Plan your projects from beginning to the end with ProofHub


Planning is the most important aspect of working in teams. You cannot expect the projects to run on the right track unless you plan them to perfection. And, this is where majority of the team’s lack. They simply don’t have idea as to what’s making their plans fall apart. This is exactly where having something like ProofHub can be the best help.

As a project planning software, ProofHub promises to make the life of teams, managers as well as clients pretty easy. Before we move into what ProofHub is capable of, let us have a look at the major challenges teams face when it comes to planning projects -

  • Unable to bring the team together on time for meetings
  • Difficulty in getting remote teams to collaborate
  • Lag in communication and real time information sharing
  • Miscommunication and misinterpretation of client information
  • Failing to understand the desired project objectives

Challenges are massive, but thanks to the features that ProofHub brings along you teams, managers as well as clients can breathe a sigh of relief. And, eventually plan their projects in the smoothest possible manner.

Let us take a look at how ProofHub helps teams plan efficiently -

Custom roles

The biggest setback to planning is when team members don’t know what role they are to perform. This is usually the case with big teams. But with ProofHub’s project planning software you can easily assign Custom roles to team members and define their access levels. So, each team member can have a clear idea about what role he or she has to perform in the project. For example, if you are running an IT team you can create different roles such as a Project manager who will have ultimate control on everything that’s happening in the project. You can assign the role of a normal user to designer designer and give that role access to all the designers. Similarly, you can create a custom role for the developer, and other members in your team.

Online discussions

Another reason of chaos at offices is the time wasted in meetings. Teams usually don’t realize that they are investing a big part of their day in hosting these meetings and end up eventually trailing behind the deadlines because of this. But with ProofHub’s project planning software you can eventually save all this time.

Online discussions can work like this:

Suppose you have to discuss with the team about the next product launch. You need to bring in the marketing lead, product development and a few other people together to discuss the same. Rather than scheduling a face-to-face meeting here, what you can do is to create an online discussion topic, add these collaborators to the topic and begin the brainstorming session.

Discussions are carried out in threaded comments, so anyone can join-in anytime and does not feel left out. You can, at the same time, attach files in these discussion comments to elaborate your point of view and make sure you reach a conclusion at the end of it.

Tasks management system

Task allocation is the most important aspect of project planning, which managers and team leaders seldom pay heed to. They tend to forget that by not having the right person to do the right job they are not just compromising on the quality of deliverables but also missing out on deadlines as well.

This is where task management system comes into the picture. You can assign tasks in a more transparent manner by creating task lists for each individual and then adding their daily, weekly or even monthly tasks. One of the most intriguing features in ProofHub’s task management system is Workflows and kanban boards. As a great way to streamline how plans are executed, Workflows and kanban boards let you break down tasks into stages making it easy for team members to complete them.

Here’s a small example of how workflows help in planning work -

Suppose you have to work on a website design task next. What you can do is break down this task further into stages.

Ideas: To be done: Under progress: Completed & Shared

Simple, easy and transparent - that’s what ProofHub makes your task management process.

Gantt charts

ProofHub also brings along Gantt charts - a project planning tool that can help you stay on top of everything happening in the projects. You can use Gantt charts to set dependencies between tasks, and let everyone know how delay in their work is going to impact the entire project.

For example, suppose your team is working on a website development project. The first stage would be to create the design mockup to be shared with the client. Once the mockup is done, the manager is going to share it with the client, who will further approve or disapprove it and the project will move forward. So, the second task is quite clearly dependent on the first one.

And the third one in the process is dependent on the second one and so on. You can set these dependencies, and make sure that things are always moving on the right track.

Time estimates

A team that does not value time cannot succeed in anything it does. This is the reason that at ProofHub we have given you the option to set time estimates for each task. What this means is that you can set an estimated time for each task you assign to your team members.

For example, suppose you are assigning the task of writing a press release to any of the team member’s for the upcoming product launch. Set an estimated time duration of X hours for the task, so that the person assigned with the task knows that he or she has to be ready with the initial draft of the press release within that time.


And, to give you an idea about how well the plans have been executed ProofHub has got insightful Reports for you. With dedicated Project reports, Time reports and Resource reports you can have a clear idea of how well things went through in the project, how did everyone perform and most importantly - how well were the plans executed.

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up for our free trial!