Asana vs. Monday: A Detailed Comparison

Monday vs. Asana

Asana vs. Monday can be termed as the comparison feature of two of the most popular and widely used project management software giants. 

And we chose to come up with a detailed comparison analysis so that all you project management players can discover which tool suits their needs the best. 

Let’s start with a brief introduction to both Monday and Asana before exploring the differences between these tools. Read on to find out more about it.

What is Asana?

Asana is a software-as-a-service platform that is designed to help teams easily manage and collaborate on all their tasks and projects in one place. Using Asana, you can easily organize the project, prioritize tasks, collaborate with others, and track progress from start to finish.   

Asana capacity planning helps users to manage resources, monitor the team’s workload, and streamline communication.

What is

Monday is a cloud-based Work Operations System that allows teams to customize workflows, which helps to boost their efficiency, alignment, and productivity. enables teams to adapt to varying needs, create transparency, collaborate, and avoid manual grunt work.  

Let us dig deeper into asana versus Monday and explore what makes them different from each other.

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Asana vs. Monday – Comparison Table



  • Task management
  • Asana helps in prioritizing your work, tracking team progress, improving collaboration, setting due dates, and seeing tasks in multiple views.
  • allows project managers to manage team resources, manage burnout, easily assign work, and adapt to changing priorities.
  • Collaboration
  • Asana’s Work Graph data model allows teams of any size to manage their projects, programs, and processes. 
  • Project dashboards are shareable with both members and guests.
  • Time tracking
  • Asana doesn’t have time-tracking features, so you’ll need an external time-tracking app. 
  • Users can add a time-tracking column to any board. 
  • File management
  • Asana is not a file-sharing/storage application. It integrates with other file-sharing/storage apps like Dropbox and Google Drive
  • Users can upload files and documents from the computer, Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, or OneDrive.
  • Notes 
  • In Asana, you can take notes on a task or store ideas in a project
  • Users can choose from a range of ready-to-use meeting notes templates and customize it them 
  • Ease of use
  • Asana is one of the easiest tools for beginners
  • Easy and intuitive
  • Customer support 
  • No phone support. Contact them via email and chat
  • 24/7 support every day of the year via phone, email, a contact form on the website, a community forum, a knowledge base, and videos
  • Pricing
  • Asana’s pricing plan starts from $10.99 per user, per month when billed annually
  • monday’s pricing plan starts from $8 per user, per team when billed annually

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Asana vs. Monday: Key Differences To Watch Out For

Both Asana and offer a wide range of advanced features to individuals and teams to facilitate efficient and streamlined work processes, work coordination, and collaboration. 

Each tool offers a free plan as well as different pricing plans to suit the varying requirements of different individuals and teams. 

Let us understand each tool in depth so that you can have a better understanding of how each application works so that you can make a well-informed decision

1. Task management

Task management is one of the core features of any good project management software. 

Asana workflow management allows users to create tasks and them to team members, set deadlines, and keep track of tasks through the list, boards, and timeline view. With Asana workflow automation features like Rules and custom templates you can build custom in minutes and save your team time. 

On the home page, you can see “to-be-completed-soon” tasks in the ‘My task’ tab. You can click on any task to view its details and attach documents for collaboration. 

Asana’s Work Graph model allows teams to stay in sync, hit deadlines, and reach their goals. 

Like Asana, also offers task management features, and tasks are named as pulses”. You can create tasks, assign them, set deadlines, track them, and create dependencies. 

The task overview features allow you to track the task progress and task statuses keep you updated on the task’s completion rate. You can view your tasks/projects as Charts, Gantt, Calendar, Timeline, or (per member) Workload.

How ProofHub Is Better Than Asana and Monday in Task Management?

Task Management : ProofHub Feature

While both Monday and Asana offer a number of task management features to teams, ProofHub offers a more comprehensive solution. Let us find out how. 

  • Manage and Prioritize tasks: ProofHub allows managers to create, allocate, and monitor tasks from a single location. Tasks can be assigned to individuals or groups and users can add comments, attach docs, and @mention others to catch their attention. Create subtasks, multiple task lists, and recurring tasks. 
  • Optimization of Resources: ProofHub’s task management feature allows managers to optimally utilize resources. Careful planning and allocation of tasks ensure even work distribution, improved job accountability and transparency, and prevention of employee burnout.
  • Time Management: It is important for project managers that assigned tasks are completed as per set deadlines. To achieve this, ProofHub time tracking tool allows users to track billable hours, track time spent on completing tasks (manually or automatic timers), set time estimates, set start and due dates, save time by automating recurring tasks, and much more.
  • Multiple views: ProofHub offers you multiple views to view and manage your tasks – Gantt, Board, Table, and Calendar. 
  • Workflow management: ProofHub offers you two default workflows – Basic workflow and Kanban workflow. 

Basic workflow consists of two stages- To-do and Done

Kanban workflow gives you the flexibility to make as many stages as you want, according to your requirements.

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2. Collaboration

Asana encourages seamless cross-team collaboration. Asana Flow is a suite of new features that is purpose-built to encourage efficient coordination for individuals, teams, and organizations. 

