Gantt Chart App for Project Management (With a List of Best Gantt Chart Apps)

Gantt Chart App for Project Management

It would have not been possible to keep track of the ongoing projects in the best possible way without a Gantt chart app. A Gantt chart is a popular project management tool that provides a visual view of what needs to be done. 

One big advantage that teams using Gantt chart apps have found that the proposed project plan remains on one page. In earlier times, originally, Gantt charts were written by hand, and it was a bit messy to redraw the chart every time the requirements change. This limits their usefulness. But now, Gantt charts can be created and updated quickly and easily, with an online Gantt chart app. 

What Is Gantt Chart App?

What Is Gantt Chart App?

Simply put, Gantt chart tools provide a visual representation of scheduled tasks over time to plan, coordinate, and track specific tasks in a project. It is a horizontal bar chart to illustrate a timeline of a project. In the bar chart, it describes the amount of time that step will take. As the tasks get completed, you can give the team an overview of what work needs to get done, who’s doing it, and when.

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Visualize your project plans on Gantt chart.

Whatever kind of project you have, a Gantt chart software typically includes:

  • When to start and finish each task
  • How long each task takes
  • When each activity begins and ends
  • When the project is due
  • When each task begins and ends
  • Which tasks overlap with other tasks
  • Who is responsible for each task
  • How each activity is categorized or grouped

Why Are Gantt Charts Used? 

Why Are Gantt Charts Used? 

If you are working in an area that requires project management or that involves scheduling tasks and resources, you probably will need a Gantt chart. Gantt charts in project management are all about planning. Mainly, it is used to visualize a project plan. 

For example, Gantt charts are a good option to consider if you want to visually map out a project plan and timeline. You can have a good idea of what work will happen, when, and in what order.  

Gantt charts are used not only to visualize a project plan but also to organize complex projects. Be it a cross-team initiative or a large new project, a Gantt chart will guide you all the way. You and the whole team will be able to see each step in advance and where your team needs to go next.

Then comes, coordinating multiple stakeholders. This is a common scenario, where multiple team members are working on different parts of a project at the same time. Gantt charts give you perspective on all the moving parts at any given moment. Thus, making the working a lot simpler. 

Apart from all this, Gantt charts are also used to estimate timelines and workloads. If you are working in-house or at an agency, a Gantt chart lets you know how much time and support you need upfront. With you using Gantt, you can allocate resources and schedule due dates accordingly.

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One of the greatest reasons Gantt charts are used is to allow you to set accurate deadlines. As you start with scheduling the project, you will enter a starting date, an end date, all the key milestones in the middle, and a duration. But what if after all the set scheduled comes up something unexpectedly? The Gantt chart is to rescue you in this. Of course, unexpected events will come up. Gantt charts allow you to be flexible and adjust the schedule without affecting the later milestones of the project

What Are the Benefits of Using a Gantt Chart?

What Are the Benefits of Using a Gantt Chart?

Gantt chart software is a popular way to be more productive. It is important to make scheduling, planning, and execution of projects easily. Nowadays, it has become a way to visually represent the breakdown of tasks in a project. One integral part of project management and project planning software is a Gantt chart. 

Let’s have a look at some of the Gantt chart’s biggest benefits: 

  • Start to finish view of your project in real-time
  • See how the tasks are connected
  • Always have an eye on what’s going on in your project
  • More understandable method to maintain deliverable
  • Easy to keep everyone working on the project on the same page
  • Easily communicate the project plan with the whole team
  • See who has got space to work on new tasks and who is overloaded
  • Understand the task relationship to have an optimum workflow
  • Free up your brain space and start working on how getting tasks done

What are the Best Gantt chart apps?

What Are the Benefits of Using a Gantt Chart?

In this post, we’ll look at the top Gantt chart apps that are totally worth checking out. Here is a list of some of the best Gantt chart tools with an overview of their features and pricing so you can see which one is best for your team. 

Top 7 Gantt Chart apps

1. ProofHub

ProofHub as a best gantt chart app

ProofHub Gantt chart is a smarter way to manage tasks. Typically, Gantt charts are used by teams to plan projects and managers to stay on top of the schedule. ProofHub is an intuitive project management software to help in strategic planning to monitor progress and finally, deliver quality outcomes. It makes every part of your project management simpler than before. 

