Is Employee Engagement Falling Short in Your Workplace? Read On

Employees at ProofHub are making a change at how work is done. There are a majority of Millennials at ProofHub who are embarking on new life adventures. Millennials today have a drastically different outlook towards working culture and unique expectations from their employment experience. This generation needs to care deeply about their family, friends, hobbies and career development. They are always in need of a job that will sync up with their lifestyle and employee engagement that will accelerate their career growth and include creativity. Millennials are always looking for feedback on their performance.

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And employee engagement is one of the biggest goals of management at ProofHub and we are doing it right. When it comes to employee engagement, there is a generation gap between baby boomers and millennials.  The ways in which both the generation feels satisfied with their work is completely different. Thus, employers should have an approach towards prolonged engagement and have an idea of what are the strategies for an overall engagement of employees, how to look after employee health and well-being; and work-life balance. Does it sound simple? No, it is not that easy. Here are some common challenges when employee engagement comes into the picture.

Challenges for employee engagement

  • What is the right method for communicating successes, challenges and changes across your organization?
  • What will be the strategic plan for employees to adapt to new opportunities and stay current in their thinking?
  • Why and how should an employee trust their leader?
  • What is the way to know that you are succeeding?
  • How to make employees comfortable with geographical and language barrier?
  • How to make employees interested in what we do as an organization?
  • How to make sure that leaders engage with employees?
  • What are the rules that may turn employees mad at work?

So, how can you translate these challenges into useful actions? If companies want to take employee performance to a level, they need to work on how they engage with employees. Employee engagement program will address these challenges and will ultimately deliver a higher return.

Employee engagement ideas

If you are struggling hard for employee engagement, do not lose hope, there is always a way out to improve the experience. Try these employee engagement ideas to increase engagement in your organization:

Have teams create their own set of values

Have teams create their own set of values

Teams that have their own set of values brings a lot of success to the organization. So, efforts need to be made for nurturing teams to have established values that are in sync with the core values of the organization. Team values will affect team’s job performance and are essential to drive organization’s’ mission.

How to make it work:

  • Create a team culture
  • Lively and energizing team meetings
  • Preach core values

Have themed office days

Themed office days

Creating some theme fun days will reflect a more positive workplace and this can bring a lot of fun and increase employee loyalty. It will also kill monotony at work and will boost employee morale. You can even have a contest for the best one.

How to make it work:

  • Pajama day – Wear pajamas to office
  • All black day – Wear black
  • Maniac Monday – Combine your crazy socks and hair with mismatched clothes

Make Work Fun

employee engagement - Work & Fun

It is quite discouraging for employees to come to a place where the work is so monotonous, where you’re just working and no fun. There needs to be some trick to making work “fun, some employee engagement activities. Employees should feel better coming to office and not stressed.  

How to make it work:

Promote Wellness

Healthy food

Employees spent an average of more than 8 hours a day in office and it is important to take care of their wellness. There is a need of incorporating healthy initiatives as you obviously do not want your employees to burn out. Wellness needs to be built in office culture to increase productivity and better employee engagement.

How to make it work:

  • Keep dress code as casual
  • Give gym passes
  • Offer healthy food

Special incentives

Employee engagement - offer special incentives

I bet this would be your one of the favorite points. One of the ways to improve customer experience to inspire them to be more motivated and engaged is to offer them timely incentives. Everybody wants to retain the best talent and this will surely keep your best talents.

How to make it work:

  • Offer monthly money rewards
  • Quarterly or half-yearly raise in salaries
  • Other allowances

Celebrate achievements

Employee engagement activity Celebrate achievements

When did you last raised a glass to the success of your company or employee? Big or small achievement, celebrating it will make it worthwhile for long term success of your employees. It will refill their energy tans without burning out and is also a great way to put together teams.

How to make it work:

  • Throw a team lunch or office lunch
  • Plan an evening out with employees
  • Add a bonus or token gift

Encourage them to speak up

Motivate your employees to speak up

Nowadays, employees feel comfortable to speak their mind because of office conspiracy and other smart tactics. Let them know they need to speak up and it’s ok for them to bring out their ideas. They surely have brilliant ideas for your business. Ensure them they won’t get into trouble and give them a way to express themselves. This will push your organization forward and make increase engagement in office.

How to make it work:

  • Have one-on-one
  • Do frequent surveys
  • Give them safe space for communication

Give and receive feedback


The organizations are moving at a fast pace and it is becoming important to give feedback at an even faster pace. Regular feedback on daily basis or weekly basis should be provided for employees success and more engagement with employees. Be fair in giving feedback, keep it simple and clear as any wrong feedback can cause to explode. Let them keep their opinion and give them time to act on your feedback.

In nutshell, employee engagement is something that is made when employee and employer have a positive mindset. If your employees are not engaged they lose focus and the company suffers. These simple and effective employee engagement tips will help to boost the morale at the workplace.

Do you have some more ideas?

Good luck trying these employee engagement ideas out!

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