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Basecamp Project Management Software Review – Is There Any Better Alternative?


If you are into project management, chances are pretty high that you have heard the name of Basecamp – a leading project management software. I’m also quite certain that you would have found a number of posts like Basecamp project management software review, is there a better alternative to Basecamp and so on. 

Made available to the businesses for the first time in 2004, Basecamp has been an inspirational tool for project managers around the globe.

In all these years, many new and advanced project management tools have emerged that can simply outrank Basecamp in various aspects.

However, Basecamp’s affordable pricing and huge customer base easily drag people’s minds into thinking: will Basecamp be able to meet our project management requirements? Is it really as good as the people behind it claim it to be?

Honestly, Basecamp is without a second thought, one of the most reasonably priced software to manage your projects and well as teams.

But, before you jump to a conclusion that it’s the best, you need to know how Basecamp helps you with project management. Moreover, you also need to know about the best Basecamp alternative that you can use for managing your projects even in a better way.

Why is Basecamp So Popular?

Basecamp’s ever-rising popularity has been mainly due to two reasons – affordable pricing and simple user interface. The best thing about this software is that managers along with their teams can keep an eye on everything that is happening within a project. It has several features that make the project management process simple and efficient.

Is Basecamp the Best Project Management Software?

It’s impressive that Basecamp has managed to be among the best project management software. Today, there are hundreds of project management tools out there and Basecamp, despite its limited features, has maintained its reputation of being a reliable PM software. It is a go-to tool for individuals who are either new to project management or looking to manage their projects in a simplified manner.

However, there are certain alternatives to Basecamp that provide more value to users by offering advanced features. Top Basecamp alternatives like ProofHub come with enhanced functionality that allows project managers to take a step forward in managing complex projects with relative ease. 

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The Best Basecamp Alternative for Project Management – ProofHub

One of the biggest reasons for users to trust Basecamp is that the software has been thriving in the market for so many years. 

However, there’s one particular thing about Basecamp that most users fail to notice when they start managing their projects with it – lack of innovation and feature upgrades.

The features offered by Basecamp are quite basic when compared to many other leading project management tools. Moreover, it is evident that the addition of new features to Basecamp is quite uncommon. This is the single most important reason why many users start looking for Basecamp alternatives sooner or later.

If you are also on a hunt for the best Basecamp alternative, your search ends here with ProofHub.

ProofHub is an all-in-one project management and team collaboration software that you can use to manage your projects, tasks, and teams from a single place. It comes loaded with pretty much every essential feature that you and your team need to plan, collaborate, organize, and deliver projects on time.

The use of multiple tools for project management tools increases business costs and waste your precious time. With ProofHub, there’s no need to juggle with several tools and apps to organize all your work data and stay on top of all your projects.

Basecamp Project Management (vs. ProofHub)

For tools like Basecamp and ProofHub, making the project management process simple is always the topmost priority. Through this section, I will give you an overview of the features that you use to manage projects in Basecamp and ProofHub.

Basecamp vs ProofHub

Task Delegation & Monitoring

Basecamp: To-Do Lists

Soon after the commencement of a project, the first thing that you need to do is to break the whole project into tasks. 

Basecamp provides you interactive to-do lists that you can use to create tasks, assign them to your team members, and set due dates for each task. I

At the home or dashboard of your Basecamp, you can create a new project with a single click. After the project is added, all you need is to click on the project and then enter the to-dos section to start creating actionable tasks for your project. 

You can create multiple lists that represent the different phases of your project and add to-dos in each list separately. Once you have completed a task, you can simply check the to-do item’s box to mark it as finished or completed.

The to-dos section also lets you see your project to-dos as cards. Each card represents a to-do list and shows the to-dos that you have added to that list.

ProofHub: Kanban Boards

ProofHub’s way of managing tasks is quite different from Basecamp as you get Kanban Boards for that. 

You can define the workflow of your project by dividing the whole project into different stages and add tasks in the form of cards. 

Each task card contains information about the task such as title, description, assignees, start & due dates, and labels. Additionally, it is also possible to create subtasks and select assignees for them.

You can also switch to a list view to manage your project’s tasks in the form of a to-do list, but the board view is what most ProofHub users love to keep track of all their tasks.

