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The 11 Best Wrike Alternatives to Try for Successful Work Management [2020]

Wrike alternative, competitor, substitute

It seems to be like Wrike doesn’t meet your expectations. Are you looking for Wrike alternatives, a better work management tool that is faster and less cluttered?

In this article, we will talk about Wrike and its limitations, along with it’s best competitors and best Wrike alternatives. We aim to offer you some really helpful insights and help you figure out what’s the best PM solution for your business.

You’ll discover why Wrike might not be suitable for your business needs and what alternatives you’ve got to meet your business’s needs.

What is Wrike?

Wrike is an online project management solution designed with the purpose of offering visibility and control over projects and tasks. It has been in the list of best project management solutions and also won numerous awards for it’s universal capacity to meet user’s needs. Accelerating performance, automating complex tasks, delivering better efficiency, etc are some of the most well-appreciated features that have made this software popular.

Currently, a large portion of Fortune 500 companies are using Wrike to manage their projects. Adobe, Google, EA Sports, Stanford University, and HTC are some of the common names you will hear when you ask for Wrike’s user list. However, whether or not Wrike works out for your business completely depends on how it’s technical specs and pricing details meet your specific business needs.

Why do you need an Alternative to Wrike for Project Management?

Wrike, a wonderful tool for project management – Really?

Let’s find out.

Wrike is definitely one of the best and the easiest project management solution available in the market – but it’s not perfect. Modern teams and businesses often struggle to make it work the way they want. Most of them have been complaining about the fact that Wrike works well for small agencies and startups but when it comes to large companies – the most necessary capabilities are missing. And that’s exactly the reason why many businesses and teams are searching for Wrike alternatives and similar software.

Wrike Limitations

Wondering what’s actually missing in Wrike? Here’s is the list of limitations that teams often face when they manage their projects and tasks with Wrike.

  • Activity Management
  • Application Integration
  • Bug Tracking
  • Document Comparison
  • Idea Management
  • Issue Management
  • Percent-Complete Tracking
  • Project Budgeting
  • Project Templates
  • Testing / QA Management

List Of Wrike Alternatives And Competitors (2019 List)

1. ProofHub

ProofHub as top Wrike alternatives

ProofHub simplifies the way you get things done. It is a versatile, intuitive project management platform that brings together managers, team members, and decision-makers to create plan and deliver projects as planned. 

With features like Gantt, Kanban, discussions, chats, notes, files, schedules, timesheets, etc ProofHub allows project managers and teams to become more productive than ever with project management and team collaboration. 

Additionally, ProofHub’s online proofing tool brings a unique twist to your whole review and feedback sharing process.

Tired of conventional project management tools and techniques? Give ProofHub a try!

A Feature for Every Problem

  • An Easy-to-use Work Management Software

Designed for simplicity, one thing that makes ProofHub stand out from the crowd is it is packed with all features for teams and for every project management challenge. It is a central place to manage and run projects, and collaborate with teams and clients.

  • Organize Tasks at One Central Place

In order to have a clear and concise view of all the work that is to be done, ProofHub gives space to create tasks and subtasks and organize them on the go. You can assign them to multiple people, set their due dates and time estimates, create recurring tasks, attach files, add comments on tasks — all at one place.

  •  Task Stages on Kanban Boards

If you’re often confused with “Who’ll be working on this next?”, ProofHub gives you the ability to have a clear view of work in progress. As the work gets completed, see work moving through multiple stages on Kanban board in a particular workflow.

  • Plan Projects on Gantt Charts 

Plan projects, set dependencies between tasks, and visualize tasks in a timeline view of the ProofHub Gantt chart. You can smartly adjust your plan as work changes and deadlines shift with task dependencies. 

  • Built-in Proofing to Have a Clear Feedback 

The feedback process can be frustrating. ProofHub eliminates the need to check long email threads to look for feedback. You can speed up the process with markup tools. With online proofing software you can review, proof, annotate files, collaborate on them and approve them right away.

  • Get Ultimate Control With Custom Roles

ProofHub allows to define custom roles to stay in ultimate control of who gets to access what according to the workflow. Create and assign custom roles, grant access levels, revoke access, and also assign a default role in just a few seconds.

