17 Gantt Chart Software & Tools for Dynamic Project Management

Gantt chart tools

Gantt chart software simplifies the entire project planning process by providing an organized and visual representation of tasks, timelines, and dependencies.

Starting a new project is like going on a trip, and every successful trip needs a good plan. 

Whether you’re building a deck for your house or creating a website for your business, it’s important to have a clear idea of the steps you need to take and the order to do them in. That’s where Gantt chart tools come in.

In the world of project management, there are several charts required for data visualization. Especially, for projects following the waterfall method, a Gantt chart becomes an indispensable tool. Gantt charts have become a key feature in almost every project management tool available in today’s market.

To help you find the right fit, we have made a list of the top 17  Gantt chart software. Whether you’re working alone or leading a team, these online Gantt chart tools can help you plan and organize your projects in the most effective manner. 

But before we compare them, let’s first understand what Gantt charts are all about.

What is a Gantt chart?

A Gantt Chart is a visual chart that displays a project roadmap and its progression. You get a clear picture of the start date and end date of each task. In some tools, these charts also show the person working on a particular task to help users with effective resource allocation.

When you look at a Gantt chart, you read it from left to right and top to bottom to understand the project’s progress over time. The horizontal line (x-axis) in the chart represents time, starting from when the project begins and ending when it’s finished. The vertical line (y-axis) shows a list of tasks in the order they happen. The exact position of tasks on the list doesn’t matter much; what’s important is their timing.

Gantt charts are handy when you want to spread the workload evenly among your team members. The chart provides you with the involvement of various team members, so you can plan your resources and future project ideas accordingly. 
If you want to learn more, you can check out this well-detailed guide that contains all you need to know about Gantt charts.

17 Best Gantt chart software tools in the market

Here is a list of 17 top Gantt chart tools for all kinds of businesses and projects. Keep in mind that the order of the list doesn’t mean one tool is better than another. 

We’ve looked at their features, pros, cons, pricing, and user ratings to give you the lowdown. We advise you to carefully align your requirements with the gantt chart software that provides the most value to your business.

1. ProofHub

ProofHub - Best software for Gantt Chart views

ProofHub is a feature-rich project management software with easy-to-use, interactive, and powerful Gantt charts. These allow you to easily visualize, plan, schedule tasks, and create the project timeline. 

You can break down projects easily into tasks, subtasks, and milestones, ensuring clarity in your workflow. This not only streamlines your workflow but also facilitates effective prioritization.

Managers can pinpoint critical paths with ProofHub’s Gantt charts, identifying tasks crucial for timely project completion. They can drag and drop tasks to adjust schedules and accommodate variables like resource availability. This flexibility allows you to adapt to changes in real-time. Additionally, you can export and print the Gantt charts for comprehensive documentation.

Key features

  • Four different project views to visualize your work.
  • Activity log to monitor all project activities and updates across projects.
  • In-built time tracking to accurately track team time with timesheets.
  • In-built chat for communication and file sharing among team members.
  • Proofing to review, approve, and share feedback with markup tools.
  • Get insights into project and team performance with detailed and custom reports.
  • Ultimate control over who sees what with features like custom roles for guest collaboration.


  • All-in-one project management and team collaboration tool
  • Flat pricing model with no per user fee. 
  • Customizable and user-friendly interface.
  • One solution for several teams within an organization.


  • Not suitable for individual users.
  • Budgeting is available through integration only.


ProofHub offers a flexible pricing structure with the ability to add an unlimited number of users, particularly advantageous for expanding teams.

The available plans include the Essential Plan, priced at Flat $45 per month (billed annually), and the Ultimate Control Plan, which costs Flat $89 per month (billed annually). 

User ratings

G2: 4.5
Capterra: 4.5 

Start managing your project resources efficiently using a Gantt chart.

2. GanttPro

GanttPro - tool for Gantt chart tools

GanttPRO is recognized as one of the popular Gantt chart software options available. You can create and assign tasks, establish due dates, and monitor progress. Along with extensive customization options, it offers critical path highlighting for sequencing the tasks. 

This helps with quick identification and prioritization to avoid delays. Its user-friendly design includes a mini-dashboard for simultaneous project oversight and resource monitoring. GanttPRO is a suitable option for small teams aiming to get better at project management. 

