14 Best Slack Apps & Integrations For High Performing Teams In 2023

Best Slack Apps and Integrations For High Performing Teams

Slack is unquestionably the most popular team communication application currently available in the market. Its simplicity and slight learning curve have made it a favorite of more than 10 million users across the globe.

Communication is undoubtedly one of the significant aspects that drive your business to success, but it’s definitely not the only one. In order to take action on your discussions and conversations, you need to focus on other aspects too. The following best slack apps and integrations can help you with that. 

Slack apps and bots can integrate seamlessly into your company’s core communication hub (Slack) and help you get work done in one place without having to switch between multiple tools time and again. These must-have Slack apps and integrations extend the functionality of Slack, making it even more efficient for your business. 

Whether you want to assign tasks, get notifications for each development in tasks or projects, give or get feedback, track progress, share files, set deadlines, or just want to keep your team members engaged and connected, you can do it all with a Slack application instead of using a  separate tool. 

Using the best Slack app integrations provides a significant number of advantages for your teams and businesses.

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Best Slack apps & integrations

Mentioned below is a list of 14 of the best slack apps, integrations, and bots for different categories. Check them out, and shortlist the ones that suit your business needs.

1. ProofHub – Project Management

ProofHub- Project Management slack integration application

ProofHub is an all-in-one project management and team collaboration software trusted by more than 85,000 teams across the globe. It is an intuitive tool with a thoughtfully built feature set that allows you to manage your projects effectively from a central location.

ProofHub can cater to the project management and collaboration needs of teams of any size, industry, department, or type (in-office, remote, and cross-functional).

ProofHub is a scalable solution for coordinating project activities, whether you have a team of 5, 20, 200 or more. Managers can use it to manage a wide range of project tasks while maintaining complete control over project communication. One of the best features of ProofHub is that it includes all of the essential project tools, such as task assignment, file management, progress monitoring, communication, review and proofing, time tracking — everything you could possibly need.

From planning to project delivery on time ProofHub is capable of simplifying all your project management responsibilities in one place. 

Core features of ProofHub:

  • Task management

From setting the start and end dates of tasks, visualizing tasks moving through different stages of project workflow in Kanban Boards to viewing and modifying task schedules, setting dependencies, and highlighting the critical path in order to get a visual representation of the overall project timeline using Gantt charts, ProofHub simplifies all your task management activities in one spot. 

  • Collaboration

ProofHub makes collaboration a breeze by bringing together every essential project management feature under a single roof. It is super easy for team members to work together on something at the same time, send messages, and update tasks or information without having to switch windows. 

  • Online proofing and markup tools

The proofing tool lets you review and approve files, designs & documents in real-time. You can easily give your feedback or suggestions to your team members using the markup tool and adding comments. It can be used by creative teams of all kinds. Whether you’re part of a design team, managing social media, or working on advertising campaigns,  Proofing tool helps you in streamlining your creative processes. 

  • File and document storage

ProofHub gives you cloud storage so you can gather all of your files and docs in one location and manage them easily. You can either use third-party file storage services like Box, Dropbox, GoogleDrive, and OneDrive or upload files directly from your PC. 

  • Custom reports

ProofHub helps you create detailed project reports and provides you a clear idea about the overall project progress and your team’s performance. You can create both project and resource reports and customize them by selecting the parameters of your choice. 

  • Time-tracking

ProofHub’s in-built timers make keeping track of time for each activity you and your team is working on a breeze. Although timers provide automatic time monitoring, you can also track your team’s time manually. All the data is saved in timesheets, which you can access at any time.

  • Chat and Discussions

ProofHub’s in-built chat eliminates the need to rely on those long and confusing email threads. You can send direct messages to your teammates (one-on-one and in a group chat) and get an instant reply. Besides online chat, ProofHub also provides you a dedicated space to have real-time discussions. You simply need to create a topic-specific discussion board, invite people to it, and collaborate effectively.

  • Request Forms

You can easily create request forms to get work requests, support queries, product requests, or tickets through the same and add them directly to ProofHub. You can label requests to differentiate and handle them as per the requirements. You may also add fields to request forms to collect the information needed to begin processing a request.