  • Track Time Smartly

No more you’ll have to use an external time tracking software for time tracking. Using ProofHub, you can add timesheets, set time estimates, track time manually or using timers, and create custom time reports. 

  • Collaborate on Discussions

With ProofHub’s real-time collaboration, you can keep a track of what your team members are upto, have discussions with your teams and clients at one place. Keeping everyone or anyone in the loop is also easy with @Mention.

  • Calendar to Manage Schedules at One Place 

Because going to and fro multiple calendars is a difficult task. Organize your events, tasks, and milestones all at one place in ProofHub. Add recurring tasks and select from multiple views to schedule work. Stay on top of your schedule with automatic reminders. 

  • Bring All Your Files at One Central Place

With ProofHub, no longer you’ll be wasting time looking for files and documents. File sharing with teams and clients is easy now as you can share file links for review or simply attach the files and documents to keep it safe. You can keep all your files organized at one place. Also, collaborate and share feedback on files in real-time, without shifting between multiple tabs.

  • Make Announcements With ProofHub 

Add announcements to recognize team’s achievements, give birthday wishes, office event details or any other important information, subscribe people to announcements, attach files, and set time durations. @mention to give special attention. 

  • Create Reports the Way You Want

Analyze project progress in a single click to have a detailed resource and project reports. Create custom reports and visualize overall project progress to plan, and manage projects ahead. 

  • Take Work Requests Through ProofHub’s Request Form

Now taking work requests is easier using ProofHub. Never miss a requirement again as you can create request forms that will help you escape from messing inbox and get work requests, support queries or even tickets through a form.


Essential – $50/month or $45/month (billed annually)

Ultimate Control – $99/month or $89/month (billed annually)

Why Choose ProofHub Over Wrike? 

Pricing makes ProofHub the best alternative to Wrike. Because unlike Wrike, ProofHub can be used for unlimited users in both its essential and ultimate control plan. Though Wrike has a free version, the free version has no core features that make it obvious for users to move to the paid version which is charged per user. ProofHub offers unlimited users as you pay once. So far pricing and plans are concerned, you can have a look at the pricing page of ProofHub.

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User review:

“ProofHub optimized our client happiness and eliminated all the fuzziness and problems that could happen with email project management.”

“See which feature works the best for you. Give it a try.

2. Celoxis

Celoxis as wrike alternatives

Celoxis is a comprehensive, web-based software designed for project management and team collaboration. The software comes packed with a range of enterprise-class features and functionalities. Additionally, it’s ease of use and affordability makes it an ideal choice among businesses and teams that are looking for an intuitive and affordable project management solution.

Why use Celoxis over Wrike:

  • Its easy of use
  • It offers quality support
  • It facilitates task prioritization and better task management
  • It allows project mapping via Gantt charts
  • It’s a great tool for Time and cost tracking


SaaS – $25 per user/month plus duration and volume discounts

On-Premise – $450 per user, one time plus volume discounts

User review:

“Great all round PM tool especially for digital projects”

3. Bitrix24

Bitrix24 as wrike competitor

Bitrix24 is a trending software solution for project management and project communication. This solution provides businesses and teams with a suite of solution that ensures their effective control over all project tasks, communication, contacts, important files, etc. Bitrix24 is incredibly ease-of-use and there’s no need for any training or support to use its basic PM functions. Want to simplify the way teams collaborate and keep track of project activities? Use Bitrix24.

Why use Bitrix24 over Wrike:

  • It provides efficient support for a wide range of data, such as work calendars, images, and wikis
  • It’s a powerful planning tool
  • It has communication and collaboration tools that work within and outside the office


Plus – $39/month

Standard – $99/month

Professional – $199/month

User review:

“One platform for many solutions – CRM, project management, time management Project and TASK management tool really good.”

4. Gantt Pro

GanttPRO as wrike alternative

GanttPRO is an online project management tool based on Gantt charts. The application is a good choice for single users and teams of all sizes from different spheres. To help everyone stay on track and the same page, GanttPRO provides users with not only great task management but also team collaboration, resource and cost management as well as time tracking. The software has a very short learning curve so that every team member you invite in your project will start working on tasks right away, with no training at all.

