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Team Appreciation: Are You Showing Your Team the Right Gratitude?


Well, team appreciation has always been huge! For us, it simply means converting vague thoughts of appreciation into visible acts of appreciation. William James, the father of psychology, declared that being appreciated is the most fundamental psychological need. We all want to feel fully appreciated for our work. And we, at ProofHub, widely understand the need for appreciation.

In a gratitude survey of 2,000 Americans by the John Templeton Foundation, 81% percent of surveyed people said that they’d be willing to work harder for an appreciative boss, and 70% said they’d feel better about themselves and their efforts if their boss thanked them more regularly. Only 10% of them said that they regularly showed gratitude to their team.

We are all fearful of being in an environment where we are underappreciated and undervalued. That’s like one horror story. This horror story is part of an organization who really don’t care to keep their workers happy. A 2012 Harris poll (Colan, 2012) found that 65 percent of the workers reported receiving no recognition for good work in the past year! That’s a pretty low bar. When the appreciation is absent, an individual is less likely to feel connected.

So what does this mean in the workplace?

“Feeling appreciated is one of the most important needs that people have. When you share with someone your appreciation and gratitude, they will not forget you. Appreciation will return to you many times.”

– Steve Brunkhorst

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A Little Appreciation Goes a Long Way

Keep up the good work


While the importance of feeling appreciated varies by individual, it is essential to foster a positive relationship — be it the workplace or at home. We usually listen to our teams saying, “We don’t just want to know that our work is valued, we want to know that we are valued as people too.”

Why Appreciation is Important in the Workplace?

“Customers will only love a company when the employees love it first.”

– Simon Sinek

Why Appreciation is Important in the Workplace


Showing appreciation and gratitude is scientifically proven to benefit your health, happiness, and productivity. It not only feels good but also builds a diverse environment and provides extrinsic motivation. It’s also really empowering. Most certainly, it will make your employees enjoy coming to work, feel relaxed at work and allow them to deliver their best work.

In a Harvard Business Review article “Reward Your Best Teams, Not Just Star Players,” turns it into simple math: a 50/50 split.

“For every executive utterance praising a high-impact individual, there should be an equally emphatic expression of support for a high-achieving team… Teams, not just individuals, should get their fair share of bonus pools. A perceived — or real — absence of fairness can cripple team culture.”

Michael Schrage, MIT

Finally, team appreciation actually has a return on investment (ROI) for your business. Because happier, more fulfilled employees mean lower turnover and higher quality work.

How to Make Teams Feel Appreciated And Valued

A person who feels appreciated will always do more than what is expected.”

As a leader, you have to ensure that you make employees feel appreciated and valued in their workplace. How do you appreciate the team? There are lots of ways for this. Let’s get started.


  1. Praise in public, criticize in private

You know the guy Abeer — majorly contributed to campaign failure because of missing two key deadlines. This kind of behavior makes the efforts of others fruitless. During the meeting, prefer to not say anything to Abeer, but privately tell him how he let the team down. Often criticizing in public leads to negative consequences. In fact, public praise gives more weight to appreciation, thus encouraging the person to do more of the same.

  1. Be intended with everyday conversations

Conversations are a big part of making employees feel appreciated and build relationships. Meet and greet your employees every day and when you speak to employees, make sure they apprehend that you’re thankful when they bring something to the company that nobody else can. Highlight their values within the company. For example, “You did great work on your last task, here’s a new task that I think you’ll be ideal for.” Remember, the more you recognize through appreciation announcement for good performance of the employee, the more irreplaceable they’ll feel.

  1. Celebrate the work done, not just the final results

Do you praise your team members’ hard work and accomplishment? You are pushing them to work as hard as possible to achieve the company’s goals, it’s your duty to make them feel good. Tahir has been coming in early the whole week, stayed late, and put in some serious efforts, he’s been doing everything he is asked for and even more, but did you clap for him? It’s your responsibility as a leader to praise them. Simply say it out, “I know you’ve been really pushing yourself this week, you’ve done a great job – thank you.” To an extreme, this can really positively impact your company’s ability to innovate.

