Funny work from home memes you can totally relate to!

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Everything was great. We were living the best of our lives and then everything changed overnight. 

Coronavirus! Yes, I know, sounds super infuriating. 

The World had to undergo an enforced lockdown,  and social isolation became a new way of living. The only way to stay connected with loved ones is through video calls and even schools started with the concept of classes using various applications.

Not just this, because of the global lockdown more than 80% of the workforce has been confined to work from home.

Well, who doesn’t like working from home? No hassle of looking presentable or worrying about that annoying colleague driving you crazy. Just roll out the bed and get started with your work in no time. Sounds super comfy, isn’t it?

But that’s not the case with everyone. For some people working from home feels like a real headache because it gets really frustrating for them to manage the work process; especially for the ones who don’t have any prior experience of working from home.

Here are some major challenges faced by people who are working from home for the first time:

  1. Lack of energy
  2. Having access to the required technology
  3. Frequent distractions
  4. Improper team management
  5. Working and managing kids
  6. Communication with the team

I can understand that it can be overwhelming to adapt to this new style of working for many. However, no matter how tough things get, you always have various ways to keep your life filled with happiness and laughter, one such opportunity is right here! 

Let’s forget about all the fuss caused by the pandemic for some time and enjoy some of the funniest work-from-home memes that every working professional will relate to.

work from home today

1. No more “ What should I wear today” 

What should I wear today

Oversized t-shirts and PJs! The most comfortable thing on the face of the earth, right? Who wouldn’t want to spend the entire day in their sweatpants and still get things done?  Source- Pinterest

2. Those surprise video calls

Those surprise video calls

Imagine you’re chilling in your zone while working from home and suddenly get a video call from the boss! Feels like a ‘vibe killer’, right? “Why can’t we have a conversation over chat?” is the only thing that comes to our mind at that moment. 

Source: News18

3. Remote work and parenting never go along well

Remote work and parenting never go along well

Work from home is nothing but an adventurous sport for the ones with kids. All the best for its buddies, working from home with kids is not a thing for the faint-hearted. 

           Source: Product Coalition

4. Distractions! Distractions! Distractions! Everywhere

Distractions! Distractions! Distractions! Everywhere

Working from home, you need to deal with infinite distractions. Your cute dog, attention seeking cat, favourite show on television, a quick nap maybe? Everything ends up taking a toll on your “productivity”. 

Source: Republic World

5. All those telecommuting challenges

For a remote worker, nothing is more annoying than an internet outrage or a slow computer.

All those telecommuting challenges

Source: Meme Generator

6. Productivity? Um! What’s that?

Productivity? Um! What’s that?

Let’s accept it! Work from home = A lot of power naps! While working remotely, individuals barely keep a check on their priorities and everyday to-do lists.

Source: Starecat

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7. Imbalances between work and home

It is easier to work at your workplace since everything is organized there. You get lunch breaks, coffee breaks, walks, and whatnot but at home, the situation is quite the opposite. You end up missing lunch and keep working until dinnertime and don’t even realize it. This happens due to the unorganized work set up at home. 

It is complicated to stay on top of your to-dos and manage your time remotely but it’s not impossible. Using work-from-home tools like ProofHub will keep you on track and help you deliver the work keeping a check on your deadlines regardless of where you work from.

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work from home expectation vs reality


8. What day is it?

Ever since we started working from home remembering ‘what day it is’ has gotten just so confusing, isn’t it? Tuesdays feel like Fridays and Fridays feel like Mondays.

What day is it?

        Source: Make a meme

9. No idea about where your projects are heading to

It’s pretty obvious that it is tough to get a clear idea about how your project is progressing when all your work is virtual and remote. This may ultimately end up hindering your progress. 

No idea about where your projects are heading to

Source: Pinterest

A project management software like ProofHub comes to your rescue in this case. It lets you create customized to-do lists and get back on track ASAP!

10. Easy communication with the team your biggest enemy

Easy communication with the team your biggest enemy

Communication is a big part of everyday work life and if it’s not up to the mark, it takes a toll on your productivity.

Source: Meme Generator

Working from home means working far away from your team members and not using ideal communication software can lead to communication errors between teams.

You can use ProofHub for seamless communication and collaboration with your teammates and can make your work-from-home routine a lot easier. It helps you streamline the communication between teams. You can have real-time conversations, exchange messages about the tasks, and can also share essential information in the same place. Plus, it also has beautiful emojis to make office communication a lot more fun!

Remember – This too shall pass.

I know Covid-19 has made our lives standstill and we are going through a very difficult phase but it is still very important to remember like all the good and bad phases in life, this too shall pass very soon. It is essential for us to stay positive and happy even in the tough times. 

Don’t forget, no matter how stressed you are, memes have always got your back. Also, we are all in this together because if it would not have been a similar experience, these popular work from home memes wouldn’t exist. So, relax and realise that you are not alone. Stay calm and wait for the pandemic to get over!!!

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