  • Project Planning

Managers can stay on top of their planning process by using tools like Gantt Charts and Calendars. As these features can easily extract data from your tasks lists and projects, it gets easier for you to establish an observable project planning environment. This results in fewer missed deadlines and helps take prompt action in case of an unexpected situation.


ProofHub charges a monthly cost of $89 (flat price) for all of its Project management and team collaboration features, irrespective of the number of users. It also provides a 14-day free trial to new users. 

You can easily integrate ProofHub with your Slack app and receive an excellent Slack project management experience by following a few simple steps.

Here is everything you can do with the ProofHub for Slack integration:

  • Perform real-time actions like assigning tasks, adding or changing assignees, editing information, and updating start and end dates in ProofHub through Slack.
  • Check work progress by keeping track of task status, progress, and details.
  • Give and ask for feedback by making comments without having to leave Slack.
  • Directly link your ProofHub Projects to Slack channels to stay updated and notified about any changes or developments (across both the platforms). 
  • Get instant notifications when a task is completed.

ProofHub is by far the best slack app for teams that want to collaborate and communicate productively while also managing projects efficiently.

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2. HubSpot – Marketing

HubSpot is another one of the best Slack apps

HubSpot is another one of the best Slack apps that offers marketing, sales, and service solutions to help companies improve their online presence and expand faster.

HubSpot’s marketing platform comes equipped with all of the tools and features you’ll need for successful marketing, sales, content management, and customer care.

Core features of Hubspot:

  • Free email tracking
  • List segmentation
  • Workflow automation
  • Dashboards
  • Free CRM

Here’s everything you can do with Hubspot and Slack integration:

  • Create or assign tasks in HubSpot right from Slack. 
  • Reduce app switching by receiving HubSpot notifications in Slack and vice versa.
  • Search for CRM contacts in Hubspot directly from Slack. 
  • Get instant feedback directly on the Slack integration without having to raise a ticket elsewhere. 

Therefore, Hubspot is an excellent Slack add-on that provides everything a marketing team requires to stay focused on work.

3. Salesforce – CRM

Salesforce- CRM as best slack integration app

Salesforce provides customer relationship management service and a complementary suite of enterprise applications focused on customer service, marketing automation, analytics, and application development.

Salesforce helps teams in increasing sales productivity revenue. It also helps keep track of every customer interaction and enables you to save time by automating repetitive tasks and admin work. 

Core features of Salesforce are: 

  • Contact Management
  • Task Management
  • Opportunity Tracking
  • Intuitive Dashboard
  • Customer Engagement Tools
  • Workflow Creation
  • Collaboration Tools
  • Analytics

Here’s everything you can do with Salesforce and Slack integration:

  • Access and share critical account information in Salesforce right from slack.
  •  Share messages in real-time in both directions between Slack channels and Salesforce Chatter.
  • Quickly search your Salesforce instance directly from Slack, and share results in Slack. 

Thus, Salesforce is one of the best Slack apps and integrations for productivity that increases team collaboration and streamline search processes across different platforms. 

4. Teampay – Finance

Teampay is a financial management software

Teampay is a financial management software built for modern, technology-enabled businesses. It helps businesses in requesting, approving, and tracking expenditures in real-time. Teampay provides businesses control and transparency over the overall spending of the company. 

Financial teams love Teampay because it streamlines the entire process from request to reconciliation, ensures data accuracy, and eliminates the stress of month-end close.

Core features of Teampay:

  • User, role, and access management
  • Digital receipt management
  • Expense reports
  • Invoice creation and delivery
  • Electronic payments
  • Automated reminders
  • Workflows
  • Mileage tracking

Here’s everything you can do with Teampay and Slack integration:

  • Request, approve, and keep track of all the online transactions made by your team right from Slack.
  •  Keep track of recurring merchants and inquire about charges within Slack itself. 
  • Look through the channels to see who has purchased what and when. 
  • Automatically reconcile through Slack without having to review access statements in different apps.

