ProofHub as an alternative to email


Decades ago, email was designed to make communication faster and better. However, if considered today’s critical business scenarios, emailing seems to complicate communication in certain ways. If you are sending out an email with a long description, many threads and several names on the cc line, you might be the reason for someone’s high blood pressure.

Let’s discuss here, why most of the employees do not wish to use email and why there is a need to switch to better collaboration tools.

Junk emails clogging your inbox?

Many times, you are being addressed into conversations where your concern is hardly required. It makes your inbox full of emails that are mere pieces of junk. On an average, an employee receives 100 emails per day. This includes messages from colleagues, clients, project related updates, etc. If we consider time spent by an employee on each email to be 1 minute, imagine how much time gets wasted, ultimately affecting their productivity.

Delivered? Are you sure?

For any email sender, it is hard to be sure that the email sent by him actually reaches the inbox of the receiver. Due to spam filtering, your email might be delivered to the receiver’s spam folder, rather than inbox. And, no one spares time to read or filter emails from spam; they are simply trashed!

A unified communication tool

Despite of all those unwanted messages, majority of us are still dependent on email communication. The reason for this is probably many of us are still unknown to the email alternatives that have been introduced in the market, and have simplified communication to a greater extent.

Let us take a look at how ProofHub defines itself as a better alternative to email:

More communication, less juggling

If it is about discussing, you can simply raise a topic and others can comment over it; just like a threaded conversation. This means interested users can put forward their thoughts on a single place, without sending emails back and forth.

Quickly catch up with work

If any of your team members resigns immediately due any reason, and you are the one who is going to handle his work for a few days till the time his replacement comes, then you need an overview of the projects he was working on. Sifting through his inbox seems very daunting and time consuming, when you have other work to do as well. However, if had there been ProofHub, then you can take a quick tour of projects, discussions, notes, files, etc. to know what he was upto.

Finding any specific task and its due date in email is just sheer waste of time and doing this on daily basis certainly affects your productivity. Whereas, ProofHub lets you view the tasks of projects as to-do’s and its assigned due date as well.

Chat anytime

Moreover, when you need to make an instant conversation with someone, there is no need to send an email and wait for their reply. ProofHub chat lets you ping any project member instantly. And, if your need to is call a group for something urgent, it offers group chat feature, as well.

Check work status

Monitoring status of tasks becomes cumbersome through emailing because you need to search your entire inbox/ outbox or have to go through several email threads. However, ProofHub simplifies this problem with Gantt charts and overview, where you can see percentage completion of different tasks as entered by the assigned person.

No more info loss

As far as spam filtering is concerned, there no such thing in ProofHub. Be it discussions, tasks, comments, files, etc; everything reaches its exact destination, which means no data is lost.

Review files with proofing

Sharing and specifying modifications in files is easier in ProofHub as compared to email. Proofing allows project members to make suggestions in one place, making it easy to receive and manage designs.

Collaborate seamlessly

With ProofHub calendar, you can view scheduled tasks, events, meetings of other group members and can collaborate over a common time. This eliminates clashing events, deadlines and meetups. However, using email doing all this becomes cumbersome.

Get along with ProofHub

ProofHub’s excellent communication tools eliminate your dependence on email and lets you keep real-time information made available at both office and while working remotely. Your business communication can surely be carried out smoothly without using emails, if you have ProofHub in hand. take take the free trial!