Asana Flow allows teams to create processes from start to finish while giving team members clarity on how their tasks seam with the overall workflow in one place. 

Workflow builder visualizes and creates powerful automated workflows, so you can create effective processes that connect teams across all levels within your organization. offers various inbuilt, fully-customizable collaboration templates that you can install in one click and adapt to your needs. For example, a team task management template gives you a clear overview of what your team needs to get done each week. 

Other useful features that Monday offers to teams for improved collaboration are – work management, file sharing, integration with video conferencing apps, instant messaging, and cloud storage.  

How ProofHub Is Better Than Monday And Asana For Team Collaboration?

Make collaboration easy with ProofHub's discussion feature

As compared to Asana and, ProofHub offers a wide range of collaboration features in a centralized location to users. Using these features, you can seamlessly collaborate on tasks and projects from any location, on any device. 

  • Mobile apps for iOS and Android devices: ProofHub offers mobile apps for both iOS and Android devices. Users can collaborate with other team members even on the go through their mobile devices, and not just wait to go to home or office to log in to ProofHub.
  • Communication features: Communication is an integral part of overall team collaboration. Realizing the importance of timely communication, ProofHub offers thoughtful advanced communication features, like Group chat, Discussions, Real-time updates, @mentions, and Announcements to make sure that users can exchange important information at the right time, without having to use other communication apps.
  • Online proofing: ProofHub offers an inbuilt online proofing tool to enable users to easily collaborate on designs, files, and documents by sharing a file link. Collaborators can review, annotate files with markup tools, and approve them with a single click.
  • Notes: Note-taking software in ProofHub helps you create notes, organize them, and collaborate on them better. You can keep your notes private, attach files, subscribe people to them, and store them in notebooks at one place. 
  • Events: Never miss important upcoming events and dates. Add events and milestones in ProofHub and keep your team updated. 

3. Time tracking offers you the time tracking column, which lets you keep track of the time spent on each task. Whenever you start a task, click on play to start the timer. Once you stop working on the task, you can pause the timer and start it anytime again.

Asana does not have an in-built time tracking feature. You can integrate with other platforms to avail of this feature. For example, Clockify integrates with Asana, which enables you and your team to track time on tasks straight from Asana, for free. 

How ProofHub Is Better Than Monday and Asana For Time Tracking?

ProofHub's Time tracking feature

ProofHub, with its inbuilt time tracking tool, offers you more functionality as compared to both Monday and Asana. Here’s all that you can do with ProofHub’s time tracking feature

  • Add timesheets: Add multiple timesheets to record time data. Use them for payroll, client billing, estimation, tracking, and time management. 
  • Set time estimates: You can set time estimates for each task to define how much time it should take to get work done. Know if the time taken exceeds the estimated time. 
  • Bird’s eye view for all time data: You have a Bird’s eye view of all time data, of every team member across all projects, billable or non-billable, project progress, without the need to jump through the projects. 
  • Track time manually: Enter hours it took to get work done and track time spent for billable or non-billable hours manually.
  • Track time using a timer: Record the time it takes to get work done using timers. Start and pause timers as you switch between what you’re working on and save in timesheets. 
  • Time reports: Create custom time reports of people and projects and get to see logged hours pulled right from your timesheets. 

4. File management

Asana does not offer a dedicated file management tool. At best, you can take notes in a task or store ideas in a project. Asana offers integrations with other file sharing/storing apps, like Dropbox and Google Drive, which allow you to organize all your files in a single place. 

Monday, on the other hand, allows you to upload your files, share them with your teammates and collaborate on them altogether. Business teams can use as cloud document management software, allowing them to integrate the management and storage of files directly within their teams’ workflows.

How ProofHub Is Better Than Asana and Monday For File Management?

File management feature in ProofHub

ProofHub’s inbuilt file management tool offers a single hub to project teams to create, upload, store, organize, and collaborate on files in real time. You don’t need to integrate with a separate file management software. 

Here’s all you can do with this file management tool. 

  • Upload and Attach Files: You can upload files and documents from your PC, Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive, and Box. You can attach your digital files and docs to tasks, discussions, chats, and notes whenever needed. 
  • Preview and Proof Files in one place: You can preview, review, proof files, and share feedback at one place without switching between multiple tabs.  
  • File versioning: Store multiple versions of the same file, access version history, compare with the older versions available, and restore if needed. 

5. Notes

Asana allows users to take notes on a task or store ideas in a project. Some users may find it not very structured and the search is nowhere close to Google. offers easy, intuitive, ready-to-use “Meeting Notes” templates that users can use to organize and share meeting notes. You can customize your chosen template, and create a tailored plan that suits your requirements. 

Note down important information with ProofHub notes feature

How ProofHub Is Better Than Monday and Asana for Note making?

ProofHub’s note-taking software offers you more flexibility as compared to Monday and Asana. 

  • Create notes: Create notes to save project information, minutes of meetings or even to jot down ideas to remember. 
  • Save notes in notebooks: You can create and save notes focusing on a particular matter in notebooks to organize them in one place.
  • Choose colors for notes: Add colors to your notes to make them stand out and you can easily differentiate them when organizing. 
  • Subscribe people to notes: Subscribe people to notes and select with whom you want to share your notes and collaborate with

6. Ease of usage

When it comes to user-friendliness, Asana is one of the best. Intuitive interface makes navigating the tool a breeze for users. Its advanced search function lets you instantly find team members, tasks, and appointments.