Teampay is for sure one of the best apps for Slack for teams that deal with numbers and financial processes.

5. Zoom – Video Conferencing

Zoom as slcak integration app for video conferencing

Zoom is the most popular Slack integration which is a cloud-based video and audio teleconferencing software that allows you to set up webinars, real-time chats, screen-sharing, and other collaborative solutions for your teams (both in-house and remote).

It helps you bring your distributed team on the same page(up to 100 participants). You can even have a quick one-on-one meeting. Zoom’s HD video and audio quality make it simple for teams to seamlessly connect, collaborate, and work together

Core features of Zoom:

  • Participant camera feed
  • Audio-only conferencing
  • Cross-platform messaging
  • Password protection
  • Zoom and calendar scheduling
  • Meeting recordings 
  • File sharing

Here’s everything you can do with Zoom and Slack integration:

  • Start a Zoom meeting directly from your Slack channel.
  • Join a Zoom meeting without leaving your Slack account.
  • Get the Zoom meeting summary and recording in Slack.
  • See call details in real-time like call attendees, details, length of meeting, and elapsed time, directly in Slack.

Zoom for Slack is undoubtedly one of the best Slack apps for remote teams

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6. Dropbox – File Sharing And Cloud Storage

Dropbox as slack integration application

Dropbox is a cloud storage service that allows you to save and sync files across different devices. Dropbox links allow you to share files and folders with others without having to send hefty attachments.

Dropbox for Slack simplifies the process of sharing information among users. Also, only the authorized users get access to the files because of the extensive security mechanisms in place.

Core features of Dropbox:

  • Cloud storage
  • File sharing
  • Data backup
  • Notification customization
  • Productivity tools
  • Encryption security

Here’s everything you can do with Dropbox and Slack integration:

  • Easily import and share files from Dropbox to Slack.
  • Look for certain imported files and share them with specific team members within Slack. 
  • Get automatic updates about any changes made in the imported files. 
  • To save content in one location, save content shared via Slack directly to a Dropbox folder.

 Therefore, make way for better file management for your business with this best Slack app.

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7. Github – Software Development

Github- slack integration app forSoftware Development

GitHub is a website and cloud-based Git repository hosting service that assists developers in storing and managing their code and tracking and controlling changes in it.

Individuals and teams find it much easier to utilize Git for version control and better team collaboration. The GitHub interface is simple enough that even inexperienced programmers can use it with ease.

Core features of Github:

  • Code spaces
  • Pull requests
  • Code review assignments
  • Team discussions
  • Public repositories
  • Workflow templates
  • Repo insights

Here’s everything you can do with Github and Slack integration:

  • Receive notifications about every new activity like new commits, issues, or pull requests within Slack.
  • Give your team more information about Github activities by sharing links directly to your Slack channels.
  • Close and reopen existing issues and pull requests right from Slack.
  • Use the deployment API to list, create deployments and check deployment statuses from Slack itself. 

So, Github is, without question, the best Slack integration for software developers who wish to work together efficiently. 

8. Zapier – workflow management

zapier as best slack app for work automation

Zapier is an online workflow management platform that connects with the apps and services you already use to help you automate repetitive tasks.

Zapier’s simple automation tools empower you to complete tasks without lifting a finger. It provides you Zaps (automated workflows) that automatically take care of tasks for you, allowing you to focus on more important matters. Zaps can be created and customized in a matter of minutes.

Core features of Zapier:

  • Application programming interface (API)
  • Activity tracking
  • Application management
  • CRM
  • Dashboard
  • Payroll management
  • User and email management
  • Sales and eCommerce management

Here’s everything you can do with Zapier and Slack integration:

  • Easily automate the flow of information between the apps your team uses and Slack. 
  • Any action taken in one app will automatically get updated in Slack and vice versa.
  • Set reminders for recurring and important tasks from Slack.
  • Get notifications about any changes or developments across both platforms.

Zapier is an essential Slack integration for productive teams as it saves them loads of time to focus on the most important things.

