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Trello vs Asana vs ProofHub: Which One is The Best Value for Money?


Any organization, soon after deciding to manage their projects and teams using a project management software, comes across another critical question: which PM software will benefit them the most?

And to be honest, this is a million-dollar question.

Why? Because you surely want to invest your money in software that you can use to put your business in the most advantageous position.

If you have landed on this article, it means that you have already identified the best PM apps available on the web – Trello, Asana, and ProofHub. Now, you want to know which among these is a bang for the buck.

Being the marketing game for all these years, I know how important it is for any business to invest in assets that have maximum ROI.

So, I will be performing a detailed comparison between Trello, Asana, and ProofHub here. At the end of the article, you will be pretty clear about which choice you should and I am certain that your quest for the most valuable project management software will end.

Let’s Start With a Brief Introduction

Before starting with the comparison, I think it’s good for you to refresh your memory with each of the three project management software.

Trello – Trello is a collaboration tool that you can use to manage your projects in a board-view style. While organizing all the project work in a fun and flexible way, Trello allows you to have better control of your tasks and teams. It is one of the popular and free project management software of today and is well-known for its integration with several third-party apps. 

Asana – When it comes to project management, Asana has been like a household name for the past quite some time now. As an innovative project management software it has successfully maintained its reputation over the years with its amazing features. Apart from project management, you can also rely on Asana to improve collaboration among your team members. 

ProofHubProofHub is an all-in-one project management and team collaboration software known for its slick performance. It has emerged as one of the fastest-growing project management tools all thanks to its long list of powerful features. With Proofhub, you can have ultimate control over your projects, teams, and tasks. This PM software has almost everything that you need to stay on top of your work.

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Criteria of Comparison

To proceed with the comparison, I will be setting some criteria to scrutinize each of the three software from similar angles. I’ve selected the 5 most fundamental and at the same time, the most important aspects of a PM software to carry out the comparison. These factors are as follows:

  • Type of Users
  • Interface
  • Project Management Features
  • Team Collaboration Features
  • Pricing

Trello vs Asana vs ProofHub: Users

Trello vs Asana vs ProofHub Users

Let’s start off this comparison with the first parameter, which is users. Simply put, the main focus here is who can use this software.


Trello is highly effective in managing projects as long as the projects aren’t too complex. 

It allows you to manage projects only using Kanban boards and the in-built features are also quite limited.

This makes Trello a perfect fit for small organizations that undertake simple projects. Moreover, the software is best suited to manage teams that are not too big.

Trello’s design and set of features make it a perfect project management tool for freelancers, small businesses as well as medium businesses (as long as the projects are simple and team size is limited).

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Unlike Trello, Asana is well capable of handling projects of any level and managing teams of any size.

Individuals, small businesses, and large corporations can trust Asana for making project management effective. Also, you can view and manage projects using Kanban boards as well as Gantt charts.

The years of experience in the project management field has helped Asana to develop features that address nearly all the problems project managers have to face while dealing with projects and teams of different types.

An interesting fact that paints a clear picture of the popularity of Asana is that even though there are many project management tools that beat Asana in terms of features, usability and more, still Asana is a preferred choice among many businesses operating across the globe. 


In terms of usability, ProofHub is designed to meet the project management needs of teams of any size, industry, and department.

ProofHub is a flexible tool that can be used by teams functioning in any industry. It has all the features that a project manager looks for in a project management software.

It has multiple views, including simple Task view, Kanban board view, Gantt chart view (timeline view), and calendar view, which makes it possible for managers to organize their projects in whatever way they like.

Also, the software can easily handle numerous complex projects at once and there’s no capping to the number of members that a team can have i.e. unlike all the popular project management software ProofHub operates on a no per-user pricing. With ProofHub, businesses can scale up any time without worrying about managing projects and teams.

 Trello vs Asana vs ProofHub: Interface

Trello vs Asana vs ProofHub Interface

The next parameter that I’ve selected is the user interface. Here I will shed light on how easy it is to use each software:


Trello’s user interface is visually appealing and straightforward. There’s nothing complex about the interface that can put users in a situation where they find it difficult to interact with the software.

It is worth noting that the interface is one of the key highlights of Trello. The design is simple enough to figure out how to set up Trello boards and add lists and cards to start managing projects in no time.