The best part of using Kanban boards is that you can see your tasks moving from one stage to another and all get all the vital information about a task in a single place. 

All you need is to create a project and access the Tasks section to create, delegate, and manage all the tasks conveniently.

Task Scheduling

Basecamp – Schedules

Each project in Basecamp has a dedicated schedule section where you can view the tasks and events of a project in a calendar view. The dates with an event or task are highlighted with dots. 

You need to click on a date to see the tasks and events scheduled for that day. 

Moreover, the schedule section also displays the upcoming tasks and events, which is helpful to see what lies ahead. 

ProofHub – Gantt Charts and Calendar

ProofHub comes integrated with a calendar that provides you information about the scheduled tasks, events, and milestones of a project. 

Each project has its own calendar and you can see everything scheduled for a particular day on the calendar itself. 

You can hover on the event on the calendar to get an overview of it and click to see all its details.

One more feature that ProofHub has to offer for making task scheduling effective is the Gantt Chart.  

By using a Gantt chart, you can visualize the tasks of a project in a timeline view, and modify schedules as work changes and deadlines shift. As an added advantage, you will be able to identify tasks that directly affect the overall duration of the project. 

Gantt Charts are of great help when you want to meet all your deadlines and deliver projects within the defined time frame.


Basecamp – Reports

For every manager, project reports are of great importance because it helps them to assess whether the project is on track or not. Also, reports come handy when you need to share the details of the project work with your company’s senior management and shareholders.

With Basecamp, you can access all the information about a project in a single place. You need to access the activity section of your project in Basecamp to get details about overdue tasks, upcoming events & deadlines, tasks assigned to a specific member of your team, and the activity of a member. 

As a project manager or a team leader, the reports in Basecamp helps you to see where your project is heading towards and if there’s a need to modify the project plan.

ProofHub – Custom Reports

The custom project and resource reports in ProofHub makes the overall reporting process simple and less time-consuming. 

Instead of using multiple tools to create reports, you can generate detailed project reports with a couple of clicks. 

Whether you want to see a roadmap of all the milestones or visualize all the important aspects of a project, ProofHub reports will provide you with all the information that you need to ensure the success of your project.

Get information about the open and overdue tasks, see who’s working on them, and by how many days the deadline has been missed. 

The workflow task reports even make it possible for you to know the number of tasks that are in each stage of the project. ProofHub also allows you to get access to individual task reports of your team members to assess their performance as well as their workload.

The report customization option in ProofHub gives you the flexibility to highlight particular information on reports by picking parameters if your choice. 

By creating customized reports you can stay assured that you have project reports that are insightful and help you to manage your projects better. 

You can also download custom reports with a single click and use them in presentations and meetings with your clients, management, shareholders, and vendors.

Progress Tracking

Basecamp – Hill Charts

The Hill Chart feature in Basecamp provides you a great way to track the progress of your tasks and projects. The chart gives you a good idea of whether your project is moving in the right direction at the right speed or not. 

By assessing the project progress regularly, you can take action to ensure the smooth execution and timely completion of a project.

It’s quite easy to use the Hill Chart and track the progress of even complex projects. The chart consists of a curve that represents two phases of a task. 

The uphill section of the chart represents the phases where you figure how to execute the task while the downhill section represents the phase where you actually perform the task. 

As a user, you and your team members can drag and place the to-do lists of a project to visualize how the whole project is progressing.

ProofHub – Burn-up Charts

With ProofHub you not only track the overall progress of your project but also the progress of individual tasks. 

You can mark the progress of a task in percentage to give a good idea about how much work is left. By tracking the progress of individual tasks it becomes much easier to predict if you are going to complete the project within the defined time limit.

ProofHub also lets you track the overall progress of a project using burn-up charts. 

A burn-up chart provides a graphical representation of the work completed against the total amount of work. This will make it easier for you to evaluate the pace of your work and adjust work plans if required.

Client Involvement

Basecamp – Client Access

Working with clients often brings the challenge of keeping them updated about whatever is happening with their projects. 

However, Basecamp solves this problem as you can add clients to your Basecamp account so that they can track every project activity. This helps to avoid conflicts and reduces the number of meetings required to give updates to clients about their projects.

