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Effective Time Management Strategies for Work

August 21, 2018
7 min read
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How do you make the most of your time to make sure you are working efficiently? Time holds quite a large relevance to the world in bringing some big results. The objective lies in making every day count for something. How we spend our time is becoming integral to the way of our living. When a person manages it’s time wisely by investing in time management techniques, they are more likely to achieve much-needed work-life balance.

Importance of Time Management

Time management is about valuing your time ― the more you do, the better you will be at it. While it helps in increasing productivity in every area of your life. You will get a clear direction of what you want to do and how long you will have to give to a thing.

Time management is a strategy that completes tasks in time with a steady and efficient workflow. And failing to manage the time damages effectiveness and causes stress.

Time Management Strategies for Work

1. Know how you spend your time

The basic idea lies in being aware of how long you take to do whatever is on your list. If you have 10 things to do, are you able to cover up everything in the number of hours you have for the day? When you clearly define how you spend your time, you will be better able to keep a record of how you spend your time. Analyze your free time. At ProofHub, the teams track their time on a time tracking software to better manage how much time they are spending on their work. All in all, it makes their job easier and they can spare some free time doing other things.

2. Prioritization

Manage your time>achieve your goals>be successful. This is the pattern to follow. Managing time also simply means to spend time on priorities and not to waste time on non-priorities. Know your priorities by asking yourself these questions:

  • Identify urgent vs important
  • What are your values?
  • What are your goals?
  • What is the result of the activity?

When you know how to prioritize your goals you will be probably successful in your role.

3. Make a to-do list at the end of each day

To-do lists are predominantly motivating because it gives a clear idea of what is to be accomplished each day. The best time to make a to-do list is at the end of each day because you are in the flow of work and you can easily pick up where you left off the next day. When you are making the list, try breaking large projects into small daily tasks to track the progress towards the final goal. Be realistic when scheduling tasks.

Pro Tip: ProofHub can help you plan your day and make a daily to-do list!

4. Focus without distractions

Tipe management tips at work can be successful when you push yourself out of the distractive circle. It’s not easy to stay on tasks when you need to do millions of tasks. Getting distracted is normal. So to stay on track with what you want to achieve, keep in mind your end goals. Focus on only one part of your work at a time. No responding to texts, no browsing the web.

5. Elon Musk’s time blocking method

Elon Musk is possibly one of the busiest men on the earth. His secret to his effective time management is the method of time blocking. He follows the “superhuman” ability to focus without distractions. Time blocking is actually the method of committing a certain number of hours to just one task and blocking off time for other tasks. Kevin Kruse in his book 15 Secrets Successful People Know About Time Management, has suggested that top performers organize their day through time blocks. You are more likely to be productive with a plan of action.

6. Decision-making

There are not many jobs where you can just sit down and start working without making a prior decision or giving thoughts to how you are going to plan all your work. There are many things to thought upon, like;

  • Which task is of high-priority
  • When a task is to be completed
  • Which resources are available to do the task
  • Which task need to be done later

All such decisions are to be made before you sit to work, so a task doesn’t affect another task. This is a one kind of a time management strategy which if done wrong can bring a zero outcome for the day. Make clear decisions related to your tasks to greatly improve the way you have to work.

7. Tony Robbins rapid planning method

Tony robbins, the rapid planning method is a results-focused planning system to change your mindset to concentrate more on the outcome. Rapid planning method (RPM) stands for result-oriented, purpose-driven, massive-action plan. These three portions help in getting better answers to focus our efforts in a better way.

8. Record your daily routine

This time management strategy will make you clear to find out which are the activities that you are wasting your time on. You can start by tracking your activities at work using productivity apps. When you have recorded your daily routines for a week, you will be able to spot all the time-wasting activities and better keep a conscious effort to cut them out of your day.

9. Automate your workflow

While we are talking about the strategies of time management, automating recurring tasks is another one of the most effective time management strategies in the work. Tasks like recurring invoicing or billing can be automated to make it easier to perform every week or month or daily.  You just need to set up the recurring tasks on your app.

10. Get organized

It is said that super achievers are totally super-organized. It can be quite overwhelming when there are a large number of tasks to focus that can diffuse productivity. To avoid this problem, it is suggested that  “Chunking” will turn your a lot into a little. This time management technique will organize all your tasks adding it into a manageable category. With the chunks of work, you can do your work in a manageable way, with easy categories to handle and get important goals accomplished first.

These time management strategies for work can help you live a more controlled life at work and home. The above mentioned time management techniques are like the mantras for changing the way you live. With the right mindset and right strategies, you can live a more joyous life.