If you are familiar with Kanban boards, using Trello will become even easier for you.

Considering the software is limited to only a single project view, its interface is well up-to-mark.

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Being a pioneering project management software, Asana’s design is very well planned.

Asana’s interface is intuitive and also looks interesting. Whether you want to set up a new project or view ongoing projects in different views, it’s easy to locate everything within the software’s interface.

While the basic interface of Asana is inspired by the traditional PM interface used in almost all project management software, it is the fancy elements that give Asana a distinctive look.

Apart from the board view like Trello, you switch to timeline and list view to see your projects in action. 


ProofHub comes with a simple and easy to understand user interface that you can navigate easily. You need no special knowledge to start using ProofHub as its UI has little to no learning curve.

Its user-friendly interface makes it convenient to add projects and assures a hassle-free team onboarding.

Despite the fact that ProofHub has more features and elements, its design layout is clean and intriguing.

While using ProofHub, you will notice that everything seems to be positioned at the right place to make sure that users don’t get confused while searching for an option.

Looking for a PM software to start managing your projects straightaway? Switch yourself to ProofHub!

Trello vs Asana vs ProofHub: Project Management Features

Trello vs Asana vs ProofHub: Project Management Features

Now, let’s take a look at what project management features each of the three PM software has to offer.


The first thing to notice about Trello is that it is a Kanban-style project management tool and you shouldn’t be surprised when you find Gantt charts missing in it.

Trello’s straightforward design has limited features in it and you will find many features missing that are standard among many modern project management software.

Following are the key features of Trello that comes handy for managing projects:

  •  Kanban board
  • Drag and drop interface
  • Advanced checklists
  • File upload and attachment with tasks
  • Deadline alerts
  • Real-time notifications and activity logs
  • Task assignment to individual or group
  • Third-party app integrations


Asana has a more aggressive stance when it comes to features. You will get a good amount of features incorporated in Asana that are useful for managing projects and everyday work.

However, before listing its key features, I must highlight that the software misses out advanced reporting features, which is essential to get a clear insight into project progress.

Nonetheless, below are some of the amazing features of Asana:

  • Multiple project-view options
  • Task and subtasks
  • Select task assignees
  • Set task deadlines
  • Gantt charts
  • Project templates
  • Search and filter notifications
  • Portfolio view to organize and manage multiple projects in one place
  • Resource management using Workload view

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ProofHub comes with a broad set of project management features. The software has nearly all the features that you will get in Asana, plus it has a couple of others.

Needless to say that ProofHub dominates Trello in terms of features.

ProofHub, with its features, makes sure that you do not have to switch between multiple tools and you access everything from a single software.

Here are the main features of ProofHub that make it an all-in-one project management software:

  • Create tasks with deadlines and break into smaller and manageable subtasks
  • Mark progress in percentage for individual tasks
  • Custom workflows and Kanban boards for agile task management 
  • Gantt charts offer timeline view of projects and allow to define task dependencies and identify critical paths
  • Custom roles decide the access level for a team member
  • Time tracking and timesheets
  • Custom project and resource reports
  • Notes to jot down important information related to projects
  • Integrated calendar
  • Custom project templates
  • Real-time mobile and desktop notifications
  • App integrations

Trello vs Asana vs ProofHub: Team Collaboration Features

Trello vs Asana vs ProofHub: Team Collaboration Features

If you haven’t used any PM software before, I must tell you that collaboration features are vital for any project management software to bring in the results for a business.

Usually, a team working on a project consists of individual members who need to collaborate effectively so that their efforts are united and directed towards the common goals and objectives. A team with little to no collaboration can never accomplish projects effectively.

So, the next parameter for comparison is the team collaboration features. 


Trello comes with collaboration features that are useful for teams to cooperate and achieve their shared goals. However, when compared to its counterparts, Trello has many collaboration features missing or are not native to the software. 

Following are the collaboration features in Trello that you might find interesting:  

  • Add comments to task cards
  • Voting options
  • Discussions bring team members to a single place to share ideas
  • Share files with team


The collaboration features offered by Asana is pretty much that you and your team needs. But, there’s an important feature missing in this software that takes the communication among your team a step backward, and it’s the instant messaging or chat. Still, the main collaboration features in Asana as listed below:

  • Comments on tasks
  • Proof files and add suggestions directly
  • Project conversations
  • Add guest users – vendors, partners, etc.
  • Team privacy settings

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ProofHub offers a wide variety of features that will help you and your team to coordinate effectively. Whether it’s collaborating on files or opting for one-on-one and group conversations, ProofHub has merged various features into it to become a reliable collaboration software. Following are the features that make this software an exceptional choice to put team collaboration into practice:

Are you ready to try all the features of ProofHub for Free? Sign up now!