9. Nectar – Employee Recognition 

Nectar - Employee Recognition platform and slack app

Nectar, a human resource management platform that fosters social recognition, awards, employee discounts, and swag management to ensure connection and appreciation throughout your firm, is a must-have Slack integration for teams.

It helps you in creating a culture of excellence across teams and locations while operationalizing core values. With its robust features, it simplifies meaningful recognition and rewards in one place. 

Core features of Nectar:

  • Peer to peer recognition
  • Real-time activity feed
  • Leaderboard
  • Gift cards
  • Custom allowances
  • Birthday & Years of Service automation
  • Single-Sign-On (SSO)
  • HRIS/HCM integrations
  • On-demand swag storefront

Here is everything you can do with the Nectar and Slack integration:

  • Recognize and reward your employees straight from Slack.
  • Send and receive notifications across both platforms regarding any developments or changes. 

Nectar for Slack is one of the best Slack apps to make way for excellent employee recognition in 2021. 

10. Statsbot – Data Analytics

Statsbot is a user-friendly analytics application that provides valuable business data and statistics. Statsbot is a system that connects your database to Google Analytics and other programs. 

It enables you to create your own metrics-tracking analytics platform. It’s straightforward, quick, and easy to use. It allows other app integrations in order to pull data from multiple sources. The data gathered is then combined to provide helpful insight into teams.

Core features of Statsbot: 

  • Activity dashboard
  • Ad hoc reporting
  • Behavior tracking
  • Charting
  • Collaboration tool
  • Key performance indicators
  • Reporting
  • Visual analytics
  • Website analytics

Here’s everything you can do with Statsbot and Slack integration:

  • Receive customized notifications in Slack about any activity taking place in Statsbot.
  • Ask for feedback or questions related to business data like revenue generated from campaigns, metrics or reports, from Slack.
  • Receive and share metrics of data with your team in Slack.
  • Schedule or halt campaigns and reports for metrics monitoring straight from your Slack account.

Statsbot is another one of the best Slack apps for your data-driven business as it collects data from a variety of analytical sources and delivers it in an easy-to-understand format.

11. Time Doctor – Time Tracking

Time doctor slack integration app for time tracking

Time Doctor is a real-time tracking software that records how much time you spend on different tasks and collects screenshots of your employees’ screens so you can keep track of how much time they spend on each task overall.

Time Doctor gives you detailed information about how projects are managed from start to finish. As a manager, Time Doctor makes it simple to set up and track work schedules. It also sends you notifications when team members begin or finish assigned tasks.

Core features of Time Doctor:

  • Time tracking & employee monitoring
  • Online timesheets & payroll
  • Productivity measuring & summary reports
  • Project management & budgeting
  • Distraction alerts
  • Screenshots & activity levels

Here’s everything you can do with Time Doctor and Slack integration:

  • Get notified in Slack whenever a team member starts working on a task.
  • Easily track time spent by your employees on tasks and receive quick reports directly in Slack channels. 
  • Get notifications and updates when tasks are done. 
  • Customize notifications by assigning them to specific recipients. 
  • Keep track of websites and applications visited and accessed by your team members during work hours.

With this must-have Slack integration, you can acquire an excellent web-based time tracking solution.

12. Zendesk – customer support

Zendesk is a cloud-based help desk and customer service platform and best slack integration app

Zendesk is a cloud-based help desk and customer service platform that allows you to communicate with your customers via any channel.

Whether your customers prefer to communicate via phone, chat, email, social media, or any other channel, Zendesk unifies all of your customer interactions into one simple platform, making it simple to keep track of all of your support requests, quickly respond to questions, and track the effectiveness of your customer service agents.

Core features of Zendesk:

  • Help desk automation. 
  • Real-time updates
  • Macros
  • Request forms and ticket fields
  • Agent collaboration
  • Custom views
  • SLA management

Here’s everything you can do with Zendesk and Slack integration:

  • Easily view, create, and respond to support tickets directly from your Slack account. 
  • Quickly add internal notes using Slack message actions.
  • Receive real-time notifications on new and modified tickets in any Slack channel, ensuring that the entire team is aware of critical client issues.

