11 Recruitment tools for HR teams to bring out their A-game

Recruitment Tools for HR Teams to Bring out Their A-game


  • Recruitment tools are a great way to streamline your hiring process and get access to the best talent.
  • But why? Why have these recruitment tools become a must-have for businesses? What are its benefits? What are the different types of recruitment tools?
  • The article answers all these questions and also lists the top 13 recruitment tools for HR professionals can use to simplify the way they run their day and their work.

Recruitment tools have become to an HR manager what a paintbrush is to a painter. They simply cannot do without it.

And it’s not that these tools have emerged after the pandemic and lockdown. Even before that, HR professionals were using these tools for recruitment, talent management, and handling all the other vital aspects of their day-to-day life.

What are these tools? How do they make life easy for recruiters and HR professionals? Why have they become an integral part of every organization?

These are some of the questions that I will be answering in this article. So, let us begin.

What is a recruitment tool?

A recruitment tool aids you in making the entire recruitment process easier, more streamlined, and quicker.

According to the numbers from a Glassdoor survey, it takes an approximate sum of $4000 and a time of 24 days on average for an American recruiter to hire a new employee.

Anything and everything that can bring down these costs is virtually a blessing for a company, right? This is exactly what these recruitment tools do.

11 Best recruitment tools for HRs 2024

1. ProofHub

Recruiters love using ProofHub because of its simplicity, and highly beneficial people management features. It has all the capabilities of an efficient applicant tracking system, onboarding software, and a collaboration tool.

ProofHub as best recruitment tools for hr
ProofHub board view

ProofHub also helps recruiters and HR managers stay organized by giving them a central, secure place for storing their files and documents.

Top ProofHub features

  • Custom hiring workflows

You can create custom hiring workflows in ProofHub to always stay in control of your hiring process.

  • Onboarding

To onboard team members easily, you can create your knowledge base in ProofHub. Create notes for company policies, guidelines to follow while working, and all other important and relevant information to create a great onboarding experience.

  • Employee life cycle tracking 

Human resource professionals can set milestones to track specific phases in the life cycle of individual employees.

  • Employee engagement

ProofHub’s intuitive collaboration features make it the perfect employee engagement tool. You can keep the entire workforce connected with its Group chat feature. There’s a dedicated space for company-wide announcements.

  • Team events

Human resource managers can also create events in the Calendar that will serve as reminders for team members for any specific work or non-work-related activities happening in the organization.

  • Analytics

ProofHub’s powerful reporting tool ensures that HR professionals can track employee performance, monitor it, and share their performance feedback.

Streamline your processess and make your hiring process smooth.

2. BambooHR

If you are looking for a tool that helps you in everything you need to manage talent in your organization, Bamboo HR is the tool for you. With the e-signatures feature inbuilt the tool helps organizations take one step forward towards making processes paperless. 

BambooHR as recruitment tool
Bamboo HR

From gathering people data and analytics to streamlining the hiring process, from smooth employee onboarding and quick decision-making to compensation and building an overall team culture, Bamboo HR can help you do all this with ease.

Top BambooHR features

  • Applicant Tracking System
  • Workflows And Approvals
  • Employee Records
  • Reporting And Analytics
  • Onboarding And Offboarding 
  • Time Tracking
  • Payroll Management
  • Performance Management 

3. UltiPro

An award-winning software, that is known for its human capital management features, UltiPro is an all-in-one recruitment tool that is loved by HR professionals. The software claims to have a best-in-class user interface.

Recruitment software for hr - UltiPro

From performance optimization to easy employee monitoring, to tracking the entire employee life cycle within the organization, UltiPro helps in all this. Besides this, the software has also got aspects like Payroll, Time, and Talent management covered for you. It’s like everything is available in one central place. 

Top UltiPro features

  • Recruiting
  • AI and Machine Learning
  • Onboarding
  • Payroll
  • Employee File Management 
  • Compensation Management 
  • Performance Management
  • Employee Surveys And Sentiment Analysis
  • Predictive Analytics And Business Intelligence

4. Harver

An AI-powered tool that does the job pretty well when it comes to hiring, Harver is used by some big names like KPMG, Adecco, Burger King, and Valvoline for their mass hiring efforts. The tool focuses on building a simplified, informative, and data-driven selection process so that you can hire the best candidates. 

Harver AI-powered tool for hiring

One of the best things about Harver is that it is a fully automated tool and therefore helps HR teams to automate their routine tasks, freeing up a lot of their time. 

Top Harver features

  • Candidate Management System
  • Candidate Testing System 
  • Automatic Grading
  • Comparison 
  • Automation
  • Streamlined Reporting 
  • Employee Life Cycle Insights And Management 

5. Hirevue

Hirevue is an end-to-end employee recruitment tool that streamlines the hiring process for businesses. From helping you optimize your hiring process to creating a great experience for the talent being recruited, Hirevue does the job pretty well in all these aspects. 

Hirevue as employee recruitment tool

The software has some great capabilities to speed up your hiring process by identifying your needs and interviewing at scale. The software has built-in video interview capability that makes it a star when it comes to virtual hiring. The website offers a great ROI calculator as well so that you can calculate the returns that you will get by using the software. 