Trello vs Asana vs ProofHub: Pricing

Trello vs Asana vs ProofHub: Pricing

Price is the most important factor that helps us to determine how valuable the project management software is for its set of features. On this note, I am choosing price as the last and most important parameter for this conclusion.

Before weighing the project management software that is under consideration here, I just want you to know that there are many tools labeling their basic versions as free just to tempt the customers. It is worth mentioning here that the free version of any project management application is not that effective if you want to manage multiple teams and projects, and for that you need to upgrade to their paid plans which cost per-user basis and can burn a hole in your pocket especially if you have a large team. 


Trello has two pricing plans:

1. Business Class – Costs $9.99 per user per month (billed annually)

Monthly cost for a team of 10 members = $99.90

2. Enterprise – Starts at $20.83 per user per month (min. 20 users)

Monthly Cost for a team of 20 members = $ 416.60


Asana comes with three distinct pricing plans:

1. Premium – Costs $10.99 per user per month (billed annually)

Monthly cost for a team of 10 members = $109.90

2. Business – Costs $24.99 per user per month (billed annually)

Monthly cost for a team of 10 members = $249.90

3. Enterprise – Custom pricing

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ProofHub has two straightforward pricing plans:

  1. Essential – Costs $45 per month (billed annually) (unlimited users)
  2. Ultimate Control – Costs $89 per month [limited time offer] (billed annually) (unlimited users)

ProofHub does not charge per user.

Which One’s The Best?

Based on the comparison drawn above, it is evident that ProofHub is a better option compared to Trello and Asana.

Whether its interface, features, or suitability, ProofHub offers a better value to users.

Above all else, the simple and affordable pricing plans of ProofHub are what allows it to outshine the competition.

Unlike Trello and Asana, the price you have to pay for using ProofHub does not go up with the increase in the number of people in your team.

How ProofHub Puts You in a Better Position?

ProofHub is among the top-rated project management software and is trusted by over 85,000 teams and businesses worldwide.

It allows you to plan, collaborate, organize, and deliver projects on time. Also, it’s features are fully capable of boosting the productivity of your team.

ProofHub is fast and secure, which rules out the possibility of time wastage and data loss. It also comes with an IP restriction feature that allows you to choose specific IP addresses that can access your ProofHub account.

Also, the software is available in more than half a dozen languages and new features are added from time to time for better user experience.

See what some of the happy customers of ProofHub have to say about the software:

ProofHub enables us to coordinate tasks, lead discussions within smaller groups and ensures that everybody sticks to individual and general deadlines. We like how easy ProofHub is to use. We can change and edit things, without having to start all again.

– Anton Franzén

ProofHub Customer -Anton Franzén

ProofHub provides a proven process for management of offshore development projects, that significantly improves the chances that the projects will be completed within deadlines. First and foremost advantage that we had with ProofHub is that we were able to eliminate unnecessary emails and skype calls seeking update. It was all there to see, right in front of our eyes, just a click away. All we had to do is log into ProofHub and we were able to see updates across all projects.

– Bård Andre Bruvoll

ProofHub Customer Kommunikator

“ProofHub allows our business to work and collaborate efficiently while keeping advanced projects organized and on schedule.”

– Peter Ruchti

ProofHub Customer Adeptplus

Managing projects and teams become easier and effective when you use ProofHub. Sign up for Free now!


Trello, Asana, and ProofHub are all big players in project management. I’ve tried my best to cover all the important aspects to compare the three software. While Asana clearly outshines Trello when it comes to project management or team collaboration, it’s ProofHub that comes out as the best and most valuable project management software.

ProofHub has almost everything that you will get in Trello and Asana. However, ProofHub is more affordable as it does not charge on a per user basis. So, even if your team grows, you have to pay the same amount for using ProofHub as your trusted project management system.

 Vartika Kashyap
Vartika Kashyap

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