With its easy-to-set-up interface, teams can directly jump into meticulous project planning. Here are some of the other features that GanttPro offers.

Key features

  • Grid, kanban boards, and project portfolio view
  • Drag and drop task prioritization
  • Resource scheduling to match the capacity and demand.
  • Guest user access for clients
  • In-built time and budget tracking


  • Easy onboarding
  • Simple user-friendly interface
  • Pre-figured templates to quickly get started.


  • Limited collaboration and communication features
  • Lack of advance reporting
  • The mobile app is not up-to-date.


The basic plan costs $7.99 per user per month while the business plan costs $19.99 per user per month. These prices are for teams with at least 5 members. 


Capterra: 4.8

G2: 4.8

3. Microsoft Project

Microsoft Project - Gantt chart tool

Microsoft Projects has been around for over three decades and provides solutions to several industries. It offers a dedicated platform for project management with powerful Gantt chart capabilities. Unlike the Gantt charts offered in MS Excel, it provides advanced functionalities tailored for complex projects. This includes resource allocation, task dependencies, and comprehensive scheduling options.

 The Gantt charts can be customized for clear visualizations of project timelines and progress. Additionally, it integrates with other products offered by Microsoft, that your teams might already be using.

However, before investing in Microsoft Project, it’s essential to consider other factors too. The cost, learning curve, and complexity of features may not fit the scale of your project.

Key features

  • Robust reporting capabilities with Power BI integration
  • Pre-built templates
  • Integration with Microsoft teams for collaboration
  • Enterprise resource planning and management
  • Guest user access to edit and update task lists.


  • Reliable support from Microsoft
  • Both on-premise and cloud solution
  • Integration with other tools in the Microsoft 365 suite.


  • Steep learning curve
  • Outdated interface
  • No updates for on premise licensing


The basic plan starts from $10 per user per month, while the premium plan costs around $55 per user per month.

This tool is highly-priced for a small business, moreover, for the features offered by this tool, the prices are not justified.

User ratings

G2: 4

Capterra: 4.4

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4. nTask

nTask Manager - Software for Gannt Chart

nTask is a project management tool that offers a variety of features at a competitive price point. nTask interactive Gantt charts help you to visualize and manage timelines effectively.

You can create dependencies with different ordering options like start to start, finish to start, and more. Also, the tool allows you to assign issues and manage risks directly from the Gantt view.

The Gantt chart feature of nTask truly shines because of its task organization. You can link the sub-tasks to parent tasks to ensure a proper hierarchy. Additionally, you can use to-do lists and milestone tracking to further enhance the project organization. 

Key features

  • Built-in time tracking for keeping track of the time spent by users on various tasks.
  • Effective for risk management and issue tracking. 
  • Assign multiple collaborators on the same task. 


  • 24X7 real-time support
  • User-friendly dashboards for effectively using the tool
  • Simple and quick onboarding. 


  • Other views apart are limited. 
  • Fields in work reports are limited. 
  • Customization as well as built-in templates are limited. 


The basic plan starts from $3 per user per month while the business plan starts from $8 per user per month.  

User ratings

G2: 4.4

Capterra: 4.2

5. Celoxis

Celoxis - great tool for Gantt charts

Celoxis is a great project management software, primarily suitable for engineering projects. Its Gantt chart feature offers a user-friendly interface to create detailed Work Breakdown Structures (WBS). You can include tasks and milestones with defined start and finish dates.

Additionally, you can modify the sequences as needed to better align with project goals and timelines. You can simply click and move tasks to different positions, adjusting their order and structure within the project timeline.

For a comprehensive understanding, Celoxis provides the flexibility to view schedules at various zoom levels. Also, you can secure project data storage through auto-save and manual save options.

Key features

  • Powerful dashboards and reports provide you with an all-around view of the project progression. 
  • Allocate resources based on the existing workload of your team members, thereby ensuring even distribution of workload. 
  • Allow team members to modify task dependency as per deadlines and workload. 


  • Time tracking for quick invoicing and billing. 
  • Highly customizable and intuitive dashboard.
  • Keep track of the overall workload of your team.