As there is always some sort of information that should remain private to your team, Basecamp lets you decide what your clients can access.

By default, everything in your project is private to your team, be it a to-do list, a message, or a work file. You can give access to clients only those items that are important to them. Your team can communicate and discuss matters directly with a client. 

Also, you can share project files with clients so that they can access them whenever they want. 

ProofHub – Custom Roles

ProofHub comes with the custom roles feature that allows you to assign roles to every individual involved in a project. 

By defining the roles, you can decide the access level and permissions. You can add your clients to projects and assign them a custom role that you can name anything like Client or Customer. 

Additionally, you can customize the permissions to ensure that clients only access data and perform things according to their responsibilities.

By creating and assigning custom roles, you can decide who gets to access what within a project. 

Apart from clients, you can set access levels for managers, team leaders, team members, and ensure that your organization’s hierarchy is maintained in ProofHub.

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Extra Project Management Features in ProofHub – 

  • Timesheets

Tracking time for tasks and projects is not only critical to a project’s success but also helps with client billing and assessing employee performance. 

The timer and timesheets native to ProofHub allow you to keep an accurate record of your projects’ time data. You can track time spent on all the individual tasks of a project and also set time estimates to let assignees know how much time they need to complete the task

All the time data gets recorded in timesheets that you can access any time for various purposes such as payroll and time management. 

The in-built timer let you automatically track the hours spent on a particular task and it is also possible to enter work hours manually.

  • Request Forms

Managing all the work requests while avoiding messy email inbox is what ProofHub’s request forms will do for you. Whether it’s a support query, ticket, product request, or a work request, you can manage all your project-related requests with ease.

The request forms are customizable, which means that you can add fields of your choice into forms and make sure you get all the desired information to make things happen. 

Moreover, you can add requests directly to ProofHub and take action right away to resolve or complete them. To keep all your requests sorted, you can add labels to them and identify them without scratching your head.

Team Collaboration in Basecamp (vs. ProofHub)

When working on projects as a team, collaboration is of the essence to ensure the success of projects. Both Basecamp and ProofHub have features that promote team communication and collaboration to help teams to stay on the same page.

File Management and Collaboration

Basecamp – Document & Files Storage

Usually, there are several files associated with the project work that you need to manage. However, when files are scattered across different computers, storage services, etc., it’s quite difficult to keep them well-organized. 

Basecamp offers an online document & file storage facility to help you keep all your project files at a single place. This makes it much convenient for you to organize files and you never have to worry about losing files.

Each project comes with a dedicated storage space where you can easily keep all your project files & documents. Upload directly from your system or link files from third-party storage services, such as Google Drive and Dropbox. 

ProofHub – Centralized File Management

The cloud storage offered by ProofHub allows you to upload, store, and organize all the project files in one place. Create folders and subfolders to keep all the files well-organized and preview them directly without switching to other apps. 

Also, the file versioning support comes handy when you need to store multiple versions of the same file.

Upload files to ProofHub from your computer and popular storage services, including Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox. You can also attach the uploaded files to tasks, discussions, and notes within ProofHub and even share file links with guests.

Team Communication

Basecamp – Direct Messages (Pings)

Communication is the cornerstone of great teamwork and Basecamp understands it very well. 

The pings feature allows you to have a quick conversation with your colleagues. 

You can either have a one-on-one conversation with a colleague or add a few members of your team to start a small group conversation.

The direct messages you send to your colleagues are not only restricted to text but also entails files, codes, audio files, and emojis. 

Revisiting the messages that you have exchanged a while ago is also easy as you can search for them in the conversation history.

ProofHub – Instant Chat Tool

The chat tool in ProofHub is interactive and it floats as a chat icon at the bottom right of the app interface. You can simply click on it to start a private conversation with a colleague or start a group chat. 

The best thing about the chat interface in ProofHub is that you can access all your conversations while doing almost anything in the software.

You can attach files in chats, mention people in chats using @, and use emojis to express yourself better without using words. You can also see members who are online and see when they were last active on ProofHub.

Information Broadcasting

Basecamp – Message Boards

The message boards in Basecamp allows you to start conversations on specific topics with your team. You can customize the post types, and select the people of your team with whom you want to share them. 

