13 Clubhouse.io Alternatives & Competitors for All Your Project Management Needs

Best Clubhouse.io Alternatives and Competitors

Clubhouse.io is an excellent resource for teams who want their project management processes to be airtight. Although, if you have found yourself here, it is apparent that this tool is proving to be inadequate for your team’s needs.

Even though Clubhouse.io comes with some of the most deliberately easy and useful planning and organizing features such as:

  • Creating roadmaps,
  • Setting milestones,
  • Managing tasks with Kanban boards,
  • Creating epics and stories,
  • Tracking sprints,
  • Integrations with Slack, Dropbox, GitHub, and Google Drive,
  • Putting customizable workflow, and 
  • Defining iterations,

It does come short on a lot of fronts. For example,

  • There is no calendar view: This is a major disadvantage for teams as it makes time tracking, time allotment, and setting deadlines a lot harder.
  • The software itself can get a little hefty: With the stories, epics, and sprint cycles, all in play, all at once, the tool becomes more complicated as the tasks get more tangled within one another.
  • Heavy and intricate: The app lacks on the organizational front. It does not help teams actively declutter which results in the loss of files. Additionally, the tool becomes even more intricate when teams can’t seem to make out the connections between the epics.
  • Yet more problems with organizing: The interface of Clubhouse.io, though visually pleasing, lacks a certain organizational factor. Owing to its limited designs and a stiff color scheme, the tool can prove to be inadequate on the sorting and filtering front. 
  • The problems with integrations: People using Clubhouse.io claim that all integrations provided by the tool are a hit or a miss. There are certain issues like the epics not aligning with the Slack conversations. These not-so-seamless connections with other applications make collaboration within the team harder than ever.

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Lucky for you there are a lot of alternatives to Clubhouse.io that will prove to be a more-than-robust solution to your project management needs.

#1 ProofHub

ProofHub has a plethora of amazing features to help you with effortless collaboration, unhindered task management, and effective time management. It has numerous features to keep teams productive and ensure efficiency. If you are looking for a Clubhouse.io alternative to replace more than 6 applications that you are currently using, ProofHub might be the best solution!

ProofHub as Clubhouse.io Alternatives

Here’s why it will be easy for you to embrace ProofHub:

  • It is easy to use.
  • It helps organize communication, discussions, files, tasks, notes, time cards, etc.
  • It helps teams centralize projects and tasks. 
  • It helps teams communicate better.
  • It brings your team closer to logic and helps them take better decisions.
  • It helps the team prioritize work activity and work collaboratively. 

ProofHub comes with some unique, not to mention, intuitive features that can ensure that your team comes up with some impressive results. Here are some examples:


ProofHub helps you organize your tasks based on your needs through tasklists. You can have different tasklists representing different types of tasks.

Predefined Templates

It comes with predefined templates for workflows and projects. You can also create new templates on the go. 


ProofHub also helps record notes for future reference. You can create different notes pertaining to particular topics and record them for safe-keeping within dedicated notebooks


Whether your team works remotely or simply likes to record discussion points and minutes of meetings, ProofHub helps team store ideas through discussions

Customizable Interface

Along with some amazing features, it also comes with a very flexible, not to mention, customizable interface. You get to colour code your projects and provide labels to your tasks. It also provides you access to white-labelling. 


ProofHub not only syncs with your Google Calendar, it also comes with an in-built calendar that shows you all your upcoming events and milestones. 


ProofHub also helps record all time data from which it is easy to sort out the billable and payable time. 

Kanban Boards

With this feature you get to access all your tasks, conduct your work according to a defined workflow, adhere to deadlines, and work collaboratively. 

Gantt Charts

ProofHub aids with planning and scheduling through Gantt charts. These charts can help you assign tasks, define milestones, set deadlines, plan for task dependencies, and get a quick overview of the project timeline.


Just like the notes you leave on the refrigerator, stickies are quick notes that you can keep on ProofHub.


ProofHub has an easy-to-navigate interface, however there might be a project, tasklist, or a note that you come back to time and again, Bookmarks help you mark this location and jump to it in an instant whenever you want to.

Here’s what Patrick Owens from Fractal Fox has to say about ProofHub:

The ways that ProofHub enables collaboration allows us to set our priorities instead of the software making us work around its limitations. Thank the stars for ProofHub!


#2 Trello

One of the most popular project management software platforms in this list is Trello. With its colorful interface and interactive designs, it is not just an easy-to-use tool, it is also a highly powerful one. It is a tool that can help you achieve peak productivity using Kanban boards. The customizable workflows and drag-and-drop features make Trello one of the most versatile collaboration platforms there is. 

