Better serve your customers with project planning software


While surfing on the net, a lot of people are looking for some great products which they would like to buy through a credit card. The items offered for sale can be a Chrysler, Lufthansa air ticket, a holiday package in Kenyan Lion Safari, etc. The list is endless.

Nobody has the time to go to a shop and buy a fancy. An individual is more interested in sitting in the cozy confines of his home, enjoying super bowl on TV and his favorite product is right at his doorstep. No hassles.

This approach has become favorite with the users and the business firms are adapting accordingly.

A business firm should be smart enough to read the tastes of its customers and able to market and sell its products in the manner which its customers like the most rather than blowing its own trumpet.

To respond fast to the customer needs and to market its product in the new and enterprising forms, there is a grave need for organizations to adopt an aid that can streamline its operations, bring in efficiency, produce quality products at a reduced cost and satisfy and win trust of its customers.

They need to go for a project planning software like ProofHub. It is a great tool for project management.

It adds teeth to operations of an organization and helps in faster execution of tasks with more accuracy.

It enables an easy and spontaneous communication amongst team members, project manager, sponsors, clients and customers through discussions.

On projects screen, activities allows a project manager to overview various activities and tasks being performed in a project at a given time. He knows which tasks have been performed and which are in the pipeline.


Its timesheets allow true assessment of time requirements of various tasks. This leads to better time management and planning.

Calendars and tasks lists enable documentation and tracking of various events and tasks that have to be executed in a timely and scheduled manner. Email reminders can be set and sent out to various individuals when the deadlines of various events and tasks approach.

Gantt charts are another useful feature in ProofHub that aids a lot in the project planning process.

It provides worldwide connectivity for members working over a project from different destinations around the globe at any time. They can work with their organization from any mobile, desktop or laptop.

Your organizational data remains safe from any crashes, accidents.

Files can be easily shared and attached with this software. Design and graphic files can be easily proofed and reviewed with its proofing tool in time-critical projects.

This tool enables an organization to achieve its objectives in a timely and optimal manner, produce quality products, market and sell them to customers promptly. If you are serving a customer well, he will not complain, he will not groan.