6 team building games your team would love to play again!
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6 team building games your team would love to play again!
September 4, 2017
6 min read

An office is not a place you usually associate with fun or excitement. In fact, it is usually a place where people usually feel dreaded to enter.

Offices are never synonymous with fun and excitement. Infact, an office is a place, where most employees prefer to run away from rather than going there all smiles. That is why companies, nowadays, tend to go an extra mile to add an element of fun in workplace for employees. Besides taking various employee-focussed initiatives and organizing various team-building activities, companies are doing everything possible to beat the office blues.

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Therefore, with the inclusion of more team-building activities, workplaces are turning into fun collaborative places. Moreover, these initiatives and activities happen to generate a feeling of togetherness and build a motivated work-culture.

So, let’s have a look at various team-building fun activities that your team would love to play again and again.


Scavenger hunt

Rules: Break the group into teams of two or more. Assign fun and quirky tasks to every team with a deadline. This fun activity can be played both indoors and outdoors, but preferably outdoors for more fun. You can also give some hints to ease it a little. Tasks can include anything from finding a miscellaneous object to clicking a selfie with a stranger. A team which completes the most number of tasks within a deadline, wins!

Purpose: This is a great team building activity, which encourages the team members to work with each other effortlessly with a splash of fun. It also helps in improved decision-making and better collaboration at workplace.


A truth and a lie

Rules: ‘Three truths and a lie’ is a fun interactive activity which requires no tools at all. All you need is a place to sit down and you are good to go. Make everyone is sitting in a group facing each other. Have each person come up and state three truths and a lie about his/her personality. The speaker has to make sure that the lie is realistically framed not making it hard to believe.
Then it should lead to open-end discussions to figure out the lie.

Purpose: Games and activities like this offer a platform for team members to get to know about their colleagues better. Moreover, this activity is a good way for introverts to shed their inhibitions.



Rules: This is an entertaining activity, in which one has to make teams having members not more than five. Give an object to one person in a group. Now, when the turn comes, every person has to take a centre-stage and demonstrate the use of that object; only by actions. The rest of the members in the team has to guess the object by the demonstrations made by the person.

Purpose: This activity is filled with lots of fun and laughter. It encourages the members to think out-of-the-box and be as innovative as possible while doing the demonstrations. It also inspires creativity.



Rules: Make everyone stand in a circle with a piece of rope in their hands. Ask everyone to put the blindfolds on their eyes and release the rope on the floor. Instruct the team members to take a little walk and come back to the same spot. Now, ask them to make a square with the help of a rope within a specific time limit. You can add difficulty, by directing some of the members to be quite.
Similarly, the next time instruct the members to make a triangle, a figure 8, pentagon etc and let the fun begin.

Purpose: The main purpose of this activity is to help the team members get along well. It also allows you to make the best use of your communication skills and leadership qualities by enabling trust within teammates.



Rules: You can use wooden blocks or actual Jenga game. These blocks would define hierarchies in your organization. You can mark the blocks as ‘IT’, ‘HR’ or ‘CODERS’ etc. Make sure the composition of the blocks is same as that of the departments in your organization. Now, make groups of 3-4 people and provide them the same number and type of blocks. You can instruct them to create a specific type of structure with a time limit.

Purpose: This activity allows the team members to brainstorm together and realize the importance of each department in a company.



Rules: Divide the team into groups of two and ask them to sit back-to-back. Now, give one person the pen and paper and the other one the picture. Now, the one having the picture, has to describe the image to the other person in a time frame. For example, the picture is of a boy kicking a football. The person has to verbally depict the picture to the other member without disclosing the picture straightaway. When, the time limit is over, you can see how the other member has interpreted the image.

Purpose: This activity focuses mainly on communication and interpretation. Plus, it allows you to put your creative juices and imagination to the best use.

The main purpose of doing such team-building activities at workplace includes fostering meaningful collaboration and communication, promote motivated work culture. It also allows the team members to think out-of-the-box and infuses creativity and innovation at workplace. Moreover, such activities refresh and energize the employees, which creates an atmosphere at workplace more productive and fun. So, what are you waiting for? Head out for some fun with your team! 🙂