How to Use ProofHub like Excel and Google Sheets

How to Use ProofHub like Excel and Google Sheets

You can use ProofHub for many of the things you need spreadsheets for.

I can hear you now: ProofHub is a project management tool, not an Excel alternative! Yes, it’s true.

But I’m here to tell you that it can be used as one.

And if you’re anything like me, there are plenty of reasons why you’ll want to make the switch.

ProofHub has many of the features that have made Excel the go-to software for spreadsheets, but with a few upgrades.

Its clean interface and user-friendly tools make workflows easier than ever before. While some features may seem more geared towards project managers—like Gantt charts—all of them can be valuable additions to your spreadsheet arsenal.

For this article, I’ll share five easy steps for using ProofHub as your go-to spreadsheet software!

#1 Create a task list for different teams in your project

Add New task

You can use ProofHub like Google Sheets and Excel to create a task list for different teams.

You can also create a task list for all team members, roles, stages of projects, and projects.

Task lists are helpful when managing multiple teams.

They let you share the workload with colleagues or team members and keep track of who is doing what.

You can also use them to delegate tasks, avoid unnecessary duplication, or make sure that each member has their own tasks to work on – which makes it easier to track progress and see if someone is falling behind schedule.

#2 Define tasks with deadlines and reminders

You’ve heard it before: divide and conquer.

The same principle applies to productivity as it does to military strategy—break down large tasks into small, manageable steps.

In any project worth doing, there are always going to be a variety of details you need to attend to, and having a clear sense of what’s next is the best way to avoid forgetting something important.

To do this effectively in ProofHub, use the “Add new task” feature at the end of every task you create.

#3 Break down the work into small, manageable steps


Every task in life is broken down into smaller and smaller tasks.

We need to break down the core of a task into its smallest parts.

So, we need to do the same with the work that needs to be done daily.

If you want to work smart, then you must break down your daily tasks into smaller tasks and assign them to different people so that the sub-tasks will be performed by people who are better at it than you are and they won’t take too much time from doing what you do best.

You can also use subtasks for checking that all the steps have been completed by others. Sometimes, one person may forget something important and even though you checked the entire process before assigning it, there could still be things left which he/she forgot about.

Therefore, using subtasks is necessary as sub-tasks could be assigned again when a person forgets something again or re-checks if all the steps have been fulfilled.

#4 Track team member’s work

You’re probably familiar with Excel and Google Sheets, but do you know about ProofHub? It’s a project management software used by over 85,000 organizations and companies worldwide.

It’s a great task manager that can be used to assign tasks to your team members with deadlines.

You can even access the dashboard view of your team members to track the time they’re spending on different tasks.

Once you start using ProofHub, you may never go back to manual time tracking or even spreadsheets. Start your free trial today

#5 Reports to create “Charts & Graphs”


Sometimes we all need to visualize our data. ProofHub allows you to create charts and graphs to help you better understand your data.

With reports in ProofHub, you can easily create any sort of chart with your information and filter out the ones that are not useful for you.

Reports make it easy for you to create any sort of chart using the information from your tasks assigned in ProofHub.

#6 Use ProofHub as your “Calendar”


The calendar view shows you a visual representation of all your tasks and when they’re due. You can view the calendar on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

  • Viewing tasks by person
  • Viewing tasks by task category
  • Viewing tasks by due date
  • Viewing tasks by project
  • Viewing tasks by project category

#7 Use ProofHub to “Share Documents” and collaborate

File share

You can create a central repository for all the documents using ProofHub.

Using this document repository, you can store and manage all your documents in an organized manner.

You can easily upload and share documents with the rest of your team members.

In addition to this, you can also review these documents using the proofing tool available in ProofHub.

Besides this, you can also set reminders on various documents so that they’re regularly updated by the respective people or teams.

It helps in creating a collaborative environment within teams while working on projects or tasks which involve sharing of documents.


If you have been using your own Excel sheet or google sheet for project management, probably the biggest reason for not moving somewhere else is because of the huge data migration issue.

So, let me assure you once and for all that moving to ProofHub is nothing but a cakewalk.

Moreover, you will get a variety of features once you are moved to ProofHub that usually only existed in advanced excel sheets or word documents.

You will also be able to work on those projects effectively with your team members. You can easily send messages and share the links anytime and anywhere.

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