9 effective ways to keep your employees productive this Christmas

keep your employees productive this Christmas

Heading up towards winter we all are getting into the Christmas spirit now. For many people around the world, Christmas lasts for longer than one and it is even celebrated at different times. People prepare themselves and get ready to celebrate the joy of Christmas. This time is the ultimate difficult situation for managers to keep their employees on track and avoid hurting businesses.

Here are ways you can make the most of your employees during the Christmas season at work.

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1. Plan ahead to keep pressure at bay

Remember last year when everything was in chaos, when your team was overloaded with work, when you lost your part self at work and the celebration were nil.

To avoid a repeat of any such pressures this year, let’s do the planning in advance. Make a list of all the available resources during the month, who all are ready to stay late and work overtime as the employees may have social engagements to go to during this month. Sometimes, earlier planning can solve all the things and can evenly distribute tasks to meet targets without any delays.

2. Manage the holidays

Managers usually dread the fuss surrounding holidays around Christmas. Your employees might be requesting for the same few days off. You have to manage your holidays well, no matter what you do it will make you or your employees demotivated.

So, manage ahead all the expectations of holidays from your employees by discussing with them your holiday policy. Of course you cannot please everyone but make some thoughtful adjustments with your employees.

Make sure everyone gets equal share of holidays and those doing extra work should be given extra benefits. Maintain the rationality so that nobody argues for holidays.

3. Provide free food

If you want your employees to be productive and happy around Christmas, little activities like free lunch, or snacks, breakfast for the team, jars of muffins, cupcakes etc. can make them feel more valued and productive. Food is definitely the way to everyone’s heart. These small gestures will leave an impact on your employees and they will more motivated to work for you.

4. Organize secret santa

Secret santa is the greatest joy bearer in office and it can be a fun way to engage your team around Christmas. If done right it can bring the team together. It is an amazing way to bring surprise to everyone and create a real buzz around the office. It will make sure your workers stay happy at work. Set some rules for gifts, and a budget. Light the Christmas spark in your office by organizing secret santa.

5. Don’t overlook the Christmas celebrations

This is surely an important way of bringing a light atmosphere in office and thanking all your employees for all year hard work. Plan a party for Christmas celebrations, whether in office or hire an event space and make it fun for your employees. This will re-inspire workers and boost team morale to invest their time on your company.

6. Reward success with a bonus

The holiday season is a good time to bring smiles to your employees face as an extra bonus for their success will make them happy and reflect their hard work. Appreciate them with handwritten notes, rewards or recognition, a surprise email or anything that will make them feel special and different from other.

Celebrate individual achievements that is directly tied to your business goals. This Christmas thank your employees for a job well done. They will warmly receive your bonus and feel proud of it. You can reward them during celebration or during the Christmas week. It is a sure-fire way to ensure motivation stays high. Be transparent with your team and ask for any suggestions or feedback.

7. Flexible timings

As this is the most awaited time of the year, everybody is excited to shop around with family and their loved ones, plan holidays and spend more time with friends. So, if you try to bring a balance between their daily routine and work they will feel obliged to be a part of your company.

Set down certain free hours during the week to strike a balance between work and daily routines. Employees can more effectively plan their working hours with flexible working hours and also complete the tasks at hand. They will end up being less pressurized, less stressed out and also bring out more productivity for you.

8. Set a challenging goal for your team

As the Christmas season brings joy and happiness, it becomes important to prioritize your workload. Employees will probably get distracted and lose interest on tasks. As a manager, set clear expectations, plan big projects, meaningful goals, collaboration units for teams to be more effective.

This will keep your employees engaged to work and a challenging target to meet their goals. See if they need assistance to reach their goals and are able to reach the challenge easily and on time. Set achievable target, announce a reward for the entire team and a worthwhile rewards to make sure every employees strives hard and encourages others to reach the team’s collective goals.

9. Have a open minded celebration

Set goals for your employees with a open mind, so that everyone enjoys the festive season. A single messed up employee can be someone to spoil the whole occasion. Keep an open mind and listen to your employee. Do not let their problems grow and address their concerns open heartedly. Creating a productive environment is all in your hands.

Make it a Holly Jolly – Let this Christmas be truly a festive season for your employees. Have the perfect Christmas to bring the best fun for your employees and extra treats so they all can enjoy. Make a difference to your working culture and employee happiness.

Merry Christmas!

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