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5 Proofing Tools and Software That Are Absolutely Best!


As remote work continues to become a preferred mode of operating for a large number of businesses and individuals worldwide, online proofing tools and software are gaining popularity amongst project teams of every size and type. 

Creative professionals need to ensure that they deliver high-quality, error-free projects to end users. For this, they need to collaborate on their projects with other team members and clients on a single platform for a quick review and approval process.   

Are you looking forward to investing in an easy-to-use and highly functional online proofing tool for your in-office or widely distributed teams? 

We have thoroughly scanned the entire web to find some of the best proofing tools and software available today. 

Let us get started and have a look at the best tools and software for proofing you and your team can have today. 

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5 Top Online Proofing Tools And Software You Can Use In 2023

1. ProofHub Proofing tool and software - ProofHub

ProofHub is an award-winning work management and team collaboration software that offers a comprehensive suite of tools under one virtual roof including a highly effective inbuilt online proofing tool. 

ProofHub’s online proofing tool serves as a centralized platform for your teams, clients, and stakeholders to prevent confusing and delayed feedback in long email threads. It helps you speed up the review and feedback process as users can annotate designs and documents with markup tools. 

Let us take a look at all that you and your team can do with this online proofing tool. 

  • Collaborate on and review designs and documents in real-time from any location, on any device, by simply mentioning names of team members and adding comments. 
  • Users can annotate files with markup tools, and add clear and actionable feedback for specific regions. 
  • Threaded comments allow collaborators to reply to particular suggestions and feedback. 
  • You can share the proofing link of files with both team members and external users who are not part of the team for easy and quick access and collaboration.
  • Once changes are made as per suggestions or feedback given on a particular design or document, you can mark them as resolved. 
  • Approve files with a single click once the reviewer has checked and resolved all changes made to files.  
  • Users can upload new versions of files and compare them with previous versions to review changes. 

Now that you’ve understood how ProofHub’s online proofing tool allows users to quickly (and easily) collaborate on designs and documents in real-time, it’s time to take a look at some other powerful features offered in this work management and team collaboration software. 

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  • Task management. Say goodbye to confusion and vagueness over job responsibilities with ProofHub’s inbuilt task management tool. You can create, allocate, and track tasks from a single location while ensuring clear distribution of job responsibilities among team members. 
  • Group chat. No need to use emails or time-consuming video calls for exchanging quick information. Use Group chat to instantly send/receive direct messages with your team members. You can attach tasks and add emojis, GIFs to make your conversation more descriptive and expressive.  
  • Custom fields. ProofHub’s custom fields help you store relevant project information and change details according to your workflow. Teams can add the following custom fields to projects – date, currency, percentage, tags, dropdown, numbers, text, text areas. 
  • Forms. No more cluttered inboxes and missing out on work requirements. Use ProofHub Forms to easily manage your requests for support queries, tickets, product requests or any work requests. 
  • Table view. The Table view in ProofHub offers users an easy-to-understand view of all their to-do tasks in a list form. Users can assign tasks, share essential details, and see which tasks are more important than others. Sorting and Grouping of tasks lets users arrange work the way they like. 
  • Scheduling calendar. Make sure you never miss important tasks, events, and milestones with ProofHub’s scheduling calendar. Set automatic reminders for recurring tasks and have multiple views of your calendar. Users have the flexibility to merge their ProofHub calendar with the ones you already use. 
  • Time tracking. Utilize time efficiently as ProofHub’s time tracking tool lets you bring all your time data in one place. Add timesheets, set time estimates for tasks, record time spent on tasks manually or by using timers to get a clear picture of where your team’s time is going. 
  • File management. Don’t let your cluttered files and documents consume your time and energy. Rather, use ProofHub’s file management tool to upload, organize, and collaborate on them with your team members smartly and efficiently. 

What makes ProofHub Standout 

  • Ease of usage 
  • Simple learning curve
  • Gives ultimate control over projects and teams
  • Array of work management features under one virtual roof
  • Fixed pricing plans with no per-user fee
  • Customizable and Scalable
  • Excellent customer support
  • Easily accessible from any location, on any device

We can say that ProofHub is one single powerful tool to manage various aspects of your work. Its online proofing tool, among other tools, makes collaboration easier even as people work from remote locations and different time zones. 

Pricing: The Ultimate Control plan is priced at $89 per month when billed annually, allowing unlimited number of users without any per-user fee. 

Capterra/G2 Ratings: 

  • Capterra: 4.5/5
  • G2: 4.5/5 

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2. Markup Hero 

One of the most popular and widely used proofing tools and software - Markup Hero

Image Source: Markup Hero

Markup Hero, is a free screenshot and annotation tool that helps individuals and teams to improve productivity and communication. You can instantly capture ideas and communicate clearly with others through daily-use screenshot and annotation tools

Markup Hero is counted among the best time-saving proofing tools and software as you can easily access all your markups and annotations from any device and make edits on the go. The tool is a useful option as it works flawlessly across Mac, Windows, Linux, Chromebook, and desktop or mobile web. 

Key features include: 

  • Upload images and PDF
  • Screenshots
  • Capture full website
  • Shareable links
  • Full history and Editing
  • Privacy settings
  • Create collections

Pricing: The Paid plan is priced at $4/user/month. 

