10 Best Producteev Alternatives & Competitors

Best Producteev alternatives

Are you having second thoughts about choosing Producteev as your business’s ideal project management software? Because if that’s the case, then you’ve come to the right place.

This article is going to present some of the best and the most powerful Producteev alternatives. These alternative solutions are more likely to fit your business and your team as they have what Producteev has, but also a lot more. 

But first, 
What is Producteev?

Producteev is a popular, powerful task management solution by Jive. The software offers a set of robust features and functionalities that go beyond simply managing tasks. The product combines processes like project management, task management, and collaboration features into a single package.

Here’s how it works:

  • You create a project, enter the details, and share it with any number of collaborators.
  • As a project manager, you customize the project from collaborator permission, task due dates to project privacy settings.
  • The various tasks are organized in a to-do list approach and come with customization options within the project such as labels and priorities.
  • During project execution, you can easily track the progress of each task and provide inputs, suggestions, and other details in the comments. 
  • You can also share and attach files easily, especially with the help of Producteev integration with Box and Dropbox.
  • Producteev allows people to connect and stay connected even when they are working on different devices and locations, keeping everyone in sync and on schedule no matter where they are or what device they’re using.

Why would you need an alternative to Producteev?

Producteev may not always fit your needs for numerous reasons. Now, people who have hands-on experience with the tool have expressed their views about the tool on many review platforms. And according to their responses, here’s the list of what Producteev lacks and why you may need an alternative to Producteev. 

  • Producteev lacks many general management features. For example, it does not do timesheets and does not have resource tracking.
  • Producteev could use some improvement as it’s still a little buggy and kind of slow. Sometimes when you refresh tasks titles on desktop—it doesn’t work as it’s supposed to.
  • In Producteev, it is hardly possible to track which tasks are large and will take a lot of time.

What are the best Producteev alternatives?

Listed below are the 10 best alternatives to Producteev. Make sure you carefully evaluate all these alternative solutions before you switch to one. 

  1. ProofHub

ProofHub as Producteev alternatives

What is ProofHub?

ProofHub is an online project management and collaboration software that provides a central place for all your projects, tasks, teams, and communications. It is a comprehensive solution that helps teams communicate better while working together, and for managers, it helps to manage projects with greater control. With ProofHub, you get to experience better visibility and accountability, higher productivity, faster project delivery, and greater work satisfaction. 

ProofHub Benefits

  • All the tools you need put under one roof 
  • Intuitive, even for a non-technical user
  • Seamless collaboration 
  • File sharing and proofing made easier
  • Advanced reports 
  • Extensive customer support
  • Mobile and tablet compatibility
  • White labeling and customization options 

ProofHub Pricing

  • Ultimate Control – $89 /month billed annually (Unlimited users)
  • Essential – $45 /month billed annually (Unlimited users)

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  1. Asana

Asana as producteev competitors

What is Asana?

Asana is a cloud-based project and task management software designed to enable managers and teams to manage and organize work, communicate and collaborate better. Asana works amazingly for teams that handle multiple projects at one time.

Asana Benefits

  • It’s fast and intuitive
  • Improves general management
  • Great for connecting and communicating across teams
  • Increases accountability on their team
  • Secure for storing and sharing files and documents

Asana Pricing

  • Premium – $10.99 per user, per month, billed annually
  • Business – $24.99 per user, per month, billed annually
  • Enterprise – Available by quote

Looking for Asana alternative? Compare Asana and ProofHub!

  1. Wrike

Wrike as Productive substitute

What is Wrike?

Wrike is a cloud-based project management platform, suitable for both enterprise and small businesses. Wrike is designed to suit a wide range of businesses, from IT to creative advertising. The platform comes equipped with tools like Gantt charts, calendars, workload view, resource management, task management, custom dashboards, and real-time updates. 

Wrike Benefits

  • User-friendly navigation
  • One hub for all of your work
  • Collaborate, track, and monitor work anytime, anywhere
  • Insightful analytics and easy reporting
  • Powerful integration
  • Advanced forms and requests

Wrike Pricing

  • Professional – $9.80/user/month 
  • Business – $24.80/user/month 
  • Marketers – Available by quote 
  • Professional services – Available by quote 
  • Enterprise – Available by quote

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  1. Chanty

Chanty as best producteev competitor

What is Chanty?

Chanty is a simple team chat app that boosts communication in teams of all sizes and types. With Chanty, it’s easy for teams to get in touch with each other as well as their clients in private, public, group and one-on-one conversations. Chanty also offers a range of powerful integrations that allow you to reach new levels of productivity and efficiency at work without investing in too many tools.

Chanty Benefits

  • Manage tasks and teams effortlessly
  • Track projects easily
  • Securely stores all data in a centralized place
  • Host virtual meetings
  • Speed up progress
  • Generate accurate reports
  • Improve internal and external relationships

Chanty Pricing

  • Free plan – Free for up to 10 members
  • Business plan – starting at $3 per user, per month
  1. Smartsheet

Smartsheet as producteev alternatives

What is Smartsheet?