  • Small issues occasionally happen during scheduling tasks. 
  • Custom fields in reports are not available. 
  • Custom access and permissions are not defined properly.


Plan starts from $22 per user per month. This is a bit pricing, for a tool that is cloud-based.

User ratings

G2: 4.4

Capterra: 4.4

6. Gantter

Gantter - Tool for gantt charts

If you are an avid user of Google Workspace to handle your teams and tasks, Gantter might be the Gantt chart tool you are looking for. It excels at bringing together multiple tasks, timelines, and teams. 

Gantter allows you to link tasks hierarchically to track tasks, costs, resources, and baselines for your projects from one convenient location.

With Gantter you get access to 600+ community-contributed templates that you can use to organize and manage your projects. This helps you save time and also serves as an instant and quick support system. You will be at home with Gantter because of its easy and simple integration with Google Workspace. 

Key features

  • Simple and direct integration with Google ensures users are familiar with the workspace. 
  • Effectively view data and resource distribution using the built-in tableau analytics.
  • Share real-time updates and details with clients. 


  • Create simple and interactive Gantt charts
  • Easily share and open Microsoft project files
  • Seamless integration with Google apps


  • Does not support an instant communication facility
  • Customer support is not active
  • Compatibility issues on certain OS. 


The plan starts from $5 per user per month. You have the option of choosing between Google Drive and Google Workspace. Individual users can choose the option of Gantter Cloud. 

User ratings

G2: 4

Capterra: 4.1

7. Wrike

Wrike - Top software for Gantt chart

Wrike is one of the best choices for handling complex projects with multiple teams and workstreams. You can create visual timelines with ease. With a transparent platform and by setting priorities, you can ensure that your team completes deadlines on time.

The best part is that you can easily import charts from Excel or Project, which makes switching to this tool easy. You also get more than 400 templates that you can use to customize your Gantt charts as per preference. Also, the ability to schedule tasks and a complete and accurate view of project progress provides a strong point. 

However, the user interface can be overwhelming for new users as also the rigidity that will not be idle for certain teams. 

Key features

  • Make modifications to tasks with dependencies without the need to change dependent tasks individually
  • Every time you make changes in the workflow, your team members are notified automatically
  • Import data with ease without the need to manually input information


  • Easily convert your strategy into actionable plans
  • Reports for providing clients with up-to-date information
  • Print Gantt charts with ease


  • Poor response from the customer support team
  • The multi-user features is clumsy
  • Out-dated user interface, and difficulty to scale up. 


The basic plan starts at $9.8 per user per month. However certain users have complained about changes in the plan amount without prior information. 

User ratings

G2: 4.2

Capterra: 4.3 

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8. Instagantt

instagantt - Great tool for Gantt charts

Instagantt is a simple Gantt chart software, best suited for small teams. You can easily manage and edit task flow with simple drag-and-drop functionalities. 

Its primary function revolves around scheduling and progress 

tracking, providing a collaborative space for efficient and effective teamwork

Beyond managing tasks, Instagantt offers a seamless platform for team coordination and information sharing. It provides features like email notifications, comments, and file attachments, it ensures team members remain well-informed and connected throughout project execution.

Key features

  • Gantt charts provide a transparent and detailed view of the task progression. 
  • Helps in keeping your remote teams on the same page by ensuring proper visibility of tasks across timelines. 
  • Manage multiple projects and workspaces using the robust chart features
  • Custom view and custom fields
  • Custom color options for progress bars


  • Effectively monitor task progression, and ensure timely completion
  • Identify bottlenecks early and rectify them at the earliest
  • Simple and effective integration with Asana


  • The user interface is sometimes too cluttered and messy
  • Exporting Pdf or images is not clear
  • Custom roles and permissions are not defined properly 


The individual plan costs $7 per month, while for teams the cost is $5 per user per month. 

User ratings

G2: 4.5

Capterra: N/A 

9. Open project

Open project - tool for simplified gantt charts

OpenProject is software that simplifies the overall process of project management. The Gantt charts are useful for creating a timeline and visualizing project plans. They are completely customizable and you can easily set up charts to work completely as per your requirements. 

