those busy ones, you can add anything throughout your day, and then view and organize everything at night. Categorize thoughts, lists, and ideas in one place.

Why use Centrallo?

  • You can create unlimited lists within lists
  • You can share lists with anyone, anywhere – share via email, or generate a public link
  • You can retrieve anything you stored by typing a few characters into the search bar

Is it affordable?


Premium – $4.99 / month

16. Smartsheet

Smartsheet as task manager application

Smartsheet is a leading work execution platform trusted by the world’s leading organizations. Smartsheet is a powerful platform that offers exceptional speed to business value.

You can make better decisions, improve collaboration, automate workflows, and manage work in real time. Moreover, it works seamlessly with your favorite third-party tools so you can focus on the work that matters the most.

Why use Smartsheet?

  • You can visualize, share, and act on work in motion
  • You can get critical data in real-time with easy-to-configure, widget-based views
  • You can store docs and attach files from Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, and more
  • You can create editable summary reports across sheets, and export them to PDF or Excel

Is it affordable?


Individual Plan – $14/user/month (billed annually)

Business Plan – $25/user/month (billed annually)

Enterprise Plan – Details available by quote

17. Asana

Organize your work with best task management  app Asana

Asana is a great tool to manage your team’s work, projects, and tasks online. It helps you organize work in such a way that you can make time for the work that matters the most. Manage your team’s plans and processes and empower everyone to focus on work that grows your business.

Why use Asana?

  • You can create visual project plans
  • You can set priorities and deadlines
  • You can monitor project status in real-time

Is it affordable?


Premium – $9.99 per member/month billed annually

Enterprise – Details available by quote

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Why is task management important?

To begin with, like most employees, you probably juggle at least 20 different tasks and activities on your daily to-do list. But not every task holds the same weight. Some are urgent, while others can wait.

This is where task management practices and task management apps come to the rescue. Task management is crucial for every project manager and team, as it allows them to prioritize tasks effectively and boost daily productivity.

Task management apps empower you to do just that, and more. With the right app, you can easily:

  • Set clear priorities
  • Master the art of delegation
  • Communicate directly on tasks with your team
  • Track task progress in real-time
  • Stay on top of your routine workload

These features transform your to-do list from a chaotic jumble into a streamlined roadmap for success.

Let’s take a quick look at the key benefits that come along with an employee task management app. Usually, employee task management apps offer:

  • Effective task management
  • Flexibility and scalability
  • Improved communication and accessibility
  • High-level project planning
  • Detailed project estimates and task schedules
  • Effective resource allocation
  • Centralized documentation and file management
  • Accurate tracking

Questions you must ask before you pick a software or app

If you’re looking for the perfect task management app, simply copying this list on your notepad won’t do. Before diving into specific tools or apps, you need to create a clear picture of your task management needs.

Below, we’ve listed some of the most common questions project managers and teams ask when selecting task management apps. Finding answers to these questions will help them define their exact requirements and identify the best option available.

What you can expect from the task management app?

Having a dedicated app to manage your tasks is the best way to stay organized and get more things done. Here are a few key qualities that you can expect from the best task management apps:

  • Drag and drop interface
  • Shared to-do lists
  • Reminders
  • Real-time notifications
  • Compatible with all devices

What is the best task app for iPhone and Android?

Having a task management app that’s compatible with all your devices is something that will help you make things simpler and faster. But not every task app available in the App Store is worth your time.

However, here are five from the above list that are considered the best: Wunderlist, ProofHub, TickTick, Projectplace, and Hitask.

How much you should invest in a task management app?

If you’re planning to invest your time and money in a software product, you need to set some boundaries.

Luckily, there are tons of free and subscription-based solutions available in the market that would serve your task management needs without breaking the bank. All you need to do is get a clear idea of how much you can invest and then list out the options that are best suitable for you and your team.

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