15 Best Office Christmas Gifts For Employees & Coworkers

Best Office Christmas Gifts For Employees & Coworkers

“Christmas is the perfect time to celebrate the love of God and family and to create memories that will last forever. Jesus is God’s perfect, indescribable gift. The amazing thing is that not only are we able to receive this gift, but we are able to share it with others on Christmas and every other day of the year.” Joel Osteen

As Christmas and New Year come knocking on the door, it’s time for businesses to invest time in choosing the best office Christmas gifts for employees and coworkers that reflect your utmost value and regard for them. 

Whether you operate a startup or a Fortune 500 company, it’s always a good idea to show your appreciation for employees by giving them meaningful gifts at the end of the year. 

Choosing Christmas gifts for employees should not be just another custom for you where you pick random gift items that might not even serve them any purpose. 

Thinking outside the box is the key here when shopping for office Christmas gifts for coworkers. 

office christmas gift distribution

You should use this opportunity to put considerable thought into the gifts you give to your employees. 

The best bet would be to choose gifts based on your employees’ personal likes, preferences, and lifestyles. 

Sounds overwhelming? No, it need not be. We’ve made this task easier and pretty straightforward for you. 

How? We’ve covered the best Christmas gift ideas keeping in mind that workplaces comprise men and women, young and veterans, flashy and sober. 

Read on to know more about it.

15 unique office Christmas gifts for employees in 2023

Your employees spend a considerable amount of time at their workstations. There are many tech gadgets and office gifts that can help them be more efficient even if it’s in the slightest way. 

1. A memory foam seat cushion and lumbar pillow

Sitting consecutively on an office chair takes its toll on the body. Memory foam seat cushions and lumbar pillows are removable, and washable, and make sitting a comfortable experience even for a longer duration.

2. A chic desk organizer

This Christmas gift for employees can never go out of style. This thoughtful Christmas gift idea will help your workforce keep desk space neat and well organized.  

3. A vacuum-insulated travel mug

Let your coworkers enjoy hot coffee or tea any time of the day with a vacuum-insulated travel mug. Its leak-proof slider lid ensures there are no spills on the desk and fits well enough in car cup holders too. One of the most thoughtful Christmas gift ideas for coworkers indeed! 

4. Soothing Desktop Diffuser

A pleasant aroma-filled environment is known to help people feel relaxed, calm, and less stressed at work. Conveniently sized, LED Essential Oil aromatherapy diffuser fits neatly on an employee’s desk and works with an outlet or USB. It is portable, which means that your employees can use it in the office as well as while working from home. 

5. Tech Lovers Box

The “Tech Box” contains some useful items that will be ideal for both in-office and distributed teams for their everyday work. A cable organizer, blue-light blocking glasses, a portable charger, a leather mousepad, a daily planner, etc, are some items that employees from any team could use for day-to-day projects.  

Send personalized, heartfelt Christmas wishes for your team members to complement the beautiful gifts you give to them.

6. Happy Hour Box

Counted among the most popular office Christmas gifts for employees and coworkers, the Happy Hour Box is an appreciation gift that your team can enjoy during lunch, after work hours, or at a team toast. The pack contains a tumbler, a fun game, and a healthy pack of snacks that will help your employees recharge their batteries after an exhausting day at work.

7. Flavored Popcorn Gift

Popcorn and movies are synonymous, but for so many office people there are few things better than a flavored popcorn box. This simple, cost-effective, and delicious Christmas gift idea comes with one popcorn popper and four different flavors of popcorn.

8. Organic Tea + Cookies Gift

An increasing number of employees are taking to organic foods because of the array of health benefits they have. Tea and cookies is probably the favorite combo for office employees for decades. Sending this healthy office Christmas gift will help your employees have a healthy, calming tea break along with delicious cookies. 

9. Chocolate Gift Box

Chocolates are a staple gift item and Christmas celebrations would be incomplete without them. However, you can give a beautiful sugar-free chocolate box to your employees to ensure they can enjoy it without added calories.

10. Acupressure Mat

Sitting on the desk for prolonged periods can result in sore muscles and joints, especially in the neck, back, and shoulder regions. Gifting your hard-working employees an easily storable acupressure mat will help them to relax muscles and improve blood circulation after laying down on it for 10-20 minutes. 

11. Natural body care kit

Help your employees take care of their personal grooming needs with a complete shower kit containing body wash, face wash, body scrub, and body lotion. While choosing this particular Christmas Gift idea for employees, it is recommended to pick a brand that offers cosmetics made of natural ingredients that are not harmful to the skin.  

12. Gym subscription package

It is a thoughtful Christmas gift idea for coworkers and employees that shows how you want them to be in their physical shape. Some of your employees have likely skipped subscribing to gym membership due to cost issues. What better time to surprise and delight them no end with a gym membership plan that will motivate them to work out and improve their overall health?

13. Gadget charging station

A gadget charging station is considered among the trending office Christmas gifts for employees who always ask for chargers from colleagues as their batteries run low! The best thing about this convenient gift idea for employees is that it can charge multiple devices simultaneously while eliminating tangled charging chords from the work desk. 

14. Decorative lunch box

Lunch boxes are not just for school-going kids! A decorative lunch box helps your employees to bring handmade food to the office and makes it easy to differentiate their lunch boxes in the community refrigerator. 

15. Stainless steel barware set

An elegant stainless steel barware set is a thoughtful and long-lasting Christmas gift idea for both employees and coworkers who like to host home a happy hour or make specialty cocktails. You can also include a bottle of liquor and a cocktail recipe book to make it an awesome gift idea for the festive season.

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The final thought 

These days there are plenty of office Christmas gifts for employees and coworkers, available in both local retail and online market stores. However, your gifts should always come from the heart and there should be a thought behind what you choose to give to your employees this festival season. 

When giving Christmas gifts to employees, try to speak with them for a few minutes and tell them why they deserve this gift. This gesture will make them feel special and create a lasting impression on them.

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