You can schedule the tasks of your project and see the steps required to finish the project successfully. The ability to ‘zoom in’ and ‘zoom out’ allows you to see daily to yearly project progress. This works best for the long-term visualization of projects during retrospectives.  

Key features

  • Agile and traditional methodology support
  • High-quality data security measures
  • Milestone and task dependency management


  • The user interface is simple to understand and easy to use. 
  • Highly customizable task management features. 
  • Share saved timeline view with others


  • Advanced features are available only for paid users, the free plan is very basic. 
  • The paid plan is also underpowered in comparison to other tools with similar costs. 
  • The overall system is a little buggy at times.


The basic plan costs $7.25 per user per month. A minimum of 5 users are necessary for this plan. The premium plan costs $19.50 per user per month. However, this plan requires a minimum of 100 users. 

User ratings

G2: 3.7

Capterra: 4.5

10. ClickUp

ClickUp - Visualize Projects with Gantt charts easily

ClickUp provides an interactive user interface with a plethora of features. Though they might become hard to find at first among so many project views, you can efficiently use Gantt Charts to streamline your project tasks within ClickUp.

The software allows you to assign start and end times for tasks, and track the progress of a task. You can create spaces for different departments. Further, you can quickly get an overall bird’s eye view of the project anytime. The critical path ensures that your team works on the right track toward completion. 

Key features

  • 15+ Project views to get into details 
  • Milestone tracking 
  • Pre-build templates to get started easily
  • Tables with relational databases
  • Whiteboards for discussion and brainstorming


  • Highly customizable interface
  • Great technical customer support
  • Free version for individual users and extremely small teams


  • Overwhelming features 
  • Steep learning curve and initial setup 
  • Cumbersome navigations due to permission and access issues


The basic plan starts from $5 per user per month. The business plan costs $19 per user per month. Because of the per-user pricing, this tool is not suitable for large teams. 

User ratings

G2: 4.7

Capterra: 4.7

11. Smartsheet

Smartsheet app with integrated Gantt charts

Smartsheet is a work management app with integrated Gantt charts that helps you move faster and achieve more. The app offers a spreadsheet-like interface for all of your projects and work management needs.

With Smartsheet, you can easily handle complex projects by breaking down their timelines into tasks. Moreover, you can set time constraints for each task and assign dependencies to ensure the timely completion of tasks. Also, the customizable workflows and reports help you in fulfilling other aspects of project management with ease.

Key features

  • No-code platform with relational databases
  • Real time editing and in-task comments
  • Seamless integration with other business applications
  • Automated alerts to keep everyone in updated
  • Gather customer feedback with forms


  • Numerous templates to choose from. 
  • Integration with Microsoft Teams.
  • Exporting project information is easy. 


  • The platform is laggy at times. 
  • Features are limited in the low-tier platforms. 
  • Steep learning curve


The basic plan starts from $7 per user per month. However, this plan is limited to 10 users and additional users require a paid license. The business plan starts from $25 per user per month.

User ratings

G2: 4.4

Capterra: 4.5 

12. Workzone

Workzone software with the built-in Gantt Chart tool

Workzone integrates a comprehensive Gantt Chart software, enabling users to visualize project tasks and schedules effectively. This built-in feature allows seamless project creation and editing directly within the tool, empowering users to initiate and manage project schedules effortlessly.

Workzone offers a comprehensive bird’s-eye view of projects, facilitating quick assessment of timelines, task dependency adjustments, and flexible adaptations to changing work schedules. 

Users can efficiently manage resources, ensuring workload aligns properly with the resource availability. 

Key features

  • Team members can share files and messages instantly
  • Timely reminders and notifications 
  • Version control minimizes control confusion.
  •  Centralized file organizing


  • User-friendly interface with intuitive dashboards 
  • Save your project as a template
  • Customer support is quick and highly responsive


  • Cannot open tasks in a new tab on the browser 
  • The learning curve is quite steep
  • Overwhelming features make it confusing for first-time users


The Team plan starts from $24 per user per month. The Enterprise plan starts from $43 per user per month. The prices are comparatively higher, especially for large teams. 

