5 Of The Best Employee Engagement Apps in 2023

Best Employee Engagement software

“When people are financially invested, they want a return. When people are emotionally invested, they want to contribute.” — Simon Sinek

Best Employee engagement apps?

Yes, in days when there’s an app for almost every other thing you can imagine, this type of software solution promises to help organizations to boost employee engagement

The emergence of remote work has increased the possibility of your employees feeling isolated and left out. And it’s not just the case with remote workers. Even in-office employees can become disengaged if not managed properly. 

The latest Gallup report shows that 51% of employees are disengaged in the workplace, while 13% are actively disengaged.  

Now, disengaged employees are the last thing any company wants. Loss of morale & productivity disrupted workplace harmony, and employee attrition; surely not what the doctor ordered for your business! 

Relax. Don’t feel stressed because there are some best employee engagement software solutions that help you keep your team members connected and involved even as companies juggle between remote work, hybrid work, and in-office work. 

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What is an Employee Engagement App? 

An employee engagement app is a software program that offers a range of collaboration features in a centralized location to enable widely dispersed employees to feel connected to each other, which further improves productivity and alignment. 

Organizations can use an employee engagement software solution to provide timely feedback to employees, and appreciate and recognize their efforts to boost their morale and job satisfaction. 

Top Employee Engagement Apps you Should Take Note of in 2023

1. ProofHub: Best Employee Recognition & Communication App


ProofHub is an award-winning work management and team collaboration software that offers a wide range of employee recognition and communication tools in a centralized location. The tool fosters engagement among team members as well as between the company and its workforce through timely and swift communication. 

Let us delve deeper and explore employee engagement and communication features that ProofHub offers.

  • Group chat. With its inbuilt Group Chat communication tool, ProofHub allows users to quickly send direct messages to other team members and clients, and receive fast replies within seconds. You don’t have to use email to exchange quick information.

You can also attach tasks, emojis, and GIFs to your conversations to make them more descriptive and expressive.

  • Discussions. Say goodbye to long, messy email threads. Create discussion topics on a subject of your choice and subscribe people to them. Share ideas, files, and documents in one place with people with you want to discuss a particular topic.

Add comments to share ideas and inputs, @mention people to loop them in an ongoing conversation, attach files and documents, proof them, and collaborate on them.

  • Announcements. Company-wide announcements can be an effective way to motivate your teams. ProofHub offers you a dedicated space to recognize the team’s achievements, give birthday wishes, wish on employees’ work anniversaries, or share any important information.

Subscribe people to your announcements, attach files, set time duration, and use emojis.

  • Real-time updates. Real-time updates notify every team member about all recent project developments, which enables them to take required action on time where necessary.

ProofHub users can receive updates of all the activities in their account through real-time in-app, desktop, email, and mobile notifications.

  • Multilingual interface. If you are managing a team of people from varied cultural backgrounds and nationalities, having a user interface of your tool in a single language can create all sorts of communication problems.

However, ProofHub offers multiple languages (English, French, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese(Taiwan), Dutch, Turkish, and German) to users so they can set the language of their choice for their interface. This allows you to communicate with teams and clients in the language you want.

  • Email In. Unattended but important emails in your inbox can cause crucial information to fall through the cracks. Use ProofHub’s email in to involve yourself in discussions, add tasks, and upload files without having to log into your ProofHub account.

Other Standout features of ProofHub include: 

  • Online proofing
  • Task management
  • Custom fields
  • Request forms
  • Table view
  • Time management
  • Reporting
  • Timesheets
  • Scheduling calendar
  • File management 

Pricing: ProofHub offers two flat-rate, fixed-pricing plans with an unlimited number of users. The Essential Control plan is priced at $45/month, billed annually. The fully-loaded, premium, Ultimate Control plan is priced at $89/month, billed annually. 

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2. WeThrive: Best employee health for mental health support


WeThrive is an innovative employee engagement software that enables companies to take a refreshing new approach to traditional employee surveys. This tool primarily focuses on your employees’ mental health through taking well-being and DEEI (diversity, equality, equity, inclusion) surveys. 

WeThrive surveys are designed by psychologists to identify what needs to be changed through its 4C employee engagement model. This model simplifies understanding the causes of low motivation, performance, and engagement. The tool categorizes employees’ responses into Cognitive, Confidence, Connection, and Capability parameters to analyze their engagement levels. 