With ProofHub’s online Gantt chart tool, you can:

  • Have a defined order in which you want to complete your tasks in a project.
  • Visualize tasks you have to do and you are doing in a timeline view.
  • Add task lists and tasks, assign tasks or subscribe the entire task list to one or multiple people.
  • Associate milestones with each task. 
  • Set task dependencies between tasks and as work changes and deadlines shift, make changes.
  • Understand overlapping activities and task dependencies. 
  • Track the progress of tasks with a percentage to know what work has been done and how much is left.
  • Highlight the critical path and see at a glance the status of tasks that will affect the start and end date of the project.
  • Encourage a sense of accountability and transparency.
  • Schedule tasks as work changes and deadlines shift.
  • Export Gantt charts and keeps a documented record.

Pricing: Get ultimate control pack at $89 /month billed annually and $99/m billed monthly (unlimited users).

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2. TeamHeadquarters

TeamHeadquarters as gantt chart apps

Image Source: TeamHeadquarters

TeamHeadquarters is a Gantt chart software that is the intersection of the help desk software, resource management software, and scheduling software. It offers an all-in-one solution for teams struggling with communication. As you go on updating your Gantt chart in TeamHeadquarters, everyone stays informed. 

Pricing: For mid-sized business – $24/Month/User.

3. Ganttpro

Gantt Pro as gantt chart app

Image source: GanttPRO

If you are in charge of multiple projects, GanttPRO will take you out of the mess. GanttPRO is a standalone Gantt chart tool that utilizes a Gantt Chart approach to help users become more productive in managing their projects. The software integrates all essential project management tools as well as maximum ease-of-use. Visualization is one of GanttPRO’s best features. It helps in creating visualization of the project plan to give you a big picture of your project. 

Pricing: Essential: $15/month, Team: From $39/month, Enterprise: Ask for demo and quote

4. Celoxis

Celoxis as gantt chart app

Image Source: Celoxis

Celoxis offers products for various enterprise functions for large and global companies. The Gantt charts of Celoxis’ project management software are easy to use which makes you work faster. Up to 10,000 tasks can be supported at one time. Build project plans, track budgets, costs and profits in real-time, share files, create and share dashboards, easily reallocate resources. 

Pricing: SaaS: $25/user/month, On-Premise: R450/user once off.

5. Easy Projects

best gantt chart app is Easy Projects

Image Source: Easy Projects

Easy Projects gives a flexible solution that includes visual project planning, resource planning, reports, and best-in-class security. The Gantt chart software offers unlimited guest accounts, so your clients can follow their projects’ progress. Those who are using Easy Projects report a 30% decrease in project duration and a 98% completion rate.

Pricing: Team: $24.00Per user per month (billed annually), Enterprise: Ask for quote

6. Rational Plan

Rational plan as gantt chart tool

Image Source: RationalPlan

RationalPlan has incredibly strong Gantt chart features that are designed to easily manage your projects and shared resources. It will help you complete your projects as scheduled. The teams and project managers can create consistent project plans, allocate resources, track work progress, estimate project costs and manage budgets. You can make a work breakdown structure to create task lists for your team. The whole system automatically highlights tasks that are along the critical path.

Pricing: Unpublished price for installed; starts from $19 per user/month for the web.

7. SmartDraw

Smartdraw as gantt chart app

Image Source: SmartDraw

Managing a project in SmartDraw is intuitive. It has features that allow us to draw various diagrams and plans that businesses need. It includes quick-start diagram Gantt chart templates for over 70 different diagram types from flowcharts to floor plans. Integrates with MS Office®, Google apps, Jira, and more. 

Pricing: From $197 for Standard to $497 for Enterprise packages.

Who Uses Gantt Chart App?

Who Uses Gantt Chart App?

Here is a typical Gantt chart example showing how Gantt charts can be used to manage a wide variety of tasks in a project. Gantt chart for project management lets visualizes project phases and the several tasks that need to be completed within a specified time frame. It breaks down project activities day by day. Plus, it also breaks down who will be responsible for what part of the project making it easy for managers and teams to keep track of all the tasks. 

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Who else can use the Gantt chart app? A Gantt chart is only as good as the people who use it. It is quite common these days that people are working across various departments to carry out their projects. For example, a designer will have to communicate with the content writer to discuss the content of whatever he is supposed to design and UI wireframe designer will have to communicate with the marketing team for a new application, and so on.  Nearly, you’ll see all the departments looking for help or need from other experiences or departments. They all can use a Gantt chart to visualize the project and to define the work process. 

The magic that the Gantt chart can do for each team is that they can have a good idea of the order in which tasks should be completed. Each team will not have to ask the other to know the status or when they are supposed to work on their part. 


Gantt chart app is the need of the hour. And using ProofHub online Gantt chart software you can stay focused on the tasks and watch your team being productive and successful. It’s that simple! Just give it a try. 

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