Top Hirevue features

  • Video Interviewing
  • Pre-hire Assessments 
  • Interview Scheduling
  • Conversational Ai

6. Yello

When it comes to talent acquisition, Yello is the tool for you. The unique thing about this software is that it has specific solutions for Campus, Professional, Diversity, Government, and Virtual recruiting.

Yello as tools for hr

From sourcing and candidate engagement to employee evaluations and hiring workflows, Yello has got everything covered. Helping teams make smarter hiring decisions, Yello is known to accelerate the process and bring great results for all types of organizations.

Top Yello features

  • Candidate Sourcing
  • Recruitment CRM
  • Candidate Engagement
  • Video interviewing
  • Interview Scheduling
  • Application Workflows
  • Candidate Evaluations

7. Click Boarding

Focusing on building an unparalleled employee engagement experience, Click Boarding helps you with onboarding and offboarding processes. You can create bespoke process flows or pick from the basic ones that the software suggests.

Click Boarding as recruitment tools
Click Boarding

Clickboarding also has strong employee progress monitoring capabilities, giving you a clear picture of individual employee performances. Click Boarding also integrates with popular industry applications.

Click Boarding top features

  • Employee specific workflows 
  • Forms
  • Action Center to monitor employee performance progress
  • Offboarding portal
  • Custom offboarding URLs and emails 
  • Third-party integrations 

8. GoHire

GoHire speeds up your hiring process by bringing together everything you need to attract the top talent in one place. It helps you organize your hiring process workflows, track candidates, and also automate your hiring efforts.

GoHire recruitment tool speeds up your hiring process

With powerful analytics in the tool, you can make more informed decisions and build more effective hiring processes. You also get permission controls to stay on top of everything that’s being done in this wonderful recruitment tool.

Top GoHire features

  • One-click Job Posting 
  • Templates For Job Descriptions
  • Job Widgets
  • Applicant Tracking System
  • Reporting Tools
  • Data Import
  • Advanced Reporting System 
  • Candidate Ratings 

9. SmartRecruiters

SmartRecruiters is the all-in-one recruitment tool that takes care of everything from attracting the right talent to selecting and hiring them for your business. Going above and beyond the simple talent management systems, the software leverages technology for seamless collaboration, assessments, and Artificial Intelligence.

SmartRecruiters is the all-in-one recruitment tool

It also recently acquired JobPal, a leading recruitment chatbot for enterprises. The software also possesses advanced employee monitoring and mobile recruiting capabilities, making it one of the best recruiting software options available in the market.

Top SmartRecruiters features 

  • Candidate Sourcing 
  • Candidate Assessment Tool
  • Applicant Tracking 
  • Hiring Software
  • Cloud and Mobile Recruiting Software
  • Recruitment Compliance
  • Recruitment Analytics 

10. Vervoe

An innovative tool that helps you assess candidates based on job-related tasks, Vervoe is a must-try tool if you are looking to hire the right candidate. From skills assessment to AI – you will find everything in Vervoe that you need as a recruiter. 

Vervoe recruitment tool for hr

By replacing the traditional hiring process, Vervoe works perfectly for both the recruiters and the person looking to get hired. The best part is that it comes with a free trial, so you can take it for a spin before you take the paid subscription.

Top Vervoe features

  • Customizable Assessments 
  • AI Customization 
  • Personalized Candidate Messaging 
  • Automatic Grading and Ranking System
  • Insights
  • Team tools for collaborative hiring
  • Integrations 

11. Pymetrics

Every company is unique and to meet its unique needs Pymetrics provides an AI-based system. Making hiring fun, it uses a unique set of games for gathering data about cognitive and emotional attributes.

Pymetrics as top recruitment tools for hr

From funneling potential candidates to identifying the ones with the highest potential, and Insights, Pymetrics has got several functionalities to make your hiring efforts more focused.

Top Pymetrics features

  • Candidate Assessments
  • Talent Acquisition
  • Talent Management 
  • Digital Interviews
  • AI-based analysis

Types of recruitment tools

There are quite a number of online tools available out there, which specifically cater to the needs of specific functioning areas of a recruiter. Based on that we can classify these tools into the following types:

1. Job portals

The oldest and the most common type of tools in recruitment have to be the job portals. These tools work as the places where recruiters can find people who are actively looking for a job. Not only this, but they can advertise their requirements so that potential candidates can reach out to them directly. The best example of online job portal is Indeed.com. Besides Indeed.com, LinkedIn, to some extent, also works as a job portal and has been used by recruiters to find the right candidates. 

2. Talent management systems

Talent Management Systems are more sophisticated software systems that help recruiters maintain a record, track their daily activities, set reminders for their daily activities, create, and do a lot more. By providing them with a streamlined system for managing candidate data, these tools work as a great way for HR teams to save time and work more efficiently

3. Screening tools

Initial screening is an integral part of the recruitment process. There are a number of different recruitment tools available out there that automate the screening process by testing various attributes of the candidates such as aptitude, job skills, personality, and so on. The good thing is that such tools allow you to define the parameters that you are looking for, so you can easily find the desirable candidates.