Why use GanttPRO over Wrike:

  • It is easy to use
  • It offers a nice intuitive interface
  • It offers a powerful range of features that allow organizing all the work in a project and team and keeping everything in one place
  • It comes with great support
  • It has an affordable and transparent pricing


Individual – $15/user/month

Team 5 – $7.90/user/month

Team 10 – $6.90/user/month

Team 15 – $5.90/user/month

User review:

“GanttPRO has a highly effective and easy to use UI, which is complemented by a vast array of features that make work life easier. It enables effective project management so that everyone can track their progress on all of the assigned tasks and increase productivity.”

5. Project Insight

Project Insight as Wrike substitute

Project Insight is a web-based project management solution for businesses and teams of any size. Its an enterprise-grade PM platform integrated with an array of features and an incredible user-friendly interface. Project Insight is basically a hub for better project management, task delegation, time tracking, and team collaboration. With Project Insight, managing various business tasks becomes simpler than ever.

Why use Project Insight over Wrike:

  • It facilitates efficient project assessment in line with the business objectives and resources
  • It allows better task prioritization, team composition, and scheduling
  • It enables robust resource management


Team – Free Forever

Business – $45/power user/month

Enterprise – $65/power user/month

User review:

“The visibility that Project Insight provides our management teams has enabled us to address issues earlier, fine tune processes and work to improve the accuracy of project forecasting whilst ensuring that the project program remains under complete control.”

See how ProofHub compares to Projectinsight, click here.

6. ConnectWise Manage

ConnectWise Manage as best alternative to wrike

ConnectWise Manage is an intuitive solution for project management. It integrates all key systems in one centralized platform, thereby enhancing the overall user visibility and boosting accountability of every team member across the organization. ConnectWise Manage simplifies all the activities across projects through smart documentation, clear communication, and error-free ticketing.

Why use ConnectWise Manage over Wrike:

  • It allows teams to do multiple things simultaneously – from managing projects, serving customers, developing marketing schemes, controlling sales, to following-up purchase orders.
  • It helps to create intelligent service approaches without any additional cost


They provide customized pricing plans according to each business’s unique needs and scale.

User review:

“My favorite thing about manage is its ease of use. There has never been a long learning curve for anything they have implemented. We started using this a few years ago and have never had many issues.”

“ProofHub is easy-to-use and you don’t need much time to get around it. Sign up for ProofHub’s free trial today!”

7. MeisterTask

MeisterTask is competitor to Wrike

MeisterTask is an amazingly designed online project and task management software. The core aim of this product is to empower project managers and teams with ultimate control over every aspect and stage of their projects. In addition to its efficient project tracking functionality, MeisterTask offers collaborative features and tools that allow team members to speed up project completion and increase individual productivity.

Why use MeisterTask over Wrike:

  • It eliminates the cumbersome aspects of project management
  • It simplifies the process of assigning tasks, adding team members, etc
  • It provides flexible project boards that can be readily modified to match your current workflows
  • It serves as a central hub to store all project information and for communicating it with project teams and stakeholders


Basic Plan – Free

Pro Plan – $8.25/user/month

Business Plan – $20.75/user/month

Enterprise Plan – Custom pricing

User review:

“MeisterTask is as beautiful and easy to use as MindMeister, and it’s perfect for the types of groups I work with. It’s the most beautiful Kanban implementation I’ve used.“

“Need an easy, powerful, and user-friendly PM tool? Try ProofHub!”

8. Zoho Projects

Zoho Projects as Wrike alternatives

Zoho Projects is a leading platform for project management among professionals. It’s a multi-awarded system that comes packed with an array of tools to support  team collaboration, performance and overall output. It provides a range of premium features and functionalities for free, which is why it is being considered one of the most preferred project management tools among businesses – large and small.

Why use Zoho Projects over Wrike:

  • It enables teams to easily separate even the most complex projects as per their respective milestones or tasks to achieve
  • It allows you to identify and remove potential bugs quickly and efficiently
  • It facilitates you to create customized business protocols and workflows
  • It offers a secure system that only authorized users are allowed to access


Standard – $25 per month ($20 per month if billed annually + applicable tax)

Express – $50 per month ($40 per month if billed annually + applicable tax)

Premium – $100 per month ($85 per month if billed annually + applicable tax)

Enterprise – $150 per month ($125 per month if billed annually + applicable tax)

User review:

“Zoho Projects is an excellent product for waterfall project management. It provides all of the features and functionality you would expect from an enterprise-level project management solution, along with a complete collaboration suite.”

