ProofHub – Making “freelance lifestyle” easier and simpler


A freelancer can be just anyone (of course those with some skills!). Some of you are web designers, some writers, marketers, developers, tutors and the list goes on… If looked upon the routines of freelancers; majority of the time gets occupied in following up deadlines, reporting, shooting emails and little time is left for themselves.

Freelancers often stuck to this question, “Why do I am always glued to my computer screen?” Well, the answer is because probably you work more. But this isn’t the case always. At times, when things are asymmetric and unplanned; it takes more time to complete tasks, than actually required, and ultimately keeps you busy all the time.

We all know that working from home means you have to work and communicate with the client yourself. And to keep things good, you need to be responsive to clients. However, it is more than a hassle to leave email open all the day and if you do, how can you focus on work?

Are you in a “Don’t wanna work more” zone?

When projects clutter up and becomes disorganized, it becomes hard to work and follow those tight deadlines. At times you feel as if freelancing isn’t your cup of tea and you back out. At such a point, the need is to understand that things can get better, if they are managed better.

Making project organization and communication flow smoother with your clients is going to help a lot. For this, using a web based project management software such as ProofHub would be an optimal choice. All your time related issues and management problems can be simplified, if you have ProofHub in hand.

Working on hourly based projects

Majority of the freelancers nowadays work on hourly based projects using any of the freelancing platforms. Here, it is important to keep track of the hours you work on different projects, even if your client never asks for it. Why? Because you never know when a message saying, “Hey, these 15 hours- what are these for?”, hits your inbox. And you have no idea what actually you did that time. It happens!

With ProofHub timesheets, you can keep a record of how much time you have spent doing different tasks. So, when it is time to answer any client, your brain does not run out in dilemma. Learn more here.

Multiple projects – Are you out of order?

While you are up with an array of projects, the most challenging job is to set preferences for different jobs to be done. Using ProofHub labels, you can fix priorities of the tasks as low, medium, high, etc. and you can create labels of your own choice as well. So, there will be no more confusion about which task is to be done first and which is to be done later on.

Do you fall back on projects?

Things are not perfect always; they might slip up. For instance, if you lose your laptop and there is no backup of your project data, then you have no choice other than to live with that. This can certainly be a big loss; and it might cost you one or more crucial clients.

Well, ProofHub, as project management software for freelancers, keeps daily backup of your important information as notes, files, etc. and there is even more to it! Find out here.

A clutter free workspace – Offer your clients a better service

Your ultimate goal as a freelancer is to get good feedback from clients, because it certainly improves your profile and your chances for getting more projects. ProofHub is an excellent web-based software that lets you plan, organize and deliver projects on time plus your data gets saved automatically.

Keeping track of everything using spreadsheets, excel files and emails makes no sense, when an all-in-one project management software for freelancers like ProofHub is available to you. Take the free trial and let us know your experience!