Trello as clubhouse.io alternative

Here are some of the most amazing features of Trello:

  1. A number of predefined workflow templates to choose from. 
  2. Easy-to-organize work assignments. 
  3. Go-to platform for creating quick, actionable lists.
  4. Be on top of your tasks with a Calendar view.
  5. Various timeline views to help you sort and filter to get what you need. 
  6. View due dates, expected duration, type of task, and task priority through Trello cards.

Here’s what Maszni A., a Senior Web Developer in the entertainment industry has to say about Trello: 

“Our department really has a very good experience working with Trello and we think this is the best software to handle our daily repetitive task effectively.” 


  • The pricing for the Business plan (for teams with less than 100 members) is $10/user/month when paid annually .
  • The pricing for the Enterprise plan is available on quote.

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“The #1 software development tool used by agile teams”, JIRA is a useful project management platform for high-functioning teams who like to be on top of their work 24×7. Cross-functional teams love to use JIRA since it helps them in tracking issues within ongoing tasks and projects. Complete with Scrum boards and Kanban boards, JIRA proves to be a productive solution to the collaboration problems that might exist within your team. 

Jira as Clubhouse.io Alternatives

Some features of JIRA that help teams with project management are:

  1. JIRA Kanban board helps to plan, create, and follow roadmaps to track progress. 
  2. Helps teams create agile reports and velocity charts.
  3. JIRA also comes with automated burnup and burndown charts.
  4. Get access to version control, the build of your product, and its deployment. 
  5. It has a fully functional flagging tool to help your development process.
  6. Helps teams save time, increase throughput, and saves time with effortless automation features.

Here’s what Brandon G., a Technical Support Specialist, has to say about JIRA:

“The Kanban board, export features, and workflows are all features which stand out to me from my experience with JIRA.”


  • The pricing for the Standard plan is $7/user/month when billed annually.
  • The pricing for the Premium plan is $10/user/month when billed annually. 
  • The pricing for the Enterprise plan is available on quote.

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#4 TeamGantt

TeamGantt is a project management software that works on the fundamentals of planning and organizing through simplistically designed Gantt charts. Not only will TeamGantt help you review all your projects on the same screen, but it will also help you plan, create and manage your tasks on the go as easily as possible. Management of tasks and projects works swimmingly with this tool because of its easy-to-navigate interface and an array of collaborative features.

teamgantt as Clubhouse.io Alternatives

Some of the best features of TeamGantt are as follows:

  1. Comes with an easy-to-use interface with drag-and-drop features.
  2. Be on top of the ongoing activities with timely notifications and updates.
  3. Comes with state-of-the-art resource management features to track budgets.
  4. Track workload on the go with an easy-to-access availability tab.
  5. Share updates and documents internally as well as externally with all the people involved in the project.
  6. Quickly review all your tasks through an extensive calendar view and varied list views.

Here’s what Jenny H, a successful Business Development Consultant, has to say about TeamGantt:

“Definitely give the free version a try, it will give you a good feel for the site. I was not considering paying for something like this, but as I continue to expand my work I will absolutely be using TeamGantt as a core part of my future planning processes.”


  • The pricing for the Standard plan is $19.90/month when billed annually.
  • The pricing for the Advanced plan is $24.45/month when billed annually.

#5 Notion

Notion is a fairly popular platform for task management in addition to collaboration. If you are looking for a support system to make you feel more confident about your management abilities, Notion will be the tool to help you get there. Not only does this software help teams manage projects and deliver successful outcomes ahead of deadlines, but it also helps them store and organize important information for future use.

Notion as Clubhouse.io Alternatives

Here are some features of Notion that make it a serious contender in this list:

  1. Visualize the product roadmap.
  2. Customize calendars to your personal preferences.
  3. Personalize how you want to view your tasks with several views like Kanban, table, list views to choose from. 
  4. Keep a company wiki for helping your team with a quick fix to find answers to all the questions. 
  5. Store and organize important notes with attached files and links. 
  6. Start and carry out discussions anywhere, anytime with the help of comments.

Here’s what an avid Notion user, Marie Szuts, Head of People Ops  from Figma has to say:

“Notion’s ease of use is one of its hallmarks. It helps you visually navigate content and remember where something is.”


  • The pricing for the Personal Pro plan (for one user) is $4/month when billed annually. 
  • The pricing for the Team plan is $8/user/month when billed annually. 
  • The pricing for the Enterprise plan is available on quote.

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#6 Instagantt

Another great Gantt tool on this list is Instagantt. This project management tool helps in deadline management, task management, resource management — You name it and InstaGantt has it. This tool helps teams create projects, schedule tasks, and track progress all in the same space in a highly proactive manner. 