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9. Quire

Quire is similar tool like wrike

Quire is an intuitive task management and project management platform designed to match the needs of innovative businesses and teams. It’s a free-to-use application that enables you to effectively manage every aspect of a project until its successful completion. The unique interface of this application helps you ensure that you manage your time and resources effectively, even in the case of most complicated projects.

Why use Quire over Wrike:

  • It provides a no-brainer interface
  • It has a distinct tree-structure with unlimited tasks and subtasks
  • It creates a transparent workplace
  • It provides all the integrations you need
  • It enables team members to actively collaborate on everything


It’s a free-to-use application

User review:

“I’ve tried about 100 different project management tools… I LOVE the simplicity of this!”

10. ProjectManager.com

ProjectManager.com as wrike substitue

ProjectManager.com is a cloud-based software solution for project management. The solution provides features that promote robust collaboration, planning, scheduling and timely project delivery. It is considered as one of the most reliable PM systems and is being trusted by over 10,000 businesses and teams across the globe. If you’re looking for a tool that enables you to achieve time and cost-efficiency in your project execution and completion, go with ProjectManager.com.

Why use ProjectManager.com over Wrike:

  • Its trusted by organizations like the UN, NASA, and Volvo
  • It helps you to derive valuable insights from on workload, budget, and schedules of projects
  • It allows you to compare the planned and the actual progress of a project and make immediate adjustments in certain areas


Personal – $15 per user/month

Team – $20/user/month

Business – $25/user/month

Enterprise – by quote

User review:

“ProjectManager.com offers fabulous tools that rival Microsoft Project and are indeed a better all round experience.”

11. Monday.com

Monday.com as Wrike competitor

The last Wrike alternative in the list is Monday.com. It’s a robust and intuitive project management platform that eases the process of managing projects and project communications. The product was formerly known as Dapulse and since it’s rebranding, it has been experiencing a steady increase in its number of users. In fact, it has become one of the best project management solutions available in the market today.

Why use Monday.com over Wrike:


Basic – $25/month (billed annually)

Standard – $39/month (billed annually)

Pro – $59/month (billed annually)

Enterprise – $118/month (billed annually)

User review:

“It keeps us organized, focused, and on track to efficiently completing projects”

Here’s a link to Monday.com alternatives for you to read.

What is the best Wrike alternative for project management?

If you’re moving from Wrike to another work management software or looking for work management software to start with, ProofHub is the best Wrike alternative pertaining to its features and functionalities. Hopefully, this list of alternatives would be best suited for your work management. Just go through the list and see what tool or software will work best for your project management needs.

Tired of using Wrike for project management? Give ProofHub a try!

Time to make a pick – Checklist for choosing the right Wrike alternative

With so many amazing alternatives available just a click away, making the right choice can be overwhelming. However, when you know exactly what you’re looking for, it’s easier to make the right decision. Keeping that in mind, we’ve outlined some of the key factors that you need to consider before you chose an alternative tool or software to replace Wrike.

  • Ease of implementation
  • Cost
  • Business size
  • Scalability
  • Integrations
  • Mobile application
  • Updates
  • User review
  • Training
  • Ongoing support

We understand that this list is not exclusive, there are plenty of other software and apps that would serve your business better than Wrike in terms of project management. Hopefully, we’ve listed all the alternative and similar software that would be best suited to your business’s needs.


If you’re moving from Wrike to another work management software or looking for work management software to start with, ProofHub is the best Wrike alternative pertaining to its features and functionalities. Hopefully, this list of alternatives would be best suited for your work management. 

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What are the drawbacks of Wrike?

The major drawback is that it is expensive per user. And in many instances, it’s user interface is not intuitive as expected.

What is the best alternative available for Wrike?

ProofHub is the most preferred alternative to Wrike that is available for unlimited users when you pay for once, packed with all the features you’d need for project management.

Does Wrike have a free plan?

Wrike has a free plan that is only limited to 5 users and a limited number of features that make it needful to switch to paid plans (which is expensive).

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