Capterra/G2 Ratings: 

  • Capterra: 4.7/5
  • G2: 4.5/5 

3. GoProof

GoProof is another effective option for the best online proofing software

Image Source: Goproof

GoProof is another effective option when you are looking for the best online proofing software. This online proofing program centralizes your workflow for efficient, faster review and approval. GoProof is a dual-purpose platform in the sense that it allows users to not just post comments, make edits but also coordinate on a single platform to brainstorm ideas. 

You can keep all your product information organized in one central place so you don’t lose track of your creative goals. Businesses of all sizes and types can use this top-rated proofing and collaboration software. It can integrate with Adobe Creative Cloud, which allows users to review, make edits, get feedback, and approve designs and files within the Adobe app only. 

Key features include: 

  • Website proofing
  • Unlimited collaborators
  • Mobile proofing
  • Automated proofing workflows
  • Manager workflow
  • Insights reporting
  • Video reviewing
  • Adobe creative cloud

Pricing: Contact GoProof to obtain pricing plans. 

Capterra/G2 Ratings: 

  • Capterra: 4.3/5 
  • G2: 4.2/5 

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4. GoVisually

GoVisually is one of the leading online proofing tools and software

Image source: GoVisually

GoVisually is one of the leading online proofing tools and software that is designed for creative and design teams. This tool allows users to get blazing fast and effective feedback on designs, PDF, and video content from clients, team members, and reviewers. This simplest proofing solution is mainly used by designers, video creators, creative agencies, and marketing teams. 

GoVisually offers several advanced features that help users to communicate better and speed up production. Every collaborator can comment and annotate directly on creative images, PDFs, and videos as each feedback turns into a task list for the creator. Real-time updates and reminders allows users to stay on track with client reviews and deadlines for each project. 

Key features include: 

  • Online design and video collaboration
  • Share with unlimited reviewers
  • Upload and annotate various file types
  • Automated client reminders
  • Mobile optimized
  • Standard Slack integration

Pricing: The Team Plan is priced at $50 for 5 users. Additional $10 for each user

Capterra/G2 ratings: 

  • Capterra – 4.4/5
  • G2 – 4.4/5

5. Approval Studio

Approval Studio as online proofing tool and software

Image source: Approval Studio

Approval Studio prominently features amongst the best proofing tools and software available today. This client-oriented online proofing software helps to make your review workflow fast and efficient. Four comparison modes of Approval Studio enable users to monitor changes in each new version, which helps them avoid making critical mistakes. 

This online proofing solution offers users an option to choose their preferred interface language as it offers seven languages. Mobile version lets you proof the files on the go via your mobile device. You can use an inbuilt on-screen ruler to precisely measure the layout to ensure every element fits. 

Key features include: 

  • Annotations 
  • External reviews
  • Various file formats
  • Barcode scanner
  • Spell checker
  • On-screen ruler
  • Online review sessions

Pricing: The PRO XL plan is priced at $255 for 15 users

Capterra/G2 ratings: 

  • Capterra – 5/5
  • G2 – 4.9/5 

What Are Online Proofing Tools And Software?

Online proofing tools and software are web-based applications that speed up and simplify the proofing process. These solutions facilitate real-time team collaboration among users and offer several annotation tools to improve the quality of proofing work. 

With online proofing tools and software, teams can centralize and automate reviewing and approval processes, which saves a lot of time. Professionals across various industries, like project managers, graphic designers, video engineers, etc, prefer to use online proofing platforms to share their creative work with others and get timely feedback.

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What Are The Benefits Of Using Proofing Tools For Project Teams? 

Online proofing software and tools help to simplify, streamline, and speed up the design review and feedback process. That said, there are other important benefits too, which are as follows: 

  • Online proofing software offers a collaborative space for all team members, which further promotes team bonding and effective coordination on work. 
  • Speeds up proofing review and feedback process through markup tools and a single click approval. 
  • Entire team can easily view and track all their tasks and proofing reviews, which helps teams to maintain transparency. 
  • Online proofing software and tools are easily accessible on any device, from any location. It is an ideal choice for both remote teams and cross-functional teams. 
  • Helps to eliminate time-consuming email approvals. 
  • Online proofing software and tools promote increased accountability as all comments, suggestions, and feedback are recorded in tasks, which are easily visible. 


It’s evident that using online proofing tools can have a significant impact on your review and approval process. Your team can work smarter and collaborate quickly on designs and documents, and deliver error-free, high-quality work consistently. 

Of all the top online proofing tools and software listed in this article, ProofHub offers more functionality in terms of the number of features offered in a centralized location. It is easy to use, intuitive, customizable, and affordable. 

What more can you ask for? Go ahead and choose the best one. 


What is online proofing software?

Online proofing software allows creative teams to easily share designs and documents, and get feedback on them, thus saving a lot of valuable time.

What is the best online proofing software?

The best online proofing software offers an array of features, like real-time collaboration, markup tools, one-click approval, audit trails, file sharing, etc.

Why do you need an online proofing software?

Online proofing software is necessary for sharing design files and getting quick feedback minus confusion, delays, and chaos.

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