Black Friday marketing ideas that cut through the noise

Black Friday Marketing Ideas

Are you ready for what’s coming next to Thanksgiving weekend? It’s Black Friday and all marketers out there, “you really need to gear up”. It is that time of the year when people are keen to buy stuff and you have to show them what you got. For all small and large businesses, it is important to be well prepared on all possible communication channels on Black Friday. Do not miss a chance to tease with creative offers.

Find the perfect discount

Black Friday is the perfect way to showcase your discounts but to really hit the sweet pots you should know what are the right discounts for you. It can be a winning factor for small businesses to discount the right product. Do research on where your competitors are discounting, and what are the trending things in the market.

It is the ultimate breakdown, so get your Black Friday marketing strategies ready. When it comes to marketing campaigns for this day, there are a lot of ways to make your business stand apart.

Train employees to deal well with customers

It is not easy to deal with multiple customers around the corner during the big sale. Train your employees well before the day to make sure that no customer is disappointed with your services. Make sure all of their questions are answered by your employees and they should know every process for every situation to check out as smoothly as possible. Train them for crowd control to help shoppers move faster.

Promote on social media about your discounts

Growing your social media engagement is a must in today’s marketing landscape. Start building your black Friday visuals to promote your special discounts and offers on social media. Also, create a holiday gift guide to your subscribers on social channels. You can also create a countdown banner and make the best use of it on your blog or website.  Post a discount code for customers to use at the time of checkout and try incentivizing your customers through special discounts. Also, for all your customers to reach you, do not forget to use #hashtag on twitter and Instagram.

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Make customers want to return

If you are in a business that does right all the selling process and has the right skills to master as a sales associate, you have big chances of increasing sales on Black Friday. Allow customers to discover things they actually need and offer them a good return on their purchases. Maximize add-ons on their favorite purchase, this will increase customer satisfaction, and make shoppers want to keep coming back.

Try an in-store scavenger hunt

Creativity is more important than anything. For your Black Friday marketing campaign create a scavenger hunt for your customers. You can start by giving your shoppers an object, a menu, and list of things to spot in your store. Ask them to collect the list of things or take a picture of the products and offer discounts accordingly. This is good to go to the grocery store or accessories and clothing. Make it simple and short. By this, your customers can get to explore every corner of your store and will be more interested in a variety of items.

Offer deals for loyal customers

While there is certainly nothing bad in offering all your subscribers Black Friday special deals but do not forget to offer exclusive deals to your loyal subscribers. Go to your contact list and your VIP subscribers and offer them something awesome as a thank you.

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Offer hourly online deals

On Black Friday, create hourly deals that your subscribers can take advantage of. Hourly deals mean an offer on a product on an hourly basis to provide a special deal. As the Thanksgiving starts, you can automate emails to send each hour to your clients to show that the deal is live. But also keep them updated with the fact that you will be sending more email so that they do not feel disturbed.

Offer mystery savings

There are businesses using the mystery savings method during the seasonal sale also. This is a great marketing campaign for Black Friday also. Send your customers an email that offers discount and when the subscriber clicks on the call to action, they will be taken to a landing page that provides them an offer. It is not just for online businesses, you can also pull your subscribers to your store and use this mystery savings method from a jar or magic box providing them off on certain products.

Team up with other small businesses

If you are finding it difficult to have a hand over the advertising fair of corporate chains then partner with small businesses around you. And together with them focus your efforts on a common goal to attract shoppers. Plan together everything about the sale, shopping events and split the cost of the advertising campaign and tempt your shoppers.

Offer a free gift with purchase

Who doesn’t like free gifts? To make your customers come back, offer them free gifts on every purchase whether it is small or something useful. Offer them one of your small products as a gift that will make them happy and will also promote your business without going into losing. You can send your subscribers free gift email and call them to claim the gift, this will increase traffic to your store instantly.

Create a Black Friday event

Your competitors might be just running after making new customers, why not appreciate your best and old customers? You can turn the biggest shopping day of the year into an event by hosting a customer appreciate the event. Call out all your customers by sending an email invitation to your subscribers and appreciate your customers with free hot chocolate and holiday cookies, and host a Black Friday block party. Promote it on Facebook by creating an event.

New product promotion

Do not miss out the great opportunity to promote your new product on Black Friday. As the audience is having an eye for you, so take advantage of their attention by promoting a new product. If you are waiting for the launch of a new product or your product is ready, wait for the Black Friday sale to promote it. You will surely get more customers eye on your new product. Tell your subscriber about the new product or give them a demo of your new product in your store.

Promote deals in your newsletter

Your subscribers will not be eager to visit you till they are excited about your offers. Make them excited about your Black Friday deals by mentioning your plan in your newsletter. Talk to them about past deals, your business success and how you plan to move ahead.

Stay open late

It doesn’t make any sense to make your customers get up while it’s still dark out. Avoid early morning madness by saving your special promotions and discounts for a later day. Open at regular time on Black Friday but plan to stay up till late. Let your customers know about your this marketing strategy in one of your marketing emails or social media.

So, let’s get started on these Black Friday marketing ideas to make sure you are ready for the big sale during Thanksgiving weekend. Pick the strategies that suit your store or online business the best so that everything goes smoothly. You will surely see improved sales and happy customers. Create a memorable in-store experience that will keep customers loyal and that will help you reach your consumer base.

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