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Slack alternatives - ProofHub
26 Best Slack Alternatives for Team Communicati...

Slack describe themselves as “Team communication for the 21st centu...

 Vartika Kashyap
July 9, 2019
25 min read
Kanban Board Examples
Kanban Board Examples for Beginners: The Many F...

If you’re in the world of designing or project management, you’ve p...

 Sandeep Kashyap
July 4, 2019
11 min read
Project scope management
Project Scope Management – Definition | I...

A lot is being said and written about project scope management and ...

 Sandeep Kashyap
July 2, 2019
13 min read
Best Confluence Alternatives
16 Best Confluence Alternatives In 2019

Confluence by Atlassian has been a favorite collaboration tool of p...

 Vartika Kashyap
July 1, 2019
15 min read
Importance of Time Management in the office
Importance of Time Management in the Workplace

Time – one of those things working professionals can’t get en...

 Sandeep Kashyap
June 24, 2019
15 min read
Is employee engagement falling short in your wo...

Employees at ProofHub are making a change at how work is done. Ther...

 Vartika Kashyap
June 21, 2019
10 min read
Project Portfolio Management Software
Do You Need a Project Portfolio Management Soft...

The surveys from the Project Management Institute and KPMG depicts ...

 Sandeep Kashyap
June 18, 2019
12 min read
Kanban board project management
How Kanban Board Project Management Helps to Ke...

Often people at the start of their day, have plenty of things to do...

 Sandeep Kashyap
June 13, 2019
7 min read