18 Best OmniFocus Alternatives & Competitors to Use in 2023 for Task Management

Omnifocus alternatives

OmniFocus is the big tusker of task management, designed to help teams to manage tasks. Probably with the growing need, it is like a hunt to find the perfect task management software because everyone has different needs and expectations. It can be quite mind-boggling to pick a tool that is right for the teams. OmniFocus app is incredibly flexible, and the controls are easy to learn. It allows you to store, manage, and process your thoughts into actionable to-do items.

OmniFocus lets you create projects having sequential tasks, where one task must be completed before the next can be done. It helps to work smartly bringing task management to your fingertips but if you’re looking beyond the usual task management, here’s a breakdown of top 18 OmniFocus alternatives that possess the power to give your life a productive makeover.

Top 18 OmniFocus alternatives:

1. ProofHub

ProofHub - OmniFocus Alternatives

ProofHub is an advanced online task management software for remote and virtual teams. It gives you full control over your tasks and helps you manage projects effectively. Having an orderly interface, ProofHub delivers everything you need to manage a project.

Why use ProofHub over OmniFocus?

  • Visual representation of your project on Kanban board
  • Focus on one task at a time
  • Set time limits against each task
  • Proofing tool to discuss, comment and finalize a document
  • Collaborate frequently
  • A clear line between urgent and important tasks

ProofHub’s web browser platform is compatible with popular operating systems, including iOS, Android, and Windows.

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2. Airtable

Airtable - omnifocus alternative

Airtable has combined features of a spreadsheet with a database. It holds an interface with features to store and visualize. One easy but a powerful alternative to OmniFocus, Airtable works exactly the way you want. It allows users to organize content, ideas, projects and records into a centralized system. You can include images, checkmarks, tags, formatted text descriptions, and more in your tables to make a visual database that looks and work just like you want. Being fast and flexible, Airtable is trusted by over 30,000 of the world’s leading companies.

3. Wunderlist

Wunderlist - omnifocus alternatives

Tick-off all your professional and personal to-dos. Wunderlist is an effective task listing software for businesses and individuals who want to get things done in time. Assign deadlines, filter tasks,  add more items, due dates, in-app notifications, print your to-dos in one click, and display your schedule with this simple yet powerful too. Users can manage their tasks on mobile as well as desktop. A free version is also available but with limited tools.

4. Trello

Trello - omnifocus alternatives

Trello is an online system that has the concept of boards and within boards, there are cards (which represent tasks). It is a well-integrated and reasonably priced for teams to work collaboratively. Create a single board, then add lists to represent the different statuses of your project, and then add cards to the appropriate list. Trello simplifies planning. You can add comments, attachments, due dates, and more directly to Trello cards. It will fit your workflow so you can use any way you need to. With popular Kanban boards, users can use it for more productivity. Trello offers freemium plans.

5. Smartsheet

Smartsheet - omnifocus alternatives

Smartsheet is one of the best OmniFocus alternatives that increases speed and improves collaboration to fit different work preferences. It has a suite of project management applications, such as document management, reporting, resource management, and time tracking. You can manage work in real-time, set up automatic update requests, control access with smart permission, and keep everyone on the same page by attaching files from Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, and more. The software is used in high-tech and nonprofit industries, and match the needs of business size from startups to large enterprises.

6. Zoho projects

Zoho projects - Omnifocus alternatives

Zoho projects is a task management software used in wide range of business from for small to medium-level companies. It is supported in 16 different languages. Teams and project managers can keep track of everything from simple to complex projects with Zoho Projects. Collaborate with your team better to get things done on time all in one place. Zoho platform is functional and intuitive, letting teams around the world work seamlessly.

7. Asana

Asana - Omnifocus alternatives

Asana is used as a personal productivity system just like people use OmniFocus, but you can also use it for group-based projects. Asana is a leading project management software to improve the task management system of teams. You can use it as a simple to-do list, or as a workflow management tool, track what needs to get done, view the status of projects at a glance, see a project in Gantt-chart, show all tasks assigned, and communicate with one another. Asana is available for desktop, Android and iOS devices.

8. Any.do

Any do - Omnifocus alternative

Any.do can manage both personal items and team projects. Team members can collaborate adding comments, take notes, or attach files to a particular to-do’s. Any.do is a productivity app designed to help people get more done. It lets users attach most file types to their tasks, including videos, audio recordings, photos, PDFs, and more. Any.do is an award-winning app that enables collaboration on various projects. It gives reliable to-do list options for data sync across applications for iOS and Android phones and tablets, web browsers, and Mac OS, X.