Team members can applaud the messages and comments of each other.

ProofHub – Announcements

With ProofHub, you can share important information, celebrate achievements, welcome a new team member using announcements

Subscribe people, attach files, mention people, and set duration for which the announcement will remain visible in the announcement board. 

Also, the subscribed individuals can add comments to share what’s on their minds regarding the announcement.

Group Chat & Discussions

Basecamp – Real-Time Group Chat

Basecamp provides a dedicated chat room for every project where you and your team task quick questions and solve project related issues together. You can also mention people in comments to grab their attention.

ProofHub – Discussions

ProofHub allows you to create dedicated spaces (discussions) to talk about particular matters and issues. 

You can subscribe some or all the members of your team to a discussion and post comments, share files, proof designs, etc.

Additionally, you have the option to mark a discussion topic as private to prevent unwanted access and pin discussions to access them easily.

Extra Team Collaboration Features in ProofHub:

  • Online Proofing

Online proofing is one of the most useful features in ProofHub that makes it possible for teams to collaborate effectively. For most projects, the task of reviewing design files and documents is imperative. 

The proofing feature enables you to review, proof, and approve files from one single place. While reviewing a file you can give suggestions and feedback by adding comments to it.

You can also annotate files and give feedback for a particular section of a design file or document using markup tools. You can also mark a suggestion or feedback as resolved with a single click and let reviewers know that the changes have been made successfully. 

ProofHub also allows you to upload multiple versions of the same file so that it’s easy to compare and acknowledge the changes. Reviewers can approve the files with a single click and ensure that they move on to the next stage.

  • Project Manager

Often team members are unaware of the person managing the project they are working on. This creates a barrier in reporting the project status and causes delays in the flow of information. 

With ProofHub, you can select a manager for your project and others can also see the person taking charge of the project. Also, the project manager will receive all the important information and activity updates to stay on top of the project.

Pricing Plans of Basecamp (vs ProofHub)


Basecamp comes with a single pricing plan that gives you access to all its features:

Basecamp Business: $99 per month (unlimited users) 


For information on our pricing plans, kindly visit our pricing page.

Basecamp Ratings and Reviews (vs ProofHub)


G2 – (4.1 / 5) stars

Capterra – (4.3 / 5) stars

“Basecamp is a productivity tool designed based on the minimalist philosophy of its founders. So, it keeps a focus on the essentials and does not wander off from its intended purpose of keeping things simple. For everything else, there is an integration to other applications. Still, the available apps and services are not that many, limiting the choices of teams and companies who need specific or additional capabilities not offered by the PM tool”. – G2

“Basecamp’s user interface has changed over the years and has become for easier for clients and client facing individuals. Basecamp became a part of a sales pitch in terms of giving access to clients to a platform where we were accessible and there to help them.” – Capterra


G2 – (4.4 / 5) stars

Capterra – (4.3 / 5) stars

“ProofHub is the best project management tool for our team. It not only makes it easy for every team member to work together, but it also helps me track their progress without any hassle. The interface is pretty simple and easy to adapt. I love the custom reporting option, using which I can easily plan my projects and efficiently manage my resources.” – G2

“One of the many benefits of ProofHub is that it has little to no learning curve. The tool is so simple and straightforward that even lay users can use it to manage their day-to-day work without any hassle. In addition to that, it’s amazing how the software syncs so many tools and features together for higher productivity and to save time. Tasks, Kanban boards, Gantt charts, Calendar, Files, Notes, Custom roles, Chat, Discussions, @Mentions, Announcements, Request forms, Proofing, Timesheets, Timers, Reports-ProofHub is an amazing platform for freelancers, remote teams, and businesses who need just place and one tool to plan, schedule, organize, track, proof, and deliver work.” – Capterra

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To Sum it Up

Basecamp project management features are quite limited considering the requirement of managing projects effectively. On the other hand, ProofHub comes integrated with several advanced features, like time tracking, Kanban boards, Gantt charts, and online proofing that makes the life of a project manager easier.

If you are willing to shift to a project management software that is better than Basecamp and adds more value to your managerial responsibilities, ProofHub is the apt choice.

Make a choice wisely, good luck!

 Vartika Kashyap
Vartika Kashyap

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