4. Video communication

Physical interaction has been limited to quite a large extent. Besides the focus on virtual hiring has made it imperative for recruiters to resort to virtual means of communication for interacting with potential candidates. This is where video communication tools become their lifesaver. 

5. Onboarding tools 

The recruitment process is not complete until the newly hired person is successfully onboard. The worst part is that close to 20% of the new hires leave without even making it to the second month. A poor onboarding experience is one of the major reasons behind it. To make sure that onboarding is carried out seamlessly, there are onboarding tools available out there, which you have to use. 

Benefits of using recruitment tools

By looking at the information mentioned above, one can get an idea of the benefits that recruitment tools bring. However, to bring more clarity in this regard here is a more elaborate look at the benefits of using recruitment tools:

Benefits of using recruitment tools

1. Boosts consistency

Using technology to screen candidates and handle the initial phase of recruitment ensures that there are fewer human errors. All the candidates are judged on equal parameters and further data analysis can be carried out to build better recruitment strategies for the future. This ensures that there’s consistency in hiring, and you can get the best results from your efforts by using these recruitment tools.

2. Increased efficiency

Another benefit that you will realize by using these tools is an increase in the efficiency of your efforts since everything is in one place, available online, and easily accessible. You don’t have to invest time in sorting through files physically and searching for information. Rather you can get all this information with just a few mouse clicks. So, there is no confusion and no chaos.

3. Keep data organized

Data is everything to a recruiter. From the resumes to screening tests and whatnot. It can become utterly chaotic to handle everything without having a system in place. This is where using an online recruitment and talent management system proves to be a blessing. You can organize all the information by sorting them into folders, labeling them, and so on.

4. Reduced employee turnover

By making the employee onboarding experience smoother, you can eventually prevent them from leaving early. With a talent management tool like ProofHub, you can create clear workflows, share all the relevant information, and do a lot more to make your onboarding process better.

5. Save time and money

By making processes more streamlined, giving you a tool to organize your data, and automating various processes that recruiters have to carry in their daily lives, these recruitment tools help a business save a lot of time, and money.

Why does it make sense to invest in a recruitment tool?

With all the new tech out there, you can’t help but wonder if you should be using more tools to 

There are serious benefits to having a well-defined and tech-enabled recruiting process. If you’re still wondering why, here are five reasons:

Why does it make sense to invest in a recruitment tool?

1. For effective candidate screening

You’ll be able to screen candidates more effectively—and faster. Who has time to read through every resume or cover letter?

 With recruitment software, you can set up specific parameters and keywords that will allow your software to filter out the resumes that don’t fit what you’re looking for, so you only need to pay attention to the ones that do. 

This will save you time and make sure you don’t miss anything important in a candidate’s application materials.

2. For company engagement 

Your candidates will feel more engaged with your company throughout the hiring process.

Recruitment software allows you to set up automated emails that stay in touch with candidates while they wait on decisions from your company, which can help them feel like they’re valued even when they aren’t getting the news they want right away.

3. For maximum job reach 

With smart tools like job advertising and sourcing software, you can make sure your job openings are reaching the right candidates—and the right candidates are seeing them.

The first step in optimizing your hiring process is to make sure it reaches the right people.

4. For feedback 

Gathering feedback from candidates and interviewers helps you improve your company’s hiring process and keep it optimized for future hires. 

It also lets you see where you might need to improve in terms of candidate experience.

5. For AI video interviews 

Tools like AI-powered video interviews can help save hours of work—for both interviewers and candidates—by delivering assessments that help identify top talent even before an interviewer first speaks to a candidate.

How to select the best recruitment tool?

After going through the list, I’m sure that you would have thought this in mind – the list is pretty exhaustive, how can I select the best one amongst these?

To answer this question, I would like to say that you need to assess your hiring requirements. Get your HR team together to discuss the challenges they are facing, since they are the ones who are going to use the tool.

The good thing is that a majority of these tools come with a free trial opt.

You can also take a 14-day free trial of ProofHub without any hassle and need to add a credit card.

Make employee onboarding smooth and streamlined. Try ProofHub for free


Like everything else, recruitment strategies have also changed, rather evolved, over the years. If we look at the scenario post the pandemic period, a lot of emphasis has been given to remote hiring. This has increased the need for businesses to invest in the right recruitment tools so that their human resource teams can continue to function without any limitations.

These recruitment tools can make your hiring and onboarding process and collaboration in your organization smoother. You can make your choice according to the requirements of your organization.

Recruitment tools FAQs

What is the most popular recruitment tool?

There are so many recruitment tools to choose from! ProofHub BambooHR GoHire Yello Harver Pymetrics These are all great options for finding the right people for your business.

How to pick the right recruiting software?

Choose a recruiting platform that’s easy to use, integrates with your existing technology, and has all the features you need.

How much does employee recruitment software cost?

Recruitment software costs between $45 and $950 a month, depending on the features you want, whether you’re a large enterprise or SMB, and how many employees your company has.

What are the 5 methods of recruitment?

The five recruitment methods are:

1. Direct Recruitment

2. Referral Programs

3. Job Boards

4. Social Media

5. Talent Agencies

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