9. Daylite

Daylite - omnifocus alternatives

Daylite is a full-fledged CRM and project management tool with a web backend to sync your data. Daylite will sync and update your device and information in the system automatically. You can use it to organize all your notes, emails, projects, calendars, tasks, and contacts in a single platform. You can see a timeline of all communication, see your team’s calendar, create tasks on the go, and many more. Daylite stores your data on Mac, iPhone, and iPad so you can work offline.

10. Quire

Quire - omnifocus alternative

Quire is a collaborative project management alternative to OmniFocus for users to plan and organize tasks easily in a tree-like structure. Team members can work together, see updates in real-time, capture ideas and help break them into smaller tasks, and also allow offline mode. Quire task management features help in visual task management, real-time collaboration, file-sharing, and users can attach files from Google drive to their tasks. Projects can be shared publicly via a URL.

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11. JIRA

Jira - omnifocus alternative
JIRA is the project management software for Agile teams. It lets Agile teams stay focused to deliver incremental value with customizable scrum boards. JIRA supports several Agile methodologies, including Scrum boards and Kanban boards. It combines workflow mapping and issue tracking with several Agile development capabilities. Available as a cloud-based or on-premise solution, teams can utilize various APIs. It also offers a mobile app.

12. Workfront

Workfront - omnifocus alternative

Workfront work management solution is a modern way of managing work with an easy-to-adopt solution for managing and collaborating on all types of work. With Workfront, teams of any size can streamline requests, plan and prioritize projects, digitally review assets, and report on their efforts. It supports intelligent planning, real-time reporting to optimize the work environment, and a flexible approach so organizations can adapt to today’s business challenges.

13. Hightail

hightail - omnifocus alternatives

Hightail is a secure way for you to store and share your company’s important documents. It lets you share files (large files securely up to 10GB), get feedback and with an intuitive interface take projects from concept to completion. With Hightail, you can also control who can see your work with password protection, identity verification, and other security options. Also, the software allows you to access your files via its mobile apps (Android, iOS) even when you’re offline.

14. Hitask

Hitask - Omnifocus alternatives

Hitask removes the complexity from project management. Therefore it is one better alternative to OmniFocus. It helps to focus on team collaboration, getting tasks done and manage an entire project. With Hitask, you complete projects faster by organizing and categorizing your work, attach files to tasks and projects, track time spent on tasks, assign and share tasks, share a centralized file library and calendar, generate time reports, and get an overview of your team’s events in one calendar. Hitask can be used seamlessly on many different platforms including the iPhone, iPad, Mobile, and Desktop.

15. Nozbe

Nozbe - omnifocus alternatives

Nozbe is a to-do list app, inspired by the Getting Things Done (or GTD) methodology. When you add a project in Nozbe, projects work just like any other task list. You can add tashs, add collaborators, and drag-and-drop them into the order you want. It is a OmniFocus alternative tool that can be used by an individual or a team, in the office or on the go. Nozbe includes a Google Calendar sync as well as Evernote, Google Drive, Dropbox, and Box integrations. You can have app for the Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, iPad and iPhone.

16. Producteev

Producteev - omnifocus alternatives

Producteev is a team task management tool for getting things done. One of the best tools for teams, Producteev can be used on Windows, Mac, iOS, and even Android clients. Producteev supports labels, smart tagging, sort and filter tasks, due dates, assign and schedule tasks, cross-platform accessibility, and has some of the best email and IM integration. You can also export a task as a CSV file for use in other software. Producteev’s networks, projects, and lists help you keep everything organized.

17. Remember The Milk

Remember The Milk - omnifocus alternatives

Remember The Milk (RTM) is one of the best to-do list that is powerful and “light” feeling task manager. One of the fast approach to task management. RTM is free and has dedicated iOS and Android apps. Add your tasks, create or share your lists, and assign tasks to others with this web-based to-do app for busy people. Remember The Milk shows the tasks you need to do today, tomorrow, and your overdue tasks. It’s a web app that’s reliable even when the internet’s not. One smart todo list that understands what you need to do.

18. ClickUp

ClickUp - omnifocus alternative

ClickUp is one of the best options for multiple views (list, board, box and time). It is a productivity platform that is laser-focused to do your personal chores as well as complex team projects all in one place. ClickUp offers notes, reminders, goals, calendar, scheduling, and even an inbox. You can here set up different teams and space, use the same app to plan, organize, and collaborate.

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If you’re looking for another tool other than OmniFocus, it can be overwhelming. So don’t forget the list and your goal to get more done in a productive way. Think about a project management that will truly transform the way you work.

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