User ratings

G2: 4.2Capterra: 4.8

13. Project Insight

Project Insight - Enterprise-level online Gantt chart tools

Project Insight is an enterprise-level online Gantt chart software to help teams of any size work better. Just as the name suggests you will be able to get a deep insight into project details that include expenses, approvals, issues, scheduling, and many more

You get a comprehensive set of features that you can use to delegate tasks, monitor productivity, and collaborate effectively and easily with your team members, clients, and stakeholders. The intuitive interface helps you in simplifying sophisticated problems as per your typical business needs. 

Key features

  • Personalized dashboards to see relevant information at a glance
  • Assign, track, and update tasks with real-time collaboration
  • Log billable and non-billable hours
  • Set clear milestones to monitor progress visually
  • Easy approvals and project requests


  • Gantt chart creation from Microsoft Project or Excel data
  • Task dependencies for swift schedule modifications
  • Simplified timesheet compilation and submission


  • Takes time for configure and set-up 
  • Managing bigger files is cumbersome 
  • It has an outdated UI/UX. It is constantly glitching


The cost is $3 per user per month, however, there are extra charges for add-ons. Basically, the pricing is not that transparent and may become too costly for large teams. 

User ratings

G2: 3.6

Capterra: 4.4

14. Agantty

Agantty for beautifully arranged Gantt charts

The best part of Agantty is that it has beautifully arranged Gantt charts and the interface looks neat and clean. The tool offers an easy-to-use platform for planning out complex projects with ease. 

Agantty comes with the customization choices available in Gantt charts. These charts can help you plan and manage multiple projects with ease. Further managing big teams becomes easy because of simple functions. 

Key features

  • You can easily view pending tasks on the Gantt chart and also provide a list of projects that are underway. 
  • Team members have the ability to change tasks and readjust workflow as per the deadline. 
  • Filter and sort tasks for structured work.
  • Easily organize tasks, team members, and projects with simple movements.
  • Manage team access and permissions for viewing and editing tasks.


  • The dashboard is neat and user-friendly
  • Flexibility to edit charts and make changes
  • Customizable option for simplifying workflow


  • Mobile app has a lot of glitches
  • You need to manually sort tasks
  • The Autosave feature is not available in Notes


Although the tool comes with a free forever version, there is a paid plan that offers premium features. The pricing is however not mentioned on the website. 

User ratings

G2: 4

Capterra: 4.6

15. SmartDraw

SmartDraw Gantt Chart tool - switch between two different views

SmartDraw is a Gantt Chart tool that allows you to effortlessly switch between two different views of your project—a Gantt chart and a mind map. SmartDraw makes it easy to brainstorm projects, run meetings, manage deadlines, and create reports all on the same platform. 

SmartDraw shines for its usability. You can effectively design workflow with simple information and SmartDraw’s built-in automation does the rest. However, when it comes to managing projects, SmartDraw requires additional integrations, and you cannot completely depend on this one tool.

Key features:

  • Pre-built templates and designs help you to build Gantt charts with ease.
  • Boost productivity and improve the communication of your team by working with a transparent workflow.
  • Effectively import data from other tools for building charts quickly.
  • Seamless integration with cloud computing services like AWS and azure


  • Powerful automation features
  • Intuitive and clean user design
  • Export and import files in a number of formats


  • Poor response from the customer support team
  • Not highly suitable for custom workflows
  • The tool is unstable and collapses often


For a single user, the plan starts from $9.95 per month and for teams, the plan starts from $8.25 per user per month. However, a minimum of 5 users are necessary for a team plan.

User ratings

G2: 4.6 

Capterra: N/A 

16. TeamGantt

TeamGantt - plan and manage your projects effortless

TeamGantt not only helps you plan and manage your projects but also makes project scheduling an effortless activity. Also, you can invite your team members and co-workers to view and edit a Gantt chart.

It is easy to create tasks for your project and add them to a Gantt chart. You have the flexibility to manage workloads for each individual on your team and make sure no one gets stressed out. With the time tracking feature, you can effectively identify how much time your team members are spending on various tasks. 