Instagantt as Clubhouse.io Alternatives

Here are some of the best features of Instagantt I would like to highlight:

  1. Has a board view that gives a quick insightful overview of ongoing tasks.
  2. Comes with Kanban boards and Gantt charts that help in visualizing the project timeline.
  3. Manage your workload and resources on a clean and intuitive interface.
  4. Be on top of delays and discrepancies through an elaborate as well as customizable dashboard.
  5. Edit and specify project and task statuses on the go with customize status buttons.
  6. Work with automatically generated charts and reports.

Here is what Megan B., a Senior UX Consultant, has to say about Instagantt:

“My experience with Instagantt has mostly been good. There was an initial learning curve, but improvements to the user experience and interface have been made through the years.”


  • The pricing for the Single Subscription plan is $7/month when billed monthly.
  • The pricing for the Team Subscription plan is $5/user/month when billed annually.

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#7 Evernote

Evernote is a reliable software platform that helps teams collaborate in real-time. It helps teams record important statistical data, information required for future reference and organize important links and attachments. This tool will help you find everything you need as fast as you can to put out fires and act on problems productively and effectively.

Evernote as Clubhouse.io Alternatives

Here are some of the best features of Evernote:

  1. Work from anywhere by syncing your Evernote account with all your devices.
  2. Fill your notes with important task-related information and to-do lists. 
  3. Add text, image files, audio files, scanned documents, and PDFs to your notes.
  4. Scan all your documents to create and safeguard your documents. 
  5. Use various formatting tools to edit your notes and personalize them to your needs.
  6. Record audios, and capture lectures from any device, even when you are offline.

Here’s what a regular user of the tool, Zulhilmi N., a Sales and Marketing Specialist, says about Evernote: 

My overall experience with Evernote Business is very positive. I can record my ideas to the software anytime I need because I have very easy access to the software. Not restricted only to work-related stuff, I also use it for my personal purposes.


  • The price of the Premium plan is $7.99/month.
  • The price of the Business plan is $14.99/user/month. 

#8 Slite

If you have a project to run, a team to keep together, and tasks that need to be done ahead of deadlines, trust Slite to get you there. It is, most definitely, the best platform to put teamwork into a system and get the best results from your team’s collaborative efforts. Discuss ideas, document discussions, and never miss out on important information by signing up for Slite. 

Slite Clubhouse.io Alternatives

Here are some of the best features of Slite:

  1. It helps remote teams gather data and dump it in one place so that everyone is in the loop.
  2. It helps keep track of the information that is being shared within the team.
  3. Helps you instantly add and manage the information available within shared notes. 
  4. Helps lower the confusion and misunderstanding in the internal communication of remote teams
  5. Has seamless integration with Asana, Slack, YouTube, Trello, and Google Drive, etc. 
  6. Keep track of weekly reviews and detailed feedback in one space.

A regular user of the tool, Aster S., a Product Manager, has this to say about Slite:

“Collaboration using slite is a fun and hip experience. Our research team has found a hub where we work on our ideas and file them properly. Working with a team has been a breeze, and communication among our teammates is strongly encouraged because the way they made the dashboard is very easy to understand and familiarize.”


  • The price for the Standard plan is $6.67/user/month when billed annually. 
  • The price for the Enterprise plan is available on quote.

#9 Bloomfire

Bloomfire is a knowledge engagement software platform to help teams be on the same page. This is the best tool for teams to share, store, and organize information to find it instantaneously whenever it is needed. It is a collaboration tool that helps teams be in the loop through shared documents, links, and media files.

Bloomfire as Clubhouse.io Alternatives

Here are all the features of Bloomfire that you will love:

  1. Lets you use company logos, custom colors, and white labeling to personalize your experience.
  2. Generates usage reports and analytics automatically.
  3. It comes with Single Sign-on. 
  4. Comes with integrations with Zendesk, Salesforce, Microsoft Teams, and Google Drive.
  5. Set custom roles for all Bloomfire users.
  6. Helps with virus tracking and file syncing.

Here’s what Mary C., a Director and Market Researcher, says about Bloomfire:

“Implementation was a dream. They had a team that helped us manage the project and uploaded all our content for us. As a small team, this was important.”


  • The price for the Basic plan is $25/user/month when billed annually. 
  • The price for the Enterprise plan is available on quote.

#10 Hive

Another productive platform for managing projects and tasks is Hive. Hive helps teams collaborate in real-time, split projects into tasks, and create a space to manage everything and everyone effectively. Trusted by big names like Google, Uber, and Starbucks, Hive is a software platform that helps teams manage extensive projects with the utmost ease. 