Zendesk is one of the best Slack apps for teams who wish to streamline their communication formats and provide excellent customer services. 

13. Giphy – Team Engagement And Interaction

Giphy - Team Engagement And Interaction as slack integration app

Giphy is an online database and search engine that provides animated GIF images to use in posts and messages on social media and different messaging platforms.

It allows users to look for and share small looping videos that seem like animated GIF files with no sound. Giphy allows people to express their feelings and reactions to issues, allowing your team to become more expressing and engaging.

Core features of Giphy:

  • Customizable UI Templates
  • Gifs, stickers, texts, and Gif texts.
  • Optimized Loading & Renditions
  • Analytics
  • Exclusive Access

Here’s everything you can do with Giphy and Slack integration:

  • Send Gifs to your co-workers and team members in Slack channels.
  • Search through the Gif collection in Giphy and share it with Slack directly.
  • Type in a slash command or phrase in Slack to find the most relevant Gif.

Giphy is a must-have Slack integration for teams to be more productive, expressive, and engaged in their work. 

14. Dialpad – Verbal communication

Dialpad - Verbal communication

Dialpad is a unified communications platform that links your teams via audio, messaging, video, and online meetings. It comes with a complete set of advanced features to help you optimize your corporate communications and increase team productivity.

It works hand in hand with your existing digital communications tools, resulting in a connected business without any conventional business and team inconveniences.

Core features of Dialpad:

  • Audio / Video Conferencing
  • Auto-Dialer
  • Call Center Management
  • Call Conferencing
  • Call Disposition
  • Call List Management
  • Call Logging
  • IVR / Voice Recognition
  • Voice Mail

Here’s everything you can do with Dialpad and Slack integration:

  • Make Calls with Dialpad directly from your Slack channel. 
  • Log events for the beginning or end of a call in your Slack account itself. 
  • Start 1:1 calls directly from your Slack channel by either selecting the call icon or using the slash command.
  • Get quick notifications when a call is missed, or a voicemail and text message is received. 

A communication platform like Dial pad is an essential Slack integration for teams in 2021, especially the distributed ones.

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What are the benefits of using the best Slack apps & integrations? 

  • Enhanced collaboration

Slack add-ons make collaboration easier for teams by offering a single center for communication, tasks, reporting, files, and much more.

  • Improved functionality

Slack applications allow you to use Slack for more than just having a simple conversation. You may use it to assign and track tasks, manage projects, recognize team members, and so much more.

  • Easy-to-use

Since a lot of users are already comfortable with Slack, it gets easier for them to adapt to the new Slack integrations as they do not have to waste time learning new tools and technologies right from the start. 

  • Integrated management process

Best Slack bots allow you to utilize additional features right within Slack. You don’t have to log in, switch between multiple platforms, or learn how to use them.

  • Better communication

When you communicate and work using the best Slack apps, you’re less likely to have an overflowing email inbox or audio/video calls and can make sure that you never miss out on anything important. 

  • Cost-efficient

You do not have to spend extra money on different tools as you can manage all your work from a central platform. Many of the Slack apps have free or low-cost options.


Slack does, in fact, live up to its slogan of “be less busy.” Slack app integrations improve the program’s customizability and functionality for teams and its usability. It aids in the consolidation of operations onto a single platform, making work management more straightforward.

If you’re looking for more, the Slack App Directory is continually updated with the best Slack apps, integrations, and bots, and we’ll update ours as well if we find something beneficial.

What are slack apps?

Slack apps and integrations are third-party software platforms that integrate with the Slack UI, allowing you to extend the functionality of your Slack account.

What are the best Slack integrations?

Some of the best Slack integrations are HubSpot, ProofHub, Zoom, Dropbox, Time Doctor, and more.

Why is slack the best app?

Slack is the best app since it makes working easier and more organized. Slack offers better bots, more integrations, and better usability compared to other apps.

What makes a good slack app?

A good slack app connects your usual work management software to Slack without having to leave the platform and provides you more flexibility to manage your work.

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