Custom roles

Maintain hierarchy in your projects. Set custom roles, assign them to team members, and define their level of access so that they can work without getting distracted.

  • 1

    Assign roles

    Each member in a team is associated with a particular role. You can assign roles like owner, admin, normal user, etc. to different team members; defining the level of access the team member should have in the account.

  • 2

    Create new roles

    Depending upon your organizational structure and workflow, you can create customized roles for team members or make a new one on the basis of some predefined roles in your account.

  • 3

    Access to different sections

    You can also limit the access of your team members to sections like All time, All calendars, and All to-do’s to specify the level of control in your account.

  • 4

    Right to view, manage, and add things

    You can provide different access levels to individuals in your account based on their roles; and can define who all can only view things, who can view and add things, and who can further manage things in your account.

  • 5

    Customized access levels

    You can further customize the access levels for each particular team member; like who can view your tasks and milestones? Who can download a file? Or who can proof a document? So that they can access only those features which are relevant to their scope of work.

  • 6

    Edit and delete custom roles

    At any point of time during the project, if the role of a person is changed or a person has been removed from the project, then you can always edit or delete the custom roles created by you.

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