Create an online employee friendly office with ProofHub


Centralizing project related activities in organizations demands state-of-the-art project management software. Moreover, with the changing processes and workflow within the companies, a project management software must not only be advanced but flexible as well, so that project goals and objectives are accomplished successfully.

If you are planning to use an employee friendly project management software for better organization and management of your geographically scattered workforce, then let’s discuss here a few crucial points that need to be considered.

Share project data online

Sharing data has always been an important matter of concern for companies and when team members work remotely, it becomes even more critical. Communicating information between two or more ends in a clear, logical and understandable way all what is required. Project management and collaboration tools with the ability to deliver project related data like schedules, tasks, milestones, events, requirements, etc. in an refined manner can be an ideal choice.

Communicate outside the email inbox

While email is the most usual form of communication practiced within organizations, it does no good as a repository for projects most of the times. As the project moves forward, emails pile up and all you have is mess. A project collaboration software developed with fast, real-time, organized approach can fix the communication problem.

However, if you are not convinced for leaving email then there can be an other way too. One can incorporate email into a project management software to simplify work and to ensure nothing gets skipped. A better example of this is ProofHub’s email-in feature, which enables you to remain connected with your projects on ProofHub through email.

Reorganize meetings

When it comes to meetings, concerns about time, place, budget and resources are always there. And, with geographically scattered offices, conducting one room meetings becomes difficult. Project management and collaboration software with chat seems to be a better alternative to time and budget consuming meetups. You can hold real time meetings over long distances and can be referred later on.

Turn to new project management tools

Since Project Management is entering a new age of online working, the old methods needs to give way to new tools, processes and working styles to ensure the success of the team and timely project delivery. Emails, Microsoft Projects and spreadsheets are customary project management tools and more favorable to project teams which are working under one roof.

ProofHub is meant for new web based project management practices as it is reasonable, powerful, easy to use and is helpful in promoting team collaboration.

What are your tips for building a employee friendly Project Management software? Share them below.