Monday, on the other hand, is also an easy-to-use application, but its interface is harder to get used to. New users can take some time, but others can start using it without any training or prior experience. 

How ProofHub Is Better Than Monday and Asana In Terms of Ease of Usage? 

ProofHub has a simple learning curve and its neat, intuitive interface makes it effortless even for new users to get familiar with the tool within minutes. Users can easily access any feature from the “Me view” page, and manage various aspects of their work in a single location. 

Users can easily access ProofHub on their mobile devices from any location as the tool is available as an app for iOS and Android devices. 

  • Neat interface
  • A simple learning curve
  • Seamless user onboarding
  • Easily accessible from any location, on any device

7. Customer Support offers 24/7 customer service through Email, Forum (FAQs), Knowledge Base, Phone, and Chat. 

Asana does not offer any phone support. You can contact its customer support through Email, Forum (FAQs), Knowledge Base, and Chat. 

What ProofHub Offers In Customer Support?

ProofHub prefers to use the term “customer success” as the tool takes a customer-centric approach that goes beyond just offering technical support. ProofHub ensures that clients are provided with exemplary customer support provisions. 

Focus of ProofHub’s customer success teams is on providing well-detailed, walkthroughs, onboarding, suggestions, training, and best practices to users as per their unique requirements. 

With ProofHub, support teams can easily communicate with clients, stakeholders, and other team members. With countless features for teams of all kinds and sizes, it helps support teams navigate through data easily and communicate smoothly

8. Pricing

Pricing plans offered by are: 

  • Free: Free forever plan (up to 2 team members, 1000 items, and 500 MB storage )
  • Basic: ($8 per seat, per month, unlimited viewers, unlimited boards, 200+ templates, 20 plus column types)
  • Standard: ($10 per seat, per month, Timeline and Gantt views, Calendar view, Guest access)
  • Pro: ($15 per seat, per month, private boards, Chart view, Time tracking, Formula column)
  • Enterprise: Contact Sales for quotes 

Pricing plans offered by Asana are: 

  • Basic: Free forever (for individuals and teams just getting started with project management)
  • Premium: US $10.99 per user, per month, billed annually
  • Business: US $24.99 per user, per month, billed annually

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How ProofHub Offers More Competitive Pricing Plans Than Asana and Monday?

ProofHub price comparison with Asana vs. Monday

While both Monday and Asana offer per-user pricing plans, ProofHub offers fixed pricing plans without any restrictions on the number of users you can add. When you compare the number of features offered by ProofHub at reasonable prices, you will find it to be a more value-for-money tool than Asana and Monday. 

ProofHub offers two pricing plans:

1. Essential plan (Core features): $45 per month, when billed annually, unlimited number of users

Some Core features include: 

  • Projects
  • Storage
  • Tasks
  • Time tracking
  • Project templates
  • Calendar
  • Discussions
  • E-mail in 
  • Stickies
  • Integrations
  • Custom fields
  • Workflows 

2. Ultimate Control plan (Core + Premium features): $89 per month, when billed annually, unlimited number of users. 

Some Premium features include: 

  • Workflows
  • Custom roles
  • Detailed activity logs
  • IP restrictions
  • Priority support
  • White labeling
  • Detailed activity logs
  • Project manager
  • API access

Monday vs Asana- Reviews 

Monday – 

  • Capterra – 4.6/5 
  • G2 – 4.7/5 

Some things don’t work the way I want, especially when linking parts, duplicate columns don’t show up on your smartphone so you can’t link two things to see both in the Related Items column. There are certain restrictions when using on Monday. Switching to the user interface can be difficult. It took some training to get used to the new setup.” – G2 Review

Asana – 

  • Capterra – 4.5/5 
  • G2 – 4.3/5

I think that Asana is great for casual users and organizations that are small or operate in small teams. When it is scaled up however, I find that it is lacking in certain functionalities that are present in its competition.” – Capterra review


Asana and Monday are two different tools in terms of functionality while also sharing some common features. has a bag full to offer in terms of features and project views, Asana offers additional features you’ll not find in That said, both tools have a steep learning curve, are not easy to get started with for new users, and can overwhelm you with more-than-required features.

This is where using flexible, simple-to-use project management and team collaboration software like ProofHub can be of great benefit to those who are not quite satisfied with either Asana or

A simple learning curve, seamless user experience, a suite of tools under one virtual roof, and excellent customer support make ProofHub an automatic choice over Asana and


Is Asana better than

Both tools offer a suite of unique features for project teams with different requirements. monday’s 24/7 support gives it a slight advantage over Asana.

What is the best alternative for Monday or Asana?

ProofHub, with a wide range of features, flat pricing models, ease of accessibility and usage is the best alternative to Monday or Asana.

Are Asana and Monday same?

No. offers more features than Asana. When it comes to features, support, integrations, and ease of use, has a clear edge over Asana.

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