12 Spooktacular Ways to Celebrate Halloween at Work

Spooktacular Ways to Celebrate Halloween at Work

With another challenging year coming to a close, your team needs to have some time to rejuvenate themselves.

Now, with Halloween approaching, organizing fun team activities for the workplace is a chance to have some light-hearted fun with your employees.

Celebrating Halloween at the workplace is a fantastic way for your teammates to lose work-related stress and unleash their inner artist.

So, to ensure your employees have a good time, we have come up with some amazing ways to celebrate Halloween at work.

But, first let us find out why celebrating Halloween at the workplace is a good idea.

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Why celebrate Halloween at work?

People have been celebrating Halloween in their homes for many centuries. It is time for you to organize Halloween at work to let your teammates relax and unwind.

So, Come! Let us check out some of the amazing benefits that celebrating this holiday at the workplace offers you.

1. Increase employee morale

Organizing Halloween workplace activities gives your employees time to get away from their desktop screens. It gives them an opportunity to take a break from work-related conversations and share a good laugh with other team members. Put simply, a Halloween party at the workplace helps everyone to relax and rejuvenate.

2. Promotes creativity

From decorating the office floor with Halloween pumpkins to brainstorming costume ideas, Halloween celebrations at the workplace let your employees unlock and share their creative self and use it for non-work-related activities.

3. Helps develop camaraderie

As per the Cambridge Dictionary, Camaraderie means, “a friendly feeling towards people with whom you share an experience or work together.” Thus, having an Halloween at work event presents a wonderful opportunity for team members to develop workplace friendships.

In the long run, this makes employees more productive, happy, and creates a positive work environment.

That said, let us see what Work Halloween events you can organize at the workplace.

12 Ways to celebrate Halloween at work

From spooky costumes to watching your favorite horror movies, there is no limit to how much fun you can have when planning to celebrate Halloween at work

That said, given below are some amazing Halloween workplace activities you can organize at work.

1. Desk decoration

The Halloween committee in the office can decorate the common areas, but employees also need to be active participants when it comes to decorating the work desks.

Do not limit them to creating only Halloween-related designs. Give your workforce complete freedom to express themself through a desk decoration activity.

2. Halloween costume contest

Sometimes, a little competition is healthy for everyone in the office. Organize a Halloween costume contest for everyone in the workplace.

Let the Halloween committee come up with different categories and give prizes for the scariest costume, and original costume ideas.

3. Trick-or-treat

If you are looking for the best way to celebrate Halloween at work, nothing can beat the good old “Trick-or-Treat”. Give your employees baskets of candy for their desks.

Let them go from desk to desk, show off their Halloween costumes and get admired from fellow team mates. Doing this allows employees from different departments to meet each other.

4. Horror movie marathon

What could be more fun than spending the Halloween party binge-watching your favorite horror movie? Use the workplace conference room or the common area to set up chairs for this.

Conduct a poll with options for the scariest horror movies to watch. You can also throw in a couple of horror movies spoofs to keep the activity light and fun.

5. Mummy-making competition

Mummy-making is one of the easiest and most fun parts of celebrating Halloween at the office. Give the competing teams a few rolls of tissue paper and watch the chaos unleash!

Keep the focus on having fun with fellow co-workers. Once everyone is wrapped up, take a group photo and share it on the office’s social media.

6. Ghost walk

Ghost walks offer one of the best team bonding experiences for workplace employees. These include a guide sharing information about the location’s history and paranormal activity as witnessed by locals and tourists.

Leading your work team members through a haunted area offers a spooky experience for everyone. Unfortunately, many times it is not possible for everyone to be present in the office. But, that should not keep them from having fun with colleagues on Halloween.

Just because the remote team is socially distant does not mean they cannot be a part of the festivities. Organize some cool Halloween activities for remote employees to make them a part of the celebrations as well.

That said, let us check out the ways to celebrate Halloween at work with remote teams.

7. Virtual pumpkin carving

Do not let physical distance keep your remote team from being part of the Halloween celebrations at the workplace. Get them into the right mood by organizing a virtual carving pumpkin activity.

Give your employees a few dollars to go and buy a pumpkin. Connect with them via video conferencing software, and let them show their creativity. Let the employees vote on their favorite pumpkin designs and give out spooky prizes to the winners.

8. Halloween trivia games

You can use the Zoom video-conference application for this activity. Here are a few simple steps for you to do that;

  1. Use Zoom or Microsoft Teams
  2. Choose a moderator for coordination with all the other teams

Ask questions like:

  • To which country does Jack-O-Lantern belong?
  • Name the first actor to play Wolfman
  • Celtics were superstitious. Is this statement true or false?
  • Who holds the world record for the fastest pumpkin carving time?

For this activity, you can set ground rules like not referring to Google, one answer per team, and limit the amount of time allotted to per team to give the answer. Compare the scores and announce the winner.

9. Virtual escape room – Jewel Heist

Halloween is a celebration shrouded in mystery for many. Why not use those mysterious vibes to help your work team solve a mystery?

Here’s a little background.

Someone has masterminded a heist to steal a priceless collection of precious jewels. It is up to your team to find out the culprit and recover the loot.

Your team will uncover hidden clues and solve mind-bending puzzles. All these require collaboration, creative problem-solving, and out-of-the-box thinking.

10. Virtual Halloween pictionary

An exciting and new way to celebrate Halloween at work is organizing a Halloween Pictionary contest. It is a fun and competitive activity to help team members from various departments form a bond.

Split your workforce into different teams and use an on-screen whiteboard / pen & paper, and hold up the drawing to the camera. Give each team a list of Halloween keywords or phrases to guess.

11. Virtual house of horror

Remote working does not mean you cannot have a little Halloween scare with the WFH employees. Organize a virtual tour through a haunted house. You can easily visit haunted houses from the comfort of your home.

12. Order spooky deliveries

No one said that surprise gift deliveries could not be a part of the work Halloween events. You can order tasty treats, gifts or other parcels to get them into the Halloween spirit!

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These spooky ways to celebrate Halloween at work are a great way to bring together all employees in a carefree and festive way. It is the perfect excuse for your teammates to let go of all the work-related stress and relax.

So, are you ready to be spooked??


How Do You Encourage Employees to Dress Up for Halloween?

Offer gifts and cash rewards for the best dress and the best makeup. It will encourage employees to come prepared to the best of their ability for the Halloween celebration.

Why Do People Dress Up for Halloween?

During the Celtic age, people used to dress in super-scary costumes to honor their ancestors and ward off evil spirits. People dress up for Halloween to keep that tradition alive.

What are the 5 Traditional Halloween Activities?

  1. Halloween Costume Party
  2. Trick or Treat
  3. Carve a Pumpkin
  4. Watch Halloween Movies
  5. Take a Hayride

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