Top 8 Questions Asked by New ProofHub Users While Onboarding

Questions Asked By New ProofHub Users

“Project management can be defined as a way of developing structure in a complex project, where the independent variables of time, cost, resources and human behavior come together.” – Rory Burke

Today’s world of cutthroat competition and the constant urge to succeed calls for powerful project management and collaboration tools. There are several project management tools available in the market with countless features. However, teams need to research thoroughly before finalizing a tool. 

At ProofHub, we make sure we never leave any room for confusion or leave our client’s questions unanswered. In lieu of doubts and chaos, we provide our users with clarity and transparency.

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To foster a better understanding of what we have to offer, mentioned below are the most frequently asked questions by new ProofHub users at the time of onboarding or when they begin using the tool. 

1. How can I organize projects for different departments and teams using ProofHub?

Projects can be sorted and grouped in the project section by defining custom categories based on several verticals. ProofHub allows you to work on projects with your team and clients. It also aids in the organization of an account’s users by allowing users to create distinct categories of clients, users, and teammates.

Multiple projects can be grouped together or separately using project categories. This way users can easily search for projects and generate multiple reports by filtering projects according to their category. 

2. Can ProofHub help me with team communication as well as task management in one place?

ProofHub is an all-encompassing tool that facilitates effective team collaboration and task management for teams of all kinds and sizes. It helps streamline communication which is quintessential for teams especially in today’s day and age of remote work. 

Likewise, ProofHub is a robust project management tool that allows users to create and assign tasks, break down existing tasks into manageable chunks, create recurring tasks, add labels, start and due dates, set time estimates, track time spent, and more. To manage better, ProofHub allows teams to visualize and prioritize tasks using multiple project views such as Gantt charts, Kanban boards, Table view, Me view, etc. 

In a nutshell, ProofHub is your one stop solution for all things project management and communication.

3. How can I use ProofHub for proofing and approvals?

ProofHub offers users an online proofing tool that makes it easy to review and proof files easier and better. Teams or individuals can easily collaborate on files from wherever they are and leave no room for errors whatsoever. This reduces the hassle of long email threads, to and fro for feedback, and time wasted. 

With the proofing tool, users can make changes to your files instantaneously, add comments, and highlight issues while keeping everyone in the know with an online proofing tool like ProofHub. Users can speed up the proofing process by using markup tools to generate feedback for specific regions. 

4. Does ProofHub’s calendar view support a shared team calendar and online Calendar?

ProofHub’s calendar can easily be used to add appointments and organize all tasks, milestones, and events in a single place. Organize all of your events, tasks, and milestones in one spot. Automatic reminders for events and milestones, as well as recurring events and chores, can help you stay on top of your schedule. Using a single project calendar, you can see all calendar data from all projects in one spot.

Along with setting up events, milestones, creating recurring tasks, using multiple calendar views, getting a bird’s eye view of all calendars, and more. ProofHub allows teams to use several tools intertwined with the calendar. From a shared team calendar to integrating with other online calendars, ProofHub’s calendar is a great feature that helps users stay on top of work at all times.

5. Can ProofHub be used for time tracking and time management?

ProofHub timesheets enable you to keep track of your team’s performance by keeping track of all time entries committed to their duties. These timesheets can also be exported for invoicing or billing purposes.

You can start a timer on various jobs and timesheets with multiple timers. You can see which timers are now active and which are inactive. The All time tab is located under the Everything section and allows you to view time entries logged by all users across all projects from the beginning of the current month to the present day. The time entries will be categorized by project by default. 

With ProofHub users can add timesheets, make time estimates, track time manually or with timers, export timesheets, archive them, create time reports, and bring all time data under a common roof.

6. Is it possible to visualize projects in Gantt charts with ProofHub?

In ProofHub, Gantt charts are a simple method to plan projects and track their progress in real time. They provide important information such as who is responsible for what, the duration of tasks, and overlapping project activities. Gant charts are a great way to map out a plan, modify existing schedules, and visualize tasks in a timeline view. 

In Gantt, you can readily determine which tasks are interdependent and schedule them so that they don’t impede overall development and team members are held equally accountable.

7. How can I see a bird’s eye view of a project in ProofHub?

An overview of a project provides a bird’s eye view of all the activities that are taking place. Tasks, events, and milestones, as well as discussions, files, notes, and timesheets, can all be viewed by the team.

The project’s progress graph is also available in the overview. With two independent lines, the progress chart shows completed tasks and total tasks. This allows users to see if the work is progressing slowly or if there is any kind of improper allocation of work within the team. To see the project’s progress graph, simply click on the small graph icon.

8. How can I extract board contents(name, status) in excel CSV format?

Users can download the tasks and the task list data in CSV format from the task section for individual projects. Task lists can be exported in CSV format.


So, we have clearly elaborated the most commonly asked questions by our clients and we hope that this solved the purpose. In case of any other queries, you can visit .

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