Main features of WeThrive include: 

  • Performance management
  • Feedback management
  • Survey management
  • Cultural alignment
  • Employee alignment
  • Time and attendance management
  • Talent management
  • Employee database

Pricing: The Pro Plan is priced at 99 pounds per person, per year. 

3. Bonusly: Best employee app for team building 


Bonusly is counted as one of the best employee engagement apps in 2022. Its 360-degree recognition makes teamwork easily visible to everyone, thus empowering your employees to show their appreciation for each others’ good work. Mutual appreciation among employees helps to create a sense of belongingness and builds strong working relationships. 

Bonusly allows employees to give points to each other for good work. Employees can exchange accumulated points in their accounts for real-world prizes from leading e-sellers like Amazon, Target, PayPal, and more. The tool also integrates with existing company apps, like Slack, which allows employees to recognize each other immediately. This peer recognition software is great for building up an engaged team of highly motivated employees

Main features of Bonusly include: 

  • Engaging interface
  • Bonus feed
  • Monthly interface 
  • App integrations
  • Analytics
  • Digital signage
  • Mobile apps 
  • Open APU 

Pricing: The Pro plan is priced at $4.50 per user, per month. 

4. Energage: Best company culture building app


Energage is one of the leading employee engagement apps that helps businesses to accumulate, analyze, understand, and augment the voice of their employees. The tool offers a specific 24-hours question survey that you can ask your employees to fill, and use collected data to measure the culture of your organization. 

You can customize this 24-hour survey and remove questions that you deem unsuitable, add new questions, and deploy them through the app. This thoughtful employee engagement software solution also offers a coaching section where useful tips are provided to business owners and managers to improve employee engagement. 

Main features of Energage include: 

  • Workplace survey
  • Insights
  • Mobile surveys
  • Employer branding
  • Coaching 
  • Professional services 
  • Premier support 

Pricing: Contact Energage for pricing plans. 

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5. Culture Amp: Best employee experience platform 

Culture Amp

Culture Amp is an intuitive employee engagement application that offers engagement, performance, and development tools and insights to businesses to help them build a category-defining culture. The tool offers a wide range of pre-made survey and action plan templates that businesses can use to have a better understanding of their employees’ general opinion. 

Using employees’ feedback, businesses can take quick action to boost engagement, retention, and performance. Survey data can be visualized through heat maps to show different areas of engagement. Culture Amp’s analytics help companies find out the likelihood of employees leaving the job. 

Main features of Culture Amp include: 

  • Employee engagement 
  • Performance management
  • Employee development 
  • Turnover prediction
  • Goal/OKR tracking
  • Skills coach
  • Flow-of-work integrations

Pricing: Contact Culture Amp for pricing. 

Clear-cut Signals That You Need An Employee Engagement App 

  • Stagnant employee growth. Disengaged employees lose interest in their professional growth. Besides poor engagement, you can register a noticeable dip in their performance and productivity levels. That’s why it’s essential to use an employee engagement app to keep track of every individual’s performance and progress at work.
  • Increasing absenteeism. When some of your employees show an unusual increase in their absenteeism at work, you know it’s time to use employee engagement software. Disengaged employees repeatedly fall ill due to stress and other health conditions.
  • Reduced employee referrals. Reduced employee referrals mean that your team members don’t feel interested enough to recommend your workplace to others. This is a worrying sign for business owners because disengaged employees can also block the way of bright talent joining your organization.

Closing Thoughts

Every business yearns to have a team of highly engaged employees. In these uncertain times when a large number of people are working remotely, maintaining employee engagement can be a challenging task. However, business owners and project managers can utilize top-rated employee engagement apps to make everyone feel inclusive and heard. 

When you listen, appreciate and recognize your employees, they feel more valued, confident, and driven to work harder and also encourage others in the process. If you are still not using the best employee engagement software like ProofHub, it’s time you use it and reap the rewards! 

What is employee engagement software?

Employee engagement apps are designed to improve employee retention and boost engagement. The goal of these programs is to make employees feel a valuable part of the team and contribute to the organization’s goals.

What makes a good employee engagement application?

A good employee engagement app must have these features – instant messaging, real-time updates, announcements, easily accessible across multiple devices from any location.

What are the benefits of employee engagement software?

1) Keeps the entire team connected
2) Higher productivity levels
3) Reduced employee turnover
4) Better employee engagement

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