  1. Give them a (thoughtful) gift

It’s been proven that employees prefer recognition over money. Gifts are obvious when it comes to giving thanks. A thoughtful gift can keep your staff motivated throughout the year. Keep it something that shows an interest in their personal life, while also showing you care about their growth.

  1. Modernize the workspace

Your work environment has a great impact on employee morale and overall work culture. We spend a lot of time at work, a smart workplace will have smart technologies to make jobs easier and more satisfying. Does the workspace mobilize teams and facilitate learning and development? An environment-friendly office can go a long way for creative constructive thinking. Upgrade to smart devices, move to cloud-based storage, organize teams online, opt for open office space, and whatever you can do to make them “fit in”.

  1. Get creative with your perks

To attract the best and the brightest, you just need a little time and creativity. Some 66% of employees consider perks as a good way to show appreciation for their loyalty. Google, John Lewis, Virgin, and many other companies excel in this space – are known for their deep understanding of their people, where employee incentives range from bi-weekly massages to promoting napping hours. The right perks can build a meaningful relationship between employees and leaders, add value to employees’ lives, and it ties back to your company’s culture and identity. Identify perks that match your employees’ needs, get creative!

  1. Let them leave early or work remotely

31% of Americans describe the holiday season as “frantic.” Help your employees have a work-life balance by giving an option of flexible working hours. Sure, work needs to be done and deadlines must be met, but letting your team work from home could be a stress reliever for some.

You know this little act of kindness simply means;

  • A ‘thank you’ for the months of effort.
  • A gesture of appreciation for the hard work.
  • A generous acknowledgment.

A survey conducted by Fractl found that employees place great value on benefits such as flexible hours, more paid vacation time, and work-from-home options. As a result, they will be happier and more productive at work!

  1. Create a fun work environment

Employees who are in good spirits are more likely to be productive. Joyful workplaces are filled with people bursting with energy and enthusiasm. Of course, your employees need to be focused on their job but creating opportunities for a little bit of play at work attracts people and profits. It builds up the atmosphere of good vibes and encourages team innovation. Here are a few ideas to make your office more fun: add fun to meetings, team-building games, and activities, dance or baking contests, open the seating plan, bring your dog to work day, etc. A few more ideas that might interest you:

  • The spotlight/employee of the month —  Give it a try. Set the criteria to select an employee of the month. Give them little rewards. This will bring positive morale in the environment and it comes with real perks like employees become concerned about their performance.
  • Celebrate birthdays , work anniversaries, and more— Everyone likes to be spotted on their special day. Just give their desk a special feel. Bring a cake and notify the whole office.

How To Use ProofHub for Team Appreciation – ProofHub Announcement

Encourage team appreciation and motivation through announcement board in ProofHub. Sign up now.

A way to motivate teams, recognize good work, or share any information that may not be project-specific. Appreciate a job well done to celebrate achievements, add thank you message for colleagues, or inspirational words of appreciation or even give birthday greetings at one place.

What else?

  • Subscribe people to announcements and choose whom you want to show it and allow to collaborate on it.
  • Attach supporting images, files, documents, and more to your announcements.
  • Mention someone to address them, grab their attention or loop them in an announcement.
  • Use emojis to express without words.
  • Select for how long you need the announcement to be there and then disappear from the announcement board.

#CelebrateWithProofHub targets all the smart ways that can create a culture that supports employees to produce great work. Appreciate the moments!

 Vartika Kashyap
Vartika Kashyap

Vartika Kashyap is the Chief Marketing Officer at ProofHub and has been one of the LinkedIn Top Voices in 2018. Her articles are inspired by office situations and work-related events. She likes to write about productivity, team building, work culture, leadership, entrepreneurship among others and contributing to a better workplace is what makes her click.

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