Key features

  • You can invite people even from outside your company to view or edit the task. 
  • Visually pleasing and simple Gantt charts help your team members focus primarily on tasks with minimal distractions. 
  • Transparent workflow ensures complete visibility of workflow to the entire team. 
  • Project portfolios to consolidate projects department-wise


  • Quick and effective response from the customer support team
  • Simple, intuitive, and user-friendly interface
  • Easy to build and share Gantt charts


  • Overlapping of tasks is not possible leading to crowding of the screen
  • Need to manually count the number of tasks
  • Gets a bit glitchy for complex and long projects


The Lite plan starts from $19 per manager per month. There can be a max of 5 projects and 5 collaborators per manager.

The Enterprise plan starts from $99 per manager per month. This plan has unlimited projects and collaborators.

However, the overall pricing is a bit complex and pricey compared to the features on offer.

User ratings

G2: 4.8

Capterra:  4.6

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17. Paymo

Paymo with a Portfolio Gantt chart

Paymo is a full-fledged task management software that helps teams to work better with advanced proper planning, scheduling, task management, and time tracking features. It’s a great tool to bring everyone together and on the same page. Whether you’re part of a creative, marketing, web designing, or business consulting team, Paymo lets you work in harmony and helps you manage work faster and better. Paymo comes in handy with a Portfolio Gantt chart. This chart provides you with an immediate idea of your capacity, and if you will be able to take on new projects or not.

Key features

  • Advanced task management tools, Gantt charts, and Kanban boards for accurate planning and scheduling
  • Discussions and comments for real-time seamless collaboration
  • Compare initial time estimates against actual work
  • Customizable time and work reports


  • Best for portfolio management using charts
  • Online invoicing and billing system for clients
  • Quick integration with popular tools such as Xero useful for the administrative department


  • Mobile applications are not developed completely
  • The time-tracking feature works awkwardly
  • Minimum learning curve


The basic plans do not offer you a Gantt chart. So you have to select the Business plan that costs $24.95 per user per month. This is a bit pricey provided the features that you get with the tool. 

User ratings

G2: 4.6

Capterra: 4.2

Choosing the right Gantt chart software

When it comes to selecting a Gantt chart tool for your team, there are specific points that you should consider. Here is a brief description.

Assessing your project management needs

Different teams have different workflows. A tool that suits the functioning of one team does not necessarily fulfill your requirements. So before making the final decision, make an analytical study of your workflow. Listing out the features that you want will help you narrow down the tool that offers you all those features.

You need not select a tool that provides you with a lot of features, a tool that is budget-friendly, or just because your competitor is using that tool. Always decide on a tool based on the features that you want.


Decide on your budget. Do not compare different tools only on the basis of pricing. Look for a tool that provides you with the features that you want. Select a tool that falls within your budget with simple onboarding and a minimal learning curve. 

Scalability and flexibility

Your team will grow, and the size of your projects will grow. So look for a tool that will grow with your business. You need to look into the future and assess a tool that will be suitable for your long-term goals. Changing different tools should not be preferred, as it eventually leads to a waste of productive time in the form of training, configuration, and onboarding time.

Also, the tool should provide you with customization options for suiting the typical requirements of the team. A lack of flexible custom options may cause the tool to be too rigid making it difficult for teams to work comfortably.


Good tools for the Gantt chart should provide you with options to integrate multiple apps to simplify the overall workflow. Be it for communication, automation, invoicing, or any other purpose. Integration further helps in strengthening the overall functionalities of the tool. In some cases, simple integrations with common apps like Google Drive, Slack, or Dropbox simplify the workflow.

Benefits and limitations of using Gantt charts in project management

Gantt charts have long been a cornerstone in the arsenal of project management tools. However, it’s crucial to understand both the advantages and limitations associated with using Gantt charts in project management.

Benefits of Gantt charts

Gantt charts are powerful tools for managing projects. A few of the benefits they offer include

  • Visual representation of tasks

Gantt charts allow you to have a clear overview along with additional details such as task assignees, start and due dates, etc.

You can also track the progress in real-time and even modify schedules according to the changes in deadlines. Managing tasks is much more effective when you can visualize them in a timeline view.

  •  Better resource management

When you have accurate information on how your resources are occupied in different project tasks, you can allocate your resources more efficiently.

Also, you will have a clear knowledge of who’s working on what. This will help you to make sure that you do not overwork any of your team members. By examining the Gantt chart of a project, you can easily estimate when your resources will become available and plan resource allocation.