Smartsheet is a work management platform that has a spreadsheet-like interface helps teams plan, track and manage projects in real-time. It’s a collaborative platform that offers a range of features and tools, including document management, resource management, project reporting, timeline tracking, and more.

Smartsheet Benefits

  • Gantt view
  • Real-time visibility
  • Around-the-clock monitoring
  • Leverage team collaboration
  • Automate relevant business processes
  • Account-specific reports
  • Out-of-the-box integrations
  • Scalable administrative controls
  • Custom branding

Smartsheet Pricing

  • Standard – Individual plan starting at $14 per month and Business plan starting at $25 per user per month
  • Enterprise – Available by quote

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  1. Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects as producteev alternatives

What is Zoho Projects?

Zoho Projects is a cloud-based project management solution that works best in the case of small and midsize companies. The software offers powerful features for project scheduling and project budgeting, which makes it easy for project managers to define project tasks, assign them to team members, estimate the overall project costs and follow up on in-progress tasks in real-time.

Zoho Projects Benefits

  • Automation and customization
  • Project insight
  • Project collaboration
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Custom permissions
  • Time logging
  • Expense tracking
  • Invoicing
  • Import from JIRA and Basecamp

Zoho Projects Pricing

  • Free plan – Free for up to 3 users
  • Standard plan – $12/user/month
  • Professional plan – $20/user/month
  • Enterprise plan – $35/user/month

Looking for Zoho Projects alternative? Click here.

  1. MeisterTask

MeisterTask as Producteev top substitute

What is MeisterTask?

MeisterTask is a powerful project management and task management solution that caters to the needs of businesses of all sizes. File management, time tracking, and reporting are the three key features that this software solution has to offer. In MeisterTask, you have a dashboard that gives you a clearer view of all the current activities and active projects. In addition to that, MeisterTask provides an online mind-mapping application that allows project managers to create project plans and collaborate on them with teammates without any hassle. 

MeisterTask Benefits

  • Kanban project boards
  • Project collaboration and management
  • Flexible workflows
  • Instant communication and file sharing
  • Extensive integration
  • Customization

MeisterTask Pricing

  • Free – $0/user/month
  • Pro – $8.25/user/month
  • Business – $20.75/user/month
  • Enterprise – Available by quote
  1. Quire

quire as productive alternatives

What is Quire?

Quire is a modern project management and task management software solution designed for creative teams. Quire lets managers and teams map out their ideas, break them down into smaller and more manageable steps, and execute them together one by one. The platform aims to reduce the excess burden of managing complex and time-consuming projects that most managers and teams are facing today by simply breaking (and prioritizing) tasks and projects into smaller and more manageable units. Rather than being exclusively focused on function, Quire allows you to pay attention to the form, which is why it is considered as one of the best-organized interfaces in the project management world.

Quire Benefits

  • No-brainer interface
  • Unlimited tasks and subtasks
  • All-in-one transparent workspace
  • Visual graphs, charts, and summary
  • Fully-functional, collaborative, and mobile task manager
  • Powerful integrations

Quire Pricing

  • All pricing plans are available by quote
  1. MyTask

Mytask as producteev alternative

What is MyTask?

MyTask is a flexible project management and accounting package designed to serve every business, professionals and entrepreneurs alike. From creating tasks to track work progress to business workflow to billing and then ultimately delivering the project, MyTask helps you with it all. 

MyTask Benefits

  • Automates task planning and task management 
  • Managing recurring tasks
  • Leave management system 
  • Work progress tracking 
  • Document management 
  • Communication management 
  • Expense and finance management 
  • Customization 

MyTask Pricing

  • 6 Month plan – $1.27/user/month
  • 9 Month plan – $1.20/user/month
  • 12 Month plan – $1.13/user/month

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  1. Paymo

Paymo as producteev alternatives

What is Paymo?

Paymo is a cloud-based work and project management solution (best for small and medium client-based businesses). The key highlights of this solution include team collaboration, resource scheduling, time tracking, and project accounting, to name a few. Paymo features enable you and your team to create projects, add tasks with one or more assignees, and save projects as a template for future use. It allows you to manage work through one of the four different task views: List, Table, Board, and Gantt Chart.

Paymo Benefits

  • Project planning with Gantt chart
  • Project scheduling 
  • Task management 
  • Team collaboration 
  • Automatic time tracking 
  • Time-saving templates
  • Invoicing and billing clients
  • Timesheet reporting
  • Milestones with reminder 
  • Personalization 

Paymo Pricing

  • Free –  $0/user/month
  • Small Office – $9.56/user/month 
  • Business – $15.16/user/month

It can sometimes be a genuine challenge to pick a good project management system. So, if you have picked the wrong one, let’s say Producteev, don’t waste your time trying to make it work. Find an alternative solution from the above list that will match your needs. 

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