Hive as Clubhouse.io Alternatives

Here are all the features of Hive that make it a commendable task management tool:

  1. Flexible and customizable project views to track ongoing projects and tasks.
  2. A calendar view, table view, and a summary view to help you be on top of employee performance. 
  3. Work with predefined Hive forms and Hive templates to work with flexible workflows. 
  4. Hive mail combines all the mails from your Gmail and Outlook accounts to streamline communication. 
  5. Assign action cards to your teammates and provide your insight through comments on the same.
  6. It comes with an in-built Hive chat and a seamless Slack integration to help facilitate communication.

Here’s what Sadie P., a regular Hive user has to say about the tool:

“Now, we don’t have to constantly call each other, have follow-up meetings, and walk into each other’s offices. We can simply log into Hive and see who is doing what. We know when things are due and what needs to be done next.”


  • The price of the Hive Base plan is $12/user/month when billed annually. 
  • The price of the Hive Enterprise plan is available on quote.

#11 ProductBoard

ProductBoard is a leading project management tool that allows teams to keep track of all ongoing projects within the same platform. It helps teams implement the values of the Agile methodology and actively define priorities on the go. It helps teams create and manage backlogs and track work through the project timeline.

Productboard as Clubhouse.io Alternatives

Here’s what ProductBoard can do for your teams:

  1. Keep up with your schedule with timely reminders, alerts, and notifications.
  2. It helps manage the budgeting and forecasting to create actionable plans. 
  3. It helps document discussions and conduct brainstorming sessions.
  4. ProductBoard also actively helps with bug tracking. 
  5. It allows you to create customizable workflows with business plan templates.
  6. It helps set priorities and distinguish between tasks with color coding and setting different icons.

Here’s what Neil G., the Head of Product, has to say about ProductBoard:

“There’s no perfect approach towards developing products but having a SaaS service like Productboard will remove some of the barriers.”


  • The price of the Essentials plan is $20/user/month when billed annually. 
  • The price of the Pro plan is $50/user/month when billed annually. 
  • The price of the Scale plan is $100/user/month when billed annually. 
  • The price of the Custom plan is available on quote. 

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#12 GanttPro

Project management and tracking are easier with a robust Gantt chart tool which is exactly what GanttPRO brings to the table. This tool brings efficiency to your work processes and effectiveness to your planning practices all at once. GanttPRO is a too that will help you prioritize tasks and define task dependencies like no other. 

GanttPro as Clubhouse.io Alternatives

Here are all the features that will make you fall in love with GanttPRO:

  1. Comes with Gantt, portfolio, board, and grid view to visualize and manage tasks. 
  2. Helps you manage better with custom columns, filters, and auto-scheduling. 
  3. Helps you define milestones and set task dependencies with a click of a button.
  4. Helps define a personalized task hierarchy for every indivisible task.
  5. Facilitates making quick modifications to tasks with the “Bulk Change” option.
  6. Generate task log reports to determine time data and manage resources effectively. 

Here’s what Grzegorz T., a Managing Director has to say about GanttPRO:

“Looking for effective project management tools, I can recommend with a clear conscience, GanttPRO as one of the most interesting solutions – online work (including multi-platform nature), document sharing, quick and reliable support. For me it is definitely one of the basic work tools now.”


  • The price of the Individual plan is $15/user/month when billed annually. 
  • The price of the Team plan is $8/user/month when billed annually. 
  • The price of the Enterprise plan is available on quote. 

#13 TargetProcess

TargetProcess is an Agile portfolio and work management software platform that can help you achieve a lot in terms of management within a consolidated and easy-to-navigate system. It is a fairly easy tool to use as it helps you scale your team to the agile methodology and all the practices that its process involves.

Targetprocess as Clubhouse.io Alternatives

Here are some of the best features of TargetProcess:

  1. Helps in thorough backlog management. 
  2. Helps track resources as well as budget. 
  3. Actively helps the team track bugs. 
  4. Has a dedicated client portal to help you be in the loop with the stakeholders.
  5. Comes with seamless integrations with GitLab, Bitbucket, and Azure DevOps, etc.
  6. Comes with customizable dashboards to help you with a quick overview of ongoing tasks.

Here’s what Mark G., Executive Director of Agile Management and Technology, has to say about TargetProcess:

We are using Targetprocess in our daily Agile practice. Our developers and Product Owners are trained in its use, and it is a huge piece of our practice. The software is key to our Agile efforts, and is relatively easy to set-up and use.


  • Pricing plans for TargetProcess vary with your management needs. All of these, however, are available on quote.

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To Conclude

Clubhouse.io is an adept tool for making all your management needs turn into management conveniences. However, it has some limitations, and even though you don’t see them yet, there is absolutely no harm in looking for an even more robust solution to your project management needs. 

All the Clubhouse.io alternatives you learned about in this article come with free trials. Avail these free trials to find a great solution for rectifying all your management hiccups and task assignment issues.

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