  •  Identify and understand task dependencies

Have you ever missed a deadline because you weren’t able to identify and set dependencies between certain tasks?

Well, this is where Gantt Charts come in extremely handy. As you know, many tasks of a project depend on one another and thus, it becomes imperative to make such dependencies visible to avoid delays.

For instance, there may be a task in a project that cannot be started until some other task is completed. With a Gantt chart, it is possible to set dependencies among tasks and visualize those dependencies to ensure that they don’t get delayed due to negligence. 

  •  Effective team collaboration

For projects with limited tasks and limited assignees, it’s easier for you and the people on your team to coordinate with one another. However, team collaboration becomes a challenge when you are dealing with complex projects that have a ton of tasks to manage.

A Gantt chart will come to your rescue in this situation by providing you with clear information on who’s working on what. It is also possible for your team to access Gantt Charts to know what tasks they’ve been assigned and the deadline for each task.

When each member of your team knows their assigned tasks and the people with whom they need to coordinate, the overall team collaboration becomes better.

Limitations of Gantt charts

Although Gantt charts add value to project management and have several advantages, there are certain limitations to relying on Gantt charts for project management. 

  • Requires effort to create Gantt Charts

Creating Gantt charts is not easy. Although some tools may provide you with a drag-and-drop feature, it is quite a lengthy process to create Gantt charts. Also, users need to have a basic understanding of project management to efficiently use Gantt charts. 

  • Learning curve

Not all members of your team will be able to use Gantt charts. They will require you to learn the basics of Gantt charts. This may result in the loss of productivity hours for your team. 

  • Incomplete visibility

Not all tasks and subtasks in a project are visible on the same screen. You will have to click multiple times and scroll through to view complete data. This confuses and may in some cases lead to misunderstandings. To overcome this issue, many project management tools come loaded with alternatives to Gantt chart views. These alternatives offer detailed insight specific to one aspect of the project. 


As a project manager, Gantt charts are among the most useful tools that you need to utilize. A Gantt chart software provides you the vantage point from which you can see each and everything about your project, and even visualize how your project is moving towards its successful completion. 

While you certainly want to try all the best project management tips and tools, it’s the Gantt chart tool that you just can’t afford to miss if you want to make your project management efforts more fruitful.

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FAQs about Gantt chart tools

What is the best software to create a Gantt chart?

As the best Gantt chart app depends on your specific needs, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all app. However, popular options include ProofHub, Microsoft Project, Smartsheet, and GanttPRO. It’s essential to consider factors like user interface, collaboration features, and value for price to find the best fit for your project.

How do Gantt chart tools enhance project management efficiency?

Gantt chart tools enhance project management efficiency by providing a visual timeline of tasks and their dependencies. This visual representation allows for better planning, resource allocation, and tracking of project progress.
Adjustments and changes can be easily made in real time on the Gantt chart, helping teams adapt to unexpected delays or shifts in priorities. This flexibility ensures that everyone stays on the same page, leading to improved communication and more effective decision-makin

What are some things to look for in Gantt chart software?

While choosing Gantt chart software, it is important to consider following factors:

Ease of use: Look for an intuitive interface that simplifies task creation and adjustment.

Collaboration features: Ensure the tool allows for easy communication and sharing of project details.

Customization options: The ability to tailor the Gantt chart to your project’s specific needs is crucial.
Real-time updates: Opt for tools that provide real-time progress updates for effective monitoring.

What are the potential challenges of using Gantt chart tools?

While Gantt charts are powerful project management tools, there are some challenges to be aware of. Over-reliance on the chart without regular updates can lead to inaccurate timelines. Gantt charts may also face resistance from team members who find them too complex. Additionally, adapting to unexpected changes in a project may require frequent adjustments to the Gantt chart, which can be time-consuming. Proper training and communication are crucial to overcoming these challenges and maximizing the benefits of Gantt chart tools.

Can Gantt chart tools integrate with other project management software?

Yes, many Gantt chart tools can integrate with other project management software, allowing seamless data transfer and collaboration across different platforms.

Are Gantt charts better than PERT charts?

Gantt charts are less complex than PERT charts, easier to read, and project managers can adjust tasks, and set dependencies as the project progresses.

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